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Updated Hall of Fame Nominations

Submitted by peers in the field trial community

July 1, 2022

Source: Dinora Wellmann
Department: UKC Hunting Ops/American Field

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  • Submitted by peers in the field trial community.
  • Nominations received as of 7/1/22.
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UKC reserves the right to edit nominations for length. Suggested nomination write-up length is 200 words.

Hall of Fame / Field Trial Personality

Nominee: Fred Rayl
Submitted by: Chad Chadwell and Nancy Browne
We would like to nominate Fred Rayl for the Field Trial Hall of Fame. Others have told the story of his successes in the field at the most prestigious events on the All-Age circuit, but we can speak to his support as a mentor and human being who is giving back to the sport. We first met Fred when we were looking for a training spot in 2016 and Fred and Inda have been gracious hosts and mentors to us and other amateur trainers over the years. Fred invited us to train with him and has always been supportive and willing to provide his wisdom and knowledge in training competitive field trial bird dogs. Fred is a first-class gentleman and sportsman and is dedicated to the sport of field trialing. We feel that Fred has and is contributing to the future of this sport, and should be inducted into the Field Trial Hall Of Fame.

Nominee: Fred Rayl
Submitted by: Robert Thomas
Fred Rayl more than meets the qualifications for persons for consideration for the Field Trial Hall of Fame. Fred being up in the bird dog world and has been an integral part of his life. Having a father like Bill Rayl (HOF) guide you made the transition into to the bird dog profession for Fred appear seamless. Fred's career spanned over four decades competing across the country from Canada to Florida. He won the 1982 National Championship and the Purina Award with Heritage Premonition., making it the fourth time in field trial history that a father and son has won the National Championship. Fred Rayl developed twenty-eight dogs that won forty-nine championships beginning with his 1st championship in 1976 with Ch Strongman and his 49th championship in 2006 with Ch Pride's Alibi. Three of these champions are in the Hall of Fame: Ch Builder's Addition, Ch. Fiddler, and Ch. Fiddler's Pride. With the support of the late Dan Bonaquidi, Fred was instrumental in developing the Fiddler line of dogs. Over the years, Fred has offered his assistance to various clubs and served as judge at several amateur/open championship stakes. It is time the field trial community honor Fred Rayl for his lifelong dedication and contribution to the sport and support his nomination into the Field Trial Hall of Fame and recognized alongside his father, W. F "Bill" Rayl (HOF) and his three HOF champions: Builder's Addition, Fiddler, and Fiddler's Pride.

Nominee: Fred Rayl
Submitted by: John Lee

With great pride I would like to nominate Fred Rayl for Field Trial Hall of Fame. Fred has truly given his life to bird dogs and field trials. He meets and exceeds all the standards set for inclusion into this group. As a trainer, Fred trained and handled 3 dogs which are currently in the Field Trial Hall of Fame- Fiddler, Fiddler's Pride and Builder's Addition. Fred won the National Championship twice. Once with Builder's Addition and once with Heritage's Premonition. He trained and handled dogs to 49 Championships and hundreds of other placements over a career spanning over 50 years. He's competed and won at the highest level of our sport and has won several major championships numerous times including the Continental, Continental derby, Florida, Georgia and Georgia derby championships. Fred has also given back to our sport in many ways. He's judged field trials at all levels, from Major championships such as the Continental and Georgia championship down to weekend trials. He's been involved in the founding and management of several major trials over the years and has helped many many people become interested and involved in the sport of field trialing Whether they became his customers or customers of another trainer he has treated them all as friends and family. Fred has truly been a great ambassador for the sport of Field Trialing! Please join me in supporting Fred Rayl for the Field trial hall of fame. His election is long overdue!

Fred Rayl
Submitted by Tom Word

I second the nomination of Fred Rayl to the Field Trial Hall of Fame. He has earned the honor over many years training and handling all-age champions.

