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Result: Tarheel Brittany Open Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Boydton, Virginia

Post Date: Mar 18, 2019

Submitted By: Bruce Conover


Championship Winners. From left: Bill Gorman, Fran Gorman, Jeff Smith, judge; Kyle Merrill
with I'm Your Man, Ben Lorenson, Vince Anderson with Magnum High Velocity, Denise Anderson and Larry King, judge.

BOYDTON, VA. -- The Tarheel Brittany Open Shooting Dog Championship began Tuesday, February 12, under cloudy skies and intermittent showers at the Dick Cross Wildlife Management Area in Boydton, Va. Twenty-seven Brittanys from more than seven states were brought to the line to test their worth by both professionals and amateurs, all intent upon highlighting the drive, strength, and style needed to be crowned this year's champion.

Some excellent performances were rendered during the three-day event. In the end I'm Your Man, six-year-old white and orange Brittany male under the strong hands of Ben Lorenson in the sixth brace for owner Frances Gorman of Ashford, Conn., rose to the top as champion. Magnum High Velocity, six-year-old white and orange Brittany male owned and handled by Vince Anderson of Eric, Pa., was named runner-up.

Piney Run Three Sheets to the Wind, handled by Ben Lorenson in the first brace and owned by Tiffany and Tom Bass, and Coos Triple Six, owned by George Habecker and handled by John Perry, challenged the winners.

We would like to thank our judges, Jeff Smith from Virginia and Larry King from West Virginia, for their dedication and careful evaluation of this year's running, which at times was performed under some very inclement weather. Their undivided attention to each and every brace was very much appreciated by all those who came to the line.

Thanks to Ronnie and Ivan Clark who organized and executed an exceptional event, and all those who contributed to making this year's Championship another huge success. Thank you also to all those who traveled great distances to participate in the Championship as well as the before and after regional trials hosted by the Northern Virginia and Tarheel Brittany Clubs.

This year's Championship and the before and after weekend field trials were particularly difficult to execute. The championship course was modified to accommodate major construction of the area's lake dam and the weekend trials required extra care at road crossings because of the unusual volume of traffic to and from the construction site. In the end, however, the modified championship course turned out to be as good, if not better, than that used traditionally, and with the help of many participants all road crossings were carefully monitored and the dogs protected from occasional vehicular movement.

We would be terribly remiss if we did not call for a special recognition of the folks at Purina and SportDog who sponsored this year's Championship. The professionals at Purina continue to research and develop the most nutritious animal feeds available and most deservedly enjoy the trust and confidence of field trialers across the nation.

As a new sponsor of our event this year, SportDog collars represent the finest in sporting dog tracking and training technologies. We are extremely grateful to Jim Morehouse and the SportDog Team for their support!


Day No. 1, Tuesday, February 12. Coos Triple Six (Boomer/Perry) and Piney Run Three Sheets to the Wind (Jib/Lorenson) were away at 9:08, both dogs establishing a quartering pattern at medium range. At 7 Jib discovered game at the dike shortcut with Boomer honoring politely. At 13 Jib again struck scent at a distance followed shortly by Boomer. All that followed was in order and both dogs moved on through the cut toward the dike with Jib taking the lead. Approaching the silo both dogs reached out to the front, John finding Boomer on point in the wooded area past the silo. At 38 Boomer again established point at the lake edge. Jib had crossed the hill and was out of sight heading toward the bowl. Both dogs later ringed the bowl at good speed. Jib struck game at 51 with Boomer honoring nicely. At 55 Boomer found birds on the left as we moved through the cut heading back to the bear trap with Jib honoring. The brace ended with both dogs moving pleasingly forward.

Rainbow's Chicken McNuggett (Merrill) found game at 5 but released himself after the flush. Magnum High Velocity (Gauge/Anderson) was running well ahead, ringed the back field on the river bottom responding kindly to Vince's handling. As we approached the dike Gauge hung to the right and ringed the edge showing well to the front on the dike. At 15 Gauge established point but after relocation Vince couldn't produce a bird and elected to move on. At 22 Gauge pointed birds on the lake edge with all in order at the flush. Moving forward quickly, he moved inside the woodsline and was found standing amid some heavy cover far to the front at 30. At 40 Vince's scout called point for Gauge at the very edge of the bowl. All in order, Gauge and Vince ended the hour well to the front.

Sal (Conover) and Piney Run It's a Smooth Ride (Lexi/Lorenson) were away quickly to the front. At 8 Sal was standing far to the front. As handler approached Sal lost her patience and was up. Lexi established point at 10 near the river bottom gate, lost her composure at the flush and was also collared.

Brigadoon's High Proof Moonshine (Hooch/Lorenson), as a bye, moved quickly to the front in a quartering pattern. At 11 Ben's scout called point in the vicinity of the back gate. Unable to produce game, Ben elected to move on. Hooch crossed the dike at good speed only to be found on point near the silo at 32. Again unable to produce a bird, Ben ended Hooch's run.

