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Result: American Brittany Club Chicken Championship

Location: Bassett, Nebraska

Post Date: Oct 12, 2021

Submitted By: Judy Graves

This September Classic has provided the Brittany world an opportunity to run on great grounds with wild prairie chickens to challenge the best of our breed. This year was no exception.

The Winners. From left: Piney Run Hill Top Blew with handler Kent Patterson and Jagoub's Spell Caster with Tom Jagelielski. Behind are Judges Keith Bryant and C. W. "Bud" Moore.

Thirty-two (32) dogs came to the line for judges C. W. "Bud" Moore from Toronto, Kan., and Keith Bryant from Centennial, Colo. They were able to pick the best of the best with almost all dogs experiencing some type of prairie chicken contact. Not all were able to resist the call of the wild, but those that did showed excellent race and bird-finding ability which allowed our judges to have a lot to choose from.

None of this could happen without the cooperation of the town of Bassett and its surrounding landowners. The Rock County landowners -- Ted Morton, Butch Fischer, Curtis Luther and Wade Dearmont-- have long been used to provide the bird dog world terrific grounds.

Sponsors Purina Pet Care and TriTronics also continue to contribute their products for the winners and financial support from Purina for the club.

Chris Raymond of Plains Equipment in Ainsworth provided the John Deere UTV to pull the dog wagon. This trial could not happen without these sponsors.

We also wish to thank first Claudia and Stan Truksa who put this all together. Claudia was the dog wagon driver with Stan the course marshal. Between Stan and Tom Maneely, gates were opened and closed for all the handlers, judges and gallery.

Claudia arranged for Rhonda Houkos to bring her food truck for great breakfast sandwiches and hearty lunches. Ray Trimble picked up donuts provided by Jeanna Harman who runs the Coral Bar in Bassett for our morning breaks.

After Kent Patterson ran his young Piney Run Hill Top Blew in the seventh brace, we all knew the standard had been set. That same seventh brace also had the runner-up, Jagoub's Spell Caster, handled by Tom Tracy, Jr. Tabu's owner, Tom Jagelielski, was able to observe her performance. Unfortunately, John Hall and Jack and Crystal Alexander were not able to make the trip to watch their dogs take the winners stand with Blew and Tabu.


Brace No. 1. County Line's Full Throttle (Mac/Stan Truksa) and J W B's Arctic Cat (Kimber/Tom Tracy). Stan had his hands full with Mac. A cow chase slowed him down and knocked him out of contention. Kimber was out of sight the first 20 minutes or so. She pointed a skunk at 35 and caused a lot of anguish on the dog wagon and Tommy's trailer. However, the skunk did not slow her down or keep her from pointing birds down a fenceline with 7-8 chickens in the air with all in order.

Maxwell's Prickly Pete (Pete/Todd Babbel ) and El Grande (Truman/ Rob Meyers) broke away with gusto and were not seen for about 15 minutes. Todd's Pete established point at 32; Rob's Truman did the same at the other end of the field. Neither handler could kick up birds. Todd elected to pick up and Rob relocated, with an unproductive charged, thus ending the brace.

Neither Cedar Valley Luke (Luke/Todd Babbel) nor Georgia's White Lightning (George/T. Tracy) was pleasing their handlers and were picked up at the fence crossing at 35 for an early lunch.

Cedar Valley Zeke (Zeke), Tod Babble and Georgia's Tiger (Tom Tracy) were the first brace after lunch. Zeke handled by Todd had a good run, but no birds. Tom Tracy had to pick up Tiger after a breach of manners on a chicken at :20.

No. 5 showcased CVK's Spartan King (Leo/T. Tracy) and Black Creek Whizki Skip (Skip/Chad Holman). Leo decided to leave Tommy and the retrieval unit was pulled at 22. In the meantime, Skip pointed at 10 with a nice find. At 45 point was called again. After a relocation, no birds could be flushed, and he was charged with an unproductive. His last 6 minutes were a bit short (looking for that elusive chicken), but the first 50 were outstanding and earned him a berth on the awards stand.

Day No. 1 ended with brace No. 6: Gangster's Secret Weapon (Sniper/Chad Holman) and Prairie Wind Pistol Pete (PD/ T. Tracy). Donna Janulis was in the gallery to watch her Sniper with Ed in the dog wagon. Sniper stayed consistently to the front but couldn't find any birds for his handler. Pete was not pleasing Tracy and was picked up at 33.

