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Event: Annual Labor Day trial
Result: English Setter Club of America

Location: Medford, New Jersey

Post Date: Oct 6, 2021

Submitted By: Lloyd Miller

The English Setter Club of America ran its annual Labor Day trial on Saturday, September 4, and concluded Sunday, September 5. Bob Brooks again chaired this event and did an excellent job with great help from Karen Lordi.

Bad Bourbon

The club wants to thank everyone who helped with the trial, since it would not be a success without the people involved. Especially the great food served at the barbecue Saturday night and at in the kitchen during the day.

Those who helped here were our grill-master, Joe Cincotta, Nancy and Karen Lordi, Bob and Lisa Brooks, Charlene Buchanan, Susan Franks and Louise Wilcox.

We also thank our bird planters, runners and those who kept the outside moving--Bob Brooks, John Frank, Joe Buchanan, Greg Ritchings, Tim Holmes and Matt and Norman Basilone.

Our judges this year were John Frank and David Creagan in the Open Shooting Dog, Roger Dvorak and Joe Buchanan in the Open Derby, Alex Smith and Sheila Cassidy Hart in the Amateur All-age, Joe Buchanan and Lloyd Miller in the Amateur Restricted Shooting Dog, Anthony and Dayna Rusciano in the Amateur Shooting Dog, and Lloyd Miller and Bob Brooks in the Amateur Derby. We thank them for their time in the saddle and attentiveness throughout. Their decisions were well received.

Again, we thank Greg Blair and Purina that supported our trial with dog food for the winners. Their support always makes trials an added bonus for all who participate.


Harbor City Pride, white and liver pointer male, owned by Tom Brigman, Jr., of Rose Hill, N. C., gained the blue collar in the Open Derby. "Chunk," as he is called, scored with a real nice race and two good finds. The red collar went to Harbor City Express, also owned by Tom Brigman, Jr. "Dan" had one nice find and a good forward race. Both the first and second place dogs were nicely handled by Matt Basilone. Taking the yellow was Newfield's Easy Rider, pointer female, owned and handled by Bo Mamounis of Newfield, N. J. "Sandy" had four finds and a pretty moving race.

Ironwill Suzie, white and black pointer female, owned by Bob Brooks and ably handled by Matt Basilone, won the Open Shooting Dog Stake with a strong, edge-running race and two very stylish finds. Taking second was Calico's Guns and Roses, owned by Calico Kennels and Bill and Primm, and handled nicely by Alex Smith. She ran with good range and had four excellent stands on quail. Third was Bad Bourbon which ran in the first brace for Gunner Boyer with a good four-find effort.

Medford, N. J., September 3

Judges: Joe Buchanan and Roger Dvorak

OPEN DERBY -- 8 Pointers

1st--HARBOR CITY PRIDE, 1695400, male, by Mohawk Mill Legacy's Pride--Mohawk Mill Dolly. Tom Brigman, Jr., owner; Matt Basilone, handler.

2d--HARBOR CITY EXPRESS, 1695399, male, by Stone Run's Buddy--Mohawk Mill Zeva. Tom Brigman, Jr., owner; Matt Basilone, handler.

3d--NEWFIELD'S EASY RIDER, 1696495, female, by Storm Rider--Little Wing Wango Tango. George Mamounis, owner; Bo Mamounis, handler.

Judges: David Creagan and John Frank

OPEN SHOOTING DOG -- 9 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st--IRON WILL SUZIE, 1669362, pointer female, by No Hitting No Spitting--North Country Girl. Robert J. Brooks, owner; Matt Basilone, handler.

2d--CALICO'S GUNS N ROSES, 1682136, pointer male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir--Calico's Touch of Class. Calico Kennels & Muriel & Bill Primm, owners; Alex Smith, handler.

3d--BAD BOURBON, 1662012, poinater male, by Bully Bragg--Summerhill Bella. Gunner Boyer, owner and handler.


The Amateur All-Age finished things off Saturday afternoon. Navajo Cody, pointer male, owned by Camille Mosiello and Sal Morelli and handled by Joe Lordi, took the first place. Cody ran an excellent all-age race to the front and scored on three stylish and mature stands on quail. Marcus Ramseur ably showed off Joe Cincotta's setter female, Ravenwood Charley, to garner second. She scored stylishly five times with head high style and a strong forward race. A job well done. Taking third was Fluid Drive, pointer male, owned by Sal Morelli and handled by Joe Lordi. The pointer male put on a nice performance of his own with four nice finds and a good all-age race.