Fred Rayl
Submitted by Chris Mathan

In 2012 as a member of the Black Ash Grouse Trial Club located in western Pennsylvania, I contacted Fred Rayl, who I had not met up till then, asking if he would consider judge our two-hour Armstrong-Umber Endurance Classic, it's fourth annual running. Without hesitation, Fred agreed to judge. That March he and his lovely wife Inday drove up from Georgia. Fred gave his all and thoroughly enjoyed judging a field trial on a wild bird he was not much familiar with. He was supportive of the club members strong beliefs in the importance of the endurance aspect of all field trial dogs and he was genuinely interested in our grouse dogs. Club members and trial participants enjoyed his company and the field trial stories he told, which were never centered on himself. Andrew Campbell reported our classic for the second time that year. It was Fred who invited Andrew to report the Masters Open Quail Championship in 2013 which he has now reported for the past 10 years, becoming one of our sport's most valued reporters of all-age dogs. As far as winning goes, Fred has made his mark winning prestigious all-age championships over many years. He handled the first Florida Open All-Age Championship winner, the great Builder's Edition in 1979, went on to win it again in 1982 with Fiddler's Bo and three more times as well as R-U three times. It's well time to honor Fred by inducting him to the Hall of Fame this year.

Fred Rayl
Submitted by James Spencer

I have known the Rayl family over forty years and Fred is a good friend. I have gone to his camp and worked dogs. His accomplishments as a trainer and developer of all-age dogs are legendary. Hall of Fame dogs Fiddler, Builders Addition, and Fiddlers Pride are the foundation sires of the top pointer lines today. Fiddlers Ace was sold, and many bird hunters wanted his line for gun dogs. Fred has won over fifty open championships and seventy-five runner-up championships. His record at the Quail Championship Invitational is amazing. Fred has judged major championships, amateur trials, and cover dog trials. Fred volunteered to teach several gun dog clinics to our local gun dog club and two of the dogs reached number one in their respective breeds. Fred wanted his father Bill Rayl to win the National Championship before him. In 1980, Fred let his father run Builder's Addition and Fred scouted. Two years later Fred won the National Championship with Heritage Premonition and Bill Rayl scouted for him. He competed against legendary Hall of Fame handlers and some of the greatest Hall of Fame field trial dogs to ever run. Fred's desire is to be elected to the Hall of Fame based on his merits and not politics. He more than meets all requirements for the Field Trial Hall of Fame nominee and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame along side his father, W.F. "Bill" Rayl.

Fred Rayl
Submitted by Jesse Brown

I would be honored to nominate Fred Rayl for the Field Trial Hall of Fame. I was rather fortunate to work bird dogs with Fred Rayl during the summer of 2015 in the Montana prairies. During that summer, I was able experience firsthand the skills and knowledge that he had accumulated during the decades of his lifetime spent developing high class bird dogs. That summer was definitely the best time of my life that I will never forget. Fred Rayl is always happy to provide some of his wisdom regarding bird dogs, especially with younger individuals such as myself. As long as I have known Fred Rayl, he has always been an encouraging mentor in my life as I learn more and progress in the sport of field trials. Fred Rayl, along with his father and brother, has also bred, developed, and campaigned some of the most distinguished pointers in the history of the sport. Many of those dogs have become the foundation of every bloodline of pointer ran in the American Field. Someone that has contributed as significant of an impact in the history of this sport as Fred Rayl most certainly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Nominee: Gary Lester
Submitted by: Derek Bonner

