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Result: Bird Dog Club of Cape Cod

Location: Falmouth, Massachusetts

Post Date: Jan 24, 2024

Submitted By: Jim Hathaway

Cape Cod APF23

Amateur Puppy Winners (front row, l-r): Eric Rizza with Hifive's Sweet Basil, John Di Perrio with Hog Hill Storm Tracer, and Jim Hathaway with Wizard's Paigh Am Piobaire. (Behind): Dave Cookson (judge) and Brian Foley (judge).

Late-season trials in New England can be tricky. The weather can leave you at any minute, and you can end up knee-deep in snow. The one predictable hazard is daylight hours. Any time after the end of October, you can only count on nine hours of running time. That's only 18 braces if you only have a single course. Fortunately, we have two courses we can run simultaneously, so that can nearly double our runnable hours and braces. The other unpredictable hazard, especially here on our grounds, is the birds. Yes, we put out plenty of quail to assure an even trial, but also, this is a state pheasant stocking site; then, with Cape Cod's milder winters, woodcock too can usually be found. Woodcock, pheasant, and Quail. Oh my! Young dogs, beware.

Despite all these possible drawbacks, nothing but blue skies and smiling dogs were found here that Sunday. The entries were a bit light. We had ordered 75 quail for the day and put them all out. There were quail everywhere on the courses. Since the entries were light, I kinda figured we'd have a relaxed running. The judges had other ideas, I guess, because they kept up a good one right after the other pace.

I'll let the photos of the winners speak for themselves. Thanks to all the judges. I had more volunteers than I could use, and everyone I asked agreed to judge on the spot. That takes such a load off any trial chairman. Thanks to Purina and U. S. Complete. The Purina coupons are a great bonus to us amateur handlers.

We have had requests to hold an open stakes trial here in the spring. I'm working on ideas for that. Maybe make it a two-day trial in May with one big one-hour Shooting Dog to run Saturday and Sunday with the Open Puppy, Derby, and Amateur Gun Dog to run on the west course during the Shooting Dog. I am just thinking out loud. If you have ideas, pass them on, please.

Falmouth, Mass., November 19 - One Course
Judges: Dave Cookson and Brian Foley

1st-HIFIVE'S SWEET BASIL, 1705357, pointer female, by Hifive's Ruff Runner-Wild Apple Siri. Eric Rizza, owner and handler.
2d-HOG HILL STORM TRACER, 1706376, pointer male, by Tattle Tailer-Ms. Antebellum. John Di Perrio, owner and handler.
3d-WIZARD'S PAIGH AM PIOBAIRE, 1704385, setter male, by Long Gone Wallace-Shepherd's Clair. James Hathaway, owner and handler.

Cape Cod ADF23

Amateur Derby Winners (front row, l-r): Brian Dix with Tattle Tailer and Richard Rogers with Ore Mountain Meadow. (Behind): Rob Hopkins (judge) and Allen Raiano (judge).

Judges: Rob Hopkins and Allen Raiano
AMATEUR DERBY - 2 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st-TATTLE TAILER, 1705140, pointer male, by Trumped-Campbell's Hog Hill Remi. Elias Richardson IV, owner; Brian Dix, handler.
2d-ORE MOUNTAIN MEADOW, 1701753, pointer female, by Panola Bacon-Ore Mountain Speed Dial. Richard K. Rogers Jr., owner and handler.

Cape Cod ASDF23

Amateur Shooting Dog Winners (front row, l-r): James Levesque with Ledge Hill Chippewa, Brian Dix with Lightning Flash Remington, and Lanny Dellinger with Snuff Mill High Caliber. (Behind): Jim Curtin (judge) and Gregor McCluskey (judge).

Judges: Jim Curtin and Gregor McCluskey

1st-LEDGE HILL CHIPPEWA, 1675025, setter male, by Lightning Flash Abe-Grouse Ridge Lazer. James W. Levesque Jr., owner and handler.
2d-LIGHTNING FLASH REMINGTON, 1687367, setter male, by Denco's Crockett Again-Arctic Tundra Bird Dog. Douglas Dix, owner; Brian Dix, handler.
3d-SNUFF MILL HIGH CALIBER, 1697973, setter female, by Mohawk Mill Lucky Charm-Richfield Oakley. Lanny Dellinger, owner and handler.

Judges: Jmy Losi and John Di Perrio

1st-LEDGE HILL MISSING IN ACTION, unreg., setter female, breeding not given. James Levesque Jr., owner and handler.
2d-STOKELY'S NAUGHTY DAUGHTY, 1657642, setter female, by Stokely's Frankie B-Jonesy's Rebel Revenge. Eric & Gabriela Rizza, owners.
3d-HIGHLAND MAXIMUS WIND'EM, 1666055, setter male, by Highland Tip Wind'em-Highland Peggy Sue Wind'em. Thomas Jay, owner and handler.

Cape Cod GASD2F23

Amateur Shooting Dog Winners (front row, l-r): James Levesque with Ledge Hill Missing in Action, Eric Rizza with Stokely's Naughty Daughty, Tom Jay with Highland Maximus Wind'em. (Behind): Jmy Losi (judge) and John Di Perrio (judge).