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Result: NGSPA Region 5 Championships

Location: Pinckneyville, Illinois

Post Date: Mar 7, 2021

Submitted By: Diane Rakers

The NGSPA Region 5 Championships were held at Pyramid State Park near Pinckneyville, Ill.

We would like to thank Purina for their continued support of this trial. Shout-out to Greg Blair, Terry Trzcinski, Karl Gunzer, and Jim Moorehouse. Jim is also a generous supplier of SportDog collars for our champions.

Amateur Championship Winners

We'd like to thank Diane Rakers for lunches, paperwork, clean up, picking up where we need help and staying on us to get our write-up turned in.

A trial doesn't happen without volunteers to drive the dog wagon, plant birds, and make trips into town. Hoping we don't forget anyone -- Tom Oswald, Lisa Reynolds, Dan DiMambro and Tom Davis.

We also thank our participates. We love having the faithful participates and many new faces this year.

Thank you judges.

Thank you to the president of Region 5, Peter Coppens. If it wasn't for his love and dedication to this sport there would not be a Region 5 Championships.

Finally thank you to Cha Hill, the site superintendent, and his crew for all you do to make sure our trials run successfully. The Region 5 Shooting Dog was canceled this year.


Submitted by Alan Benson, Mike Jackson and Peter Coppens

The Regon 5 Open All-Age was first on the schedule. It was capably judged by Alan Benson and Mike Jackson, who graciously agreed to fill in at the last minute. The judges were presented with six braces of quality dogs to watch.

Open All-Age Winners. Front row, from left: April Raber with No Sleep Til Brook Lynn and Peter Coppens with H N's Hasty Matilda. Standing: Dan DiMambro, Judges Alan Benson, and Mike Jackson, and Hank Lewis


Brace No. 1 had No Sleep Til Brooklynn with Dan DiMambro and PJ Wildfire's Little Lexi with Kirk Loftin. Brooke had a find at 6 with Lexi backing. Brooke had another find at 14. Lexi had a find at 43 with a relocation. All manners in order. Brooke was backing at 43. Brooke went on to finish the hour and was found standing at 57. Lexi also finished the hour. With Brooke's strong all-age race, she earned the championship title. Brooke is owned by Chuck Lane of West Branch, Mich.

P J Wildfire's Little Lexi, Winner of the NGSPA Region 5 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

Slate Rock's Mountain Heart (DiMambro) and H N's Allison Miranda (Kirk Loftin). "Allie" had a find at 34. "Rommell" was picked up by the handler at 25. Allie was lost at time and the handler asked for the retrieval device.

Brace No. 3 was Evergreens Jed Clampet (DiMambro) and Hi N's Hasty Matilda (Hank Lewis). Jed had a find at 12 and his handler elected to pick up at 35. Matte had a find at 37. She was running a consistently strong forward race and suffered an unproductive at 55. Her efforts with owner-handler Hank Lewis garnered runner-up.

Hi N's Hasty Matilda, Runner-Up in the NGSPA Region 5 Open All-Age Championship

Riden High Rudy (DiMambro) had five well-spaced finds but didn't have the all-age application the judges were looking for. Lone Creek Bell (K. Loftin) was lost from the breakaway and the handler asked for the retrieval unit at 25.

Rumel's Augie Doggie (DiMambro) and Twin Creeks Runnin Rocky (K. Loftin). Rocky was lost and Auggie suffered an unprductive at 30. He had a strong aall-age race going on then was lost.

Brace No. 6 was a bye with Highstanding Cuttin Edge (DiMambro). Today was not Woody's day. Handler picked up.

Brace No. 7 was also a bye. Nitro Dumm Sky Riden (DiMambro) started off strong and was not pleasing the handler, so he was picked up.

The judges announced No Sleep Til Brook Lynn as champion and H N's Hasty Matilda owned and handled by Hank Lewis the runner-up. Both dogs were rewarded for their superior efforts. Congratulations.

Pickneyville, Ill., March 7

Judges: Alan Benson and Mike Jackson


[One-Hour Heats] -- 13 German Shorthairs

Winner--NO SLEEP TIL BROOK LYNN, 1662506, female, by Texas Bushwacking Bud--Cutting Wilds Space Cowgirl. Charles Lane II, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

Runner-Up--HI N'S HASTY MATILDA, 1657658, female, by Hi N's Feed Jake--Hi N's Southern Cross. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.


Submitted by Alan Benson and Peter Coppens

The Amateur Championship was judged by Alan Benson and Peter Coppens. We thank both gentlemen for their time and expertise.

We had fifteen braces and would like to thank all the amateur handlers for your support.

Open Derby Winners


In brace No. 1 were Hi N's Allison Miranda with Kirk Loftin and Chicoree's County Star with Dr. Fred Ryan. Star had a find at 15 with Allie backing. All manners were in order. Dogs were released and running a shooting dog race with Allie having a find at 40. Star was consistent and finished out the hour. Allie was lost and the retrieval device was called for at 50.

No Limits Wildfires Wild Card (Joker/John Landolino) and Lone Creek Bell (Kirk Loftin) started off strong with Joker carding a find at 20. Bell was to the front and the handler asked for the unit at 40. Joker finished the hour with a strong shooting dog race.

Hi N's Hasty Matilda (Hank Lewis) and Right Stuff's Rock N Roll (Bill Padovano). Matte was in heat and scratched. Rock had a good shooting dog race with mannerly finds at 20 and 56. He finished the hour.

Twin Creeks Runnin Rocky (Kirk Loftin) and Chicoree's Glitter and Gold (Dr. Fred Ryan). Rocky was lost at camp and picked up. Glitz was lost on course and handler requested the retrieval device.

