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Result: Conecuh Station Open Shooting Dog Classic

Location: Union Springs, Alabama

Post Date: Feb 7, 2024

Submitted By: Allison Stewart

Conecuh Station OSDF23

Conecuh Station Open Shooting Dog Classic Winners (front, l-r): Madilyn Tilley and Harrison Lee with Panther Creek Rosie, Hunter McDuffie with Faithful, Mike Tracy with Waybetter Rebel, Elton Bray (judge), Tony Gibson with Traveler, and Robert Moorer. (Back row, l-r): Hunter Clark (judge), Amelia Stewart, Steve Hutto, and Allison Stewart (reporter).

The Conecuh Station Open Shooting Dog Classic began on Monday, November 20, 2023, at Conecuh Station Plantation in Union Springs, Alabama. With each passing year, the hospitality shown by Becky and Tony Gibson only increases, as does our gratitude for their hosting of multiple trials on their beautiful plantation grounds. Thank you to John Mote and the entire Conecuh Station crew for managing the snappy pines. It is evident that these gentlemen take pride in their work, and it is because of their efforts there are so many opportunities to see the competitors doing what they love.

Thank you to Fay Duncan, George Cole, and Steve Hutto for rising well before the sun to prepare fresh, hot southern breakfasts each morning. Chef Ban Stewart catered delicious lunches. Ban cooked an excellent fish fry that was certainly one of the culinary highlights of the trial.

Thank you to Steve Hutto for driving the bird dog wagon and ensuring all had plenty of snacks and drinks to enjoy between braces. The Club would also like to thank Purina for their donations and support of this classic and the sport of field trials.

A most special thank you to the Conecuh Station Field Trial Club Board. Their love and devotion to the sport of field trials, coupled with their individual strengths, make this board a true powerhouse. Thank you, Robert Moorer, Hunter McDuffie, Lisa Littell, Lawton Huggins, Becky and Tony Gibson, Joe Varner, Ben Chancellor, Jayme and Collin Chittam, Scott Hasson, and Brain Sanderson (emeritus).

Elton Bray of Holly Springs, Mississippi, and Hunter Clark of Ethel, Mississippi, presided over the running of the 74 bird dogs entered and gave each one a watchful opportunity.

The Winners
Panther Creek Rosie, pointer female, owned by Frank Ewing Rutland, handled by Tommy Rice of Diamond R Kennels, and scouted by Harrison Lee, earned the first-place position. The lovely liver and white lady carded her first find at 5, all in order. Her second find was marked at 23, holding a beautiful stance through flush and shot as a bevy of birds lifted. Rosie's love for the competition is most evident as hunted with passion and confidence from the line to the finish. Her hour on the ground was most pleasing to observe.

Faithful, pointer female, owned by Susan and Roger Duerksen, handled by Mike Tracy, and scouted by Casey Tracy of Summerhill Kennels, ran a very strong, clean, and smooth race. She carded her first find at 32. Charting the course in a 10 and 2 motion, she was easy to spot, nose in the air, heart filled with passion for the hunt. She finished her hour carding a second find, all in order through flush and shot, and the same strength she began with.

Waybetter Rebel, pointer male, owned by Carl Bishop, handled by Mike Tracy, and scouted by Casey Tracy of Summerhill Kennels, earned the third-place spot with a notable find. Once handlers crossed the road beside The Shop and passed The Little Pond, Rebel's handler instinctively felt as though he left him pointed and swung around to confirm this. Mike flushed and shot as a monumental covey lifted around the firm-standing pointer.

The Running
Dominator's Wild Bill (PM/Jamie Daniels) had a find at 14 and a back at 24 and showed nice groundwork. I'm Spartacus (PM/Doug Ray) marked finds at 24, 36, and 54.

2 Tallokas New Business (PM/Jason Loper) carded finds at 4 and 37 and an unproductive at 29. CS Four Season's Gunner (PM/Ray) displayed a nice race with a back at 4 and a find at 34.

3 Walden's Ridge Rain Storm (PF/Ray) had an unproductive at 11. Dominator's Queen Bee (PF/Daniels) requested the tracker at 12.

4 Cape Point Lucky Strike (PM/Ray) had a find at 26 but was not pleasing to handler and picked up. Triple Nickel Carbon Copy (PM/Tracy) requested the tracker at 19.

5 Hard Truth (PM/Ray) had a find at 19, an unproductive at 30, and ended his bid at 56. Legacy (PM/Rice) had an unproductive at 30, a find at 43, and picked up at 56.

6 Showstopper (PF/Rice) picked up at 10. Walden's Ridge Slap Shot (PF/Ray) picked up at 9.

7 Absolute Dominator (PM/Ray) and Hauser's Rollin Thunder (PM/Tracy) shared a divided find at 8 and requested trackers at 20.

8 Hatteras Rip Tide (ESM/Ray) requested the tracker at 33. Raag's Rich And Rare (PM/Tracy) suffered an unproductive at 2 and carded a find at 20.

9 Arnold's Heat Wave (PF/Jeffery Arnold) had an unproductive at 15 and picked up at 24. Tracker was requested at 7 for Absolute Tornado (PM/Ray).

10 Hatteras Sand Storm (ESM/Ray), picked up at 6. Arnold's True Confidence (PM/Arnold) carded a find at 47.

11 Trackers were requested at 8 for Arnold's Notorious Ranger (PM/Arnold) and Great River Stallion (ESM/Ray).

12 Erin's Big Casino (ESM/Tracy) marked birds at 23 and 41. The setter had an unproductive at 48 and displayed a strong finish. Miller's Promotional Upgrade (PM/Ray) was picked up at 30.

