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Event: Faith's Maximum Justice Named Winner; Bob's Elhew Holly is Runner-Up
Result: National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Covington

Post Date: Nov 29, 2021

Submitted By: Greg Blair

Winners Winner Winner

The 2021 AFTCA National Amateur Walking Championship was held November 12-14 at Keith Wright's Redwood Farm near Covington, Ind.

Redwood Farm is the ideal place to show a walking shooting dog with rolling hills, edges, feed strips and plenty of cover that gives the opportunity for dogs to make moves while staying completely in tune with the handler.

Most importantly there was no shortage of birds. Every brace had bird contact, with many dogs having multiple covey finds.

The staring field was filled with tough competition full of numerous champions and many that will have their day soon enough.

The Wrights are by far and away the best hosts of any field trial I've ever attended and from the feedback received I don't think I was alone in that belief.

Thank you to each and every handler who traveled from all over to make this a great Championship.

Indiana sure put on a show with the weather. We had sun, wind, rain, snow, sleet, and a mix of everything.

Multiple dogs finished the hour but the champion and runner-up gave the judges exactly what they were looking for in their winners.

The judicial panel was Jim Lawless from Sparta, Ill., and Bill Elliott from Harvard, Ill., who acquitted themselves with distinction. We thank the judges who took time out of their busy schedules to watch this great field of dogs while giving their utmost attention to each and every dog over the weekend.


Our champion, Faith's Maximum Justice, came from the final 16th brace. After his bracemate was picked up for failing to stop to flush he had the course to himself. His application was big at times but he shortened up when the course called for it while always in tune with his handler. During his hour he had three pieces of bird work (31, 38, 50) which he handled flawlessly.

The six-year-old white and liver pointer male is owned and handled by Kenric (Ken) Delong of Greenville, Mich.

Our runner-up champion, Bob's Elhew Holly, came from brace No. 10. Holly's application was forward and not as big as our champion but boy did she put on a bird finding show with finds at (12, 25, 33, 40, 45, 47) along with two stops to flush (16, 22) and finished strong and forward.

The seasoned white and liver pointer female is owned and handled by Dr. Bobby Phillips of Jonesborough, Tenn.

The starting field consisted of:

A Georgia Born Windstorm (PM/Margie Ridings) with a find at 5 but it was too much to handle and handler picked him up. Pond River's Pressure On (PM/Joshua Griggs) had finds at 8, 21, and 30. Handler elected to pick up at 38

Penrosa Behr Devil (PM/Tim Penn) had finds at 5 and 11, but the latter one caused handler to pick up. Stella's Natural Disaster (PF/Mike Duvall) tallied a find at 5 but after failing to back at 11 was up

Crow Creek Sugar Baby (PF/Ken Black) scored at 25, 33, 50, 55 and 57. Right Stuff's Warrior Princess (GSPF/William Padovano ) was gone and handler asked for retrieval device at 30.

In No. 4, Tenacee Rowdy (PM/Phillips) had finds at 4, 12, 33, 34 and an unproducetive at 26. Cates Rocket Girl (SF/David Cates) had a find at 5 that was too much to handle and handler picked up

Royal Rock Allota Hardcash (PM/Mike Roper) went on the board with finds at 15, 25, 30, backs at 36 and 45. Emert's Show Me Mo (SM/Dave Emert) had finds at 3, 18, 30, 36, 45 and an unproductive at 55.

Bob's Elhew Sage (PF/Bobby Phillips) shared a find with bracemate at 7. Hainline's Silver Star (PF/Jeff Hainline) had the divided find at 7, then additional finds at 12, 25, 35, 36, 42, 48, a stop to flush at 32, but unproductives at 15 and 52 had the dog up

Beaucoup Creek Buck (SM/Heisner) tallied a find at 8, moved forward and was picked up. Cairds Lefty/ (PM/Sam Ridings) did not have pointing on his mind and was under birds at 3.

Right Stuff's Rock N Roll (GSPM/William Padovano) scored at 6, 33, 43, 49; and had an unprodutive at 18. Rocky Ridge's Perfect Storm (PM/Mike Roper) had a find at 12, but failed to back at 18.

Crow Creek Duece (PF/Ken Black) was in the books with finds at 10, 38 and 52. He finished the hour. Alliwood's Shady Shay (PF/Adam DeLude) had finds at 6, 28, and 33, but one more at 52 proved to be too much for her to handle

Bullfrog's Happy Patch (PF/Jeremiah Seiber) was on the board with finds at 10, 20, but at 35 dog moved forward and was picked up. Her Bracemate was Runner-up Bob's Elhew Holly.

Thumper's Anything But (PF/Mike Duvall) had divided finds at 23, 28, 30, her own at 39 and 54. Bracemate Touch's Valiant Lady (PF/Keith Lowry) scored at 10, 15 with divided finds coming at 23, 28, 30 before the retrieval unit was pulled at 50.

Georgia Born Braveheart (PM/Sam Ridings) did not have pointing on his mind and was up early. Blair's Calvary Mountain (PM/Greg Blair) failed to stop to flush and was up at 40.

Beaucoup Creek Gus (SM/Heisner) tallied finds at 3, 27, 31, 39, 43 and at time with a earlier unproductive at 10. Tenacee Copper (PM/Isenberg/Phillips) was scratched due to an injury.

Emert's Show Me Mo To (SM/Dave Emert) had an early find at 4, but was picked up at 20. Bob's Elhew Kate/ (PF/Sam Ridings) could not get it going in the cold, snowy conditons and handler elected to pick up at 12.

Redbud's Country Girl (PF/Aaron McAfee) was on the board with finds at 15, 35 and 60. Penrosa Hidden Cash (SM/Tim Penn ) notched a series of finds at 20, 27, 30, 33 and 36.

No. 16 had Bob's Elhew Sushi (PF/Bobby Phillips) which was picked up at 10 for failing to stop to flush. She was braced with the winner, Faith's Maximum Justice.

No field trial is complete without a great team of workers. This year's Championship was no exception. I would like to personally thank Keith and Jessica Wright, John and Jill Wright, CJ Campbell, and Shannon St. John for all their help.

Keith Wright rode every single brace and helped each handler navigate the course; CJ and Shannon shared dog wagon duties over the weekend and were always there when we needed them. Jessica, John, and Jill provided top-notch hospitality and made sure meals were ready.

There is one guarantee if you ever get the chance to run a trial at Redwood and that is you will NOT leave hungry! The Redwood team made sure we were well fed all weekend with breakfast, lunches, and dinners each day! The Purina dinner Friday evening featured a ribeye steak dinner from the Beef House Restaurant in Covington, Ind.

We thank the judges -- Jim Lawless and Bill Elliott -- who gave everyone's dog their utmost attention.

We'd like to also thank our sponsors for their continued support. Purina and Garmin provided dog food and collars for our champion and runner-up.

Covington, Ind., November 12

Judges: Bill Elliott and Jim Lawless


CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] -- 31 Entries

Winner--FAITH'S MAXIMUM JUSTICE, 1660276, pointer male, by Nelson's Van Max--Wild Apple Faith. Kenric DeLong, owner and handler.

Runner-Up--BOB'S ELHEW HOLLY, 1653300, pointer female, by Elhew Moneymaker--Bob's Miller Daisy. Dr. Bobby Phillips, owner and handler.