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Event: Kentucky Quail Open All Age Classic and Derby
Result: Kentucky Quail Open All-Age Classic and Derby

Location: Paducah, Kentucky

Post Date: Dec 27, 2021

Submitted By: Michael D. Crouse

Kentucky Quail Open All-Age Classic and Derby

Kentucky Quail Classic Winners. From left: Kory Reinhart with Lester's Storm Surge, Ryan Eichelberger with Touch's Fire Away and Randy Anderson, Jeremy Gulick with Lester's Shockwave. and Gary Lester. Behind: Mary Sue Schalk and Anna Katherine Schalk, Judges Nathan and Eddie Berendzen, and Alan Benson.

The Kentucky Quail Classic All-Age and Derby for 2021 were successfully concluded over the grounds of the West Kentucky Wildlife Area on Thursday, December 3.

Twenty-four dogs were drawn for the All-Age and twelve for the Derby.

The West Kentucky Field Trial Club is the host club and has been so for over a half a century. As the club reflected on whether or not to seek championship status several years ago, the discussion of more recognition being available for handlers and owners with three dogs placed prevailed. The club is proud to this day to place three all-age and three Derbies, sharing recognition for owners and handlers in a time when such a practice has waned.

Historical tribute is rightfully paid to Henry Weil, Arthur D. Curtis, and J. D. Boss, all of West Kentucky, as the cornerstones for this trial and the preceding Quail Championship Invitational.

So many individuals have paved our way, it is appropriate to delve into history and to be thankful for others. The recent death of our longtime friend, dog wagon driver, quail hunter, family man, and Christian, Terry Allen, caused us to somberly reflect then smile because of the many great memories associated with this fine man.

Mary Crouse Schalk serves as the president of the club and works tirelessly for high ideals in the conducting of field trials to be ever present for the Invitational and Classic.

While caution is practiced by this scribe in identifying individuals, the Veatch duo of Martha and Greg offered much by driving the dog wagon part time and Ms. Martha took pictures. Alan Benson, Mike Crouse, and other club members marshalled, scouted, ran dogs, and contributed.

Assisting in our quail release and final preparations for both trials were Alan Benson, Don Wiggins, Chyler Duhon (a young teenager and possible future field trialer), Mary Schalk (known for saying come on instead of go on); Josh Griggs and his daughter Rylan, and your scribe. Others helped as work and other commitments allowed and any inadvertent omissions of helping individuals is followed by sincere apologies.

The club was especially honored to have in attendance for all three days of the Invitational Mr. Todd Kellam, vice-president of the United Kennel Club, which recently purchased the American Field and the Field Dog Stud Book. Mr. Kellam's presence, his riding (a Crouse horse), and conversations of improving our sport by making information more accessible and user friendly, orchestrating positive publicity (his videos are already streaming), and other positives were warmly received.

Arbiters for this event were the father son team of Eddie and Nathan Berendzen of Missouri. They wild bird hunt, work dogs, associate with accomplished experienced field trialers, belong to field trial clubs, run dogs in trials, judge several trials of significance, and are attentive and courteous to all. They allowed each handler to display their charges' ability to run and hunt independently. Their time and effort is appreciated!

The stake began on Tuesday and concluded Wednesday at dusk. Lester's Storm Surge was named first, Touch's Fire Away, second, and Lester's Shockwave, third in the All- Age Classic. Gary Lester handled first and third. Randy Anderson handled the second place dog. It was a high quality stake and the judges rode a consistent pace, watching performances, conferring after each brace to review their findings, and promptly hand over the placements at the conclusion of the stake. Well done!

Other handlers with dogs were, in order of appearance, David Russell with one, Scott Beeler with two, Mike Crouse with three, Mary Schalk with one, Dr. Fred Corder had two, Chris Cagle had one. Besides his placed dogs, Lester had five more, and Anderson had four besides his placed dog.

Most handlers fired over their charges multiple times, a testament to a pace for the trial which encouraged dogs to follow their nose and congratulations to our team of bird releasers for quail being where wild quail should live.

A special thanks to John Tuck and Tuck Farms of Blountsville, Ala., for his assistance in getting his high quality birds ready for the field and for their contribution to our field trials.