There are always a select few dogs, handlers, owners, and breeders, that when we think of them, we immediately place those individuals in a category of "a league of their own", based on their accomplishments in the sport of field trialing. This is certainly true of Gary Lester. Gary Lester's accomplishments as a handler need no introduction to the field trial community. Having won The National Championship six times, in and of itself is qualification to be elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame. Besides his wins of The National, Gary's other notable wins include, but are not limited to, winning the Open Invitational Championship twice, the Open Free for All Championship three times, the Southern Championship twice, the All American Championship, and the All American Derby Championship numerous times, the US Open Championship twice, and the National Derby Championship three times. Individual wins of Championships include the Continental Derby Championship, the Masters Championship, the Southeastern Championship, the Missouri Championship, and the International Pheasant Championship. Gary Lester has also had two dogs win the Purina Dog of the Year. He also campaigned, and then sold two other dogs that went on to win the National Championship. Another notable accomplishment was having National Champion Lester's Snowatch elected to the Hall of Fame. As an amateur, before going pro, Gary won the National Amateur Derby Championship five times, the National Amateur Invitational Championship, the Amateur Quail Championship, the National Amateur Pheasant Championship, and several Regional Championships. Along with winning the Purina Amateur Dog of the Year. It's interesting to note that as a breeder Gary bred most of the dogs that he has won with. Gary Lester has given back to the sport in numerous ways. He has judged not only major Championships, but weekend trials also. Gary has quietly contributed financially as well helping clubs better their facilities, and helping sponsor both open, and amateur trials throughout the country. Gary has been an encourager, teacher, and mentor to anyone willing to learn from him. It is my pleasure to nominate Gary Lester for the Field Trial Hall of Fame, and to ask for your support of this most deserving individual.

Nominee: Gary Lester
Submitted by: Dr. Ron Deal

I first met Gary Lester when he and Ferrell Miller came South before the Continental Derby one year. They needed a place to work and offered to take us hunting. Mr. Ferrell took the first hour and put down White Powder, True Spirit, and Kentucky Belle. The trio of multiple champions pointed twelve coveys. Gary was in the second position and followed with a pair of liver and white dogs that also did commendable jobs. A lot has happened since then and it has all happened with dogs that he and his crew have bred and developed. Gary has won the National Championship six times with five different dogs. Additionally, he has sold two other dogs that went on to win the National title. Shell Creek Coin (2006) was originally Lester's Gold Coin and Touch's Whiteout (2011) was initially Lester's Whiteout. The first dog that he handled to the National Championship, Lester's Snowatch, was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2017. Beyond the Ames Plantation, Gary also has an impressive win record. He has won Purina Dog of the Year twice and Amateur Dog of Year once. His dogs have excelled in endurance stakes. Besides the National, he has won the Open Invitational twice, the National Free- for- All three times, and the Southern twice. Dogs handled by Gary Lester have won in the piney woods (Southeastern, Master's, and Georgia) as well as in their more familiar edge country. Derbies are important to keeping the line moving and Gary Lester has excelled in that category as well. He has won three National Derby Championships, the Continental Derby Championship, plus multiple All America Derby and Invitational Derby Championships. Prior to concentrating on open stakes, Gary amassed an impressive record in the amateur category. He won both the National Amateur Quail Championship and the National Amateur Invitational Championship plus multiple regional titles. Gary and his associates have been instrumental in breeding and developing dogs with stamina that run and point birds with style. The prefix may be Lester or Touch, but the breeding program has made a big impact on the sport. Lester dogs have contributed to, and are continuing to contribute to, the betterment of the breed. When he was an amateur, Gary readily accepted judging assignments. He has judged the Southeastern Quail Championship twice and both the Masters' Shooting Dog and All-Age Championships among others. Based on his multiple contributions to our sport, Gary Lester is more than qualified for election to the Hall of Fame. Your vote will be appreciated.