Snowy River's Struttin' N Cuttin (Spur/Chase Verdoorn) and Preacher's Unholy Water (Shine/Tom Oswald). Spur had a good shooting race with finds at 22, 36, 52 and an. unproductive at 54. All manners were good and he finished the hour. Shine failed to back at 36. Handler elected to pick up and head back to the trailer to put on a suit and head to the justice of the peace in Pickneyville!

In brace No. 6 were Stoney Hills Pinnacle Dee (Kirk Loftin) and Snowy River's Cuttin High Tide (Chase Verdoorn). Dee and Tide were running a good shooting dog race with Dee carding a find at 5, an unproductive at 32 and a back at 59. Tide had three mannerly finds throughout the hour at 5, 27, and 59.

Both H's Am Cruiser (Chase Verdoorn) and G K's Ramblin Cam (Hank Lewis) had their running shoes on today. Cam had a back at 12, a find at 15 and a breach of manners. Handler picked up. Cruiser had finds at 12, 15, 25 and 42. Cruiser was doing a very nice job until at 45 when handler asked for the retrieval unit.

Hi N's Dirty Secret (Badger/Hank Lewis) and Snowy River's Bankin On Boz (Chase Verdoorn). Badger had a back at 5, a find at 17 and a breach of manners at 51. Lewis elected to pick up. Boz had good shooting dog race with finds at 5, 17, 31 and an unproductive at 51. He finished the hour.

Right Stuff's Warrior Princess (Bill Padovano) and P J Wildfire's Little Lexi (Kirk Loftin). " Zena" had an unproductive at 2. She finished the hour with a back at time. Lexi had a big shooting race with four finds at 4, 8, 27 48, and an unproductive at time. She ran with big moves between finds and handled for Lofitn throughout the hour. This earned Lexi and Kirk the championship title.

Snowy River's White Out (Chase Verdoorn) and Preacher's Kennel Sneaking out before Dawn (Rooster/Tom Oswald). Willy had a nice shooting dog race with finds at 13 and 54. He had an unproductive at 49 and finished the hour. Rooster had a find at 22 with all manners in order. Handler elected to pick up, call it a day to go back to Sweetie Pie and clean the horse trailer for the honeymoon in Southern Illinois.

Horicon Havens Pennys from Heaven with Jack Marchese and Highstanding Cuttin Edge handled by Hank Lewis. Wood had his running shoes on today and the handler conceded at 20. Penny had a find at 25, 41, and 55. Race was forward and strong. She finished the hour.

Hi N's Charlie (Hank Lewis) and Snowy River's Sippin on Fire (Chase Verdoorn) were running nice shooting dog races with Charlie having a back at 5, an unproductive at 46, and finished the hour. Sippy had an all-around good shooting doge race with finds at 5, 15, 38, 46 and finished the hour.

Von Cap's Zip (Chase Verdoorn) had a breach of manners at 13 and the handler elected to pick up. Hi N's Bodacious (Hank Lewis) had finds at 13, 15, and 43 with big moves throughout the hour. Handler didn't have Bo at time.

LSV's Hammer Down with JJJ was a bye. Hammer started strong, but wasn't pleasing the handler. He was picked up.

In No. 15, Snowy River's Macy (Chase Verdoorn), as a bye, wasn't having her best day and the handler elected to pick up.

Champion was P J Wildfire's Little Lexi, owned by Larry and Kirk Loftin and handled by Kirk. Runner-up was Snowy River's Cuttin High Tide, owned by Chase and Mark Verdoorn and handled by Chase. Congratulations!

Judges: Alan Benson and Peter Coppens


[One-Hour Heats] -- 26 German Shorthairs

Winner--P J WILDFIRE'S LITTLE LEXI, 1663717, female, by P J Wildfire's Little Bud--Lone Creek Sweet Anna. Dr. Kirk & Larry Loftin, owners; Kirk Loftin, handler.

Runner-Up--SNOWY RIVER'S CUTTIN HIGH TIDE, 1664278, male, by H's Hedge Rise Ignited--Snowy River's S S Super Sport. Chase & Mark Verdoorn, owners; Chase Verdoorn, handler.


By Art Terstage

The 2021 NGSPA Region 5 Derby was run on the afternoon of March 13 at the Denmark Unit of Pyramid State Park. It was a sunny day with ideal conditions to run young dogs.

The competition was high in this stake and many of the dogs that did not receive nods in this stake could have won in other Derby stakes.

A big thank you to Mark Johnson and Art Terstage for their capable judging time.

First place went to Stoney Hills Hidden Gem (Gemma), owned and handled by Kirk Loftin. Gemma earned the winning nod with large moves and superb bird finds.

Second was awarded to P J Wildfire's Super Nova (Ben), owned and handled by Frank Vicari. Ben presented the judges with a ground game and application along with excellent bird finds.

Third place was earned by Snowy River's Freak on a Lease (Korn), owned and handled by Chase Verdoorn. Korn displayed some strong moves which included carding a back and some nice finds showing steady until the handler got in the vicinity.

Judges: Mark Johnsona nd Art Terstage

NGSPA REGION 5 DERBY -- 10 German Shorthairs

1st--STONEY HILL'S HIDDEN GEM, unreg., female, by Hi N's Zip It--Spirit Point I'm Rebel Lin. Kirk Loftin, owner and handler.

2d--P J WILDFIRE'S SUPERNOVA, 1689359, male, by P J Wildfire's Little Bud--P J Wildfire's Little Angel. Frank Vicari, owner and handler.

3d--SNOWY RIVER'S FREAK ON A LEASH, 1685650, male, by Snowy River's Full Strut--Hi Tailyn Katara. Chase Verdoorn, owner and handler.