Lester ran Thompson's Grinch, Lester's Storm Surge which had multiple finds and won the stake punctuating his effort with a dandy find at time; Lester's Another Shockwave with multiple finds, Bonner's Hot Rize with multiple finds, Stash the Cash, Lester's Boss Man, Lester's Stem Winder, and finished with Lester'Shockwave, Invitational runner-up, brother to the stake winner and third in this stake with multiple finds. The Lester dogs were scouted by Kory Reinhart.

Anderson ran Dixon's Rolling Stone, Miller's Justifiable, World Class Bootlegger was scratched, Miller's L'eletto, Touch's Fire Away, resh from his Invitational win carded four finds to place second in this stake, and Bonner's Bulletproof. Ryan Eichelberger scouted for Anderson. Scott Beeler ran Beeler's Texas Jig and Snowy Ridge Hank, who carded two nice finds. Mike Crouse scouted for Beeler and Mary Schalk.

Mary ran Crouse's White Dragon, which had a nice voluntary back and one find. Mike ran Crouse's Tennessee Game Kate, Mary scouting, and Crouse's Equalizer and Crouse's Quiet Man with Beeler scouting. Each of Mike's were strong on the ground but sans quail. Chris Cagle brought Shagtime Max, our only setter entry, and Chris fired over Max which also ran strong.

Dr. Fred Corder had truck trouble and scratched Game Rebel and Game Heir.

At the conclusion of the stake the judges promptly handed their decision to club President Mary Schalk, who made the announcements and asked for pictures in the clubhouse.

A field trial is a test and the proving ground for dogs used in breeding. This was a good stake. Thank you to the participants and judges for helping make it so.

Kentucky Quail Open All-Age Classic and Derby

Paducah, Ky., December 3

Judges: Eddie Berendzen and Nathan Berendzen


[One-Hour Heats] -- 24 Entries

1st--LESTER'S STORM SURGE, 1681624, pointer male, by Ransom--Beane's Line Dancer. Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton, owners; Gary Lester, handler.

2d--TOUCH'S FIRE AWAY, 1679602, pointer male, by House's Ring of Fire--Touch's Maswood Anne. Greg & Carmen Adams, owners; Randy Anderson, handler.

3d--LESTER'S SHOCKWAVE, 1681623, pointer male, by Ransom--Beane's Line Dancer. Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton, owners; Gary Lester, handler.


The companion Open Derby began on Thursday morning. Judges Nathan and Eddie continued their attentiveness and consistency of pace in this stake. The two are very aware that a Derby stake is a place to exhibit present development in entries and at the same time strive to assess potential in the contestants.

They named Beeler's Prime Design first based on some big swings and a strong finish. Design was handled by Scott Beeler. For second they choose Pleasant Run Sally, classy and forward, for owner-handler David Hendricks. Third was World Class Moonshiner, which also was attractive and strong, for Jeremy Gulick.

Alan Benson handled the bulk of marshaling in the Derby.

Other entrants were Lester's Storm Chaser and Thompson's Grinch for Gary Lester, Dunn's Ever'n Onward, Dunn's Make'n Waves, and Dunn's Sneak'n In were handled by Will Dunn and Ms. Rita was riding in support, Skydancer Marksman and I'm Gallant were handled by Randy Anderson, Crouse's Ka Boom for Mary Schalk, and Jeremy Gulick added Shagtime Dan. Dan's owner Chris Cagle rode.

At noon the stake was concluded and the judges handed their decisions to President Schalk who announced the winners, provided lunches to go, and put the wraps on this Kentucky Quail Classic. It was and is a test of dogs that cannot be permanently won, only played.

Thanks to those who entered, helped or assisted, and certainly to all those who crafted the initial field trials, giving us a rich heritage to enjoy and nurture.

Kentucky Quail Open All-Age Classic and Derby

OPEN DERBY -- 12 Entries

1st--BEELER'S PRIME DESIGN, 1695966, pointer male, by Miller's Blindsider--Erin's Little Lullaby. Scott R. Beeler, owner and handler.

2d--PLEASANT RUN SALLY, 1695714, pointer female, by Valiant--Haney's North Star. David Hendricks, owner and handler.

3d--WORLD CLASS MOONSHINER, 1697108, pointer male, by Miller's Speed Dial--World Class Makin Bank. Michael Marietta, owner; Jeremy Gulick, handler.