Gary Lester
Submitted by Clarence Clowers

Accomplishments: Six National Championships with five dogs. Two additional National Champions (Shell Creek Coin, Touch's Without) came from his program. Won 3 National Free-for-All, Open Invitational and Southern Championship twice, and Southeastern, Master's and Georgia Championships. Won 3 National Derby, Continental Derby, Invitational and All America Derby Championships multiple times. Won the National Amateur Quail, National Amateur Invitational and multiple Amateur Regional Championships. Won Purina Dog of the Year twice and Amateur Dog of Year. National Champion, Lester's Snowatch, elected Hall of Fame. Great ambassador for sport! Most important is Gary's love for the sport. He helps new comers feel welcome. He helps provide horses, etc. to ride at trials. He gives days of his time during events like "Puppy Day" and speaking. He shares training and breeding insight. He recognizes his mentors. He creates career opportunities and promotes beginning trainers, handlers, and breeders. Gary financially supports amateur clubs and led the Kentucky Lake trial for years. Gary is exceptional for our sport! Join me in voting Gary Lester into the Bird Dog Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Nominee: Clinton "Joe" Bush
Submitted by: Dr. Artavious J. Smith

Clinton "Joe" Bush is a mentor, a teacher, and someone who has taught children for years as a responsible community member. Joe is a friend to many of us, and he has earned his right to be part of the Hall of Fame. Many people grew up and learned valuable lessons because of Joe. He is an expert at training bird dogs, fishing, riding horses, and hunting. These skills are tremendously helpful to young people growing up in a small town. Joe is a great dog trainer because of his dedication to the sport and the care and attention he pays to those whom he mentors. Anyone being trained by Joe knows about his kindness and how open he is to helping others. The honor of being in the Hall of Fame is an accolade that would make anyone proud. Joe has consistently shown over his life a willingness to support others, a keen interest in the outdoors, and most of all, an upmost dedication to the sport. Many of the children Joe mentored grew into pillars of the community who have become great success stories. Joe was a crucial part of my growth and pointed me in the right direction. He is a selfless and thoughtful leader and a teacher who considers others well-being. Joe should be inducted into the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

David Johnson
Submitted by Robert Franks

Champion field trial dogs do not appear out of thin air. This takes talent, a knowledgeable handler, a devoted owner and a superior scout. Represented in the HOF are many deserving handlers and owners but only one scout, Ben "Man" Rand. The 1950s through the 1970s may be called the gold age of scouting. They exuberated incredible feats of horsemanship as well as reports of uncanny eyesight, hearing and tracking ability. It is past time for the Hall of Fame and voters to give another scout well-earned recognition in David Johnson. He is described as upright, honest, respectful, good around people, and all business. His philosophy was not to be a showman but to know your dogs well and to have the knack to figure a dog out. David believes he has scouted approximately 123 winners in his distinguished career. Among these dogs are: HOF Texas Fight, Flush's Wrangler, The Master Craftsman, Palariel Stormy Clown, Solid Reward, HOF Oklahoma Flush, HOF The The Texas Squire, and Special Duty. His scouted championships include the Free-for-All, Oklahoma, Georgia, Continental, Florida and the Invitational. Let's bring a piece of trial history and a true gentleman into the Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame / Field Trial Dog

Nominee: Miller's Happy Jack
Submitted by: Stephen Bell
Nominating Miller's Happy Jack for the Hall of Fame should be an easy task, but since he last ran five years ago perhaps he is not easily remembered. The reach of his breeding successes are now measured in the accomplishments of his great-grand progeny. I hope that the details that follow will jog your memory. Miller's Happy Jack won his first three championships as a derby in the spring of 2009. In the following eight field trial seasons, he would garner another four championships. He gained an additional nine runner-up titles. He would never go any year in his career without winning a championship or runner-up championship title. In total he had 40 placements. Miller's Happy Jack qualified and ran at the National Championship as a derby, and would re-qualify and run every year of his career. His nine runs there puts him in a very select club of "most durable" competitors. He also ran three of those years with both his son and grandson. They were Miller's Dialing In and Dunn's Tried N True, both winners of the National Championship, which should go far to suggest that his breeding career was stellar.

