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Result: Georgia Derby Classic and Georgia Open Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Waynesboro, Georgia

Post Date: Mar 12, 2024

Submitted By: Nell Mobley and Mike Jackson

2024 GA Shooting Dog Derby Classic

Georgia Derby Classic (l-r): Mo's Curtain Call with Mike Martino, Miller's Upgraded Patent with Kaley Lee, and Silver Wings with Jo Rentz joined by Mary Kimbrell, John Ray Kimbrell, Nell Mobley, Mike Tracy (1st place handler), Bill Primm, Doug Ray (2nd place handler), Mike Jackson, Gary Futch, and Tracy Swearingen (3rd place handler).

Di-Lane Plantation, Herndon Road, Waynesboro, Georgia, the "Bird Dog Capital of the World," is the Georgia Derby Classic and Georgia Open Shooting Dog Championship venue.

The U.S. Corp. of Engineers acquired the property through mitigation in 1991. In turn, it was leased to the Georgia State government. The Department of Natural Resources manages it for the use of the field trials. We are fortunate to have grounds available annually for the sport.
Ryan Meckel is the Wildlife Technician who tends to the management. He and his staff do a great job with the burning as well as preparing the courses for the trials. We feel very fortunate to have one with Ryan's expertise.

The drawings were held on January 7 at the home of Nell Mobley at 7 p.m. The entries were all in, so pairing the dogs followed. The task was handled by John Ray Kimbrell, Mike Jackson, Craig Elliott, and Chuck Miller. Chuck prepared the drawing sheets, and Mary Kimbrell prepared the judges' books.

Fourteen entries were drawn for the Derby Classic and 53 for the Open Shooting Dog Championship.

Judges for the Derby Classic were Derek Bonner, Mooresboro, North Carolina, and Scott Griffin, Charlotte, North Carolina. These two sportsmen are very knowledgeable. They run their own dogs in competition when time allows.

Riding in the saddles to name a champion and runner-up in the Open Shooting Dog stakes were Joe and Tricia Rentz of Brooks, Georgia. They have captured many placements in amateur events.
The Winners
Due to very hard rain with multiple thunderstorms, the Classic was postponed until Wednesday, January 10.

Mo's Curtain Call was named in first place. Mike Tracy handled her for owners Jim and Theresa Moore and Tim Moore. Call had multiple finds at 8, 14, 18, 43, and 57. She backed her bracemate at 8 and looked good on her birdwork with a strong forward race for a young derby.
Placing second was Miller's Upgraded Patent, handled by Doug Ray for Dr. Canada and Harold Ray. Patent ran the second hour of the stake on course 2. Shortly after the breakaway, she pointed at 8 with birds in flight. Three other nice finds were noted at 14, 24, and 55. She honored her bracemate at 43. Patent looked good on birdwork and ran a good race.
Silver Wings, handled by Tracy Swearingen, was the third-place winner. He ran a strong forward race with birds lifted at 33 and 43. A stop at 4 was fruitless.
The Others
The first brace of the stake, Backcountry Snake Eyes (Catanzarite) and High Drive Drinkaby (Tracy) were turned loose. After an altercation, both were picked up at 14.

Miller's Upgraded Patent (Ray) and Mo's Curtain Call (Tracy) ran as bracemates. Their performance is reported earlier.

Lightning (Martino) was picked up following a no-show of birds. Hatteras Storm Watch (Ray) took to the course and started hunting. At 18, no birds were located. He continued on with a nice find at 37, followed by a sudden stop to flush at 45.

Getaway Driver (Martino) moved on birds at 32 and taken up. Back Country Champagnesupernova (Catanzarite) was not pleasing the handler and requested a retrieval device at 23.

Miller's Enhanced Upgrade (Ray) and Reason To Believe (Martino) were turned loose in brace 5. Upgrade had nice finds at 12 and 30. She was taken on by the handler but harnessed at 42.

Believer's hour was short, with a request of the tracker at 21.

Hatteras High Tide (Ray) and Pal's Prestigious Pete (Tracy) were in the next brace. Tide was picked up at 9 and Pete at 13.

Silver Wings (Swearingen), with a stop at 4, was fruitless. He covered the course well, looking good. His first find was at 33, with another good find at 43. Throughout the hour, he had a strong forward race. Shortly in the brace, point was called for Hausers Unhinged (Tracy), but no game was produced. Running with style, he had a nice find at 17. Tracy requested the tracker at 19.

Waynesboro, Ga., January 10
Judges: Derrek Bonner and Scott Griffin
GEORGIA DERBY CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] - 12 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st-MO'S CURTAIN CALL, 1705285, pointer female, by Miller's High Heat Index-Osceola's Seminole Wind. Jim & Theresa Morrell & Tim Moore, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.
2d-MILLER'S UPGRADED PATENT, 1704924, pointer female, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Dr. Bob Canada & Harold Ray, owners; Doug Ray, handler.
3d-SILVER WINGS, 1705325, pointer male, by Touch's Red Rider-Southpoint's Dixie Chick. S. Tucker Johnson, owner; Tracy Swearingen, handler.

