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Result: National Open Pheasant Championship

Location: Dresden, Ohio

Post Date: Nov 20, 2019

Submitted By: Mike Jackson

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DRESDEN, OHIO -- The National Open Pheasant Championship was completed on October 15 in sequence with the time-honored International Pheasant Championships and the Tom Honecker Memorial Open Derby at the Tri Valley Wildlife Area located near Dresden, Ohio.

The trial is hosted by the National Open Pheasant Championship Club under the leadership of Dr. Fred Corder of Corinth, Miss., and was chaired this year by Mike Jackson in the absence of Dr. Fred Corder.

Judges for this event were Buster Tucker of Berea, Ky., and Mike Jackson of Battleground, Ind., who graciously and adeptly filled in for Tim Hammons who unexpectedly was unable to attend. Both judges are experienced and knowledgeable and have judged in multiple championships throughout their field trial careers.

Andy Cline (Squire) has been involved in the Pheasant Championships since the 1940s. His involvement began as a youngster copying his dad, the late S.R. Tate Cline, who had a major influence on the trial back in the illustrious days at the Killdeer Plains Area near Harpster, Ohio. Andy has continued to support us at Tri Valley and this year stepped up and managed the dog wagon and provided lunches for everyone. Andy is always there with his quick wit and smile and a friendly welcome to let everyone know he is there to do whatever needs to be done to make you feel welcome.

Jimmy Wallace is another mainstay at the Pheasant Championships. He is always there to open the gate for the participants and to ensure everyone has their alfalfa delivered. You can always count on Jimmy being up early before dawn releasing pheasants. He also marshals and scouts as needed.

[Just as a side note, he scouted this year's champion Erin's Redrum for the second consecutive year.]


Erin's Redrum returned this year to win his second consecutive championship title at the National Open Pheasant Championship.

Erin's Redrum is a now a seven-time champion and twice a runner-up.

This classy six-year-old white and orange pointer male is owned and was handled by Sean Derrig of Chicago, Ill.

Erin's Redrum has proven himself time and time again and is sure to impress with a topnotch performance.

His performance came early in this when braced with Dakota Nation (Eisenhart) in the first brace of the stake.

Off the breakaway Redrum was found at 9 with Nation backing. A pheasant was soon produced, all in order. Both dogs sped to the front and a divided find was recorded at 17. Both dogs were located at the southeast corner of the pipeyard in high switchgrass. They were released with Dakota Nation being picked.

Redrum continued to impress with several mature swings across the eastern wooded border. He was found by scout with another mannerly find at 21. From there he continued his mature wide pattern and was rewarded with his final pheasant find at 37. Nearing the end of the hour he was pointed out by handler on several forward casts. His finish was strong as we crossed the big lake side of the second hour. He completed his performance with four finds, one divided and a strong ground race and finish. Everyone knew the standard had been set.

His championship wins:

Winner, 2019 National Open Pheasant Championship.

Winner, 2018 National Open Pheasant Championship.

Winner, 2018 All-America Prairie Championship.

Winner, 2018 Continental Championship.

Runner-Up, 2018 Georgia Open Quail Championship.

Winner, 2017 National Amateur Pheasant Championship.

Runner-Up, 2016 National Amateur Invitational Championship.

Winner, 2015 Southland Open All-Age Championship.

Winner, 2015 Region 5 Amateur All-Age Championship.

Runner-up Erin's Wild Justice was down in the fifth brace, which was the last brace of the first day's running.

The eight-year-old white and liver pointer male is owned by Allen Linder of Livingston, Tenn., and was handled by Luke Eisenhart.

Wild Justice is a ten-time champion and six-time runner-up featuring many prestigious wins during his field trial career.

Justice started out strong on the ground as we started our final descent back to the clubhouse. He was seen several times forward early and was found standing on the rock hill at 24. No bird could be produced from the contrary running pheasant, even though a strong relocation attempt was made. Released, his race continued to be strong and forward. He was found standing at 31 in the high switchgrass. This time Eisenhart was able to put the bird in the air quickly. Returning to the front with a nice move to the oil tanks south of the clubhouse Justice was again rewarded with a nice pheasant find at 49 in the switchgrass. From there he finished the hour strong as the temperature rose from the early morning frost.

His championship wins:

Runner-Up, 2019 National Open Pheasant Championship.

Runner-Up, 2019 Southeastern Open Quail Championship.

Winner, 2018 United States Open Championship.

Winner, 2018 Quail Invitational Championship.

Winner, 2018 Tar Heel Open All-Age Championship.

Winner, 2018 National Free-for-All Championship.

Winner, 2017 Georgia Open Quail Championship.

Winner, 2016 National Open Pheasant Championship.

Runner-Up, 2016 Quail Invitational Championship.

Winner, 2015 United States Open Championship.

Winner, 2015 All-America Quail Championship.

Winner, 2015 Continental Open All-Age Championship.

Runner-Up, 2014 Continental Open All-Age Championship.

Runner-Up, 2013 United States Open Championship.

Runner-Up, 2013 National Derby Championship

Winner, 2013 American Derby Invitational Championship

Once again, the time-honored Pheasant Championships had been completed in Ohio. We would like to thank Purina for their long-time support of our trial and SportDog for their continued support. This event would not be a success without them.

We would also like to thank all of our owners and handlers for their participation and continued support of these time-honored trials.

Dresden, Ohio, October 15

Judges: Mike Jackson and Buster Tucker


12 Pointers and 4 Setters

Winner--ERIN'S REDRUM, 1655012, pointer male, by Erin's Whiskey River--Erin's Wild Rose. Sean Derrig, owner and handler.

Runner-Up--ERIN'S WILD JUSTICE, 1643384, pointer male, by Whippoorwill Wild Agin--Sparrowhawk. Allen Linder, owner; Luke Eisenhart, handler.