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Result: Georgia Derby and All-Age Championships

Location: Waynesboro, Georgia

Post Date: Feb 25, 2022

Submitted By: Nell Mobley

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Nestl Purina Pet Care quickly comes to mind as I plan for the annual running of the Georgia Open Championships. Not only does Purina sponsor trials of the Georgia Field Trial Association, but clubs throughout the country.

Feed certificates are presented to all the winners as well as bags of ProPlan to all participants. I ask, have you thought about the initial cost of this food? Caps and samples of sanitizer were received in late December. Purina sponsors the owner-handlers dinner. Grilled pork chops, along with the trimmings were enjoyed by forty-two in attendance. Many thanks to Greg Blair, Area Manager, for his support of our trials. Purina is fortunate to have Greg on their staff.

COVID-19 was raging across our country, Burke County, and Waynesboro, Ga., the "Bird Dog Capitol of the World." To my knowledge, we managed to escape any cases during our trials.

The sport highlight of Waynesboro in January is the Georgia Championships.

The Georgia Derby drew 52 entries. Mike Jackson of Battle Ground, Ind., had planned to come help us for a week. However, he stepped in to judge when we had one to bow out due to job duties at home. Jim Davis of Pavo, Ga., filled the saddle for both the Derby and All-Age. Jim was joined by Whitley Stephenson of Smithfield, N. C., to do the honors for the 31 dogs drawn in the All-Age.

The three sportsmen rode intently to watch all entries perform. Haney's Storm Warning, handled by Ike Todd was named Derby Champion. The champion is owned by Chris Cagle. Storm Warning ran on the third course. He started off with a good race with a great finish when the hour concluded. Storm Warning was most definitely hunting. At 7 he backed his bracemate. Finds were recorded at 34. All with good style.

Luke Eisenhart handled Erin's Perfect Storm to Derby runner-up. He covered the ground with good style with finds at 1, 39 and 48 along with a unique back of bracemate at 22. He is owned by Brad Woodie.

A four-year-old pointer male Storm Surge handled by Gary Lester for owners Tommy and Bonnie Hamilton was named All-Age Champion. Storm Surge started with a strong forward race. Multiple finds at 8, 13, 22, 47 and 53 were witnessed by Judges Jim and Mike. The hour was concluded with a stylish forward race.

A pointer female Sand Wood Creek, handled by Jerry Raynor for owner Audie Brown, was named runner-up. Two excellent finds with all in order, and good style was noted for Creek. The hour was completed with a strong forward race.


Following prayer and announcements, Erin's Code Honor (Derrig) and Till You Can't (Haynes) were the first to be loosed on Sunday morning, January 2. Honor started well with finds at 18 and 31, along with a divided find at 55, all with good style. He ran a forward medium race. At breakaway, Haynes' Till You Can't started well with a divided find at 55. He was out of pocket some, but the hour was finished to the front with a medium race.

Piney Woods Legacy (Rice) had a classy start with all in order flush at 4. He honored bracemate at 12 continuing on with an unproductive at 20. Rice was not pleased, and chose to harness early. Knight's Little John (Todd) had a strong start to the front with no birds seen at 9, followed with a nice find at 12. A wild covey was pointed at 35 with good style. The hour was completed with a strong race.

Brace No. 3 on course No. 3 saw Erin's Southern Comfort (Derrig) with Dominator's Queen Bee (Daniels). Comfort was off to a nice forward race with all in order on a find at 5. As the hour progressed, he shortened with no birds seen with a point at pickup. Queen Bee was lost at 18, retrieval unit requested.

Proof Nation (Rice) was off to a good start with an all in order find at 15. A fruitless attempt to flush was noted at 27. Rice requested conceded at 33. Touch's Spot On (Haynes) moved on a back at 15. At 27 Spot On went missing resulting in a request for the device at 33.

Erin's Gray Justice (Derrig) pointed at 24 with relocation. Birds were in flight with flush at 57. A medium range race was witnessed throughout his time. Prime Design (Beeler) began the hour to the front. A little movement was noted with his find at 19, then out of judgment with the device requested at 57.

The hour started with Southern Confidence (Eisenhart) and Flak Jacket (Carlton) running forward. No birds were seen at 41. Eisenhart requested his retrieval device at 50 following a request earlier by Carlton at 46. Not their best days for Dunn's Sneak 'N In (Swearingen) and Notorious Front Ranger (Mathys). Fruitless attempts to flush at 59.

Touch's Too Much (Todd) was braced with Dominator's Wild Bill (Daniels). Too Much started with a medium race but was lost at 37. Wild Bill got behind on one occasion, but the hour ended with a good find when time was called.

Gambler's Next Edition (Eisenhart) and Touch's Bull Durham (Carlton) ran in brace No. 9. A fair race for Edition with an unproductive at 53. Durham followed suit with an unproductive and retrieval unit requested at 54.

