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Result: Ozark and Arkansas Open Shooting Dog Championships

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Post Date: Feb 13, 2024

Submitted By: Steve Messick

Ozark SD RUF23

Ozark Open Shooting Dog Runner-up: Wynona's Nickleback Sugar with Brian Gingrich and Allen Vincent. Looking on, Eddy Taylor, Jon Davis (judge), Rick Thone.

Where do the years go? It seems like yesterday we just started. Now the years have passed, but in my eyes, the goals are the same, look for winning performances worthy of attaching their names to some of the oldest championships in the field trial world. When we started the Arkansas, game and fish had the reputation of farming for wildlife, and they are successful! The names of Luther Thomas, Fred Smith, Dwayne Thomas, and Roger Martin made quail, rabbit, and deer flourish. They made their plan, and did they perform it. Now, those hard workers have gone on to a better world or retirement. Sure wish we had them back!

First on the card was the Ozark Open Shooting Dog Championship. Sixty-one dogs came to the line, and a little bitch made you watch! Tom Curtsinger showed off with his pride and joy Stylish Miss Bell. Bell ran the first hour course with desire and smarts, she was found three times all to the front she wasted no steps her manners on her game perfection! Allen Vincent came to win and did a very worthy job with Wynona's Nickleback Sugar, two well-spaced finds on the second hour her manners with perfection title. She attacked her hour with gusto. One of her owners, Mr. Bruce Sooter, was on hand; the other, Mr. Brad Tolson, I'm sure got a phone call bragging! Mr. Jim Martin was kind enough to help call the winners. His time is always much appreciated.

Stylish Miss BellF23

Stylish Miss Bell, Winner of the Ozark Open Shooting Dog Championship.

Conway, Ark., November 30
Judges: Steve Messick and Jim Martin
OZARK OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 46 Pointers and 5 Setters

Winner-STYLISH MISS BELL, 1691586, pointer female, by Valiant-Haney's North Star. Tom Curtsinger, owner and handler.
Runner-Up-WYNONA'S NICKLEBACK SUGAR, 1690017, setter female, by T's Nickleback-Carpenter's Don't Ya. Bruce Sooter & Brad Tolson, owners; Allen Vincent, handler.

Next up, the Arkansas Derby Classic. Shawn Kinkelaar claimed top honors with Erin's Ikon, a strong, front-running handsome setter. He carded a nice bevy find with much seasoned manners. He's owned by Jerrold and Kristen Moisson of the cold state of Wisconsin. Allen Vincent claimed another runner-up spot with Wynona's Fireaway Rooster. He, too, had a bevy find with good derby manners. He's owned by Mr. Brian Williams. Amazingly, you always see winners of these top juvenile states go on to win championships in the future.

Arkansas DerbyF23

Arkansas Derby Classic Winners: Shawn Kinkelaar and Virgil Moore with Erin's Ikon, Jon Davis (judge), Brian Gingrich, and Allen Vincent with Wynona's Fireaway Rooster, Harold Gerhart looking on.

Judges: Jon Davis and Steve Messick
ARKANSAS DERBY CLASSIC - 15 Pointers and 3 Setters

Winner-ERIN'S IKON, 1703948, setter male, by Erin's Wild Atlantic Way-Wildcat Creek Athena. Jerrold & Kristen Moisson, owners; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.
Runner-Up-WYNONA'S FIREAWAY ROOSTER, 1701045, pointer male, by Touch's Fire Away-Wynona's Valiant Rosietta. Brian Williams, owner; Allen Vincent, handler.

The Arkansas Open Shooting Dog Championship completes the trio. Lester's Another Shockwave did an outstanding job; he's fast and goes far. He's a pleasure to watch, and Shawn Kinkelaar was the pilot of this good performer. Shockwave was credited with two finds. He's by what seems to be a corporation of five--Tom Jackson, Jerry Morrison, Lance Schulz, Bjorn Peterson, and Todd Manns. I wonder how the pecking order filters out? They all should be proud, and all should have been there. Well, he did it again; yes, Allen Vincent came away with another runner-up! This time with Mayfield Storm Charger. He had a single find and a perfect relocation on a feeding covey to get the nod. He's owned by Scott Mason and Jake Davis of Mayfield, Kentucky. Mr. Jon Davis rode to watch the derby winners and the championship. Jon's a pleasure to be with; his help is much appreciated.
Now, it's my pleasure to thank all the handlers and owners who support these trials and others across the country. This group, I can say without hesitation, are my friends. I know I can count on them, and they can count on me. Two individuals that I have not had the pleasure of ever meeting but seems I've known forever. Mr. Greg Blair of Purnia and Mr. Jim Morehouse of SportDOG. These two always make me feel so supportive. Thanks to all they do!
Thanks to my friend Mr. Roger Martin for his help putting on these events. We go way back and he joins me in saying the good ole days are where it's at! Till next time! Thanks again to all!

Judges: Jon Davis and Steve Messick
ARKANSAS OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 37 Pointers and 4 Setters

Winner-LESTER'S ANOTHER SHOCKWAVE, 1691812, pointer male, by Lester's Shockwave-Miller's Stitch In Time. Prairie To Pines Kennels, owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.
Runner-Up-MAYFIELD STORM CHARGER, 1701588, pointer male, by Lester's Storm Surge-R W Susie Q. Scott Mason & Jake Davis, owners; Allen Vincent, handler.

Arkansas SD ChF23

Arkansas Open Shooting Dog Winner: Lester's Another Shockwave with Shawn Kinkelaar, Roger Martin, and Jon Davis (judge).