Miller's Happy Jack
Jim and Matt Pendergest, Oak Bridge Kennel

The game changed for us in the spring of 2013, when Jim introduced a new player to our team, Claire, aka 'Dialed In'. Claire was purchased as a weanling pup, from Rester Kennel, and was planned to be our brood bitch and potential All-Age birddog based on her famed sire line. She was sired by N.Ch. Miller's Dialing In, making her a direct granddaughter of Ch. Miller's Happy Jack. The success of Miller's Happy Jack and his offspring is well known throughout the field trial circuit and we are blessed to have his blood as a staple in our success. Happy Jack's influence on our kennel has been abundantly clear through 'Dialed In' and her offspring throughout the last 9 years. Claire herself has won the coveted Purina Amateur All Age Dog of the Year in 2019. She is also a 5x All Age Champion, winning the pinnacle of the amateur circuit - the Amateur Invitational Championship, along with Region 3, 4(x2) and 6 All-Age Championships. Claire has taken our kennel to the next level with more than just her success on the circuit, she can also produce just as high of caliber dogs as she has proven to be. From her first litter in 2015, she produced 3 National Championship qualifiers. Those 3 offspring, Pendy's Good Grace, Marques Armed Robber and Ascension have won 11 All Age Championships and 6 Runner's Up, spanning from the Prairies, to the West Coast and the Deep South. Dialed In not only won Purina Dog of the Year but also produced the 2017 Purina Derby of the Year in Pendy's Good Grace. Claire has amassed a record of 48 wins, produced 7 winners with 102 wins of her direct offspring. Even now in 2022, Dialed In adds to the success of Happy Jack's lineage with her granddaughters, Awakened, the Top All Age Derby of the Year and Ch. Touch's Amazing Greyce, the 2022 National Amateur Shooting Dog Champion and 2022 Pacific Coast Derby Champion. The mother of these top derbies, 'Intentional' is out of Dialed In, proving to be a top producer in her own right, carrying on the strong genetics from the Miller's Happy Jack line. The Pendergest family is very grateful for the influence of Miller's Happy Jack in field trial bird dogs. His attributes and success are illustrated through his bloodlines for generations of winners and producers. We strongly support Miller's Happy Jack for the Field Trial of Fame.

Miller's Happy Jack
Submitted by Kevin Dixon

Much has been written about the career and production record of Champion Miller's Happy Jack. It would be difficult to embellish upon his field trial career and the ever-growing win record of his progeny. If Open All-Age Field Trials are the benchmark standard to the betterment of the Pointer breed; then the many wild bird hunting dogs born from these dogs are the proving grounds of that standard. Millers Happy Jack heavily influences hunting dogs all over the country in storied places like the Red Hills Region of South Georgia-Florida, the Carolinas, Kansas, the Dakotas, California, West Texas and of course our favorite, Coastal South Texas. It's easy to put a number to the field trial win record's of Happy Jack and his progeny, however, it would be impossible to quantify the joy and the pride of the many hunters and guides who have had the privilege to own or hunt behind. If ever a dog has exemplified the goal of bettering the pointer breed by any standard of measure it is Champion Miller's Happy Jack. On behalf of all the many hunters and guides that turn loose the offspring of this great dog each fall to pursue the birds they hunt; it is an honor to endorse and recommend Ch Miller's Happy Jack for the 2022 Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Nominee: Just Irresistible
Submitted by Chris Mathan

Just Irresistible won early and won big, won decisively in the piney woods and on the prairie because he had ALL the characteristics that define "Class." His first generation progeny from 21 - not hundreds - of breedings have dominated the open shooting dog circuit as well as significantly the amateur shooting dog and amateur and open all-age circuits. An updated count of winners and wins to come. Field trial reports describe the consistency with which they win, find birds, exhibit stye pointing and in motion and always handle naturally to the front. They in turn, are passing Just Irresistible' s great qualities on to the next generations of pointers. Descending from the great Rebel line of pointers, grandson of HOF Funseeker's Rebel, Just Irresistible is himself a fountainhead. He has proven his worthiness through his own great wild bird championship wins over a sadly shortened career but more importantly for ALL the characteristics that define "Class" he has imprinted on countless first and second generation progeny winning in the most prestigious field trials around the country. It is a rare dog that has contributed so much in such a short time to the improvement of bird dogs and raising the level of field trial competition. Please join his many devotees in elevating this fine animal to his deserved place in the Field Trial Hall of Fame in 2022.