13 Smooth Talkin (PM/Ray) carded a find at 19, and the tracker was requested at 34. Miller's Upgraded Design (PM/Tracy) requested the tracker at 25.

14 A Buccaneer (PM/Ray) had a find at 42. His bracemate was the aforementioned second-place winner, Faithful (PF/Mike Tracy).

15 Erin's Young Offender (PM/Alan Atkins) pointed birds at 5 and 43. Mr. Atkins thanked the judges at 56. Two Spot Tommy (PM/Ray) requested the tracker at 12.

16 Miller's Strolling For Gold (PF/Tracy) ended her bid at 40. She was braced with the aforementioned champion, Panther Creek Rosie (PF).

17 Cheap Thrill (PF/Rice) moved on birds and ended her time at 30. Trumped (PM/Tracy) carded finds at 4 and 31. After his second unproductive at 35, his handler tipped his hat to the judges.

18 Hauser's Hard Line (PM/Tracy) had a find at 23 where he was backed by his bracemate, Erin's Tough Grit (PM/Rice). Tracy thanked judges at 33, followed by Rice at 46.

19 Oahe Buck (PM/Rice) carded a find at 29 and ended his bid at 49. Ramey's Elhew Independence (PM/Tracy) requested the tracker at 14.

20 Miller's High Heat Index (PM/Tracy) thanked judges at 19. Erin's Mason Man (PM/Roger Key) asked for the tracker at 10.

21 Southpoint's Hog Wild (PM/Tracy) requested the tracker at 20. C S Trump (PM/Steve Hurdle) ended his time at 45.

22 Check It Out (PM/Martino) and Hightailing Penny (PF/Tracy) held a short brace.

23 Senah's Rum Chaser (PF/Clay Ferguson) hunted the grounds and finished in front. She was braced with the third-place winner, Waybetter Rebel (PM/Mike Tracy).

24 C.S. Pay Dirt (PM/Hurdle) picked up at 30 after an unproductive and Calico's Sky's The Limit (PF/McDonald) picked up at 24.

25 Miller's Southern Gossip (PF/Tracy) and Face To Face (ESM/Martino) shared a divided find at 2.

26 Max (PM/Reynolds) had a find at 18. Miller's Heat Seeker (PM/Tracy) carded a find at 3 and had a stop to flush at 32.

27 Smoke Roll (ESM/Hurdle) exhibited strength on the ground and carded notable finds at 19 and 52. Miller's Record Heat (PF/Tracy) had a find at 2, an unproductive at 13, and a nice finish.

28 Dakota Nation (PM/Ted Roach) had a find at 51, relocated, and produced a nice covey. The pointer was in front at time. Miller's Automatic Upgrade (PM/Tracy) requested the tracker at 14.

29 Bittersweet War Cry (PM/Tracy) suffered an unproductive at 23 and was harnessed. C S Dirty Harry (PM/Hurdle) was moved from the last brace. He ended his bid at 24.

30 Late Hit (PM/Tom Shanker) of Easter Plantation maintained a clean, forward race, carding his first find at 20 with all in order. Late Hit held a beautiful stance as a bevy of birds lifted. The handsome pointer caught the scent again at 34, exhibiting firm posture through flush and shot. He suffered an unproductive at 50. Miller's Lock And Loaded (PM/Tracy) picked up at 24.

31 Miller's Extreme Heat (PF/Tracy) picked up at 24. Hillhavyn's Repeat (PM/Martino) carded a find at 12 and picked up at 30.

32 Party Starter (PM/Reynolds) requested tracker at 24. Jolene Jolene (PF/Tracy) requested the tracker at 32.

33 Miller's Miss Congeniality (PF/Tracy) was not pleasing to handler and was harnessed at 3. Backcountry Buddy (PM/Martino) suffered an unproductive at 21.

34 Elhew Mara Jade (PF/Tom Hennes) ended her time at 37. Miller's Little Duce Coup (PF/Tracy) was picked up at 20.

35 Southern Shadows Rhett (PM/Hurdle) had a find at 7. His bracemate, Cole Fusion (ESM/Hennes), did not honor with a back and was picked up. Mr. Hurdle thanked the judges for their time at 21.

36 Erin's Ty Breaker (PM/Hurdle) ended his time at 51. Luke's Gospel Truth (PM/Hennes) ended his bid at 45.

37 Reedy Creek Dial Tone (PM/Tracy) requested the tracker at 23. C S Rester's Speculation (PM/Hurdle) carded a most beautiful covey find at 23.

Union Springs, Ala., November 13
Judges: Elton Bray and Hunter Clark
OPEN SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] - 66 Pointers and 9 Setters

1st-PANTHER CREEK ROSIE, 1691574, pointer female, by Panther Creek Merlin-Pineywood's Belle Aire. Frank Rutland, owner; Tommy Rice, handler.
2d-FAITHFUL, 1684597, pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky-Steel City Karen. Susan K. & Roger L. Duerksen, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.
3d-WAYBETTER REBEL, 1689139, pointer male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Calico's Country Strong. Allen Linder & Bill & Muriel Primm, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.
Judges: Bo Brewer and Jeff Gibbons
OPEN DERBY - 24 Pointers

1st-PAL'S PRESTIGIOUS PETE, 1702741, male, by Waybetter Jay-Clarendon's Black Eyed Sue. Lou Palazzolo, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.
2d-HAUSERS UNHINGED, 1706301, male, by Lester's Storm Surge-Hauser's Cotton Dots. Jean & Debra Hauser, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.
3d-GETAWAY DRIVER, 1705414, male, by Quickmarksman's Ace-Sweet Child O Mine. Missy Lawrence, owner; Michael Martino, handler.