The Amateur Restricted Shooting Dog was contested Sunday. Deerfield Game, pointer female, owned by Dick Gillis of Medford, N.J., and Karen Lordi of Tabernacle, N.J., and artfully handled by Marcus Ramseur took first in the stake. Diva as she is called had a good race, of which was very stylish running and on point. She scored with three well mannerly and polished finds. Second went to Ironwill Suzie for her second placement of the weekend for Bob Brooks. She had five good stands on quail coupled with a nice forward edge running race. Third went to Hit's A Ring of Fire, Brittany male, owned and ably handled by Ralph Kiracofe, ran an excellent wide easy handling forward race with one nice find and an unproductive to gain the nod this day.

Taking first place in the Amateur Shooting Dog was Little Wing Inked Up, pointer male, owned and handled by Bo Mamounis. Second went Waybetter Bobby, pointer male, owned and handled by Robert Verderosa of Robbinsville, N.J. Third was Fluid Drive, pointer male, Saturday's third place in the All-Age. All three ran excellent shooting dog races coupled with multiple finds on quail separated only by quality on race and style on point.

Others that were in the hunt, were Ironwill Suzie with three finds, two of divided with bracemate, Limbsmoke Urban Lullaby. Lullaby with third find just after pickup call. Lullaby with the wider race that may have not always been seen by judges due to high cover this year. Lily An Creag had a nice race also with two nice finds and an unproductive. Dan had three finds in first brace for owner Bob Bergen, handler Marcus Ramseur, and Hank scored a single find in the fifth brace for Bo Mamounis. I did not get a report on all that ran but was told there were numerous others that finished with nice performances.

In the Amateur Derby, the blue went to Triple Nickel Carbon Copy, pointer male, owned by Robert and Linda Bergen of Vineland, N.J., and handled by Marcus Ramseur. "Clem," as he is called, had a real good performance with three excellent finds and a back with a pretty moving race of good ground coverage and great style. Harbor City Pride, pointer male, owned by Tom Brigman, Jr., and also handled by Marcus Ramseur, was awarded the red collar. "Chunky," another two-time winner of the weekend, had three finds which he handled well and a good race on the ground. The yellow went to Boyer's Running Buck Wild. The pointer ran like his name, fast and classy and strong and on the ground, not always with perfect manners on point but found three coveys with fire.

Jolene Jolene, pointer female for Dave McKay, had a lot of nice finds but her race was on shorter side this day. A good crop of Derbies. Looking forward to see where they breakout next year.

Judges: Sheila Cassidy Hart and Alex Smith

AMATEUR ALL-AGE -- 4 Pointers, 3 Setters and 1 Irish Setter

1st--NAVAJO CODY, 1668520, pointer male, by Great River Ice--Blaze's Isis. Camille Masiello & Saverio Morelli, owners; Joe Lordi, handler.

2d--RAVENNWOD CHARLEY, 1662943, setter female, by Grouse Woods Skeeter--Riley's Last Call. Joseph Cincotta, owner; Marcus Ramseur, handler.

3d--FLUID DRIVE, 1659984, pointer male, by Great River Ice--Blaze's Isis. Saviero Morelli, owner; Joe Lordi, handler.

Judges: Joe Buchanan and Lloyd Miller

Ravenwood Charley


and 2 Brittanys

1st--DEERFIELD GAME, 1654932, pointer female, by Erin's Stone Cutter--A Whiskey Lullaby. Richard Gillis & Karen Lordi, owners; Marcus Ramseur, handler.

2d--IRON WILL SUZIE, 1669362, pointer female, by No Hitting No Spitting--North Country Girl. Robert J. Brooks, owner; Bob Brooks, handler.

3d--HIT'S A RING OF FIRE, 1686271, Brittany male, by M R B's Cool Running--Tranuilacreasangiebabie. Ralph Kiracofe, owner and handler.

Judges: Anthony Rusciano and Dayna Rusciano

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG -- 12 Pointers, 2 Setters

and 1 Irish Setter

1st--LITTLE WING INKED UP, 1680941, pointer male, by Text Me Later--Little WIng's Voodoo Chile. George Mamounis, owner and handler.

2d--WAYBETTER BOBBY, 1682880, pointer male, by Waybetter Rocky--Nehawka Amazin Sue. Robert Verderosa, owner and handler.

3d--FLUID DRIVE, 1659984, pointer male, by Great River Ice--Blaze's Isis. Saviero Morelli, owner; Joe Lordi, handler.

Judges: Robert Brooks and Lloyd Miller

AMATEUR DERBY -- 6 Pointers

1st--TRIPLE NICKEL CARBON COPY, 1692617, male, by Miller's Hennessy--Jamback's Amazing Grace. Robert & Linda Bergen, owners; Marcus Ramseur, handler.

2d--HARBOR CITY PRIDE, 1695400, male, by Mohawk Mill Legacy's Pride--Mohawk Mill Dolly. Tom Brigman, Jr., owner; Marcus Ramseur, handler.

3d--BOYER'S RUNNING BUCK WILD, 1693300, male, by Chowan River C Rail--War Paint's Little Birdie. Stephen G. Boyer, owner; Darren Boyer, handler.