Nominee: Just Irresistible
Submitted by: Joel Norman

I would like to formally endorse CH Just Irresistible for Field trial Hall of fame. His contribution to bird dogs and field trials will be seen for many years to come. He did not live long enough to amass as many wins as a lot of the other dogs, but his production record speaks for itself. Not only was he a great sire, but his good traits also continue to be passed down through his progeny. Intelligence, athleticism, class, front running, bird sense, superb nose, personality, trainability, willingness and ability to please are the traits I refer to. I have trained and handled dogs for over well 40 years and I can tell you that it is rare to find the whole package in a dog, much less see it passed on for generations. His offspring made my job easy and enjoyable. I ask you before you cast your vote, to consider CH Just Irresistible's accomplishments and legacy he continues to build in the field trial arena.

Just Irresistible
Ron Deal

Just Irresistible first came to my attention in 2013 when he became the first derby to win the Southeastern Quail Championship. The young dog bested a stellar field of sixty-six contestants with a far-flung ground race and three limb finds all handled with extreme style. From the standpoint of weather, birds, and performances, it was one of our better renewals. Nine or ten other good jobs basically competed for the Runner Up position. That summer Just Irresistible convincingly won the Border International Championship. An encounter with a porcupine as a derby nagged him with infections throughout his competitive years and eventually resulted in an early death at age six. Despite his competitive career being cut short, Just Irresistible still managed to win Runner Up honors in the Florida, Masters and Southeastern Quail Championships. The physique, style, application, and bird finding ability shown by Just Irresistible at such an early age, plus his genetic background, did not go unnoticed by discerning breeders. They were not disappointed as the record shows. It is that production record which elevates the dog to Hall of Fame consideration. A total of only one hundred puppies were registered as sired by Just Irresistible. Of those, forty-four became winners and fifteen became champions, an amazing statistic. Progeny of Just Irresistible have won three Purina Top Dog awards and eleven national titles. One son is a rare two-time winner of the Continental Championship. Another won the National Derby Championship and later the Masters Open Championship twice plus Runner Up honors in the Florida and Southeastern Quail Championships (twice). Another son won the National Amateur Quail Championship. The 2022 Florida Champion was sired by Just Irresistible. The impact of Just Irresistible on the Shooting Dog category is even more impressive. His progeny has amassed two wins of the National Shooting Dog Championship, two wins of the U S Shooting Dog Invitational Championship, three wins of the Masters Shooting Dog Championship and two Southeastern Shooting Dog Championships. In addition, they have won the Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast, Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern, New England, Egyptian, and Georgia Shooting Dog Championships. Mike Tracy has nine Champions sired by Just Irresistible in his string. The above lists do not include multiple regional amateur wins or Runner Up wins in either open or amateur categories. Bear in mind that the progeny of Just Irresistible are still winning and adding to his already impressive production record. This year his get amassed fifty more placements. Just Irresistible demonstrated at an early age that he possessed the traits needed to prevail in the toughest competition by winning two major championships. His production record proves that he was able to pass on these winning traits to his get. By doing so, Just Irresistible has made a significant contribution to our sport and deserves your vote for the Hall of Fame.

