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Result: NGSPA Region 16 Open Shooting Dog Championships

Location: Arabi, Georgia

Post Date: May 17, 2019

Submitted By: Diane Rakers


Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners. From left: Judge Peter Coppens, Rich Barber with Outbak's Purdy Slick, Joyce Barber with Outbak's Rough Cut and Judge Cliff Mesnard.

ARABI, GA. -- The 2019 NGSPA Region 16 Open Shooting Dog Championship was held at the beautiful grounds of Utopia Plantation in Arabi, Ga. Region 16 started immediately after the NGSPA Savannah River Championships.

As we know to have a successful trial the people behind the scenes always put a lot of effort and hard work in months before, during and after the trial. Therefore, a big thanks goes out to all of the board members, especially Peter Coppens and Tom Oswald, for their continued commitment to this successful trial.

Also a shout-out to Chris Young and Carl Checklick for work at the trial which includes everything from planting birds, getting dogs to the line and lunches. Kudos to Secretary-Treasurer Diane Rakers for the work behind the scene and all the paperwork.

A special thank you to Lynn McKinney for allowing us the use of the beautiful plantation. We couldn't do what we do without the support of our sponsors.

Thank you to Purina, Greg Blair and Terry Trzcinski for your continued support. SportDog provided us with several collars and we couldn't be more appreciative of the support. Thank you Jim Morehouse for your continued support.

To our professionals Dan DiMambro and Rich Barber, and amateurs Hank Lewis, Tom Oswald, Dr. Fred, Cliff Mesnard and Carl Checklick, and spectators thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and join us.

These trials won't work if you don't have judges. We had to make some last minute calls and there aren't enough thank yous for filling the spots. Salute to Cliff Mesnard and Peter Coppens for your time and judgment in the Shooting Dog. Bruce Conover and Nikolaus Scharpf gave their time to judge the

Amateur. Thank you, gentlemen.

NGSPA Region 16 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Bruce Conover

The opening brace -- Chicoree's Sparkle in Her Eye, owned and handled by Dr. Fred Ryan, and Hi N's Ramblin Gypsy, owned and handled by Hank Lewis -- was shortlived. Both dogs were picked up soon after breakaway.

Rumel's Augie Doggie (owned by Carl and Melody Checklick and Rocklyn Turano, handled by Carl Checklick) and Chicoree's Immaculate (Fred Ryan). "Mac" was picked up shortly after breakaway. Augie broke away with a strong forward race and was found standing at the first hedgerow at 5. At 14 he struck another find along the edge in the second field. Completing with a high animated running of the edges on all three fields. He entered the woods hunting pleasingly, with finds at 28, 30 and 36. He finished well to the front. An exceptionally strong and animated race.

Chicoree's Sparkling Ruby (Ryan) carded a find at the first hedgerow at 5. After an extended early absence, Evergreen's Jed Clampet (Lance ) returned to judgment at 14. After a second find at 10, Ruby and Jeb shared a stand at 16 . After an extensive flushing attempt, no bird was produced. At 25 Ruby carded a second unproductive in the piney woods and was removed from judgment. At 36 Jed's extended absence resulted in Hank calling for the retrieval unit.

Preacher's Original Sin (Tom Oswald) and Chicoree's Jake's Bonnie (Ryan) reached far into the front, Bonnie hitting game at 14 in the second field. "RJ" ran hard through all three fields holding tight to the edges. At 24 both dogs entered the piney woods with RJ beginning to show the effect of the excessive heat. At 37 Bonnie became difficult to handle and required considerable scouting in order to return to the front. By 50 RJ slowed considerably but finished ahead. Bonnie finished exceptionally strong remaining tied to the last field's edge.

Preacher's Sneaking Out At Dawn (Oswald) and Hi N's Matilda (Lewis) broke away at 1:45, both dogs immediately racing to the front, hanging to the edges all through the first half of the course. At 24 "Matte" was the first to locate game. Entering the woods, "Rooster" assumed a hunting pattern and handled kindly. At 46 in the final fields Matte hit game again. This brace set an unusually rapid pace, a bit much for a shooting dog.

Hi N's Bodacious (Lewis) and Double M's White On Rice (Meredith Mays/Cliff Mesnard) ran the field edges demonstrating good speed and enjoyable animation. Rounding the three fields without bird contact, we entered the piney woods. At 18 "Bo" targeted game with "Odie" honoring politely. Unable to produce a bird, both dogs moved on. At 29 Odie marked birds with Bo backing. At 34 Bo struck game with heavy cover but Odie failed to honor and was up. Bo continued to quarter the front through the remainder of the course and finished exceptionally strong.

Arabi, Ga., February 26

Judges: Bruce R. Conover and Nikolaus Scharpf


[One-Hour Heats] -- 12 German Shorthairs

Winner--RUMEL'S AUGIE DOGGIE, 1666390, male, by Hi N's Feed Jake--Chicoree's What A Hoodlum. Carl & Melody Checklick & Rocklyn Turano, owners; Carl Checklick, handler.

