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Event: Chasehill Poison Ivy repeats as champion, and Cairds Cracklin Rosie Runner-Up
Result: North American Woodcock Championship

Location: Mcadam, N.b.

Post Date: Sep 19, 2023

Submitted By: Robert Little

north american woodcock chf23

North American Woodcock Championship (l-r): Al Raiano, John Stolgitis with Chasehill Poison Ivy, Donald Henderson holding banner, Eric Rizza (judge), Doug Dix (judge), Joe Dahl holding banner and Robert Little with Cairds Cracklin Rosie.

A September heatwave in New Brunswick is not unusual, but three days of mid-80s temperatures and high humidity was something we certainly could have lived without.
The hot weather started on Thursday, September 7, the day we held the North American Woodcock Futurity and never let up until overnight Saturday. As Joe Dahl put it, this was the worst weather for this trial since it was canceled by a blizzard back in '89 when the trial was held in October at Havelock.

This is the sixth year we have held this Championship in McAdam, N. B. The Championship ran for over 35 years in Havelock, N. B., and a number of years at Dave Palmer's farm in Nackawic, N. B. This was the 51st renewal of the trial, with the only cancellation being in 2020 due to the Covid border closure. All of the championships have been run by the Maritime Bird Dog Club.

Our major sponsor for this trial is Corey Nutrition, maker of Inukshuk dog food. Year after year, they generously pay for our field trial advertisement, provide swag and food for our fundraiser raffle, and this year provided 12 bags of food representing a year's supply for the winning dog. Company reps Brian Connolly and David Corey joined us for the first day of the Championship, chatted with the competitors, and answered questions. They even jumped in to help us shuttle vehicles for the first three braces. Thanks guys!
We also want to recognize and thank Ross Faulkner, owner of The Gun Dealer, the largest firearms and sporting goods store in Atlantic Canada located right here in McAdam. Ross makes a generous donation of a prize item each year that is the centerpiece of our raffle.
Club member Kyle Price also stepped up to donate an Orvis fly rod to the raffle. Thank you, Kyle, for that very nice donation.

The McAdam trials probably wouldn't exist unless we had Hoof and Paw Outfitters to provide accommodations to the trialers. Norm Dewitt, who was coming off ankle surgery, was on hand to welcome everyone, and his great cook, Flora Densmore, made sure everyone was well-fed.

Our judges this year were Eric Rizza and Doug Dix. Eric was our returning judge and is off the hook for next year, but Doug has generously agreed to come back next year to judge again. The judges brought their wives, Roberta Rizza and Laurie Dix, and rented cabins at nearby Palfrey Lake Lodge. Jean Day, the proprietor, entertained the ladies during the day; it was certainly nice weather for camping. Thank you, Jean.

The Winners
Brace No. 13: With three braces remaining on Sunday morning, the weather cooled significantly overnight, and a renewed vigor was evident in both handlers and dogs. The first two days of the championship could only be described as brutal.
Brace No. 13 on the Lakeland Course featured Wynot Lottie with Al Robbins and last year's champion Chasehill Poison Ivy with John Stolgitis. Lakeland was birdless during the first two days of the trial, yet Stolgitis had a premonition at the draw that Ivy would be drawn in brace No. 13 on Lakeland. Both dogs broke away with power at 7:32 a.m. and settled in to hunt the new cutover that makes up the first 20 minutes of the brace. Things began to look up when two grouse were walked up on course at 13. Suddenly, Ivy's bell fell silent at 22, about a hundred yards to the right of the course at the edge of an alder swamp where birds have been pointed in previous years. Stolgitis and Judge Dix found Ivy and quickly put a grouse to flight all in order.
Both dogs hunted hard for the remainder of the brace, and another grouse was walked up by the gallery at 37. The smile on Ivy's owner, Al Raiano's face at the end of this brace, told the story.

Brace No. 15 (the final brace)
This brace featured Cairds Cracklin Rosie, owned and handled by this reporter, and Wild Apple Hard Cider, owned by Don Keddy and handled by Craig Doherty. Doherty indicated before starting that he might pick up before the first turn if Cider had no birds at that point. Even after checking our bells at the truck, the bells were difficult to differentiate early on in this brace. At 12, Doherty elected to pick up. Shortly after, at 18, Rosie stopped about 60 yards ahead on the right. Despite the handler thinking he could walk right to the dog, it took three or four minutes to locate Rosie, who had let down at this point, and with the bird obviously gone, she was whistled on. Entering the heavier canopy, Rosie made huge casts covering all the right places, and at 45, her bell fell silent to the left of the course as we started down off the ridge. As we entered the swampy area where the bell had stopped, Judge Rizza pointed out a running grouse that went down the waterway and blew out. We circled back and found Rosie standing in the area the grouse had vacated. Gun was fired, and all in order. Rosie continued her hard-charging race to the front for the remainder of the brace.

