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Result: Hobart Ames Memorial Field Trial Club

Location: Grand Junction, Tennessee

Post Date: Jan 24, 2022

Submitted By: Jim Atchison


All-Age Winners. (Front, l to r): Korry Rienhart with Game Wardon, Joey McAlexander with Papa Joe, and Jonathan Burch with Hendrix Copperline. Standing: Dr. Rick Carlisle, Pat Bryan, Charles F. Bryan, Dr. Fred Corder, Judge Mike Jackson, Kris Wall, Alex Mauck, Mike Hester, Judge Virgil Moore, Burke Hendrix, Chris Weatherly, and Ryan Braddock.

GRAND JUNCTION, TENN. -- The 69th renewal of the Hobart Ames Memorial Classic was sponsored by the Hobart Ames Memorial Field Trial Club and run on Ames Plantation January 10-15. Forty-eight all-age entries and 25 Derbies competed on the six National Championship courses located on Ames.

The All-Age winners were: first place to Game Wardon, owned and handled by Dr. Fred Corder of Corinth, Miss.; second place to Papa Joe, owned by Tremel Hester of Greensboro, N. C., and handled by his grandfather, Mike Hester; and third place to Hendrix Copperline, owned by Guy and Burke Hendrix of Holly Springs, Miss., and handled by Burke.

First place in the Derby was awarded to Haney's Storm Warning, owned by Chris Cagle of Woodlawn, Tenn.; second was Knight's Little John, owned by Scott Griffin of Charlotte, N. C. (Ike Todd handled both the first and second place winners). Third place was awarded to Dunn's Sneak'n In, owned and handled by Will Dunn from Lebanon, Ky.

Mike Jackson from Battle Ground, Ind., and Virgil Moore from Canyon, Tex., were the All-Age judges. Jackson also judged the Derbies with Joey McAlexander from Holly Springs, Miss., serving as the second judge for that stake.

As the judges rode every brace, they were particularly thankful for the weather, which was near perfect the first five days. But conditions changed on Saturday when rain came, turning into ice and snow a few hours after the final brace was finished.

Dr. Rick Carlisle, whose title at Ames Plantation is now Center Director (no longer Superintendent) serves as secretary-treasurer of the sponsoring organization. On the evening of the drawing and when announcing the winners, at the end of each stake, he voiced appreciation to the Trustees of the Hobart Ames Foundation for continuing to permit the running of this Classic on their grounds.

He also acknowledged and thanked Purina for their continuing sponsorship, which includes both financial assistance to the club and the awarding of the company's premium dog food, Pro Plan, to the handlers of each winner.

Two new officers have been selected to work with Dr. Carlisle leading the Hobart Ames Memorial Field Trial Club. Joey McAlexander is now president, succeeding his father, Bobby McAlexander, who served for many years. Dr. Fred Corder is the new vice-president, assuming the role previously had by Charles F. (Charlie Frank) Bryan.

Others who assisted the above officers were Ryan Broddock and Chris Weatherly, who transported horses and joined Dr. Carlisle as marshals in the galleries; Joe Thompson operated the dog wagon, and Aubrey Green who helped with safety at road crossings and generously handed warm sausage filled biscuits to all participants at the end of the first brace each morning. Those breakfast treats were provided by the First Baptist Church of Somerville, where Aubrey has been a member for more than sixty years.


Game Wardon won first place for Dr. Fred Corder with a classy performance in the 10th brace of the contest. The winner had one find which came at 11 on the first course of the afternoon side of the plantation. The dog was handsome and stylish throughout the hour as he was strong and forward while responding well to Dr. Corder's directions.

Game Wardon demonstrated intelligence handling the course, using the wind to his advantage, as he appeared crisp and sure, his birds located perfectly and easily flushed. He completed his hour of competition with a strong finish, earning the approval of the judges and his owner/handler.

Papa Joe won second handled by Mike Hester, acclaimed as North Carolina's Bird Dog Guru in the current issue of Garden and Gun magazine. Joe ran a strong race and found one covey at 26 during the ninth brace. At times he was not seen but assumed to be doing what he was trained to do as he ran a mostly forward race, responded well to Hester's commands, and produced a strong finish near the end of the third morning course.

Hendrix Copperline, under the whistle of Burke Hendrix, produced birds twice on the second hour morning course, in the twentieth brace. He was off course at times, yet found birds and redeemed his direction issues by looking outstanding when he found birds at 12 and again at 55. Copperline ran big throughout the hour and finished well, thus earning his placement in this prestigious stake.


Temperature was 23 near the time of breakaway.

Misty Morn Masked Man, owned by Ric Peterson and handled by his previous owner, Joey McAlexander, ran in the first brace paired with S F Saltwater, owned by Larry Smith and handled by Larry Huffman. Saltwater started slowly and was picked up at 12. McAlexander elected to pick up Masked Man when reaching Turner Road at 27.

