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Result: Indiantown Gap Trials

Location: Petersburg, Pennsylvania

Post Date: Jun 10, 2024

Submitted By: Ernie Saniga

Keysrtone Open Shooting Dog ClassicS24

Keystone Open Shooting Dog Classic (front, l-r): Jeanette Tracy with Steel Valley Raven, Mark Hughes with Miller's Extreme Heat, and Mike Tracy with Miller's High Heat Index. (Standing): Ted Foust, Sheila Cassidy, Jim Wallace, Carl Bishop, Chris Catanzarite, and Greg Strausbaugh.

The Indiantown Gap Bird Dog Club held a five-stake program at the club grounds near Petersburg, Pennsylvania, starting April 7 and ending April 20. Due to trial conflicts, we folded the usual fall schedule into the spring.
Greg Strausbaugh is the chairman and does the brunt of the heavy lifting regarding trial organization and logistics. Art Hower manages the grounds and arranges the lease of the adjoining properties used for the hour stakes. The Club leases almost 400 acres to go with its own 215 acres.
Mary Tracy manages a kitchen that served three meals each day for the almost 13 days the trial was run. The Club, R. B. and Brigit Powell, and Karen Saniga donated dinners. Region 2 provided steaks one night.
Darren Boyer brings the birds, and his dad Steve joined him, bringing along his side-by-side to watch some of the action. The birds were planted by Greg Strausbaugh using the Club's Polaris. Ted Foust helped there and elsewhere where help was needed.
The weather was what we expected at the Gap, ranging from rain and cold to especially hot days.

Keystone Open Shooting Dog Classic
The first stake was the 25-dog Keystone Open Shooting Dog Classic. The stake was judged by Jim Wallace from Ohio and Chris Catanzarite from Pennsylvania. Steel Valley Raven won the stake with a strong forward race on these big edges and 10 perfectly handled finds. The Pointer female was handled by Jeanette Tracy for owners Ted Foust and Bill and Muriel Primm. Ted was here to watch the winning effort.
Second went to Miller's Extreme Heat, Joe McHugh's Pointer female handled by Mike Tracy to a seven-find effort to go with a fine race. Mike also won third with Miller's High Heat Index, Casey Tracy and Allen Linder's Pointer male. Index ran a strong race with six finds.

Petersburg, Pa., April 8 - One Course
Judges: Chris Catanzarite and Jim Wallace

1st-STEEL VALLEY RAVEN, 1696173, pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky-Steel City Karen. Ted Foust & Bill & Muriel Primm, owners; Jeanette Tracy, handler.
2d-MILLER'S EXTREME HEAT, 1685698, pointer female, by Just Irresistible-Miller's Bring The Heat. Joe McHugh, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.
3d-MILLER'S HIGH HEAT INDEX, 1685674, pointer male, by Just Irresistible-Miller's Bring The Heat. Casey Hollander & Stanton Harrell, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

Yankee Open Derby Classic
The Yankee Open Derby Classic followed, starting and finishing on April 9. There were 10 entries.
Mo's Curtain Call, this season's winner of the Purina Award for the Top Open Shooting Dog Derby, was the winner. Mike Tracy handled the classy Pointer female to a five-find performance, with all finds handled with finished manners. She is owned by Jim and Theresa Morrell, and Tim Moore.
Second went to Deb and Sean Hauser's Pointer male Hausers Unhinged, also handled by Mike Tracy. He had a strong forward race and three finds, all handled high and tight.
Mike Husenits's Pointer female Millers Dusty Version pushed the winners in a fast, smart race featuring four stylish finds. She was handled by Mark Hughes.

yankee Open derby ClassicS24

Yankee Open Derby Classic (front, l-r): Ted Foust with Mo's Curtain Call, Mike Tracy with Hausers Unhinged, and Mark Hughes with Millers Dusty Version. (Standing): George Tracy, Jim Wallace, and Greg Strausbaugh.

Judges: Greg Strausbaugh and Jim Wallace

1st-MO'S CURTAIN CALL, 1705285, female, by Miller's High Heat Index-Osceola's Seminole Wind. Jim & Theresa Morrell & Tim Moore, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.
2d-HAUSERS UNHINGED, 1706301, male, by Lester's Storm Surge-Hauser's Cotton Dots. Jean & Deb Hauser, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.
3d-MILLERS DUSTY VERSION, 1706290, female, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Mike Husenits, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

Region 2 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship
The Region 2 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship started Friday, April 11. Jim Wallace joined Luke Eisenhart in evaluating the amateur dogs handled by Chris Catanzarite, Brian Sanchez, Darren Boyer, Dave McKay, and Ed McCay. Bo Mamounis, Greg Strausbaugh, Lane Hodges, Joe Lordi, Bob Verderosa, Alex Smith, and Ernie Saniga.
Calico's Over The Top won the stake with a good forward race in this running country. He handled well throughout, scoring four times evenly spaced, and added a back on his own. All work was handled with a high, tight style and perfect manners. Alex Smith handled the Pointer male owned by Calico Kennels, Alex, and his wife, Tiffani.
Backcountry Bruiser was runner-up for Chris Catanzarite after a second series for that spot. The classy Pointer male scored six finds with style, including one featuring a good relocation with a strong race. Bruiser had an altercation with an electric fence, and the fence won, causing a few minutes of interruption in his performance.
The second series was with Bull Finch, handled by this reporter to a three-find, two-back first series. In the runoff, Bruiser was smooth and forward with four finds, while Bull Finch, wide with a back and two finds, was out of pocket at times.