The Running
Brace No. 1 (Lakeland): Old Glory Ben (Austin Parsons) and Asper Hill Bandit (Jon Cullen). Despite the warm temps and humidity, the woods were wet from heavy overnight thunderstorms. This helped the dogs during the morning braces. Each dog hunted the cover for the whole course, and at 57, Ben stopped; however, Bandit failed to back. The stop did not produce a bird.

Brace No. 2 (Diggity): Magic Mist Sydni (Joe Dahl) and Elhew Snake Dancer (Craig Doherty). Veteran field trialers Dahl and Doherty turned their charges loose with optimism as this course produced the winning performance last year. At 40, Sydni stopped off course; at the same time, a grouse was seen running on the road. As handler and Judge Rizza approached the dog, Dahl called bird to the left but was not heard by the judge. After a brief flushing attempt, Sydni was sent on, and as Dahl and Rizza returned to the course, another grouse flushed from a tree. Some bad luck for Joe and Sydni on this day. Sydni had a strong race from start to finish. Snake Dancer also ran well but birdless.

Brace No. 3 (Casey Brook): Wynot Rosco (Al Robbins) and Neo (Adam Dubriske). The gallery walked up a brood of three grouse at 8. Dogs went birdless for the remainder. Neo was tougher to pick up at time. Owner Dave Theroux was on hand to watch and scout.

Brace No. 4 (County Line North): Chasehill Snoop Dog (John Stolgitis) and Cairds Rip It Up (Bob Little). Cairds Rip It Up (call name "Timmy") was running in his first championship as he had just got his qualifying win the previous weekend as he took first and second in the Labor Day Weekend Trial we held. Both dogs hunted the cover and handled well. Timmy suffered an unproductive at 23 with Snoop backing. At 27, Snoop stopped near the brook crossing. Stolgitis called bird and fired; however, Judge Dix did not hear the bird. At 35, Timmy stopped hard in the pole timber with Snoop coming in to back. After a flushing attempt to the front, Timmy was relocated, only to run over a grouse 10 yards behind him. Ouch, that one hurt. Snoop continued on and had an unproductive at 58.

Brace No. 5 (County Line South): Ralphy's Chasehill Rip (John Stolgitis) and Super Storm Nell (Adam Dubriske). Nell pointed at 12 on the upper side of the power line, but nothing was produced. Rip stopped at 33 way to the left in a swamp. Grouse produced and all in order. Rip stopped again at 52 in another swamp but was moved on by handler. Nell stopped at 55, again on wet ground, and it took some navigating to get to her due to deep water in places. She was finally found with a grouse with all in order. These two dogs were carried by the judges until the last morning.

Brace No. 6 (Lynnfield): Panola Bacon (John Stolgitis) and Paucek's Up For Adventure (Trevor London). It was wicked hot and steamy as this brace broke away. Up For Adventure had a woodcock find at 8 and an unproductive at 13. This young setter showed a lot of guts and finished her hour. Bacon was leashed by Stolgitis at 29.

Brace No. 7 (Lakeland): Sunkhaze Vera Masardis (Mike Flewelling) and Mooselook Fionn Maccool (Jack McNulty). The morning started hot and got hotter. Unlike day one, the woods were dry, and dogs felt the heat earlier. Both Vera and Fionn finished with no birds. Vera had a big race, with Fionn running closer.

Brace No. 8 (Diggity): Chasehill Wicked Wilma (John Stolgitis) and North Country's Soda Pop (Adam Dubriske). Both Wilma and Soda Pop had strong races. Stolgitis chose to pick up at 45 at the bridge. Dubriske carried on across the bridge with Soda Pop, stopping at 46. No birds produced.

Brace No. 9 (Casey Brook): Chasehills Wango Tango (John Stolgitis) and Mooselook Texas Star (Jack McNulty). Tango started off big to the front: great race, but no birds. Tex pointed at 52 as they came onto the homestretch road. After a flushing attempt by McNulty, Tex was moved on, and shortly after, a grouse flushed from a tree.

Brace No. 10 (County Line North): Partridge Hollow Elrumhew (Adam Dubriske) and Elhew Snakewood (scratched).
The heat was starting to get extreme, and Elrumhew was picked up at 28.

Brace No. 11: Henry's SusieQ Dot (Dave Theroux) and Wild Apple Pop's Dorothy (Craig Doherty). Very hot and humid at this point. SusieQ Dot stopped hard near course at 40. Dorothy came in to back and then decided to leave the scene and was leashed. Theroux moved SusieQ on. SusieQ Dot stopped again at 50 in a known woodcock area, but no birds were produced. This setter showed some heat tolerance on this day.

