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Result: NGSPA Region 19 Open Championships

Location: Rhame, North Dakota

Post Date: Feb 22, 2024

Submitted By: Robin Lambourn, Dan DiMambro, & Mike Pat

NGSPA Region 19 OAAF23

NGSPA Region 19 Open All-Age Championship (l-r): Terry Chastain, Will Dunn, Josh Nieman with Cuttin Wild's Rebel Yell, Mike Patrick, Fred Ryan, Dan DiMambro with Evergreen's Jed, James Juergens, Brandon Blum, Bart, Paul, Danielle, and Payton Gunby.

The NGSPA Prairie Chicken Championship, Inc. held its first trial in Rhame, North Dakota this year. Formerly known as the NGSPA Prairie Chicken Championships, the club renamed its trial the NGSPA Region 19 Championships to reflect the change in venue. The club offered a more modest slate of stakes this year, with open all-age and open shooting dog stakes run this year. Everyone enjoyed the new grounds graciously provided by Ryan Jacobson and his family. The rolling badlands terrain offered plenty of sharptailed grouse this year, with an occasional pheasant and covey of partridges mixed in. Most dogs had opportunities. The weather was conducive to a good wild bird prairie championship. Cool mornings made for optimal hunting conditions, with warmer, drier conditions prevailing in the afternoons.

Thank you to everyone who made the inaugural NGSPA Region 19 Championships a success. First, thank you to Ryan Jacobson and his family for hosting. Thanks as well to Will Dunn and Kenton Bryant for plotting courses and helping with preparations. The participants and our sponsors also deserve our gratitude. Thank you to Purina and Dogs Unlimited for your generous support.

NGSPA Region 19 Open All-Age Championship
James Juergens of Mt. Ayr, Iowa, and Terry Chastain, Jr. of Donalsonville, Georgia, judged this stake. After watching all 18 starters, the judges named Evergreen's Jed (DiMambro) and Cuttin Wild's Rebel Yell (Josh Nieman) the Open All-Age champion and runner-up champion, respectively.

Jed broke away on a mission and was first spotted on the far side of a pasture bordering a cornfield. His scout found him on point in the draw a few hundred yards away. As soon as Jed's handler approached, a covey of sharptails exploded around and over the top of Jed's head. Scout Patrick had to be on his A-game because Jed's application only grew from there. Jed swung across the next pasture and was seen moving from right to left about as far as the eye could see. The judges yelled, "He's on the side of the hill going away," about a half mile from where he was last spotted. A little white dot appeared later, standing staunchly on a single grouse. After Jed's scout released him, he slammed on point again about 150 yards into his cast. A covey of sharptails rose into the sky, clucking into the distance with everything in order. Jed made his final cast going away until the gallery could only see a little white dot on the horizon. Time was called, and the handler and scout returned with their dog with an adequate amount of time.

Rebel won his runner-up placement running in the third brace before lunch. Rebel started with a big breakaway. Not long after his handler collected him and sent him forward, Rebel's handler found him standing in a draw on an unproductive at 17. Released again, Rebel scored on a covey of grouse at 24, with style and manners to spare. Rebel made another big move to the front after his first find and continued to push forward with occasional contact. Rebel's second and final find came on a big covey of grouse at 55. Rebel concluded his hour with another big move to the front, finishing out of sight.

Rhame, N. D., September 8
Judges: Terry Chastain Jr. and James Juergens
NGSPA REGION 19 OPEN ALL-AGE CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 18 German Shorthairs

Winner-EVERGREENS JED, 1676169, male, by Trueblu's B D K Ace Inthe Hole-Chicoree's What A Hoodlum. Lance Olsen, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.
Runner-Up-CUTTIN WILD'S REBEL YELL, 1673649, male, by Slicks Cuttin Wild-C L K's Point Me The Way. Michael Patrick, owner; Josh Nieman, handler.

NGSPA Region 19 Open Shooting Dog Championship
Mike Patrick of Berthoud, Colorado, and Kenton Bryant of Nashville, Tennessee, graciously agreed to watch the 34 dogs drawn in the Open Shooting Dog Championship. The grounds proved to be a big challenge for many of the dogs. The judges were looking for the dogs to hammer the six one-hour courses. The judges found the races they sought in the last brace of the first day, naming Right Stuff's Rock N Roll (DiMambro) and Osage Earth Shaker (Nieman) the Open Shooting Dog champion and runner-up champion.

Rock and Brutus started off strong, with both dogs competing to hold the front. Rock kicked things off with a nice grouse find at 17. After a brief absence, Brutus showed to the front. Brutus's scout later called point, and both dogs were found buried deep in the cover. Their handlers got off their horses and produced a nice rooster find. Both dogs had one more find apiece and finished strong. The champion separated himself from the runner-up with the extra find and a bit more power.

The judges also commented that Dylan, Molly, and Harry had strong runs. All three did a nice job but ran into some tough luck that put them out of the running.

Judges: Kenton Bryant and Mike Patrick
NGSPA REGION 19 OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 34 German Shorthairs

Winner-RIGHT STUFF'S ROCK N ROLL, 1688786, male, by Right Stuff's Slick Pick-Jim Kath's Pandemonium. William Padovano, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.
Runner-Up-OSAGE EARTH SHAKER, 1686471, male, by Kimber Tactical-T N T's Get Up And Go. Jason Campbell, owner and handler.

NGSPA Region 19 OSDF23

NGSPA Region 19 Open Shooting Dog Championship (l-r): Dallas Jacobson, Will Dunn, Mike Patrick, Josh Nieman with Osage Earth Shaker, Ryan Jacobson, Darryl Gunby, Dan DiMambro with Right Stuff's Rock N Roll, Brandon Blum, Sadie Jacobson, Tori Jacobson, Kenton Bryant, and Lynelle Jacobson.