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Result: Central Connecticut Bird Dog Club

Location: East Windsor, Connecticut

Post Date: Jun 3, 2024

Submitted By: Tom Gates

The Central Connecticut Bird Dog Club staged its annual spring event May 17-19 at the popular Dr. John Flaherty Field Trial Area in East Windsor, Connecticut. Established in 1961, the Central Connecticut Club has run class bird dog field trials for 63 consecutive years. The five-stake event was again chaired by Gene Casale Jr. with dogs from up and down the Eastern United States competing.

As usual, Gene managed the trial with perfection. Every detail was meticulously executed in true professional "Casale" style. I guarantee that everyone has a great time at a trial run by Gene! He will be hosting the Northeastern Championship in October on these grounds.
Frank Scarpinato of Saratoga, New York, treated the Club to an eggplant parmesan dinner on Friday night. Wow, what a meal! Thank you, Frank!

On Saturday evening, a special presentation was made before the handlers' dinner. Kevin Stuart of Schenectady, New York, was awarded a Bird Dog Foundation Life Patron Membership plaque. With over 40 people in attendance, Kevin was appreciative of the award.

The Casale family was well represented--daughters Anna and Heather helped with every detail. Pam Casale, Gene's wife, again put on the Club's famous Saturday night Handlers' Dinner--fried chicken and all the fixins. Club member Tony Forte again prepared his prized eggplant for the trial. At 85, Tony can still outcook anyone! A good time was had by all attending.

Having seasoned judges always makes a great trial, and we had some of the best! The Club sincerely thanks Kevin Stuart, John Olfson, Kevin Joyce, John Stolgitis, Thor Kain, and Tim Cavanaugh for their fine judicial work. Their decisions were applauded by all attending. John Olfson, Kevin Stuart, Tim Cavanaugh, and Anna (Casale) were true warriors, planting birds all three days! Thank you all!

The Open Shooting Dog started the trial on Friday with an exceptional field of competitors. The weather was still cool, and the grass was very wet, which made for great scenting conditions. Amilcar Pereira took the blue with Great River Bella. This pointer female was outstanding! She ran the limits of the course, finding quail at five locations. She runs with a very animated, happy gait. A high cracking tail and very fast attack on the ground was certainly unbeatable. A very intense stance was rewarded, with multiple birds lifting over the motionless dog at each find. Very nice dog!

High Drive Drinkaby (Kim) logged second with a hard-driving effort. She scored three times on quail with impeccable manners for Mike Tracy. This dog can win anywhere. Nice race!
Matt Basilone was a close third with Southern Shadows Rick. Rick ran the limits and looked good doing it. Two picture-perfect covey finds made him a sure bet!

The Scotty Creel Open Derby remembers a club member who was a true-life hero. A Waterbury, Connecticut fireman, Scotty was honored several times for heroic acts that left him injured in saving people from burning buildings. First one in and the last one out; Scotty put others ahead of his own safety. Chasehill Snoop Dog took the blue for John Stolgitis. Snoop took second in this stake a year ago as a puppy. This is a dog to ride! He is an eyecatcher on the ground, fast, forward, and deliberate. Trading ends twice, and being found standing once, his manners are perfect. Expect big things from this dog!
Jim Thomas carded second with a thrilling half-hour with Thomas Rising Tide. This pointer is a true 'bird dog'! Exciting and completely 'in tune' with the handler. Tide locked-up twice on the right edge with birds well located. He scored an off-course find on a big covey and finished like a rocket. Great job!
Mike Tracy took third with Backcountry Snake Eyes. Another powerful Tracy charge, Snake Eyes, was a fun dog to watch. He is extremely stylish going, with a great tail and powerful gait. This pointer also scored three times on quail. Watch this one, as you will be seeing him many times in the future!

The Guard Rail Open Shooting Dog stake honors Eugene Casale's Hall of Fame Pointer, who competed on these grounds many times. This stake is a coveted placement for anyone's dog. This year, 23 top dogs from up and down the East Coast competed for the chance to add a "Guard Rail" placement to their resume. Trumped was named the winner. The Allen Linder pointer male was handled by Mike Tracy. This dog is a thrill to watch. He ran the limits of the grounds. A hard-driving effort was rewarded on three occasions, with covey birds being flown over a picturesque stance. Trumped had plenty of bottom, finishing strong on the left edge. A thrill to watch!
Matt Basilone was a very close second with Mohawk Mill Jacked Up. He scored twice with admirable style pointing. Jacked Up was then found standing in a large covey, birds perfectly located. This ground race was a true hunting effort that could not be beaten. A great driving finish made him a sure bet.
Mike Tracy carded third with Steel Valley Raven. This pointer female was exciting. She ran a championship-caliber race with a lofty pointing style on two big coveys. Real nice dog!
Jim Thomas took the blue in the Amateur Derby. After taking second in the Scotty Creel Open Derby, Thomas Rising Tide (Shane) was unbeatable. Jim flushed covey birds twice over a statue-like stance and logged a single near the end. Great job by a young derby!
Thor Kain took Mohawk Mill Dreamer to second. Impressive on the ground, Dreamer was a bird finder. This pointer female scored four quail finds and had a very strong finish.
Tattle Tailer, an Eli Richardson pointer male, gained third for handler Tim Cavanaugh. Big going and classy to the watcher, Tailer traded ends three times with perfect manners and an abundance of style.