Georgia Open Shooting Dog Championship
Following the announcement of the winners of the Derby Classic, the Shooting Dog got underway with two braces before lunchtime.

Silver W Jill Z, handled by Shawn Kinkelaar, was named champion for owner Debbie Ozner. Jill was turned loose on course 2 and took to hunting on her mind, covering the course and hunting in the right places. Her first find was carded at 12 with birds lifted. Kinkelaar carried her on for a second find at 18. Running well, good clean finds were witnessed at 24 and 32. This was an exciting hour with a strong forward race.

Close behind Jill, Triple Nickel Carbon Copy was named runner-up. Mike Tracy handled the young pointer male for Robert and Linda Bergen. His finds at 5, 13, and 46 were nice, with Copy looking very stylish. At one time, he was a little behind at 38 but quickly was back to the front. When time was called, he could be seen to the front.
The Others
Hillhavyn's Major Tom (Martino) and Erin's Three Leaf Shamrock (Swearingen) were the first to begin the Shooting Dog Championship on course 2. Multiple finds at 4, 22, 36, and 58 were recorded for Tom. He looked good on his ground race with a forward finish. Shamrock honored his bracemate at 4. Birds were lifted with finds at 27 and 44. He could be seen to the front when time was called.

Nice finds were credited to Hillhavyn's Wild Child (J. Tracy) at 6 and 18. No birds were lifted at a point at 23. A move on birds at 58 resulted in pick-up. Martino picked up Towel Creek Jill early in the hour.

The tracker was requested for Erin's Big Casino (Tracy) at 19. Tug O'War (Kinkelaar) had a nice find at 15, with Kinkelaar harnessing at 40.

Miller's Record Heat (M. Tracy) had a find at 12. She was not pleasing the handler with a pickup following. Swearingen elected to pick up Great River Yellowstone at 42 following a find at 10.

The Secret (J. Tracy) recorded a find at 4 but was not pleasing to the handler with a request of the tracker at 43. Trumped (M. Tracy) was picked up following a second no-show of game at 25.

Backcountry Buddy (Martino) had a find to his credit at 3. He was not performing well enough to suit the handler with a request of the tracker at 42. Hauser's Rollin Thunder (M. Tracy) ran a nice forward race with commendable finds at 24, 45, and 59.

Face To Face (Martino) was turned loose on course 2 with time; shortly in the hour point was called for race at 7 with Erin's Primetime backing. At 15, Face honored Time, but no birds were seen. Martino chose to end the hour for Face at 35. Nice finds with birds in flight were credited to Time at 25 and 59. A nice forward race ended the hour.

Check It Out (Martino) and Bull Biscuit (M. Tracy). Both dogs were not pleasing their handlers and were picked up at 14.

Hill's Haven Repeat (Martino) heeded his training with backs of bracemate at 13 and 38. A nice find with birds lifted at 46. Continuing on with a good race, the hour finished to the front. Triple Nickel Carbon Copy (M. Tracy) was reported earlier as runner-up.

Faithful (M. Tracy) ran in the eighth brace on course 2. She had hunting on her mind with multiple finds at 9, 24, 37, and 59. Birds were lifted with every stop. No game was seen with a stop at 46, and with a strong forward race, the hour ended. Upfront's Southern Star (Kinkelaar) found birds in flight at 14 and 46 with an unproductive at 32. At times, her style could have been better. Feathers were pointed at 48.

The first 30 minutes of R Q's Saddle's (J. Tracy) race were short. However, the pace picked up with commendable finds at 32 and 45. Saddle went on to have a good finish. Miller's Special Cinderella (M. Tracy) was harnessed at 15.

Miller's High Heat Index (M. Tracy) and Thunder Bolt's Storm (Kinkelaar) were picked up early.
Tallokas New Business (Loper) moved on birds at 14. Miller's Lock And Loaded (M. Tracy) had a nice find at 11, marked flight at 14, and was harnessed at 26.

Miller's Southern Gossip (M. Tracy) stopped at 29 with birds lifted, continuing on, looking good running. A second find was noted at 44. He backed his bracemate at 37. He went birdless at 50. The groundwork was forward and strong. Chelsea's Mae West (Kinkelaar) had good finds when birds were lifted at 4, 26, and 37. Heeding her training, she honored Gossip at 29 and 44. She went birdless at 50 with a request of the tracker at 50.

Steel Valley Raven (J. Tracy) had no show of birds at 4 and 20. Miller's Little Duce Coupe (M. Tracy) moved on birds at 14 and picked up.

