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Result: United States Championship & Open Derby

Location: Greensboro, Alabama

Post Date: Feb 14, 2024

Submitted By: Ruthann Epp

United States Open ChF23

United States Open Championship (l-r): Haily Moreland, Mark McLean, Jerry Raynor with Haney's All In, Alex Mauck (judge), Jim Michaletz (judge), Lefty Henry with Miller's Heat Advisory, Sherry Michaletz, Judd Carlton, and Schley Rutherford.

The named champion for the 2023 United States Championship is pointer male Haney's All In, handled by Mark McLean of Doerun, Georgia, and owned by Steve Croy of Richmond Hill, Georgia. Congratulations! The runner-up champion is Miller's Heat Advisory, a pointer male handled by Judd Carlton of Cairo, Georgia, and owned by John Mathys of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Champion Haney's All In ran the last hour on the second day of running. He went deep to the front, made the turn through Little Prairie Pasture, and was seen going across the far hill of Black Cow Pasture. He made it through Taylor Field and the Wild Woods. He and bracemate Haney's Hurricane Seeker (Russell) were next seen standing in the far corner of New Ground. It was at 35 minutes; both handlers flushed and fired their guns, with dogs showing lots of style throughout. All In stayed forward the entire brace and showed at the right times. Point was called for him at 55 minutes in Gum Springs Bottom. McLean walked in the trees in front of him and flushed a huge covey while his dog showed perfect form. He finished the hour strong to the front.

The United States Club was honored to have Alex Mauck from Ontario, Oregon, and Jim Michaletz from Ennis, Montana, to judge the Championship and Derby. Both men have field trialed for many years and worked closely with numerous professional trainers. Sherry, Jim's wife, added to the appeal of their visit. They were introduced to the Red Barn in Demopolis and got to watch the Georgia-Alabama football game at the restaurant because, in Alabama, that is what you do.

Handlers for this year's running included Lefty Henry and Jerry Raynor of North Carolina, Tom Shenker and Jim Hughes from Alabama, Scott Beeler from Missouri, Mark McLean, Luke Eisenhart and Judd Carlton from Georgia, Steve Hurdle and David Russell from Mississippi, and Chris Cagle from Michigan/Tennessee. Bill Mason and Ted Roach, both of Alabama, also participated as scouts.

Alex Rickert, the owner of last year's winner, Touch's Malcolm Story, sponsored a catered dinner on Sunday night for everyone at the trial. All enjoyed cocktails and a delicious meal at the White House, and there was a lot of storytelling and laughing going on.

The weather was in the 60s and muggy all but the last day. Despite the dryness, however, quail were found most braces. Typically, we have mud at this venue this time of the year, but footing was good, and washing down the horses was much faster. No complaints! The judges especially enjoyed escaping the cold at home for several days.

Running a championship trial requires many volunteers, hard work and time, and so we want to thank those who made this one a success: John Henry Kitchens, Chris Koutris, Wayne Pope, Justin Howard, Bill Mason, Dosson McKemie, Jim Hughes, Tim Jones, Rick Olds, Pete King, Kirsten Givhan, Olivia Alison, Taine Alison, Chris Cagle, Haily Moreland and club officials Schley Rutherford and Jennifer McKemie for their help.

Thanks are also in order to manager Brae Buckner of the Forever Wild Area and Scotty Hammerle for their dedication to mowing the courses so that the dogs could show off their championship performances. We are grateful to the state of Alabama and the M. Barnett Lawley Forever Wild Field Trial Area for the opportunity to compete with world-class dogs on these beautiful grounds. The sunsets were amazing, and the early morning light shining on the horses and dogs at breakaway was breathtaking. Eagles soared over the gallery every day, as did ducks. This is a big country venue that every dog handler should experience. According to manager Buckner, improvements to the facilities are in the works. The building of additional stalls is underway now, and there are plans for the construction of a dining lodge, pavilion, and hookups. Every field trialer present mentioned being thankful to Alabama for providing these grounds, as private tracts of land for trials are fast disappearing.

Sponsors are also essential to the success of our sport. Thanks to Purina for sponsoring the U. S. Championship for many years and giving dog feed to the winners. Greg Blair has been very gracious in his support. Once again, the AFTCA 20th Century Fund granted Cahaba Bend Field Trial Club funds for the betterment of trials on these grounds. The U. S. club, along with several others who host trials here, all benefit as well. We greatly appreciate the support provided by the 20th Century Fund over the past nine years.

The Running
1. Rester's Cajun Spirit (Carlton) was lost off the breakaway, and Touch's Midnight Rider (McLean) was picked up early with no bird work.