The Milo Wilkenson Amateur Shooting Dog stake is named for one of the club's founding members. Milo was instrumental in acquiring grounds and establishing clubs and the New England Association. Tim Cavanaugh took first and second with Little Miss Margaret and Little Miss Bella. Margaret is exciting to watch and was a handful at times for Tim. She carded three evenly spaced finds in perfect form. The style of pointing can only be described as intense. A statue flush, she was untouchable. Bella found birds four times and finished as a dot in the distance. Bella's quail finds were perfect, with birds lifting right over her motionless stance on one occasion. Wow, what a great job!
Gene Casale had Guard Rail's Little Annie for third. I love this dog! Annie is magic on the ground, magic on birds. With two great quail finds and a race that got bigger and bigger, Annie finished as a spot far out on the power line.

great river bellas24

Great River Bella First in the Open Shooting Dog Stake.

East Windsor, Conn., May 17 - One Course
Judges: Thor Kain and Kevin Stuart
OPEN SHOOTING DOG - 12 Pointers and 1 German Shorthair

1st-GREAT RIVER BELLA, 1696071, pointer female, by Miller's Unbridled Forever-Hirollins Amazing Grace. Amilcar Pereira, owner and handler.
2d-HIGH DRIVE DINKABY, 1705283, pointer female, by Miller's High Heat Index-Osceola's Seminole Wind. Allen Linder & Madison McDonald, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.
3d-SOUTHERN SHADOWS RICK, 1700851, pointer male, by Lester's Prime Poison Lane-Southern Ritz Lane. Ed & Megan McKay, owners; Matt Basilone, handler.

Judges: Kevin Joyce and John Olfson

1st-CHASEHILL SNOOP DOG, 1703110, male, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill Little Izzy. Erin Stolgitis, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.
2d-THOMAS RISING TIDE, 1705124, male, by Erin's Lone Star Law-Erin's Little Lullaby. Jim Thomas, owner and handler.
3d-BACKCOUNTRY SNAKE EYES, 1701700, pointer male, by Dragonfly-Apple Annie's Sweet Delight. Chris Catanzarite, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

Judges: Tim Cavanaugh and Thor Kain
GUARD RAIL OPEN SHOOTING DOG - 20 Pointers, 2 Setters, and 1 German Shorthair

1st-TRUMPED, 1690083, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Image-Bevy's Cadillac Jukebox. Allen Linder, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.
2d-MOHAWK MILL JACKED UP, 1689941, pointer male, by Stoney Run's Buddy-Hirollins Fancy Lady. Ed & Megan McCay, owners; Matt Basilone, handler.
3d-STEEL VALLEY RAVEN, 1696173, pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky-Steel City Karen. Ted Foust, Brian Sanchez & Lisa Pollock, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

Judges: John Olfson and John Stolgitis
AMATEUR DERBY - 6 Pointers

1st-THOMAS RISING TIDE, 1705124, male, by Erin's Lone Star Law-Erin's Little Lullaby. Jim Thomas, owner and handler.
2d-MOHAWK MILL DREAMER, 1703196, female, by Mohawk Mill Knight Hawk-Full Effect. Thor Kain, owner and handler.
3d-TATTLE TAILER, 1705140, male, by Trumped-Campbell's Hog Hill Remi. Elias Richardson IV, owner; Tim Cavanaugh, handler.

Judges: John Stolgitis and Kevin Stuart

1st-LITTLE MISS MARGARET, 1693526, pointer female, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill little Izzy. Tim Cavanaugh, owner and handler.
2d-LITTLE MISS BELLA, 1664328, pointer female, by Chasehill Little Bud-Shaula. Tim Cavanaugh, owner and handler.
3d-GUARD RAIL'S LITTLE ANNIE, 1670473, pointer female, by Guard Rail-Myakka T Marie. Gene Casale, owner and handler.