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Result: NGSPA Region 16 Championships

Location: Bronwood, Georgia

Post Date: Mar 25, 2024

Submitted By: Diane & Peter Coppens

NGSPA Region 16 ASD ChS24

NGSPA Region 16 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship (front row): Sherri Tangsrud with Uodibar's Robbi Jo and Art Terstage with In Country's Hurricane Jane. (Back row): Kirk Loftin, Justin Hess (judge), Dr. Robert Reynolds, Peter Coppens, Chris Young, and Colt Copland (judge).

The 2024 Championship was held at "THE" Showtime Plantation in Bronwood, Georgia. These grounds are well-groomed for multiple courses run on wild birds. Showtime Plantation is owned and maintained by Larron and Laura Copeland. Our gallery marshals were Colt Copeland and Larron Copeland. The one and only Brady Copeland was the dog wagon driver. I would also like to thank Larron's workers for all their help with dog food, firewood, pine starter, hay for horses, and clean-up. Thank you, Bobby, Melvin, Bo, Marco, and Sammy. There is a nice clubhouse where we served lunches and suppers. Thanks, April DiMambro, for cleaning up after we left.
We would like to thank Purina, Karl Gunzer, Greg Blair, and Terry Trzcinski for their support and SportDOG and Jim Moorehouse for the dog collars.

We would like to thank Andy and Becky for a couple of lunches; Mom, Sue Coppens, for lunches; Diane for lunches, suppers, and pictures (and all the other many things she does to make this championship run smoothly); Chris Young for burning all the breakfast ham (all joking aside, thanks to Chris and Jen Goodall's breakfast sandwiches); Dan and April DiMambro for the spaghetti dinner; and Art Terstage, thank you being there wherever we needed you; it is much appreciated. Big shout-out to all those who worked hard to make this championship run smoothly.

NGSPA Region 16 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship
The Shooting Dog started on Monday, February 5, due to a rainy day on Sunday. Mr. Justin "Medium Enos Burdette" Hess and Mr. Colt Copeland were our capable judges. Thank you to these two gentlemen and their time looking at dogs. We had 26 dogs entered with 24 coming to the line. The handlers came from across the county to attend this premier wild bird trial.
Thank you to each and every amateur; we appreciate your support. In attendance were Helmut Schoen, Jason Brooks, Art Terstage, Mike Kindler, Jack Marchese, Bob Salamone, Kirk Loftin, Sherri Tangsrud, Chris Young, Robert Renolds, Andy Dynkiewicz, Doug and Heather Miller, Hank and Dena Lewis, Peter and Diane Coppens.

The Region 16 Amateur Shooting Dog winner was Uodibar's Robbi Jo, owned/scouted by Sherri Tangsrud and handled by Kirk Loftin. Robbi was in the first brace. She had finds at 12 and 19, a divided find at 38, and another at 50. Robbi ran a good all-around race. She was strong, to the front, and listened to her handler. This performance won Robbi the amateur championship title.
The runner-up was In Country's Hurricane Jane. Dr. Robert Reynolds and Chris Young own her. Chris Young handled, and Art Terstage was the scout. Janey was the first brace after lunch on the first day. She had finds at 15 and 30. She carded an unproductive during the hour. Janey ran a powerful shooting dog race. She was forward and also had a limb find near the clubhouse. Janey's strong run was why she was named the Amateur Shooting Dog runner-up.

Bronwood, Ga., February 4
Judges: Colt Copeland and Justin Hess

Winner-UODIBAR'S ROBBI JO, 1662507, female, by Uodibar's Against All Odds-B D K's Sin City Casino. Sherri Tangsrud, owner; Kirk Loftin, handler.
Runner-Up-IN COUNTRY'S HURRICANE JANE, 1672744, female, by Hi N's Bodacious-Slaterock Mattie Clark. Robert Reynolds & Chris Young, owners; Chris Young, handler.

NGSPA Region 16 Open All-Age Championship
Thank you to our pros who supported this stake. Joe Orndorff, Dan and April DiMambro, and Jon and Jessica Hann. Also running in this stake were Doug and Heather Miller, Hank Dena Lewis, Kirk Loftin, and Sherri Tangsrud. We drew 14 dogs. Judges were Mr. Justin (Medium Enos) Hess from Exira, Iowa, and Mr. Colt Copeland of Bronwood, Georgia.

The 2024 champion was Chicoree's Riden High Trixie, handled by Dan DiMambro and scouted by Hank Lewis. Trixie was in brace 7. She broke away and was found forward and standing at 28. All manners in order. Trixie's owner, Jeff Alexander, was not in attendance to see this performance, but she finished forward and strong for Monkeyshine Kennels. This outstanding performance was rewarded with the All-Age Championship title.
The runner-up was awarded to
Hi N's Dirty Secret (Badger). Badger is owned/handled by Hank Lewis, and Dena Lewis was the scout. Badger came from brace 6. She had an unproductive with Dena handling. Hank returned to find Badger standing on a nice covey to the front. She was strong, to the front, and handled well for the Lewis'. This performance garnered her the runner-up champion title.

NGSPA Region 16 AllAgS24

NGSPA Region 16 Open All-Age Championship (front row): April DiMambro with Chicoree's Ridin High Trixie and Dena Lewis with Hi N's Dirty Secret. (Back row): Dan DiMambro, Justin Hess (judge), Colt Copeland (judge), and Hank Lewis.