Marjo's Fille De La Bretagne (Brie/Perry) and One Off Kalip Kip (Lorenson) were loosed at 2:34 and moved quickly to the front quartering the field with good ground speed. Then rounded the river bottom and moved quickly across the dam past the silo with Brie out of sight as we broke onto the road crossing. Reappearing as we entered the bear trap, Brie and Kip moved quickly toward the dam where at 30 Kip established point but had a lapse of manners and was up. Brie continued on, ringing the entire bowl edge and finding game at 45. The brace ended with Brie to the front.

Winnie the Wip (Maiale) and I'm Your Man (Gus/Lorenson) were quickly into the mouth of the river bottom. At 4 Gus established point at the shortcut to the dike with Winnie honoring smartly. All was in order. Gus again hit game at 9 near the back gate and when released sped to the front across the dike. Winnie worked closer but handled kindly for Mario. Passing the silo, Gus remained far to the front and was found standing at the edge beyond the lake at 20 with Winnie backing. At 24 Ben reported a third find for Gus near the cedars prior to the bowl. The brace ended with Gus far to the front in the field at the road. A very nice performance.

Wednesday, February 13. Finn MacCuhal (Lorenson), as a bye, was away at 8:30 and quickly pointed a covey of 5 or 6 birds at 5 along the right edge of the river bottom. With all in order, Mac moved to the front, crossed the dike and passed the silo without further bird contact. Leaving the bear trap heading toward the lake, Mac encountered difficulty and Ben elected to pick him up.

Coveyrise Steady Eddie (Conover) and Palmetto Pointe's Autumn Blazing Star (Autie/Lorenson) hunted hard to the front hitting all the likely spots. At 8 Autie pointed near the shortcut to the dike and Eddie moved in to back kindly. Ben flushed with all in order and both dogs moved on to the front. At 15 Autie found game again near the silo with all in order. Both dogs entered the bear trap handling kindly well to the front. Eddie grabbed the right edge and followed it to the downed tree and elected to follow the cedars to the hilltop beyond the lake. Autie took the left edge and headed to the lake. Both dogs proceeded around the bowl to the bear trap without further bird contact.

Briar Patch Ms. Gabreal (Gabby/ Roth) moved quickly out of sight along the river bottom, while Just Call Me Eli (Merrill) hunted hard, quartering steadily to the front. At 8 Marvin called point for Gabby which had found birds on the right side of the river bottom near the shortcut to the dike. At 10 Eli established point on the opposite side of the river bottom. Kyle flushed and all was in order. Marvin failed to produce a bird and moved Gabby on. Both dogs rounded the bottom and crossed the dike far to the front. Passing the silo and traveling through the bear trap, both dogs continued to demonstrate good ground speed. Gabby pointed game at the edge of the lake at 25 with Eli honoring politely. Eli quickly took the front. Gabby pointed again at 35 at the edge of cover at the hilltop beyond the lake. Eli followed suit at 45 near the end of the bowl. Both dogs finished strongly ahead.

T J's Black Diamond (Coal/Perry) and Sigbrit's Not a Trace of Rust (Rusty/ Lorenson) remained well to the front through the river bottom and across the dike. Approaching the silo Coal jumped into the woodsedge and moved forward showing well to the front. Rusty followed the edge to the front and was found standing at the large oak beyond the silo. Ben produced a bird and moved on with Coal and John to the front. As we entered the bear trap both dogs made the cut toward the dam where Coal established point at the lake edge. Unable to locate a bird, John moved Coal on. Coal reestablished point and a flush at the top of the hill along the left edge again within minutes. The dogs linked up again at the bowl and proceeded very quickly through the remainder of the course without further bird contact.

Shailorville's Gunner (Lorenson), as a bye dog, had a strong breakaway. He carded a find at 12 near the rear gate of the river bottom. Crossing the dike far to the front, Gunner entered the field heading toward the silo holding onto the edge on the right. Racing far to the front Gunner entered the bear trap and quickly passed the dam only to come from the rear as we entered the bowl. Ringing the bowl with good speed, Gunner crossed into the bear trap and hooked the left edge to the front. Gunner finished the hour without further bird contact.

Rosie the Terror (Maiale) and M and M's Grouse Gunning Gracie (Merrill) were off at 2:35. At 15 Gracie found game in the pines near the shortcut to the dike with Rosie to the front. Unable to produce a bird, Kyle directed Gracie to move on. Passing the silo, both dogs moved to the front, Gracie demonstrating animated and rapid movement. They raced through the bear trap to the front when at 38 Gracie pointed at the hilltop heading to the bowl with Rosie honoring admirably. Unsatisfied with Gracie's appearance after the flush, Kyle picked her up. As we approached the bowl Rosie slowed her pace and completed the hour without further bird contact.