David Russell had Como Thunder, while Shawn Kinkelaar had Silver W Jill Z in the second brace. Russell co-owns Thunder with his wife, Rachel, Doug Arthur, and Billy Blackwell. Dr. Debbie Ozner owns Jill Z. Kinkelaar asked for his retrieval device at 33 to search for Jill. Thunder finished the hour and pointed once, at 59, with the stand proving unproductive.

Beeler's Texas Jig, handled by Scott Beeler and owned by Scott and Charles Beeler, went next braced with Superstition's Final Touch, owned by Ric Peterson and handled by Brody Byrd. Neither dog finished the hour. Beeler secured his retrieval unit at 22 and Byrd got his at 29.

Whippoorwill Vette, owned by Dale Bush and handled by Larry Huffman, and Coldwater Spectre, owned by Garry McKibben and Paul Melton, were loosed after lunch. Coldwater Spectre was handled by Weldon Bennett and scouted by co-owner McKibben. Spectre scored an excellent find and looked great for Bennett at 11 but did not finish the hour when Bennett asked for his retrieval unit at 58. Vette ran a really nice race for Huffman and finished the hour well but found no birds.

Quickmarksman's Dan, owned by Larry S. Earls and handled by Mike Hester, and Nosam Sweetwater, owned by Jeff Busby and handled by Larry Huffman, competed in the fifth brace. Dan ran a strong first half and Sweetwater produced a nice finish, but neither dog found any birds.

In the last brace on Monday afternoon, Lefty Henry loosed Southern Nation, owned by John and Susan Ivester, while Billy Blackwell loosed last year's National Champion, Coldwater Thunder, which he co-owns with Doug Arthur and David and Rachel Russell. Neither dog finished the hour. Henry asked for his retrieval device at 32.Blackwell did the same at 34.

Tuesday's temperature ranged from 26 in the morning to 44 in the afternoon.

The first dogs released were Raw Law Sugar Trouble, handled by Mike Hester for Russell Williams, and Upfront's Southern Star, handled by Sean Kinkelaar for Lance Schulz. Sugar Trouble had a problem negotiating the 90 turn near Buford Ellington Road resulting in Hester getting retrieval unit at 18. Star had a find at 29 and an unproductive at 45. She was nice to watch and finished the hour successfully.

Touch's Fireaway, owned by Dr. Greg and Carmen Adams, was handled by Randy Anderson while Superstition's Jake, owned by Ric Peterson, was handled by Brody Byrd in the eighth brace. Both dogs finished the hour with Fireaway having an unproductive at 6 during a good race and Jake looking good while running for Byrd but finding no birds (no pun intended).

Miss Stylin Sue, owned by Dr. Jim Mills and Steve Lightle, was braced with the second place winner in brace nine. She backed her bracemate at 26 and finished the hour, producing a good effort throughout, for her handler, Allen Vincent.

Firefly Invictus, owned by Dennis and Bonnie Hidalgo and handled by Allen Vincent, was paired with the first place winner in brace 10. She pointed at 5 in impossible dense cover and Vincent had no alternative but to take her on without attempting to flush. He later picked her up at 24.

Marques Armed Robber, owned by John Ivester and handled by Lefty Henry, and Whippoorwill Justified, owned by Ronnie Spears and handled by Larry Huffman were together in brace 11. Armed Robber finished with no birds and Justified was out of pocket late in the hour causing Huffman to get his retrieval device at 54.

Matt Cochran had Cold Creek Buck, owned by Phil Witter, in brace No. 12, running with Miller's L'Eletto, owned by Karen Concilio and handled by Randy Anderson. Cochran got his retrieval device at 26, while L'Elotto performed well for Anderson but found no birds.

Brace No.13: Dixon's Rolling Stone, owned by Kevin Dixon and handled by Randy Anderson, on the course with Game Rebel, owned and handled by Dr. Corder. Anderson asked for his device at 54. Game Rebel had a find at 33, however Dr. Corder asked for his unit as soon as the hour was up, without Rebel being seen by the judges at the end of the hour.

Whippoorwill Forever Wild and Coldwater Odyssey went next. Forever Wild, owned by Phil Witter and handled by Matt Cochran found birds at 43, yet Cochran got his retrieval device at 1:00. Odyssey, owned by Andrew and Debbie Agnew and handled by Weldon Bennett, located a huge covey and 12 and looked great but later became lost; Bennett threw in the towel at 35.

Big N Wild, owned by Phil Witter and handled by Matt Cochran, was loosed in brace 15 running with Bonner's Bulletproof, owned by Dr. Chris Concillio and handled by Randy Anderson. Both dogs ran nice forward races and finished the hour, but found no birds.

Como Rain, owned by the Arthur, Russell, Blackwell partnership and handled by Billy Blackwell, and Game Heir, owned and handled by Dr. Corder, competed in the 16th brace. Game Heir had an unproductive at 22 but neither dog finished the hour. Blackwell got his retrieval unit at 54; Corder got his at 57.