2. Haney's Silver Dollar (Cagle) and Rester's Johnny Ringo (Eisenhart) were both out of pocket a lot. Cagle's scout called point way in the distance across the road. The judge and handler made it, and all was in order. They joined up with the gallery, but both dogs disappeared. Both handlers asked for their tracking device.

3. Dragonfly (Hughes) and Touch's Shadow Rider (McLean) started the second morning. Rider pointed with Dragonfly backing, birds were flushed, and the gun shot, but Rider moved too much and at 3 minutes was picked up. At 8 minutes, Dragonfly had a find at Warden Hill, then at 23, a distant cry of point was heard along the red barn line for find No. 2. At 28 minutes, Hughes lifted his hat near the head of Turkey Lake; Dragonfly had beautiful style with all in order. He also had a find at 38, then took the line, and when the gallery entered Black Bottom Pasture, he was at the end of the field and styled up for find No. 5. He left Taylor Field, and the handler rode past, but the scout and judge spotted the dog in the brush on the edge of the lake just before pick up for find No. 6. He disappeared out the front and each time was found pointed.

4. Southern Nation (Henry) and Haney's Storm Warning (Cagle) had the second brace of the morning. They were both making big casts parallel to the highway and when Cagle topped the hill at Turkey Lake, he saw his dog pointed on the fence line at the other side of the field. Upon getting there, Southern Nation was backing. All was in order for Storm Warning, but Southern Nation had a breach of manners and ended his bid. Storm Warning then had an unproductive at 40 minutes, another find at 47 minutes just after crossing the ditch into the dove field, and a third find at 52, followed by a strong finish.

5. C S Code Blue (Hurdle) and Erin's Wild Atlantic Way (Eisenhart) had the third course. Code Blue was making big casts and made a cast around the big lake and showed up front, but then he was never seen again after going into Taylor Field, so at 40, Hurdle asked for the receiver. Atlantic Way had a find in the Wild Woods at 35. He disappeared out the front and was missing in New Ground, but he joined back with his handler and Eisenhart called point at the big tree with all in order. He took all of Gum Springs, and as the gallery crossed the culvert into the hayfield, Eisenhart called point for his setter on the woods point and flushed for a pretty find to finish the morning.

6. Erin's Code of Honor (Eisenhart) and Woodville's Yukon Cornelius (McLean) didn't have it in the cards on this day. Code of Honor disappeared, not to return, and Cornelius had an unproductive and didn't connect with his handler, so the brace ended early.

7. Beeler's White Knight (Beeler) and Como Rain (Russell) started the brace with lots of run. Both had finds at 25 minutes in two different spots, and then they joined up, and at 32, they were together, and point was called, but they both lost their manners, and the brace ended.

8. Country On (McLean) and Erin's Perfect Storm (Eisenhart) started with the weather sunny, warm, and still. Neither dog seemed to be having a good day, so both were picked up before time.

9. Haney's All In (McLean) had his running reported earlier, and Haney's Hurricane Seeker (Russell) made a good showing, too. Besides the divided find, he stayed strong throughout the hour. Point was called at the end of the hour, but the birds left before the judges got there.

10. C S Dirty Harry (Hurdle) and Miller's Heat Advisory, runner-up (Carlton). Both dogs showed their speed and were pointed out from time to time. As the gallery entered Black Bottom Pasture at 30 minutes, both dogs were on the far fence line pointed at least 100 feet apart. The judges went to their respective dogs, and both handlers flushed birds and fired their guns. Upon entering Taylor Field, Carlton had to go after his dog as he had taken the turn to the third course. At 40 minutes, Dirty Harry had a find at the Lake. Carlton and Heat Advisory caught up around Black Cow Pond. The scout called point for Heat Advisory on the cedar line. A dead bird was produced, but no others were found. Both dogs finished across the gravel road with Heat Advisory still making strong casts to the front.

11. Hunt's Rollin' The Dice (McLean) and Southern Thunder (Shenker) turned loose going east. Point was called for Thunder at 10 minutes with all in order. McLean's scout called point, but no birds were flushed. Thunder made a huge sweep all the way around Turkey Lake out of sight. McLean's scout called point for Thunder at 29 on the red barn fence, so he made a big swing. All was in order. McLean picked up Dice. Then, at 32 minutes, when the gallery went through the gap into the hayfield, Shenker called point. He couldn't flush and let the dog relocate. He pointed again, and Shenker flushed in front of the dog's nose with birds coming up from a tight circle. At 35 minutes, Thunder pointed again for find No. 4. He made a wide cast to the front and was next seen coming down the line going into Little Prairie Pasture. He was making game, stopping, then moving, and then he took out the covey to end the brace.