Haney's Happy Hour (Todd) started with a good race but shortened before finish time. At 12, a good find was to his credit. Cold Creek Uncle Sam (Daniels) began with a good forward race but was lost at 43 resulting by handler requesting the retrieval unit.

B K Ironclad (Swearingen) ran a medium race but was gone for a short time with a divided find resulting in an unproductive. Erin's High Note (Carlton) had a divided find at 40, the hour ending with a nice forward race.

Rester's Powered Up (Eisenhart) had a strong ground race. Lingering behind at times finishing the hour with a find at 2. Dominator's Debutante (Daniels) was not pleasing handler who conceded at 54.

Phillips Chalk Line (Phillips) had a good ground race. No game was seen at 8. Knight's Little Spec (Todd) needed birds for a good ground race.

Runner-up Erin's Perfect Storm's performance reported earlier. Bonner's Camelot (Bonner) started well but not seen enough by the judges. Point was called at 22 with all in order.

Cold Creek Single Malt (Daniels) started out front with an all in order find at 7, with a back at 23, a divided find at 34 and 38. The hour was shortened with a judicial decision. Haney's Storm Warning's effort is reported earlier as champion.

South Pointe Speedy G. (Stevenson). Productive finds were witnessed at 17 and 39. However, no game was seen at 47. G came from behind once. Handler chose to harness at 47. Phillips Line Breaker was lost early.

Short time for Dunn's Ever N Onward (Swearingen) and Dominator's Maybelle (Daniels). Onward was lost at 40 and Maybelle was not pleasing handler at 48.

Knight's Little Ray (Todd). Following a second no show of birds, his bid was over requested. Navajo Nation had no bird work and was harnessed at 45.

Browntown Doc Holiday (Raynor). A breach in bird work resulted with the harness at 31. Rentz's Highjacked (Eisenhart). No birds were noted at 15. He needed bird work to complement a strong, forward race.

A divided find was shared by Rocky River Loaded (Stevenson) and Touch's Amazing Grace (Todd) at 27. Not pleasing handler with his race, Stevenson elected to harness at 42. Todd followed suit.

Brace No. 21 was Thunder (Eisenhart) and Dominator's Rebel Queen (Daniels). Thunder backed bracemate at 28. Queen had a find to her credit at 21. The pair was not pleasing their handlers; they elected to pick up at 40.

Hauser's Rolling was scratched by Eisenhart. Marques Pistol Pete was harnessed following no birds seen at 7 and 15.

Retrieval device was requested for Rocky River Princess at 14 by handler Stevenson. Carlton followed suit for Touch's Long Dominator at 49 following a fruitless attempt at 20.

Northern Confidence (Eisenhart). Finds were noted at 3, 8, and 35. Taken up by judges at 48. Morgan's Yellow Ledbetter (Stevenson). Ledbetter had a stop to flush at 3 followed with a nice find at 8. Ledbetter moved too much on point and was up at 35.

Wester's Storm Chaser (Lester) had a good find at 18 followed with an unproductive at 40. Supreme Confidence (Eisenhart) was about his business of hunting. No birds were flown when point was called at 4. He honored his bracemate at 18 with finds recorded at 42 and 57.

The last brace of the running was short. Eisenhart elected to harness Rester's Cajun Justice at 43. No birds were seen on a point by Rocky River Bullett (Stevenson) at 19. Backed bracemate with good manners at 29. Retrieval unit was requested at 35.

Waynesboro, Ga., January 2
Judges: Jim Davis and Mike Jackson
Winner--HANEY'S STORM WARNING, 1691416, male, by Valiant--Haney's North Star. Chris Cagle, owner; Ike Todd, handler.
Runner--Up-ERIN'S PERFECT STORM, 1692323, pointer male, by Chelsea's Thunder Bolt--Erin's Bet On Me. Bradley E. Woodie, owner; Luke Eisenhart, handler.


The first brace of All-Age--Hi Rollins Macho Man (Swearingen) and Lester's Boss man (Lester)--was released on Thursday morning. Macho Man had commendable finds at 5 and 8 along with good manners as he backed his bracemate at 23 and 52. He finished the hour to the front. Multiple finds were carded for Boss Man at 13, 23, 52, and 57. No birds were seen on a point at 43. A good race to finish the hour.

A short time for Erin's Atlantic Way (Eisenhart) and Miller's Unfinished Business (Norman). Both were lost. Retrieval units were requested at 32 and 33, respectively.

Sand Wood Creek (Raynor), the runner-up, was down with Dunn's True Reign (Eisenhart) which ran a forward, strong race to finish the hour with two all in order finds.

Touch's Blue Knight (Watson) had a up at 13 followed with commendable finds at 16 and 52, finishing the hour. Stash the Cash (Lester) was lost at 31. Confident Nation (Eisenhart) and Senah's Back in Business (Norman) were out of pocket early.