Wild Credence, owned by Kevin Guest and Dray Williams was handled by Matt Cochran in the 17th brace while Randy Anderson had Lester's Stemwinder, owned by Dan Hensley. Cochran's charger was gone at 19 while Anderson was flushing birds at the same time just west of the entry to the old dairy unit, but then Stemwinder became lost and Anderson searched endlessly before giving up and requesting his device at 55.

Next, Sadie Firefly had birds for Allen Vincent at 45. She is owned by Dr. Jim Mills, Steve Lightle, and Dr. Natalie Cooper. But Vincent did not have her at the finish and asked for his retrieval device at 1:09. Alex Mauck had Mauck Wyeast Owyhee Dallee, who he co-owns with Dennis Beauford, in the same brace. The setter became lost and Mauck got his unit at 28.

On Thursday morning Alex Mauck was up again, this time with Mauck Wyeast Dwyhee Jack braced with Mike Hester running Heisman, owned by Tevon Hester. Heisman pointed at 3, but moved when the birds were flushed. Jack finished the hour but found no birds.

S F Stetson, owned by Larry Smith and handled by Larry Huffman was braced with the third place winner in No. 20. He backed Hendrix Copperline on a find at 12, then finished the hour with no more birds found.

Texas Wild Rex, owned by Aaron Bolli and handled by Allen Vincent, and Late Hit, owned and handled by Tom Shenker, were both classy looking dogs in the 21st brace. Neither found any birds, with Late Hit finishing the hour and Wild Rex being out of pocket at the end, Vincent requesting his device at 54.

Justifier and Touch's Blackout ran in brace No. 22. Allen Vincent had Justifier for Dr. Bob Rankin; Randy Anderson with Blackout for owners John and Jackie Harkins. Anderson got his unit at 38 and Vincent finished the hour with Justifier but found no birds.

Lowrider Frank successfully hunted the course the entire hour for Allen Vincent, handling for Dr. Jim Mills and Steve Lightle, but found no birds. The second dog was Quickmarksman's Tom Tekoa, handled by Mike Hester for L. S. Earls. Hester got his tracker at 58.

Hendrix Touch Up and Bozeman's Rex were the last two all-age dogs to compete. Hester had Rex for owners Ben Dillard and John Dymond, but he was lost and Hester conceded at 8. Touch Up was powerful and responsive as he ran a great all-age race the entire hour for Burke Hendrix, who co-owns him with his dad, Guy Hendrix, but he found no birds.

Grand Junction, Tenn., January 10

Judges: Mike Jackson and Virgil Moore


45 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st--GAME WARDON, 1676189, pointer male, by Caladen's Rail Hawk--Game Creek. Dr. Fred Corder, owner and handler.

2d--PAPA JOE, 1687111, pointer male, by Lester's Sunny Hill Jo--Lone Tree Lil. Tremel Hester, owner; Mike Hester, handler.

3d--HENDRIX'S COPPERLINE, 1681729, pointer male by Hendrix's Signature-Hendrix's Delta Queen. Guy & Burke Hendrix, owners; Burke Hendrix, handler.


Haney's Storm Warning won the Derby, handled by Ike Todd for Tennessee owner Chris Cagle. He was stylish and ran beautifully as he was strong and to the front throughout the hour. He cinched the win on the wet Saturday morning with a nice find at 51, with the birds found east of the Avent house on the third hour morning course shortly before producing an impressive finish.

Todd also handled the second place winner. He was Knight's Little John owned by Scott Griffin from Charlotte, N. C. Little John handled the first afternoon course well on Friday as he ran a good and well controlled race, never being out of pocket and having a nice find at 58.

Dunn's Sneak'N In won third, handled by owner Will Dunn, having a nice find at 13 and an unproductive at 45. He ran a forward race and produced a strong finish in the first brace of the Derby contest.

Judges: Mike Jackson and Joey McAlexander

OPEN DERBY CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] -- 21 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st--HANEY'S STORM WARNING, 1691416, pointer male, by Valiant--Haney's North Star. Chris Cagle, owner; Ike Todd, handler.

2d--KNIGHT'S LITTLE JOHN, 1697531, pointer male, by Lester's Storm Surge--Bonner's Platinum Doll. Scott Griffin, owner; Ike Todd, handler.

3d--DUNN'S SNEAK'N IN, 1697090, pointer male, by Dunn's Tried'n True--K F Prairie Storm. Will Dunn, owner and handler.


Forty-eight All-Age and 25 Derbies booked a full six days of running for the 69th renewal of the Hobart Ames Memorial Classic. Weather for five of those days was near perfect, with rain setting in the sixth day. That rain turned into snow and ice Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

The continuing support of the Trustees of the Ames Foundation, the efforts of the sponsoring club's officers and key people who have faithfully served Ames Plantation for many years, Purina's generous sponsorship, and good judges provided an excellent venue for professional trainers and amateur owners from many states to come together for an excellent week of field trialing.

The schedule worked out perfectly for ending just hours before a winter storm enabling those who had enjoyed a nice week together to scatter with anticipation of returning to Ames in 2023 for another renewal of this great contest.