Second day began with a bang. Our champion, Piney Run Hill Top Blew, and runner-up champion Jagoub's Spell Castor were braced together, and both preformed at the top of their game. Blew had an excellent race with good range, handling, and anything else you would look for in the winners. We were all rooting for a bird, when Blew went on point at 55. Kent handled the find like the expert handler he is and all was in order. Meantime, Tabu was putting on a show for the gallery following Tommy. At 45 point was called. Tommy relocated the dog but had to settle for a nonproductive. Just 10 minutes later she pointed again at 55 with a solid find. Both dogs were well ahead of their handlers at time. It was a very enjoyable brace to watch (although a bit cold for September).

Countyline's That Guy (Guy/ S. Truksa) had trouble getting lined out and Stan picked him up at 35. Kashmir (Kash/T. Tracy) also started slow and erratic. At 15 Kash had a covey pointed on the fence line. Tommy was able to flush a 6-8 bird covey with all in order. Kash finished strong, with no more bird work the balance of the hour.

No. 9 had Piney Run Jake (Jake/ K. Patterson) and Ru Jems Dirty Dingus McGee (Dingus/T. Tracy). Jake had fair range with no birds. Dingus was running well for his owner, Jerry McGee who watched from the dog wagon. At 47 Dingus pointed. Tommy relocated and ended up with an unproductive.

Jac's Ray of Sunshine II (Ray/ C. Holman) and Blazin E Z Mac (Mac/T. Tracy). This was a pretty quick brace. Ray headed for the fences and chased a couple of birds on the way. When Chad picked him up, he had a very apologetic look on his face, knowing he did wrong. In the meantime, Mac chased a bird at 9 before Tommy could get to him to call point. Short brace this afternoon.

Roustabout's All In (Al/ T. Tracy) and Black Creek Summit (Chip/ C. Holman). Last year's national champion was not performing up to his ability and Tommy picked up Al at 28. Chip chased early thus ending the brace.

In No. 12, CVK's Jungleland (Tom Tracy) ran as a bye. "Clarence" was picked up early, not pleasing his handler; thus ending day No. 2.

WW's Gin and Tonic (Ginee/Burton Wice) and Brendi Brooks Cowboy Up (Tuff/Tom Tracy). Ginee got a chicken up at 10 and was put on the dog wagon. Tuff was put up at when he started limping soon after the breakaway. Ray Trimble was disappointed. Tuff's pulled muscle was not healed yet.

Jagoub's Whodat Say Whodat When I Say Whodat (Dat/T. Tracy) prompted a covey of chickens to flight and could not stop himself. He was picked up at 20. T J's Black Diamond (Coal/John Perry) had a good race with John guiding him through the course with ease. Unfortunately, no birds were found.

WW's Miss Wendy Peffercorn, (Wendy/T. Tracy) pointed at 22 but no birds produced. Marjo's Fille de la Britcigre (Brie/ John Perry) bumped a bird at 28 and was picked up.

Roustabout's Freddie M (Fred/T. Tracy), as a bye. Fred broke away strong despite not having a bracemate. At 22 point was called. Tommy relocated for several minutes and finally picked up at 30 without producing a bird.

In No. 17, Been There (Tip/ Tom Tracy) was a bye. Tip bumped a chicken at 1:30 and was picked up.

Big Mac with Tom Tracy was a bye. The lack of a bracemate did not slow down Big Mac but the sun coming out and wind dying down did. At 40 he stopped for water and was picked up.

Although we missed a few of the professional trainers who normally attend, the quality of the dogs far outweighed the quantity. I am sure that all four placed dogs will make a fine showing at the ABC National Championship.

[As a side note, we want to mention that we certainly missed Mary Karbiner's wit and knowledge of the history of the Chicken Classic this year. Hope to see her back next year.]

Bassett, Neb., September 20

Judges: Keith Bryant and C. W. "Bud" Moore


[One-Hour Heats] -- 32 Brittanys

Winner--PINEY RUN HILLTOP BLEW, 1697075, male, by Piney Run Chalk--Piney Run Chicklet. Kent D. Patterson, owner and handler.

Runner-Up--JAGOUB'S SPELL CASTER, 1665522, female, by Jagoub's Buzz'n Bayou--Super Natural. Debbie & Tom Jagielski, owners; Tom Tracy, Jr., handler.