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Result: Kentucky Lake Field Trial Club

Location: Blue Mountain, Mississippi

Post Date: Feb 6, 2024

Submitted By: Jon Lam

Kentucky  Lake OAAF23

Kentucky Lake Open All-Age. Haney's Hurricane Seeker with Scott Beeler, Bonner's Hot Rize with Korry Rinehart, Como Thunder with David Russell. Back row: Joey McAlexander (Judge), Attendee, Jack Griffin, Ann Forester, Keith St. John, Jon Lam (Judge), Little Russell's with Mrs. David Russell, Joy Lester.

The 2023 running of the Kentucky Lake Field Trial Clubs National Qualifying Open All Age trial began November 7, 2023 at the Hell Creek Wildlife Management Area, located at Blue Mountain, Mississippi. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks staff had the grounds in excellent shape and should be commended for their continued work in making this an outstanding area for Field Trials in the State of Mississippi. Those of us who enjoy this sport are very thankful for what the staff at Hell Creek does for Field Trials held on these grounds. A special thanks goes to HCWMA employee, Jack Griffin, for his daily help and monitoring of the activities at the trial. The Club and the participants also want to thank Purina for their continued support and Pro Plan Dog feed given to the winners of this trial. Last but not least the Kentucky Lake Field Trial Club greatly appreciates the support of all who took part in attending and supporting this trial.

The Judging responsibilities were done by two active field trailers, Joey McAlexander from Holly Springs, MS and Jon Lam from Makanda, IL.


A total of 16 dogs were drawn for this stake. Haney's Hurricane Seeker, a first-year dog, owned and handled by David Russell came to the forefront in the 6th brace with a ground burning 2 find performance that upheld the standards for an All-Age dog. The following is a Brace-by-Brace summary of the action recorded in this trial. Prior to the running of the first brace the running order had to be adjusted due to Weldon Bennetts scratching of two dogs, Coldwater War Cry and Coldwater Odyssey, due to his ill health and inability to make the trip to Hell Creek. In his absence two dogs were moved from their originally drawn positions to facilitate the running. In addition to Bennett's dogs, Lester's Warbird (Lester) was scratched due to a torn pad.

The Running
Brace 1 Haney's Silver Dollar (Cagle) and Lester's Front Porch (Lester) came to the line and were turned loose at the entry gate to tehe club house at 8:05A. Weather conditions were partly cloudy, 50 degrees, with a light south wind. Both dogs rimmed the west end of the field and took to the gap on the east edge. Silver Dollar hit the gap first and went into the bottom along the east edge. Front Porch followed along the same line. At the far end Silver Dollar disappeared into the gap that went to the Long Bottom. Front Porch made the turn covered the field and was caught by Lester and turned toward the Pines. Point was called at 12 by Lester with no birds produced. Front Porch was brought on hunting thru the pines and hitting the edges nicely. Point was called at 30 on the field edge where he readjusted into the brush. A flushing attempt was made, and no birds were produced. Front Porch was collared. Cagle's dog did not appear, so his tracker was taken.

Brace 2 After a ride back to the club house Como Thunder (Russell) and Miller's King Post (Lester) were brought to the line at the intersection of the roads coming to the club house. Conditions were near the same as both dogs were loosed at 9:10A. Both dogs went immediately to the gap and turned-on course. Thunder took the left line and King Post took the right line with both handlers pointing out their dogs. Point was called by Russell for Thunder at 6. After a good flushing attempt Russell elected to relocate. Thunder moved up and hit birds again. Russell flushed and birds were produced. Thunder was released and both dogs were back together at 10. Entering the field ahead of the woods gap Russell called point at 12. The flushing attempt did not produce birds and Thunder was taken on. Proceeding through the woods to the bottom Thunder took the left line as King Post was across the field on the right line. King Post made the gap first and took the left line with Thunder following. Birds lifted well ahead of King Post at 20 and he mannerly stopped at flight. Thunder backed as King Post established point. After Lester's shot both dogs were turned loose and proceeded to the road crossing with Thunder working the road edge to the north and King Post working thru the thicket to the south. As both dogs approached the gap birds were seen leaving the area. Both dogs stopped and marked flight at 25, where both handlers shot. Both dogs were led to the Pines and released. King Post took a right hand move and Thunder cut the middle of the Pines. Point was called by Russell at 29 and birds were produced. Thunder was taken on and entered the bean field below the pines taking a left line. Birds moved ahead of Thunder at 32 and he stopped to watch flight, Russell shot. Proceeding on Thunder took to the center strip as Lester pointed out King Post taking the field around the right edge. Both dogs were gathered up and taken through the gap into the long bottom and across the creek into the next field. King Post took the left line and Thunder took the right line and on into the next field. King Post's move took him off course to the left causing Lester to hold up. Point was called by Russell for Thunder at 45 and again at 55 with birds produced. A distant call of point was called by scout Rinehart for King Post at 56. Birds were produced and both dogs finished their hour.

