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Result: Beaverton Grouse Dog Club

Location: Meredith, Michigan

Post Date: May 13, 2024

Submitted By: Tammy Chaffee

Beaverton OSDS24

Wayne Fruchey Open Shooting Dog Classic (l-r): Tom Butler with Shawnee's Old Paint, Tammy Chaffee with Meridith Grade Corky, and Brian Ralph with Stokely B Annie, surrounded by the field trial community and the Fruchey family.

In Memory of Wayne Fruchey
"Very few of us leave a mark in life, even fewer in the bird-dog world, fewer yet in the cover-dog world, except for one man: Wayne Fruchey.
If memory serves me right, Wayne won four championships, one runner-up championship, and innumerable placements in the woods. But his winnings are not the only mark I am talking about. It is the people he welcomed or introduced into the grouse trial fraternity. People who, to this day, are cleaning courses, assisting in putting on the trials, judging, and reporting the trials--people who got their start because of Wayne's urging, his smile, and his handshake.
The biggest mark he leaves behind is the Gladwin Field Trial area. No, he did not purchase the finest wild bird venue in bird dog competition, but he fought for and helped make this piece of state land what it is today by lobbying for and working hand-in-hand with the Michigan DNR.
How many of you remember the biggest threat to these grounds when someone proposed opening the area to fall deer hunting to bow hunters? Can you imagine what a fiasco that would be? Wayne beat a path to the Gladwin office and the public hearings with his brother-in-law and others to help put an end to that idea.
Then there was the cutting program where he and others worked with DNR Wildlife Biologists to vastly improve the bird habitat, rerouting courses when necessary, resulting in what the area is today. If a dog can hunt, they will find birds.
Those are the legacies Wayne Fruchey has left behind."
--Contributed by Tom Novak.

The Beaverton Grouse Dog Club held the inaugural Wayne Fruchey Open Shooting Dog Classic at the Gladwin Game Refuge on April 19 and 20. This stake was announced last fall and was well received by the field trial community, as Wayne and his wife Marlene were present at the announcement. According to their son Tom, Wayne was very honored by the acknowledgment of his lifelong love and commitment to quality grouse dogs.

Judging the inaugural stake were Ron Levitan and Brandon Short. With an entry of 54 dogs, they had their work cut out for them. They named Shawnee's Old Paint, a male pointer owned and handled by Tom Butler, the winner. Paint ran a powerful, forward running race, with two finds on woodcock, the second a limb find at the end of his brace. Second was Meridith Grade Corky, a male setter owned by Dennis Keysor and handled by Tammy Chaffee, with a wide-ranging race on course 13 and a stylish find on a grouse. Third was Stokely B Annie, a female setter owned and handled by Brian Ralph. Annie ran a flashy quartering race coupled with a perfectly mannered woodcock find.

The Eaton Spring Derby Classic, with 46 entries, was handled by judges Bob Wheelock and Jeff Sweet. Winning was Grouse Hill Mac, a male setter owned by John Capocci and handled by Scott Forman. Mac had a far-reaching race coupled with a grouse find. Second was Confidence Squared Kelly, a female pointer owned and handled by Rachel Van Eyk. Kelly had a steady run and hunted up a grouse to secure her placement. Third was Springpond's Addy's Boy, a male setter owned and handled by Lonnie Rademacher. "Otto" had a nice race and topped it off with a beautiful find on a pair of grouse.

The Michigan Grouse Dog Puppy Classic ran on Sunday, and judges Ken Moss and Mike Singleton reviewed 14 entries. Placing first was Still Meadows Little Sunray, owned by Brian and Kelly Hays and handled by Adam Dubriske. Sunray had a consistent and big race, showing great endurance. Second was Dunrovens Rolling Stone, owned by Mark and Tom Fernandez and handled by Rich Hollister. Stone showed a consistent range and race to capture the red ribbon. Third was Creekside's Siren, a female setter owned and handled by Chris Wasserman. Siren was flashy and animated during her 25-minute heat.

Many thanks to those who helped with the running of the trial: Tom and Kelly Fruchey for the lunches, donuts, and coffee delivered by Dennis Keysor, Bryan Wood as stake manager, and Rich and Jennie Hollister as the horse wranglers. Also, many thanks to those who marshaled, moved vehicles, and did whatever was needed. And finally, thank you to Purina for their continued support of cover dog trials.

Meredith, Mich., April 19
Judges: Ron Levitan and Brandon Short
WAYNE FRUCHEY OPEN SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC - 22 Pointer, 31 Setters, and 1 Brittany

1st-SHAWNEE'S OLD PAINT, 1703362, pointer male, by Crosswind Jim-Loneridge Justify'd Shawnee. Thomas Butler & Rachel Van Eyk, owners; Tom Butler, handler.
2d-MERIDITH GRADE CORKY, 1681353, setter male, by Ponderosa Mac-Call Me Maggie. Dennis Keysor, owner; Tammy Chaffee, handler.
3d-STOKELY B ANNIE, 1667183, setter female, by Stokely's Frankie B-Fernwood Cove's Bella. Brian Ralph, owner and handler.

Beaverton ODS24

Open Derby (l-r): Bryan Wood, Jeff Sweet (judge), Scott Forman with Grouse Hill Mac, Bob Wheelock (judge), Rachael Van Eyk with Confidence Squared Kelly, Tom Butler, and Lonnie Rademacher with Springpond's Addy's Boy.

Judges: Jeff Sweet and Bob Wheelock
EATON SPRING DERBY CLASSIC - 19 Pointers, 26 Setters, and 1 Irish Setter

1st-GROUSE HILL MAC, 1702136, setter male, by Grouse Hill Bullet Proof-Spata Setters Sally. Giovanni Capocci, owner; Scott Forman, handler.
2d-CONFIDENCE SQUARED KELLY, 1703363, pointer female, by True Confidence-My Lucky Day. Thomas Butler & Rachel Van Eyk, owners; Rachel Van Eyk, handler.
3d-SPRINGPOND'S ADDY'S BOY, 1699904, setter male, by Ponderosa Mac-Springpond's Autumn Adeline. Lonnie Rademacher, owner and handler.

Judges: Ken Moss and Mike Singleton
MICHIGAN GROUSE PUPPY CLASSIC - 3 Pointers and 1 Setters

1st-STILL MEADOWS LITTLE SUNRAY, 1704573, setter female, by Long Gone Wallace-Chase's I'm Miss Smith. Brian & Kelly Hays, owners.
2d-DUNROVENS ROLLING STONE, 1705028, pointer male, by Crosswind Jim-Highbank's Down'N'Dirty. Mark & Tom Fernandez, owners; Rich Hollister, handler.
3d-CREEKSIDE'S SIREN, 1709191, setter female, by Swift Rock Lawbreaker-Swift Rock Julie. Chris Wasserman, owner and handler.

Beaverton OPS24

Open Puppy (l-r): Ken Moss (judge), Adam Dubriske with Still Meadows Little Sunray, Rich Hollister with Dunrovens Rolling Stone, Mike Singleton (judge), Chris Wasserman with Creekside's Siren, April Wasserman, and Theo Wasserman.