The first brace Thursday -- Marjo's Leftover (Haley/Perry) and Waypointe Chancey Big White Cooper (Merrill) -- was loosed at 8:20. Both covered the river bottom quickly, showing intermittently well to the front all the way to the dike. Passing the silo Haley traveled into the woods across the road and required John's coaxing to return to the front. As we entered the bear trap both dogs were to the front and quickly moved to the lake and up the hill. At 34 Big White and Haley recorded a divided find on the left edge of the hilltop. With all in order, the dogs moved to the bowl where Haley ringed the complete edge with Big White searching a nearby likely bird spot. Both dogs completed the hour without further bird contact.

Shailorville's Tucker (Lorenson), as a bye, moved quickly to the far front and established point in the vicinity of the shortcut to the dike at 10. Moving smartly past the silo and on into the bear trap Tucker demonstrated a consistent forward movement hugging the edges when appropriate. At the edge of the lake Tucker carded another find with all in order. Traversing the bowl and moving through the bear trap quickly, Tucker finished without further bird contact.

Copper on the Job (Maiale) and Ammo's Denver Briar Patch (Merrill). At breakaway Denver took the lead while Copper established an early hunting pattern. At 9 Denver encountered bird difficulty and was up. Copper continued to hunt hitting all the likely places and was rewarded in the vicinity of the river bottom gate with a nice find. Past the silo Copper carded another find with all in order again. Through the bear trap and up the hill, Copper continued to handle kindly. Running the entire bowl edge, Copper finished the hour hunting hard to the front.

Jessie (Lorenson) moved quickly to the front running the edges and hitting likely spots. Running hard past the silo and into the bear trap, a difficult encounter with a bird at the lake edge resulted in her finishing early.

Boydton, Va., February 12

Judges: Larry King and Jeff Smith


[One-Hour Heats] -- 27 Brittanys

Winner--I'M YOUR MAN, 1650667, male, by Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid--Sam's Sandbank Rose. Frances Gorman, owner; Ben Lorenson, handler.

Runner-Up--MAGNUM HIGH VELOCITY, 1669433, male, by High Hopes Tiger Jac--Dot's Original Spice. Vincent Anderson, owner and handler.


Judges: Mike Blondin and Jameson Crandall

OPEN ALL-AGE -- 14 Entries

1st--BRIAR PATCH MS. GABREAL, 1651991, Brittany female, by Hope's Carolina Sunshine--Briar Patch Pearl. Marvin & Kay Roth, owners; Marvin Roth, handler.

2d--SAL, 1616856, Brittany female, by Just Call Me Roy--B B B's Flashy Rose. Bruce & Karen Conover, owners; Bruce Conover, handler.

3d--DIAMOND HILL TRAVELING DOC, 1663708, Brittany male, by Sam Dee's Traveler--Mickey's Spice Girl. Lisa & Paul Pollock, owners; Lisa Pollock, handler.

Judges: Marvin Roth and Sharon Townley


1st--DUKES BLAZE WYNFIELD, unreg., German Shorthair male, by B Docks Duke of Monroe--Wynfields Red Neck Woman. Eddie Abraham, owner; Bob Felins, handler.

2d--WINNIE THE WHIP, 1650506, Brittany female, by Hits All Jack'd Up--Temptress of Terror. Mario Maiale, owner and handler.

3d--DUKE OF MONROE'S WILD BLUE YONDER, unreg., German Shorthair male, by B Docks Duke of Monroe--Wolf Plain Brooks Mistress of the Dark. Bobby Felins, owner and handler.

Judges: Robert Felins and Diana Haynes

OPEN PUPPY -- 9 Entries

1st--LLANO'S SHE'LL LOVE YOU WITH A SMILE, unreg., German Shorthair female, by Texas Tuff--Llano's Hot Tamale. Damien Mauger, owner and handler.

2d--PINEY RUN CANDY, unreg., female, by I'm Your Man--Piney Run Sugar. Martha Greenlee, owner and handler.

3d--BRIAR PATCH JAKE, unreg., Brittany male, by Piney Run Jake--Briar Patch Ms. Gabreal. Marvin Roth, owner and handler.

Judges: Jameson Crandall and Howard Shultz


1st--DRY CREEK GINGER SNAP, 1675790, pointer female, by Black River Hawk--Aries. George & Jeni Doyle, owners; George Doyle, handler.

2d--BAD NEWS BILLY, 1668026, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Pirate--East Coast Jessy Jane. Bruce & Karen Conover, owners; Bruce Conover, handler.

3d--COPPER ON THE JOB, 1650503, Brittany male, by Hits All Jack'd Up--Temptress of Terror. Mario Maiale, owner and handler.

Judges: Robert Felins and Marvin Roth

OPEN DERBY -- 16 Entries

1st--IT AIN'T MY FAULT, 1678761, Brittany female, by Black Creek Deacon--Kinwashkly Stolen Diamond. Lisa Pollock, owner and handler.

2d--WYNFIELDS ON THE ROAD AGAIN, unreg., German Shorthair male, by Odyssey's Saint Rocco--Wynfields Saddled Beauty. Greg & Patti Nicholson, owners; Greg Nicholson, handler.

3d--MODIFIED CLYDE, 1674121, pointer male, by Black River Hawk--Aries. L. J. & Casey King, owners; Larry King, handler.