Region 2 amarteur Shooting Dog ChampionshipS24

Region 2 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship (front, l-r): Alex Smith with Calico's Over The Top and Chris Catanzarite with Backcountry Bruiser. (Standing): Greg Strausbaugh, Tiffany Henderson, Luke Eisenhart, George Tracy, Jeanette Tracy, Jim Wallace, Ernie Saniga, and Ted Foust.

Judges: Luke Eisenhart and Jim Wallace
REGION 2 AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 26 Pointers and 1 Setter

Winner-CALICO'S OVER THE TOP, 1692315, pointer male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Calico's Country Strong. Calico Kennels, Alex & Tiffani Smith, owners; Alex Smith, handler.
Runner-Up-BACKCOUNTRY BRUISER, 1672645, pointer male, by Erin's War Creek-Backcountry Tornado. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

Keystone Open Shooting Dog Championship
The Keystone Open Shooting Dog Championship started on Monday, April 14. Luke Eisenhart joined Dayna Rusciano in judging the 41 entries.
Dayna sent the following report of the stake.
"The champion came from Brace 2. It was The Secret, a Pointer male owned by Lisa Pollock and handled by Jeanette Tracy. The Secret handled kindly and ran strong the entire hour, scoring three finds at 20, 28, and 52. He floated around the challenging course, animated with ease and always showing forward. He was steady with a high head and tail on all finds making him very hard to beat. The dog just did about everything right.
The runner-up, Miller's Automatic Upgrade, ran in Brace 4 and was handled by Mike Tracy. Upgrade scored four finds at 8, 23, 30, and 54. He ran a strong forward race, yet he shortened a bit in the middle but finished the hour strong. He had a high head and tail on his birdwork. He was an exciting dog to watch. He complimented the champion.
We had several other dogs in the stake that were knocking on the door of our runner-up. Only small differences determined our placements. Overall, it was a very competitive stake."

keystone open shooting dog ChampionshipS24

Keystone Open Shooting Dog Championship (front, l-r): Jeanette Tracy with The Secret and Mike Tracy with Miller's Automatic Upgrade. (Standing): Dayna Rusciano, Luke Eisenhart, George Tracy, Sheila Cassidy, Mark Hughes, Greg Strausbaugh, and Ted Foust.

Judges: Luke Eisenhart and Dayna Rusciano
KEYSTONE OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 36 Pointers and 5 Setters

Winner-THE SECRET, 1686192, pointer male, by Waybetter Rocky-Ladywood's Keepsake. Lisa Pollock, owner; Jeanette Tracy, handler.
Runner-Up-MILLER'S AUTOMATIC UPGRADE, 1696255, pointer male, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Allen Linder, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

Keystone Amateur Shooting Dog Classic
The final stake of the trial was the Keystone Amateur Shooting Dog Classic, judged by Sheila Cassidy and Bart Hastings. Handlers were Dave McKay, Joe Lordi, Bob Verderosa, Darren Boyer, Greg Strausbaugh, and Chris Catanzarite.
The first and second-place dogs were braced together. They were Cheyenne Jack, a Pointer male handled by Joe Lordi, and Jolene Jolene, a Pointer female handled by Dave McKay. Both ran easy-handling races at the limits of these big lines. Jack ended up with five finds and a divided find, ditto for Jolene Jolene. All the birdwork was sharp and stylish.
Bobby Verderosa won third with his Pointer male Waybetter Bobby, which had a fine race, three pretty finds, and an unproductive.

Judges: Sheila Hart and Bart Hastings
INDIANTOWN GAP AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] - 16 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st-CHEYENNE JACK, 1668503, pointer male, by Great River Ice-Blaze's Isis. Sal Morelli & Muriel & William Primm, owners; Joe Lordi, handler.
2d-JOLENE JOLENE, 1692447, pointer female, by Miller's Heat Seeker-Dominator's Heir Kate. Dave McKay & Joe McHugh, owners; Dave McKay, handler.
3d-WAYBETTER BOBBY, 1682880, pointer male, by Waybetter Rocky-Nehawka Amazin Sue. Robert Verderosa, owner and handler.

Keystone ASD ClassicS24

Indiantown Gap Amateur Shooting Dog Classic (front, l-r): Joe Lordi with Cheyenne Jack, Dave McKay with Joelene Jolene, and Bob Verderosa with Waybetter Bobby. (Standing): Sheila Cassidy, George Tracy, Art Hower, Greg Strausbaugh, and Bart Hastings.