Jolene Jolene (M. Tracy) was not running to suit Tracy, requesting a retrievable device at 16. Silver W Jill Z's (Kinkelaar) performance was reported earlier as champion.

Pine Straw Sweet Tea (J. Tracy) had a find at 10, and Miller's Strolling For Gold (M. Tracy) at 18. Both were picked up at 34.

Southpoint's Hog Wild (M. Tracy) was picked up at 18. Lester's Another Shockwave (Kinkelaar) stopped at 16, handled re-located with birds in flight. A retrieval device was requested at 41.

Pine Straw Hot Chocolate (J. Tracy) was not pleasing the handler and was taken up at 50. Miller's Automatic Upgrade (M. Tracy) was credited with finds at 18 and 24. The tracker was requested at 40.

Bittersweet War Cry (M. Tracy) moved on relocation and picked up at 10. Upfront's McQuade (Kinkelaar) was picked up at 20.

Miller's Blazing Hot Chick (M. Tracy) went birdless at 24 with a nice find at 45. The hour was finished with a nice forward race. Hale's Smooth Touch (Kinkelaar) backed bracemate at 24. Her time ended at 31.

Miller's Heat Seeker (M. Tracy) was running well with finds at 26 and 27. He backed his bracemate at 13. Not pleasing Tracy, so the tracker was requested at 48. Panther Creek Rose (Rice) had a nice, stylish find, all in order at 11. Bad luck followed with two UPs at 13 and 24.

Calico's Sky's The Limit (M. Tracy) and Erin's Thunder Backus (Kinkelaar) were released on course 3 in brace 21. Both dogs started in good fashion. With Backus stopping at 17, Limit heeded his training with a back. No birds were seen at 20, 28, and 29 for Backus, ending in pickup at 30 for both dogs.

Early in the hour, Waybetter Rebel (M. Tracy) stopped with birds raised and another find at 17 with Cheap Thrill (Rice) honoring. A nice find was noted for Thrill at 41. Shortly after, he was lost.

Ramey's Elhew Independence (M. Tracy) and Oahe Peck (Rice) were harnessed early in the hour.

Raag's Rich And Rare (M. Tracy) ran as a bye in the last brace of the stake. Tracy picked up early in the hour.

Judges: Joe Rentz and Tricia Rentz
GEORGIA OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 50 Pointers and 3 Setters

Winner-SILVER W JILL Z, 1682062, pointer female, by Ransom-Double Wild. Debbie Ozner, owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.
Runner-Up-TRIPLE NICKEL CARBON COPY, 1692617, pointer male, by Miller's Hennessey-Jamback's Amazing Grace. Robert & Linda Bergen, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

Some Sidelights
Many years ago, I contracted Nestl Purina Pet Care in regard to their sponsorship of our field trials. They graciously came forward. Greg Blair, field consultant, makes certain our needs are met. Feed certificates are handed out to the winners, and gifts are provided to the judges. Two-pound samples of Pro Plan are handed out to the trainers. A big hit every year is the owners'/handlers' banquet. Thanks to you, Greg Blair, for all you do for the sport.
Since 1999, the Burke County Chamber of Commerce, via hotel-motel tax revenue, has paid for advertising in the UKC Field. Ashley Roberts, president of the Chamber, gives the handlers and judges gifts to carry with them.

Lunches were served daily with the assistance of your writer and Ashley. They were provided by Wimberly House Ministries, KJ's IGA Supermarket, Salter Building Supply, Gary and Becky Futch, and GFTA.

The fish fry is always a big hit. Funding is provided by owners of the 2023 first-place Derby Classic winner and Open Shooting Dog champion owner (Allen Linder).

Chuck Miller released the birds at 6:30 every morning and took care of duties too numerous to name. At the conclusion of the trial, he took charge of cleaning the stables and clubhouse.
John Ray Kimbrell is the stake manager and takes care of the dog wagon. Mickey Stewart, owner of Bird Dog Motors, provided a pick-up for John Ray to use and pull the dog wagon.
President Gary Futch rides every day to marshal along with Mike Jackson. Gary brings his "mule" to maneuver around the grounds.

I want to thank all the trainers who came to run in our trials this year. Your attendance is greatly appreciated. Hopefully, you will join us in 2025, along with ones we missed this season.

2024 GA Open Shooting Dog

Georgia Open Shooting Dog Championship (l-r): Silver W Jill Z with Jeff Crouch and Triple Nickel Carbon Copy with Mike Tracy (handler) joined by Don Marsh, Shawn Kinkelaar (champion handler), Jessica Rutland, John Ray Kimbrell, Mary Kimbrell, Nell Mobley, Joe Rentz (judge), Tricia Rentz (judge), Gary Futch, Wyatt Puckett, Asher Marsh, and Adam Marsh.