Brace 3 Haney's Pure Joy (Cagel) and Whippoorwill Vette (Huffman) were turned loose at the old brick house site at 10:30 a.m. Temperatures were moderating near 55 with a partly cloudy sky. Both dogs took a right-hand swing to the thicket edge. Both dogs stopped along that line in the location of King Post's previous brace find. Both handlers collared their dogs and took them on. Each dog made the gap into the next field making good individual moves through the country. Pure Joy took a long edge move and disappeared into the Pines at 20. Vette staying in sight going through the pines proceeded on course. Returning at 36 Pure Joy rejoined the front where point was called by Cagle at 50. Vette approached Pure Joy with a little more excitement than Huffman wanted and was collared. After a good flushing attempt Pure Joy was sent on. Point was called at 55 by Cagle with birds produced. Pure Joy finished her hour.

Brace 4 Beeler's White Knight (Beeler) and Nosam's Sweet Water (Huffman) were released at 1:15 p.m. after lunch. Conditions changed to a partly cloudy sky, 62 degrees, with little to no breeze. Both dogs proceeded well through the country running and hunting the edges. Approaching the pines both dogs were seen pointing at 12. No birds were produced and both dogs were taken on. White Knight was seen digging into numerous birdy areas throughout the early part of the brace. Sweetwater ran the country well showing in all the right places. Point was called by Beeler at 49 with no birds produced after multiple relocation attempts. White Knight was collared. Point was called by Huffman at 59 with no birds produced.

Brace 5 Lester's Shockwave (Lester) and Bonner's Hot Rise (Rinehart) were turned loose at the road intersection near the club house. Conditions had stabilized and were like the previous brace start. Both dogs were loosed at 2:30P taking the gap and the left edge. Point was called by Lester at 5 for Shockwave with Hot Rise backing. Birds were produced and the dogs were taken on. Proceeding to the end of the field and around the bend to the woods Rinehart called point at 7 with Shockwave backing. No birds were produced and both dogs were loosed. Immediately as they entered the woods both dogs slid to a stop with a divided find at 11. Birds were produced and both dogs were taken on. Released into the bottom both dogs took to opposite edges traveling through the fields. Point was called by scout Beeler for Shockwave at 27. Birds were produced and Shockwave was taken on. Hot Rise took a wide right swing through the bean fields and was seen at 37 standing with a good forward find. Birds were produced and Hot Rise was taken on. Shockwave was making a large left hand move around the bean fields and made a cut up the hill toward the pines where he was found pointed at 43. Hot Rise made the loop and came in for a back. The flushing attempt produced no birds and Lester elected to pick Shockwave up. Hot Rise continued through the pines and showed well running the front responding well to his handler at pick up time.

Brace 6 Haney's Hurricane Seeker (Russell) and Lester's Storm Surge (Lester) were turned loose at the old brick house location at 3:50 p.m. Temps were falling slightly, and clouds were picking up again. Both dogs moved quickly to the front made the gap and on into the next field. Judges entered the next field only to see Storm Surge entering the gap into the next field. Arriving at the next field Storm Surge was on the left-hand edge going to the front. Point was called by Russell for Seeker at 10 on the right-hand line with the dog slightly in the edge cover with a stylish find. Birds were produced and Seeker was taken quickly on. Quickly Seeker hit the gap crossing Hell Creek. Storm Surge got hung up on his left-hand cast and made the Hell Creek crossing shortly after Seeker. Seeker was seen making a wide and speedy left-hand circle around the field. Storm Surge was put on the right-hand side and traveled the edge well to the front and to the gap into the next field. Point was called by Russell at 13 for Seeker and Storm Surge was backing. No birds were produced and both dogs were sent on. Seeker was seen across the next field covering the course with an attractive gate. Lester grabbed Storm Surge and sent him around the right edge of Hell Creek making the turn into the course gap. The next minutes of the brace were outstanding as both dogs independently covered the course leaving little unchecked. Entering the third field point was called by Russell for Seeker at 27 with Storm Surge backing. Birds were produced with all in order. Both dogs were loosed. Seeker proceeded thru the country leading the race responding well to his handler. Storm Surge showed well making good independent moves. Both dogs finished well into the course.
Blue Mountain, Miss., Miss., November 7
Judges: Jon Lamb and Joey McAlexander
OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] - 16 Pointers

