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Event: Super Bowl Report
Result: Associated Field Trial Clubs of Florida

Location: Punta Gord, Florida

Post Date: Feb 19, 2024

Submitted By: Petie Brown

Florida Superbowl ADF23

Open Derby Winners (front, l-r): Beth Brown with Myakka Revolution, John Hicks (judge), and Greg Poole with Sterlingworth Nick. (Second row): Petie Brown, Justin Muzynski, and Paul Daniel (judge).

The Super Bowl trial kicked off with Robert Franks flying in from Arkansas to fry up a huge batch of catfish with enough leftovers for lunch the next day. Robert has been spoiling us with this treat for years, much to our delight. A smaller number of entries was well received since we weren't riding in at dark thirty on Sunday evening.

A sad passing to note was the sudden death of Roger Shelswell, who would spend half the year in Canada avoiding the Florida heat and half the year in Florida not missing the bitter cold. Roger was at our Char-Lee trial judging for us, telling us how glad he was to be here, which does give us some comfort; he was in one of his happy places with people who connected over the sport we love. It says something about one's character and mindset: on the way to the hospital, Roger called to cancel a judging assignment!

The weather was good, with pleasant temperatures until the dew burned off (too soon), and a plentiful number of birds were seen. The waterholes still held water, but for the most part, we used what we carried and even put it on the horses when needed. We pushed it hard on Saturday, running the All-Age in the morning, and back out at 1:30 with the Derby and first brace of the Shooting Dog. Katie McEwen was a huge help in running water back up to the scouts and handlers, and Debbie McEwen was a big help in keeping Robert on track and not sticking the truck.

Saturday evening festivities with all the trimmings had the usual celebratory vibe, culminating with a fire at the Brown's camp after announcing the All-Age and Derby winners.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FFWC) is commended for having the grounds so presentable, including spreading fresh compost on the feed plots. Sure enough, the recently plowed feed plots were attracting bugs, which in turn brought in the birds.

The judges' decisions were well received, and we thank them for their time in the saddle and camaraderie around the fire. Thanks to Purina for their sponsorship of Pro Plan to the winners.
Saturday morning's first place, set the pace, if you can call it that. Myakka Time Shifter laid down a huge forward all-age, was found standing like a statue at 50 minutes, and all was in order and was brought to the front as time was called. Second place went to Myakka Lucy Diamond, owned and handled by Petie Brown, and third place went to Holopaw's Cracker with "Buddy" laying down a snappy all-age run, listening to Justin Muzynski.

Saturday afternoon's Derby set off at 1:30 p.m., and we ran the first brace of the Shooting Dog, finishing with the last of the daylight. It's always a challenge getting in before dark to set up the evening's festivities. First place was awarded to Myakka Revolution for her all-age run and producing a covey of birds. Second and third place went to Greg Poole's setter, Sterlingworth Nick, and Vince Feltner's pointer Checkmates Country Sunshine, respectively, who also proved themselves to be hunters, as well as stylish performers.

Sunday morning started pleasantly enough, but we knew the temperature was going to climb and that scent conditions would change as soon as the dew dried. Like the day before, birds were prevalent enough, but not all the bird work was stellar, and stamina was in demand. Coming through with an exciting first place was Myakka Freddie Freeloader, owned and handled by Beth Brown. Freddie had his first intense find in the second brace of the morning, all in good order, and his second find shortly thereafter as the scout and judge, Paul Daniel were catching up to the front. The other judge, John Hicks, inadvertently flushed for the handler, with all in good order, and off we went for the third find at what is usually the one-hour corner; however, we were burning up the course that morning. The scout found Fred standing on the edge of a feed plot blocked from view by tall Myrtle bushes, making it difficult for the handler and judge to find him. He was on point for a while, and thankfully, the birds weren't spooked. Like the two finds before, all was in order, and Fred looked magnificent as the covey rose up in a few rises. Within 10 minutes, Freddie was on point again in a feed plot; only this time, all that was produced was a tweety bird. =Between the Shooting Dog course and where the all-age course continues is a water hole known as "the Cross," in memory of an unfortunate dog vs. gator encounter long ago. After Freddie's unproductive, he was guided to the waterhole for a much-needed cooling off with his bracemate, Wells Rebel Gold, handled by Darrell Wells, joining him. Curiously, Fred wasn't drinking and had his nose in the air. Beth asked him what he was doing, and he slowly rose and started to carefully creep out on the far side of the small water hole, with Gold quickly detecting what he was about. She followed, skirted out on the other side of the waterhole, and backed. A judge was called over to witness the water break turned fourth productive find for Freddie. The scout flushed wide, producing birds in the slew grass with Fred in full composure of the moment, more composure than the scout or handler had at that point. Thankfully, pickup was called shortly thereafter, with Fred putting on a strong finish.
Second place was a nice performance by Manatee Sam, who produced birds for his handler Justin Muzynski, and Darrell Wells took third with his flashy pointer, Wells Rebel Yell, having a find while running as a bye-dog in the heat of the day.

Florida SuperbowlAAF23

Open All-Age Winners (front, l-r): John Hicks (judge), Beth Brown with Myakka Time Shifter, Petie Brown with Myakka Lucy Diamond, and Justin Muzynski with Holopaw's Cracker. (Second row): Kayleigh Muzynski, Paul Daniel (judge), and Carol Muzynski.

Punta Gorda, Fla., December 9
Judges: John Hicks and Paul Daniel
OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] -- 6 Pointers

1st--MYAKKA TIME SHIFTER, 1670324, male, by Guard Rail-Myakka T Marie. Beth Brown, owner and handler.
2d--MYAKKA LUCY DIAMOND, 1665013, female, by Elhew G Force-Myakka Hey Jude. Petie Brown, owner and handler.
3d--HOLOPAW'S CRACKER, 1690236, male, by Holopaw's Axel-Hot Digity Dot. Justin Muzynski, owner and handler.

Florida Superbowl ASDF23

Amateur Shooting Dog Winners (front, l-r): Beth Brown with Myakka Freddie Freeloader, Justin Muzynski with Manatee Sam, John Hicks (judge), and Darrell Wells with Wells Rebel Yell. (Back row): Petie Brown, Kayleigh Muzynski, Guppy, and Carol Muzynski.

OPEN SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] -- 7 Pointers
1st--MYAKKA FREDDIE FREELOADER, 1654682, male, by Funseeker's Rebel Tex-Nacho Myakka Miley. Beth Brown, owner and handler.
2d--MANATEE SAM, 1690412, male, by Holopaw's Axel-Hot Digity Dot. Justin Muzynski, owner and handler.
3d--WELLS REBEL YELL, 1689947, male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Wells Southern Charm. Darrell Wells, owner and handler.

Florida Superbowl Beth Brown FlushingF23

Beth Brown flushing Myakka Freddie Freeloader's first shooting dog find.

OPEN DERBY -- 5 Pointers and 2 Setters
1st-MYAKKA REVOLUTION, 1702677, pointer female, by Myakka Freddie Freeloader-Myakka Rebel. Beth Brown, owner and handler.
2d-STERLINGWORTH NICK, 1704488, setter male, by Grouse Hill Bullet Proof-Hunter Run's Maggie Mae. Greg Poole, owner and handler.
3d-CHECKMATES COUNTRY SUNSHINE, 1702591, pointer female by Nacho's Texas Rebel - Nacho's Drama Ma Ma. Vince Feltner, owner and handler.

Florida Superbowl Beth BrownF23-

Beth Brown, winner of the All-Age, Shooting Dog, and Derby.