12. C S Rester's Speculation (Hurdle) and Touch's Breakaway Fred (McLean) started at 9:46 and disappeared with no scout able to come up with them, so the two handlers asked for their tracking receivers to round up their dogs.

13. Late Hit (Shenker) and Knight Moon (Eisenhart) were on standby at their trailers, so the dog wagon brought them to the line since we still had time and course for the morning. They turned loose in the Wild Woods at 10:25. Late Hit went 10 feet and slammed to a stop. Shenker flushed birds in front of him with all in order. Hit took the ditch edge in the big bottom, but after that, his energy faded. Both handlers picked up early.

14. Touch's Malcolm Story (McLean) and Erin's High Note (Carlton) had an exciting start with a divided find at 5 minutes on the red barn line. Then, at 11 minutes, Malcolm Story had birds at the Warden's Hill. He had us thinking he might give a performance like last year, but then decided he wanted to go his own way. After 30 minutes, McLean put the rope on him. High Note, at 18, was standing at a birdy area, but Carlton could not flush birds, so he took him on. After taking Taylor Field, High Note lost his drive, and Carlton harnessed him.

15. C S Smoke Roll (Hurdle) and Lester's Storm Chaser (Henry) were loosed, and Roll took a wide tour over on a far hill on the other side of the lake with no way to get back, so he ended his bid. Storm Chaser made some nice casts and at 42 had point called for him with birds, but the dog was hot, and Henry picked him up.

16. Como Thunder (Russell) and Touch's Gallatin Fire (McLean) started at 2:07 for the last brace of the trial. Both dogs made a big cast. With the wind blowing, Gallatin Fire turned east, and we went west, so McLean got his tracking device. Thunder fought the sun and wind until Russell decided to end the brace.

United States JudgesF23-

Judges Alex Mauck and Jim Michaletz.

Greensboro, Ala., December 1
Judges: Alex Mauck and Jim Michaletz
UNITED STATES OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 29 Pointers and 3 Setters

Winner-HANEY'S ALL IN, 1698756, pointer male, by Ransom-Haney's North Star. Steve Croy, owner; Mark McLean, handler.
Runner-Up-MILLER'S HEAT ADVISORY, 1685672, pointer male, by Just Irresistible-Miller's Bring The Heat. John Mathys, owner; Judd Carlton, handler.

United States 1stBraceF23

First brace of the Derby breakaway.

Open Derby Winners
The 30-minute Derby was reinstituted as a stake in the U. S. Club. It ran prior to the championship as in years past. The first and second-place dogs ran in the fourth brace. First place, Rampage, handled by Luke Eisenhart and owned by Tucker Johnson, had a find at 16 on the red barn fence line, and Moss Hill Conference Call, handled by Mark McLean, pointed in Black Bottom Pasture with birds at 22. Both dogs covered extensive real estate and showed lots of potential, so look for both names again in future trials. Conference Call's owner Brian Spear was in the gallery watching his pointer and brought along long-time field trialer Hoyt Henley Jr. Third place went to Woodville's Long Hard Ride, a setter male owned by Carl Owens and handled by Mark McLean. Hard Ride had a forward race, with three finds at 5, 17, and pick up. He, too, will be one to watch. We expect to see these three again in January for the National Derby Championship.

United States Open DerbyF23

Open Derby Winners (l-r): Luke Eisenhart, Judd Carlton holding Rampage, Jim Michaletz (judge), Alex Mauck (judge), Jerry Raynor with Moss Hill Conference Call, Brian Spear, Schley Rutherford, Cody McLean with Woodville's Long Hard Ride, Hoyt Henley, and Mark McLean.

OPEN DERBY - 12 Pointers and 2 Setters
1st-RAMPAGE, 1705323, pointer male, by Touch's Red Rider-Southpoint's Dixie Chick. S. Tucker Johnson, owner; Luke Eisenhart, handler.
2d-MOSS HILL CONFERENCE CALL, 1702105, pointer female, by Dial Direct-Lady Lou. Brian & Emily Spear & Buck & Lynn Heard, owners; Mark McLean, handler.
3d-WOODVILLE'S LONG HARD DRIVE, 1705218, setter male, by Woodville's Saddle Tramp-Yukon Gold Rush. Carl Owens, owner; Mark McLean, handler.

United States dinnerF23

"Enjoying dinner sponsored by Alex Rickert and Touch's Malcolm Story, 2023 U. S. Champion."