Runner-Up--HI N'S BODACIOUS, 1657655, male, by Hi N's Feed Jake--Hi N's Southern Cross. Hank Lewis, owner and handler.

NGSPA Region 16 Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Cliff Mesnard and Peter Here

Fieldmaster's Koba v Evolution (Donald Allison/Dan DiMambro) started out with a strong race and a find at 25. Koba was last seen at 42 and the retrieval device was out at 56. Hi N's Ellie (Derrick Ream/Rich Barber) had a good race with an unproductive at 11. She had a stylish find at 18. Ellie finished short at time.

Highstanding Cuttin Edge (Anthony and Dayna Rusciano/DiMambro) and Greyrock's Mile Marker (Tom Tubergen/Rich Barber). "Woody" was rewarded with a find at 13. He had a nice race and manners all in order. He had another find at 28 and a back at 39. Woody had a big finish at the end. "Saint" was seen for the first 9 minutes. After a short absence Saint then had an unproductive at 17. He carded finds at 26 and 39. Saint had a strong finish and dove into the woods two or three times hunting.

L P K's Centerfire (Adam Burch/Barber) and Sure Shot's Blazing Gun (Keri Morris/DiMambro). "Tikka" was in heat and not pleasing Barber who picked her up. Blaze was not pleasing DiMambro and he picked up also.

Outbak's Rough Cut (Burch/Barber) had a big forward race with a find at 37. "Diamond" finished out in the first cotton field with a find at 48 and a superb finish to the front. Rock River's U Can't Handle (Rick Heller/DiMambro) had a find at 8. He was seen later at 20. Handler requested the retrieval unit at 30.

Rockland's Mister Sparky (David Morgan/DiMambro) started out quick with a find at 3. He pointed something at 13. Handler elected to move on. Sparky had a find at 15. Handler picked up at 18. She's Miles of Sass (Dr. Patti Meldi/Barber) was gone until 8 with a find. She hunted through the piney woods with a stop to flush at 32. At 42 handler picked her up.

Outbak's Purdy Slick (Charles Lane II/Barber) started strong with finds at 7, 15, 19, 43 and 49. She had an unproductive at 38. Purdy was consistently forward with a big run. She finished out in the first cotton field. Hidden Valley's Indian Scout (Donald Schmidt and Mary Elaine Loyko/DiMambro) was not pleasing handler and was done at 20.

Riden High Rudy (Ray Nelson/DiMambro) was big and strong and garnered finds at 11 and 14. Handler elected to pick up at 30. Dulac Princess Aviator (Tom Tubergen/Barber) was hunting and had a good race with multiple finds at 6, 22 and 38. "Val" also backed Rudy at 11. Handler elected to pick up at 38.

Franchi's Son of a Gun (Jacob Schultz/DiMambro) and Outbak's He's for Me (Linnea Hadlock/Barber). "Frank" started out going good. At 16 he had an unproductive. After a short absence he was found to the front with a find. Handler elected to pick up. "Reggie" was seen backing Frank at 16. He was in good order and manners. Reggie handled well and had an unproductive at 29. Handler elected to pick up.

Windy City's Last Laugh (Bill Larson/Barber) and Hi N'S Matilda (Lewis/ DiMambro) weren't pleasing their handlers and they were picked up at 32.

Chicoree's Sparkling Ruby (Ryan/DiMambro) ran as a bye, had finds at 8 and 18. She had a bobble and was leashed for the day.

Rumel's Augie Doggie (Carl and Melody Checklick and Rocklyn Turano/DiMambro) had a nice consistent, forward race. He had multiple finds 6, 13, 18, 23 and 34. Augie had an unproductive at 43. He finished out in the first cotton field from the breakaway. Hunting in to the woods several times.

Hi N's Bodacious (Lewis/DiMambro) started out strong with a quick find at 4. He carded another find at 8. We didn't see "Bo" until 34 with a find to the front. The handler elected to pick up at 45.

The championship title was awarded to Outbak's Purdy Slick, owned by Charles Lane II of West Branch, Mich., and handled by Rich Barber. Runner-up was Outbak's Rough Cut, owned by Adam Burch of Smithville, Mo., and handled by Rich Barber.

We look forward to Region 16 and Savannah River being the premier trials to attend in Georgia. See you in 2020!

Judges: Peter Coppens and Cliff Mesnard


[One-Hour Heats] -- 21 German Shorthairs

Winner--OUTBAK'S PURDY SLICK, 1669579, female, by Right Stuff's Slick Pick--Outbak's Lil Josey. Charles Lane II, owner; Rich Barber, handler.

Runner-Up--OUTBAK'S ROUGH CUT, 1672639, female, by Greyrock Mile Marker--Outbak's Lil Josey. Adam Burch, owner; Rich Barber, handler.