NGSPA REGION 16 OPEN ALL-AGE CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 14 German Shorthairs
Winner-CHICOREE'S RIDEN HIGH TRIXIE, 1685125, female, by Riden High Rudy-Chicoree's Sparkle In Her Eye. Rondal Alexander, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.
Runner-Up-HI N'S DIRTY SECRET, 1687997, female, by Hi N's Bodacious-Hi N's Hasty Matilda. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.

NGSPA Region 16 Open Shooting Dog Championship
Submitted by Chad Chadwell

The NGSPA Region 16 Open Championship started on Thursday, February 8, at approximately 9:15 a.m. and ended on Saturday, February 10. The weather was nearly ideal for running and watching dogs, with temperatures starting in the 40s and highs in the upper 50s. Friday and Saturday were considerably warmer, with highs in the 70+ degrees. Thirty-six dogs were brought to the line in this year's Open stake. Thank you to our pros who supported this stake. Joe Orndorff, Dan and April DiMambro, Jon and Jessica Hann, Jason King, and Dave Walker. Also running in this stake were Hank and Dena Lewis, Jesse Conroy, Kirk Loftin, and Sherri Tangsrud. We drew 37 dogs for this stake. Judges were Mr. Chad Chadwell from Springfield, Illinois, and Mr. Will Dunn of Lebanon, Kentucky. We appreciate your expertise and time in the saddle.

The open champion for the 2024 NGSPA Region 16 Championship is Perfections Huckleberry ("Huck"). Huck was handled by Jon Hann, scouted by Jessica Hann, and is owned by Chase Benton. Huck ran in the 14th brace. He started at a good pace and maintained that pace throughout the hour. He ran deep ahead of his handler for the most part and consistently appeared to the front. Huck required little direction from Jon and hunted well on both sides of the course, which was pleasing to the judges. At 46, his scout called point well off the trail in a wooded valley. Jon and the judge had to ride a good distance to reach him. A nice covey of approximately a dozen birds was flushed with all in order. Huck finished the hour in strong fashion as he had started the brace and was rewarded with winning the championship.
This year's runner-up is Chicoree's Four Leaf Clover ("Chloe"), handled by Dan DiMambro, scouted by April DiMambro, and owned by Dr. Fred Ryan. Chloe ran in the third brace on course 1. Chloe started at a fast pace and ranged well ahead in the open fields. For the most part, she handled well for her handler. Chloe was found on point by Dan just past a grassy area at the edge of an open-cropped field at 17. Dan flushed a small covey of five birds with all in order. Chloe finished the hour with a good run and was rewarded with the Open Championship runner-up.

NGSPA Region 16 OSDS24

NGSPA Region 16 Open Shooting Dog Championship (front): Jessica Hann with Perfections Huckleberry. (Back row): Nancy Browne, Chad Chadwell (judge), Jon Hann, and Will Dunn (judge).

Judges: Chad Chadwell and Will Dunn
NGSPA REGION 16 OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 37 German Shorthairs

Winner-PERFECTIONS HUCKLEBERRY, 1672078, male, by Odyssey's Perfect Traveler-H's Double A Flagship. Chase Benton, owner; Jon Hann, handler.
Runner-Up-CHICOREE'S FOUR LEAF CLOVER, 1706674, female, by Twin Creeks Running Ruger-Hi N's Allison Miranda. Fred Ryan, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

NGSPA Region 16 Derby
Submitted by Art Terstage

The Derby started right after the Open Shooting Dog Championship announcement and was judged by Colt Copeland and Art Terstage. Thank you both for stepping up and your time in the saddle. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon in Georgia and a good day to run some young dogs. Six dogs were shown to the judges which were run on the first half of championship course 1.
Stoney Hill's Runnin DaRidge ("Ridge"), handled by Kirk Loftin and scouted by Sherri Tangsrud, was deservingly awarded first place. Ridge made powerful moves throughout the entire brace and handled while doing so. He also demonstrated his beautiful gate and class,
Stoney Hill's Play It Again ("Buzz") was awarded second place. Buzz was handled by Krik Loftin and scouted by Sherri Tangsrud. Buzz showed a good race with some stellar, powerful moves and finished with a large swinging move at the finish.
Travelin In Perfect Style ("Lettie") took third, handled by John Hann and scouted by Jessica Hann. Lettie started out a bit slow and built throughout the brace, showing her snappy gate combined with some large moves.

NGSPA Rregion 16 DerbyS24

NGSPA Region 16 Derby (front row): Sherri Tangsrud with Stoney Hill's Runnin DaRidge, Kirk Loftin with Stoney Hill's Play It Again, and Jessica Hann with Travelin In Perfect Style. (Back row): Art Terstage (judge), Colt Copeland (judge), and Jon Hann.

Judges: Colt Copeland and Art Tangsrud
NGSPA REGION 16 DERBY - 6 German Shorthairs

1st-STONEY HILL'S RUNNIN DARIDGE, unreg., male, by Twin Creeks Running Ruger-Hi N's Allison Miranda. Kirk Loftin, owner and handler.
2d-STONEY HILLS PLAY IT AGAIN, unreg., male, by Twin Creeks Running Ruger-Hi N's Allison Miranda. Kirk Loftin, owner and handler.
3d-TRAVELIN IN PERFECT STYLE, 1703754, female, by Odyssey's Perfect Traveler-Autry's Joker's Harley Quinn. Jon Hann, owner and handler.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We would like to invite everyone to plan to attend this wild bird championship. We have confirmed that we will be running at Showtime Plantation in February 2025.

NGSPA Region 16 OSDRUS24

Chicoree's Four Leaf Clover, Runner-Up in the NGSPA Region 16 Open Shooting Dog Championship.