Dominator's Bull Market (Daniels) started off with a good race and birds in flight at 1 and 49. Following a second unproductive, Market was picked up. Marques Armed Robber (Henry) was a strong moving dog. No birds were seen at 16 followed by a stylish find at 22. He hunted the edges with style and was running strong at pickup.

A find at 7 and another at 27 were witnessed for Rebel Cause (Daniels), both in order with him covering the course. Erin's Silver Lining (Raynor) backed cause at 7, thenwent missing shortly afterward.

Erin's Tin Star (Carlton) and Miller's Speed Dial (Lester) ran in brace No. 8. Following a no show of game at 25 Star was lost. Speed Dial looked good running but came from behind some, finishing the hour.

Miller's Blindsider (Daniels) started with a nice forward race with good finds at 13 and 18, but was lost at 41. Miller's Stray Bullett (Norman) pointed at 11 with game lifted. Norman harnessed following an unproductive at 51.

Dominator's Rogue Rebel (Daniels) was on the ground for 25 minutes with fruitless attempts to flush game at 6 and 25. Broken Halo (Stevenson) started well with a dead bird pointed at 6 and an all in order find at 25. He was harnessed at 26 when no birds were lifted.

Handlers requested their devices early for Chief's Rising Sun (Carlton) and Game Ice (Raynor).

Lester turned Lester's Shock Wave loose in No. 12. He had a nice stylish find at 9. Bad luck when he was lost at 34. Erin's Prime Time was not pleasing Raynor at 43 with a request for the retrieval device.

The champion, Lester's Storm Surge (Lester) was previously reported. Sandy Hillwally (Raynor) backed Storm Surge at 8, then was lost at 37.

Bonner's Hot Rize (Lester) had a find at 13, finishing the hour without further bird work. Stevenson scratched Rocky River Loaded.

Lester's Another Shockwave (Lester) was a nice dog to watch. He took to the ground strong, to the front and pointed at 23 but no birds were seen. A nice find at 33 was a credit to him finishing the hour forward. Game Train (Griffin) was a nice moving dog and strong on the ground. Following an unproductive at 42, Griffin elected to pick up.

Southern Nation (Henry) ran in the last brace of the stake. He went missing at 31.

Judges: Jim Davis and Whitley Stephenson
GEORGIA OPEN ALL-AGE CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] -- 29 Pointers and 2 Setters
Winner--LESTER'S STORM SURGE, 1681624, pointer male, by Ransom--Beane's Line Dancer. Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton, owners; Gary Lester, handler.
Runner-Up--SAND WOOD CREEK, 1673395, pointer female, by Covey Up Woodie--Sandhill D O T. Audie Brown, owner; Jerry Raynor, handler.


Trials do not just happen. It takes dedicated persons to come year after year to carry out the many jobs.

John Ray and Mary Kimbrell arrive in their motor home on December 30. They do not return to Fort Mill, S.C., until the conclusion of the Shooting Dog Stakes.

Our hearts were saddened when we learned of the death of Mack Carter who drove the dog wagon for some forty years. John Ray stepped in and maneuvered it around the courses pulled with a Ford F250 furnished by Mickey Stewart of Bird Dog Motors. John Ray served as stake manager.

Jack Kimbrell and Austin Sherman, grandsons of John Ray and Mary, were on hand to marshal and carry out any jobs that needed attention. Austin had to leave on January 12 to attend classes at Clemson University.

President Gary Futch was on hand every day to serve as head marshal. He also furnished horses when needed. It was also much easier to maneuver around the grounds with his ATV.

Ashley Roberts does an excellent job as Executive Director of the Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce. She was on hand to help with lunches and dinners for the officials. Coca-Cola products were donated through her influence.

The Chamber of Commerce via funds collected through the hotel/motel tax pays for our ads in the American Field.

The owners of the 2021 Derby, Dr. Fred Corder, and All-Age champions, Gary Lester, hosted the annual fish fry.

Complimentary lunches are served to everyone daily by your writer, Ashley and Becky Futch. Craig Elliott, owner of Salter Building Supply, served barbecue sandwiches several days. Jack and Sarah Schwartz served a lasagna meal one day.

Father Larry of the Episcopal Church came out to bless the animals in a most impressive service. The Episcopal Church through their Wimberly House Ministry served Subway lunches on Monday.

The courses at DiLane were mowed and burned by DNR Wildlife Technician Ryan Meckel and his staff. We are fortunate to have Ryan in this position. He is young and energetic and has his heart in our sport.

Chuck Miller who is employed with Vice-President Art Lively releases birds daily. He also serves as the one who is called when something is needed. He oversees stable clean-up. Gene Ward picks up birds daily and bands each of them to be released the next morning by Chuck. We consider ourselves fortunate to have the service of these two gentlemen.

A sincere heartfelt thanks to all who came to participate in our trials. Hope to see you in 2023.