1st-HANEY'S HURRICANE SEEKER, 1698759, male, by Ransom-Haney's North Star. David Russell, owner and handler.
2d-BONNER'S HOT RIZE, 1687893, male, by Miller's Speed Dial-Miller's Martha White. Jannie Chapman & Jay Hendley, owners; Korry Rinehart, handler.
3d-COMO THUNDER, 1687714, male, by Skyfall-Gotch Me Dot. B. K. & Rachel Blackwell, owners; David Russell, handler.


This Memorial Derby Stake run in memory of our friend, co-heart, and fellow field trailer Ricky Chism has been sponsored by the Kentucky Lake Club since Ricky's untimely death. It unlike most other All Age Derby Stakes is a full hour which puts these young fall derby prospects on the ground for a test for endurance. This particular year the prospects displayed a promising future in the field trial world. Determination for this year's winners was a hard hairsplitting decision for the judges and was expressed to the handlers at the winners announcement. A total of ten dogs were drawn for this stake. Eight of the 10 competitors had bird contacts, mostly with broke manners on each find. All competitors showed good All-Age qualities and handling tendencies which is a great reflection on the work and dedication put in on each dog by each handler.

Lester's Front Porch came to the forefront with an all-around performance for owner/handler Gary Lester. Front Porch ran the front the whole hour with a good Stop to Flush at 1, a Back at 38 and 49, and a forward find at 58. Second Place went to Bandit Hills Avenger, owner Ann Forester (who was present to watch her dog run), handler was Ike Todd. Avenger had two early finds and an outstanding forward ground performance that only slacked in the last couple of minutes. Third went to Game Star for owner Dr. Fred Corder, handled by Ike Todd. Star had two finds and a call, "birds", not seen by judges. Star ran the country well with little to no handler direction. Other noted performances came from Haney's Last Call with one find and good finish, and Edge's Sue, with two finds, a back, and good early groundwork.

It was good to see Gary Lester back in the saddle handling dogs after a long summer suffering many health issues and near-death experiences. I know he appreciated the many thoughts and prayers lifted up in his behalf during his surgeries and recovery. Putting on this trial is just another contribution he does for the field trial sport. He actively contributes to this sport and should be recognized for his continual giving back to what he enjoys. We should continue to remember him as he continues his recovery and reconstruction phase in the coming months.

A special thanks goes out to the help and food provided by Ms. Joy Lester. It was good to see Mr. Ferrell Miller and his daughter Millisa Green throughout the trial out and riding many braces watching the dogs perform. Additional help that will not go unrecognized came from Tammy Crouch and club members Korry Rinehart and Ike Todd. This judge would also like to personally thank Korry Rinehart for providing me an afternoon ride to complete the judging responsibilities.
RICKY CHISM MEMORIAL DERBY [One-Hour Heats] - 9 Pointers and 1 Setter
1st-LESTER'S FRONT PORCH, 1705484, pointer male, by Lester's Storm Surge-R W Susie Q. Gary Lester, owner and handler.
2d-BANDIT'S HILL AVENGER, 1702642, pointer male, by Touch's Smooth Rider-Bandit's Hill Daisy. Ann Forrester, owner; Ike Todd, handler.
3d-GAME STAR, 1703929, pointer female, by Lester's Storm Surge-Game Belle. Fred Corder, owner; Ike Todd, handler.

Kentucky Lake Ricky ChismF23

Ricky Chism Memorial Derby. Lester's Front Porch with Korry Rinehart, Bandit's Hill Avenger with Ann Forester, Game Star with Ike Todd. Back row: Joey McAlexander (Judge), Joy Lester, Keith St. John, Gary Lester, Scott Beeler, David Russell, Jon Lam (Judge).