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Result: Black Moshannon Field Trial Club

Location: Philisburg, Pennsylvania

Post Date: May 31, 2024

Submitted By: Jeff Keller

Black Moshannon SDS24

Open Shooting Dog (l-r): Ralphy's Chasehill Rip with Brian Ralph, Jeff Keller (judge), Stokely B Annie with Russ Fazio, Bert Benshoof (judge), and Hypointe Railway Express with Nick Mellon.

With no cover dog trials planned for Easter weekend, the Black Moshannon Field Trial Club held its spring trial. With the woodcock migration in full flight and many birds being found in local covers near the trial grounds, it looked to be an exciting trial. Unfortunately, the week leading up to the trial turned seasonally warm and dry. This made it tough for the dogs to find and pin down birds with little scent in the dry air.

The Open Shooting Dog was held on Thursday under judges Bert Benshoof and Jeff Keller, watching over 12 dogs on the six one-hour courses.

First place "Rip" (Brian Ralph) had a nice forward race handling the thick laurel cover of Course 1, working the edges of likely cover, scoring with a woodcock find at 55.
Second place "Annie" (Brian Ralph) put down a big race in the more open cover on Course 6 in the heat of the afternoon. She worked many times to the edge of bell range. No birds were found on her run, but she was headed to a callback at the end of the day.
Third place "Bubba" (Nick Mellon) was fast and forward, covering ground on a tight course known for holding good numbers of woodcock. But with poor scenting conditions, no birds were handled, and he was also in the callback with Annie.

Friday saw the running of the Amateur Shooting Dog, with judges Deb Nihart and Christy Helmes watching over 15 dogs running 30-minute braces. Again, warm, dry conditions made it tough on the dogs to find birds.

First place "Reba" (Bert Benshoof) had a woodcock find early on the downhill run of this new course, standing to the flush and shot. Reba stayed to the front, hunting all likely cover to be named winner of this stake.
Second place "Stash" (Eric Locher) ran a nice forward race on Course 1, which is heavy with laurel for the first 10 minutes. He was found standing on a woodcock near where Rip had his find the day earlier. He finished strong, hunting all likely areas, expanding his range as the cover opened up.
Third place "Boomer" (Geroge Hetrick) placed with a big forward run, reaching out to the edges of cover at the beginning of this new course, settling in and hunting all likely cover as he reached the middle and ending sections of the course with thicker cover.

Saturday morning started with the Open Derby, judged by Bruce Mueller and Kevin Lahoda. They were tasked with looking over 19 entries.

First place "DG" (Marc Forman) started strong on the open section of the Airport course and was found standing a woodcock in the thick, wet middle section. When she got back to the last open part of the course, she moved strong to the end.
Second place, "Sadie" (Bill Yant), was running a big fancy race through the new section of Course 2 through the swamp edge, was going strong after we crossed the road, and found a woodcock on the original uphill section of the end of the original course layout.
Third place "Princess" (Scott Forman) got the draw of the bottom cover course, covering all likely places in the thickest parts and stretching out as the cover opened up during the middle of the course, then again, digging into cover over the last section of the course, staying well to the front.

Saturday also saw the running of the Open Puppy, with 13 dogs competing in front of judge Bill Drawl and first-time judge Matt Null. The puppy course starts on more open maturing cover and progresses into tighter cover where grouse and woodcock can often be found. There were many good runs, leaving the judges with some tough decisions.

First place was Sadie (Bill Yant), and second place was Roxie (Russ Fazio); Sadie and Roxie are littermates. In third was Sunny (Tom Kieffer); Sunny and Roxie were braced together.

Philipsburg, Pa., March 28
Judges: Bert Benshoof and Jeff Keller
OPEN SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] - 4 Pointers and 8 Setters

1st-RALPHY'S CHASEHILL RIP, 1697746, pointer male, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill Little Izzy. Brian Ralph, owner and handler.
2d-STOKELY B ANNIE, 1667183, setter female, by Stokely's Frankie B-Fernwood Cove's Bella. Brian Ralph, owner and handler.
3d-HYPOINTE RAILWAY EXPRESS, 1696717, setter male, by Ponderosa Mac-Grouse River Woodcock Annie. Lucas Poloff, owner; Nick Mellon, handler.

Black Moshannon ASDS24

Amateur Shooting Dog (l-r): Dauntless Rogue with Bert Benshoof, Deb Nihart (judge), Beech Hill Stash with Eric Locher, Christy Helmes (judge), and Bell Stop Boomer with George Hetrick.

Judges: Christy Helmes and Deb Nihart

1st-DAUNTLESS ROGUE, 1701391, setter female, by Ponderosa Mac-Moss Meadow Lil. Bert Benshoof, owner and handler.
2d-BEECH HILL STASH, 1697025, setter male, by Beech Hill Brewster-Hard Hat's Mosley Sue. Eric Locher, owner and handler.
3d-BELL STOP BOOMER, 1688925, pointer male, by Double Deuce Zeke-Bucket List Bella. George M. Hetrick III, owner and handler.

Black Moshannon DerbyS24

Open Derby (l-r): Rob Frame (owner), Gretna Crest Royalty with Marc Forman, Kevin Lahoda (judge), Meadowink Rae of Sunshine with Bill Yant, Bruce Mueller (judge), and Grouse Hill Princess with Scott Forman.

Judges: Kevin Lahoda and Bruce Mueller
OPEN DERBY - 3 Pointers and 14 Setters

1st-GRETNA CREST ROYALTY, 1702963, setter female, by Doodle Ridge Elroy-Gretna Crest Flashback. R. L. Frame, owner; Mark Forman, handler.
2d-MEADOWINK RAE OF SUNSHINE, 1705287, setter female, by Dun Rovens Zip-Castle Rock's Autumn Breeze. William P. Yant III, owner and handler.
3d-GROUSE HILL PRINCESS, 1702135, setter female, by Grouse Hill Bullet Proof-Sparta Setters Sally. Giovanni Capocci, owner; Scott Forman, handler.

Judges: Bill Drawl and Matt Null
OPEN PUPPY - 1 Pointer, 11 Setters, and 1 German Shorthair

1st-MEADOWINK RAE OF SUNSHINE, 1705287, setter female, by Dun Rovens Zip-Castle Rock's Autumn Breeze. William P. Yant III, owner and handler.
2d-HITAIL ROXY AFIELD, 1705101, setter female, by Dun Rovens Zip-Castle Rock's Autumn Breeze. Russell Fazio, owner and handler.
3d-NORTHWOODS SUNNY DAY, 1704706, setter female, by Northwoods Atlas-Northwoods Stardust. Tom Keiffer, owner and handler.

Black Moshannon PuppyS24

Open Puppy (l-r): Matt Null (judge), Meadowink Rae of Sunshine with Bill Yant, Hitail Roxy Afield with Russ Fazio, Bill Drawl (judge), and Northwoods Sunny Day with Tom Keiffer.