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Event: Labor Day Weekend Trial
Result: Maritime Bird Dog Club

Location: Mcadam, N. B.

Post Date: Sep 8, 2023

Submitted By: Robert Little

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The Maritime Bird Dog Club felt there was a need for a weekend trial on wild birds in the northeast. The remainder of September is taken up with cover dog championships in New England and New Brunswick, so we decided on Labor Day weekend.

We were very pleased with the attendance of 14 handlers who turned loose 46 dogs over the two-day trial.

Lining up judges is one of the toughest, if not the toughest, part of organizing a trial. The Maritime Bird Dog Club was very fortunate to get Jon Cullen to come up from Maine to judge on both days. The others who also entered dogs and judged were Donald Henderson, Steve Forrest, and Leonard Sinclair. Thank you gentlemen!

The Club also wishes to thank Norm DeWitt and his staff members Flora Densmore and Paul Osborne for looking after all the trialers at Hoof and Paw Outfitters.
Birds on this weekend were at a premium, to say the least. A very difficult grouse nesting season, where it rained virtually every day for the first two weeks of June, saw our grouse numbers on the courses at maybe all-time lows. Only six grouse were moved on the weekend, and only one was pointed. Woodcock was found on four of the seven courses used.

On Saturday, the Shooting Dog stake was won by Sanderling Sadie, a coming 3-year-old, diminutive pointer female owned by Gregory Callimanopulos and handled by Robert Little. Gregory sends a couple of young dogs to me for training each summer and comes in October to hunt over them. This young dog floated through course No. 6 and was rewarded with a very nice woodcock find with 25 seconds remaining on the clock.
Second place was awarded to Cairds Rip It Up, a not-so-diminutive, 3-year-old white and black male pointer handled by Robert Little, who is also here for summer training for long-time hunting clients Travis Riggs and Tom Togno. Timmy ran on course No. 5, the Mann Rd., and had a nice find at 20 on a pair of woodcocks.
Third place was awarded to Ponhook's Sassy Pants, an orange 5-year-old pointer female owned by Ian Corbett of Nova Scotia. Gigi ran on course No. 7 and had a grouse find after a couple of relocations at the 10-minute mark. Ian organizes trials under the Atlantic Sportsman banner in Nova Scotia, and he enjoyed himself on this weekend not having to run a trial but just relaxing and having some fun.

The Sunday shooting stake featured fewer bird contacts, perhaps due to the even higher temps than Saturday and way more humidity.
Brace No. 4 had two dogs with bird contacts, but due to circumstances beyond the handlers' control, neither Kelly's Blitz'n Wheel Hank nor Mooselook Texas Star would finish the brace.
Brace No. 5 produced a bird for Trevor London's Paucek's Up For Adventure, but the young setter showed a bit too much exuberance when the woodcock took flight.
The blue ribbon on this day went to Cairds Rip It Up. Timmy again showed his bird-finding ability with a beautiful woodcock find shortly after breakaway on course No. 6.
Timmy, who has not been trialed extensively, had himself quite a weekend taking home his first-ever ribbons.

The Open Derby stakes drew five dogs for each day. The blue ribbon on Saturday went to Alderpoint Dalwhinnie, a pointer female owned and handled by Ian Corbett, and second place to Elmer's Waltzing Matilda, a pointer female owned and handled by Donald Henderson of New Brunswick. Both dogs were placed on race.
The Sunday Open Derby was won by Old Glory Ginger, a setter female owned and handled by Austin Parsons of Nova Scotia. Ginger had a far-flung and speedy race and was involved with a pair of grouse.
Second place again goes to Elmer's Waltzing Matilda, owned and handled by Donald Henderson. Tilly had a clean find on a woodcock and two mannerly stops to flush. Tilly had a closer race.
McAdam, N.B., September 2
Judges: Jonathan Cullen and Donald Henderson
OPEN SHOOTING DOG - 11 Pointers, 6 Setters and 1 Irish Setter

1st-SANDERLING SADIE, 1692863, pointer female, by Sanderling Elhew Cy-Sanderling Elhew Dee. Gregory Callimanopulos, owner; Robert Little, handler.
2d-CAIRDS RIP IT UP, 1691148, pointer male, by D C's Mr. Cooper-Chasehill Bewitched. Robert Little, owner and handler.
3d-PONHOOK'S SASSY PANTS, 1684902, pointer female, by Vanidestine's Mickette-D C's Sadie. Ian Corbett, owner and handler.
Judges: Steve Forrest and Trevor London
OPEN DERBY - 4 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st-ALDERPOINT DAHLWHINNIE, 1700862, pointer female, by Woodcock Haven City Slicker-Woodcock Haven Warpath. Ian Corbett, owner and handler.
2d-ELMER'S WALTZING MATILDA, 1702510, pointer female, by Bo of Piney Woods-Jones Modern Day Gypsy. Donald Henderson, owner and handler.
Judges: Jonathan Cullen and Leonard Sinclair
OPEN SHOOTING DOG - 12 Pointers, 5 Setters and 1 Irish Setter

1st-CAIRDS RIPIT UP, 1691148, pointer male, by D C's Mr. Cooper-Chasehill Bewitched. Robert Little, owner and handler.
Judges: Jonathan Cullen and Steve Forrest
OPEN DERBY - 3 Pointers, 1 Setter and 1 Brittany

1st-OLD GLORY GINGER, 1701637, setter female, by Grouse Hill Bullet Proof-Spata Setters Sally. Austin Parsons, owner and handler.
2d-ELMER'S WALTZING MATILDA, 1702510, pointer female, by Bo of Piney Woods-Jones Modern Day Gypsy. Donald Henderson, owner and handler.