Brace No. 12 (Lynnfield): Duck Hook (Mike Flewelling) and Cairds Southern Child (Bob Little). Both dogs started hard and ran to the front. Southern Child's bell was lost near the first turn. His bell was heard starting up to the left at 10, with nefarious activity suspected by the handler. Handler was unable to get him to the front and requested the tracker at 18. A woodcock was walked up on course around the same time. Duck Hook and Flewelling continued on but picked up at 30.

Brace No. 13 is described under "The Winners."

Brace No. 14 (Diggity): Boomer of Blackwater (Mike Flewelling) and Sweet Southern Belle (Jonathan Wilkins). Belle got out of pocket and lost at 10; the tracker requested at 20. Boomer had an unproductive at 21 and 28, then was picked up.

Brace No. 15 is described under "The Winners."

McAdam, N. B., September 8
Judges: Doug Dix and Eric Rizza
NORTH AMERICAN WOODCOCK CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 19 Pointers and 11 Setters

Winner-CHASEHILL POISON IVY, 1694453, pointer female, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill Little Izzy. Allen Raiano, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.
Runner-Up-CAIRDS CRACKLIN ROSIE, 1680683, pointer female, by Daddy's Little Boy Butch-Porter Meadow Bette. Robert Little, owner and handler.

The North American Woodcock Futurity September 7, 2023.

Mohawk Mill Double E wins the 47th running of the North American Woodcock Futurity. Double E was handled by John Stolgitis, owned by Ellen Clements and Erin Stolgitis and bred by Gary Winall.

We ran the Futurity the day before the Championship this year for the first time. We will probably continue doing that as it gives the young dogs a better opportunity when they have the day for themselves.
We ran the Futurity on four half-hour courses this year that were known to have woodcock. The Club wants to thank Joe Dahl for his continued work on the Futurity administration duties.
Steve Forrest was listed to judge; however, he came down with a virus and couldn't make it. We wish to thank Jon Cullen for bailing us out and agreeing to judge at the last minute.
Jon joined Robert Little in looking over the eleven young hopefuls.

Brace No. 1: Mooselook Wild Apple Bruin (Jack McNulty) and Mohawk Mill Miss Ellie (John Stolgitis). Both dogs went birdless. Ellie hit the cover well and ran to the front. Bruin is an off-age derby and showed his immaturity with a closer race and short casts.

Brace No. 2: Wynot Hannah (Al Robbins) and Mohawk Mill Miss You (John Stolgitis). This can be a tough course for young dogs, but they started out well. Miss You went deep to the right and was gone seven minutes or so. Hannah stayed to the front and hit the cover well.

Brace No. 3: Wild Apple Hazelnut (Craig Doherty) and Sunkhaze Orange Gerry (Mike Flewelling). A woodcock got up early to the right of course, as both dogs were in the area and both handlers fired. Hazel was a little closer the first half but made better moves in the second half of the brace. Gerry is a well-put-together pointer who hunted hard with animation and handled well with bigger range.

Brace No. 4: Mohawk Mill Double E (John Stolgitis) and Braeval Rags 2 Riches (Adam Dubriske). Rags 2 Riches ran out from the breakaway and didn't return; the tracker requested at 8. Double E hunted the cover very well and was rewarded with woodcock finds at 18 and 23, which garnered her first-place honors.

Brace No. 5: Chasehill Snoop Dog (John Stolgitis) and Elmer's Waltzing Matilda (Donald Henderson). Matilda hunted the cover, albeit with shorter casts. She had a stop to flush on a woodcock at 22. Snoop Dog made some bigger moves and was rewarded with a broke grouse find at 20.

Brace No. 6: Old Glory Ginger (Austin Parsons) [Bye]. Ginger ran up the road from the breakaway and didn't return; the tracker requested at 11.

Judges: Jonathan Cullen and Robert Little
NORTH AMERICAN WOODCOCK FUTURITY - 9 Pointers, 1 Setter and 1 Irish Setter

1st-MOHAWK MILL DOUBLE E, 1703688, pointer female, by Mohawk Mill Big Stuff-Mohawk Mill Dolly. Ellen Clements & Erin Stolgitis, owners; John Stolgitis, handler.
2d-CHASEHILL SNOOP DOG, 1703110, pointer male, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill Little Izzy. Erin Stolgitis, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.
3d-MOHAWK MILL MISS ELLIE, 1703109, pointer female, by Indian Creek Spur-Hirollins Fantasy Girl. Erin Stolgitis, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.
4th-SUNKHAZE ORANGE GERRY, 1704614, pointer female, by Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior-Raging Redd Lady. Michael Flewelling, owner and handler.

north american woodock futf23

North American Woodcock Futurity (l-r): John Stolgitis with Mohawk Mill Double E, Al Raiano posing Chasehill Snoop Dog, Donald Henderson posing Mohawk Mill Miss Ellie, and Mike Flewelling with Sunkhaze Orange Gerry.