Just Irresistible
Submitted by Brian Sanchez, Great River Kennel

When I think of dogs worthy of the hall of fame, the first dog that comes across my mind is just irresistible (Stud). The dog must be deceased. Not only the dog's record as a performer is considered, but also the record as a producer, contributing not only to the sport by the quality of their achievements but also their contributions to the pointing dog breed by their quality of their offspring. Stud is exactly that! I never had the pleasure of watching stud compete, unfortunately. His record speaks for itself. In just four short seasons, he has won all across the country. From the prairies to the hills of Kentucky to the Piney Woods of the south. Stud is truly a dog I regret I did not get to see compete. I have firsthand knowledge of his offspring. My father, Neil Walker and I are lucky to own one of his sons CH Millers Unbridled Forever, to date he has 26 placements; 13 of those placements are in championships. We also have grandchildren of Stud that are winning as well. From what I have seen, Stud produces the most natural front running bird dogs I have seen. When it comes time cast your votes, let's all help owner Mary Devos and trainer Jamie Daniels get this very worthy and deserving candidate in the hall of fame!

Just Irresistible
Submitted by Judd Carlton

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for support in putting Just Irresistible, "Stud," in the Hall of Fame. Stud was blessed with stamina, speed, confirmation, bird finding ability and intelligence to spare. He showed his true potential capturing the Southeastern All-Age Championship to conclude his Derby year. From that point on, he was a consistent performer, winning from Canada to Florida. My fondest memories of Stud came while scouting him in field trials. It was during those times that he showed his true intelligence and willingness to please his handler. The wins he amassed in a short time are impressive, but the influence of his offspring are by far Irresistible's greatest contributions. Stud has produced numerous winners that continue to pass on his traits. His offspring have won in nearly all disciplines of bird dog competition across the country. Amassing some truly impressive win totals. I want to thank Jamie Daniels and Mary Devos for trusting me to scout Stud over the years. Just Irresistible is one dog I would like to have another chance to turn loose one more time. Please take the time to remember and consider him for the Hall of Fame.

Just Irresistible
Submitted by Frank & Jack Miller

Without a doubt Just Irresistible has had one of the biggest impacts on the future of the Pointer breed. Besides his own stellar field trial career as a performer, he has proven himself as a producer. He has passed his many great attributes on to the next generation. We were blessed to have had the opportunity to breed one of our females Miller's Bring The Heat to him three times. These breedings produced sixteen dogs that between them have 58 championships and runner-ups. Nine of these were national title events and two dogs were Purina Dog of the Year winners. Their versatility is across the field trial spectrum with wins in open all-age, open shooting dog, amateur events and derby competition. The genetics he has left us with will be such a betterment for our sport for generations to come. Already he has several sons that have themselves produced futurity winners and champions. Please join us in putting "Stud" in the Hall of Fame to cement his place in bird dog history.

Just Irresistible
Submitted by David E. William
Mary Devos chose an appropriate name for her first major circuit contender because Just Irresistible was every bit the epitome of his name. She also called him affectionally her Stud Muffin and Jamie Daniels, his trainer and handler, preferred just "Stud." His registered name belied his undeniable ability to perform at the top echelon of our sport and his call name is what he has become-a stud dog. When Tracy Haines and Jamie made the decision to breed her outstanding female pointer Just Wait Bess to Riverton's Funseekin' Scooter, they had high hopes for the litter. Jamie began walking the litter daily and soon glowered at their progress and ability. I was fortunate enough to watch the litter develop. Even in this outstanding litter, there was one precocious youngster that was consistently forward, independent, and classy as he floated through the country. That pup became Stud. That mating produced several winners and that continues today thru "Stud" and his scions. Others have cited his outstanding performances in field trial competition and his accolades as a winner and producer. They have eloquently illustrated his merits for inclusion into the annals of field trial history by including his name in the Hall of Fame. Suffice it say that I strongly feel he belongs in that hallowed fixture as well as in my heart. He was one of those special ones that you just don't forget. Thank you for your consideration and vote.

Lundy's Red Bull
Submitted by Stan Wint

A dog is elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame should have both a significant win record and an impressive production record. Lundy's Red Bull has accomplished both. Dual registered both in the American Field/Field Dog Stud Book and with AKC, he had 45 placements. He accumulated 19 placements in AKC National Championship events. In all breed American Field shooting dog stakes, he proved he was not only a great Vizsla, but a great bird dog. He won the AFTCA Region 19 Amateur Championship and became the first continental breed ever invited to the AFTCA National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational. I had the privilege of judging Lundy's Red Bull several times. One time that stands out is 30 seconds off the breakaway out in Abilene, Kansas he slams into to point. His bracemate circles him flushing a rooster pheasant. Old Bull took all that in stride and never moved a hair. He was one of those dogs that would just beat you. The trial was never over until he ran. As a prepotent sire, he was an AKC Versatility sire in 2019 and a 2020 & 2021 Top Producing Field Sire. His get have earned Championship and National Championship titles. They are very successful in all breed competitions placing in AFTCA shooting dog and all age points qualifiers for the National Amateur Quail and National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitationals. Bull was one of those unique dogs that checks all the boxes. When casting your ballot for the Field Trial Hall of Fame, please consider this very worthy candidate, Lundy's Red Bull.

Lundy's Red Bull
Submitted by John Lewis

A dog is elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame should have both a significant win record and an impressive production record. Lundy's Red Bull has accomplished both. Dual registered both in the American Field/Field Dog Stud Book and with AKC, he had 45 placements. He accumulated 19 placements in AKC National Championship events. In all breed American Field shooting dog stakes, he proved he was not only a great Vizsla, but a great bird dog. He won the AFTCA Region 19 Amateur Championship and became the first continental breed ever invited to the AFTCA National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational. As a prepotent sire, he was an AKC Versatility sire in 2019 and a 2020 & 2021 Top Producing Field Sire. His offspring have garnered Championship and National Championship titles as well as many FC & AFC titles. They are very successful in all breed competitions placing in AFTCA shooting dog and all age points qualifiers for the National Amateur Quail and National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitationals. Bull was one of those unique dogs that checks all the boxes. Please consider this great dog when casting your vote for the Field Trial Hall of Fame, Lundy's Red Bull.

In The Shadow "Buster"
Mark McLean

I would like to show my support for In the Shadow, better known as Buster. I cannot sit here and tell you his exact win record, nor can I list all the winners he has sired. However, I can tell you he was a threat every time he was turned loose. I wish my buddy, Robin Gates, was here to write this instead of me but if I had to guess what "Big" would say. "Florida Championship, Continental Championship, National Championship, enough said.

In The Shadow
Submitted by Jim Reece

It is both an honor and a privilege for me to support 2010 National for Champion In The Shadow. In The Shadow was known as "Buster" to his hall of fame handler Robin Gates as well as owners Carl and Dianne Bowman. In The Shadow possessed an incredible combination of intelligence, bird finding ability and the desire to work as a team with Robin. I could list many accomplishments. But his triple crown wins stand out. "In The Shadow" is the only dog in field trial history to win the National Championship (10 finds), the Florida Championship (86 entries), and the Continental Championship (89 plus entries). In The Shadow is the only dog in field trial history to win these three prestigious championships. Please join me in voting for In The Shadow for membership in to the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

In The Shadow
Submitted by Luke Eisenhart

National Champion In The Shadow meets all the criteria to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. He was a proven winner on the highest stage as well as a proven producer In The Shadow won the Triple Crown of birddog field trialing, the Florida Ch, the Continental Ch, and the National Championship. He won from Canada to Florida In The Shadow has produced a good number of champions to go along with his impeccable win record. Please join me in putting In The Shadow alongside his HOF handler Robin Gates by voting In The Shadow for the Field Trial Hall Of Fame.

House's Rain Cloud
Submitted by Tom Word

His nomination is long overdue. He is the only three-time winner of the Open Invitational at Paducah (1996, 97, 98) and on wild birds when they were scarce. His races were forward and deep, cast after cast, with dug up finds on the limb. Great judges admired him, one year so much they named no runner up! He won other championships and was a major producer. I reported his wins, watched every cast and find. Read about him in John Russell's great history of this ultimate endurance stake.

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