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Result: Pacific Coast Derby Championship

Location: Reno, Nevada

Post Date: Apr 19, 2021

Submitted By: Kim Sampson

The 2021 Pacific Coast Derby Championship commenced on Monday, April 19, following the National Amateur Chukar Shooting Dog Championship. Sixteen dogs were drawn.

The 2020 running, like so many others throughout this country and Canada, was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic that exploded across the globe starting in January and was rampant by March. What a huge breath of fresh air it has been to be out running in field trials again! I think we all have renewed appreciation for this sport and the opportunity to participate.

As in past years, this Championship was sponsored by Purina and SportDog. Purina gave dog food to the winners and SportDog gave collars to the winners. Without these two great companies, running a successful trial would not be possible. Thank you!

In the judicial saddles were two men with credible judging experience as well as success with their own dogs. Derby stakes are notoriously difficult to judge, as there are many ways to assess and determine "potential". The dogs that ran under Jim Ledington of Eagle, Ida., and Jarry Walton of Reno, Nev., were attentively watched, each given every opportunity to show their talents and abilities, in this, the only Derby Championship west of the MIssissippi. There were several impressive runs in the stake but when the (literal) dust settled, two capable dogs rose to the top.


The title of Champion was awarded to Highground Toby, setter male, owned by Lori Steinshouer and Jeff Glibertson, with Lori handling.

Toby started out as a handful, breaking away from camp and promptly disappearing over the nearest hill and not seen again for several minutes. As we cleared the juniper trees, Lori pointed out her charge high on the west hills, traveling with speed and style to spare. The next 45 minutes Toby made intelligent use of the vast terrain and showed forward at intervals that were both exciting and stressful (for Lori) at times. This dog was a pleasure to watch run, his smooth gait carried him across flat ground and steep hills with equal efficiency, all while maintaining that delicate balance of independence and keeping the handler in mind. Bird finding wasn't easy through almost all of the different stakes and that was equally true in the derby. With 5 minutes to go, Toby still needed a find to cap off his run.

At time, Toby was out of sight, Lori having urged him over the hill. The judges stopped where time was called and waited. Six minutes later the distant sound of "Point!" was heard. Judges and gallery started riding toward the sound and promptly saw scout Randy Anderson with raised hat on the ridgeline. We all followed him up and up into the rocky terrain where Toby stood in the rocks with impeccable style and intensity. When judges were in a position to see the action, Lori picked her way through the rocks and a pair of chukar took flight, all in order at flush and shot. What an ending to an exciting run, and a testament to wise time management!

Runner -up honors went to World Class Bootlegger, pointer male owned by Mick Marietta of Pittsburg, Kan., and handled by Randy Anderson. This dog was fun to watch, gaining speed and strength as his hour went on. At about 30 minutes, he really kicked things into gear and showed well to the front at good range. Bootlegger had some particularly good moves up on the steep hillsides moving through the Big Valley, a place where you can really show an all age dog. At the end of one of his casts, he stopped in some brush on the steep sandy side hill. At 48 point was called by the handler and as we rode closer, the dog's lofty style became apparent. Anderson climbed up to the dog, a single chukar was flushed and the shot rang out, all in order.

The last 10 minutes of Bootlegger's run was thrilling. He climbed the hills and raced across the low ground. He disappeared once and things were tense for a time, wondering if he'd show again or continue on and on and on, out of sight. Scout Sean Kelly knows the terrain as well as anyone and apparently had things under control because the dog showed in time to connect with his handler and have a good forward finish.

The Winners


Brace No. 1: Highground Gidget (ESF/Steinshouer) was an exciting dog to watch. She ran big and she ran high, exactly where an effective chukar dog should go. Unfortunately, none of her efforts were rewarded with a find. S F Hardrock (PM/Larry Smith) ran an overall conservative race. Point was called for him at 11 and 48, neither stand resulting in birds.

Miller's L'elletto (PM/R. Anderson) had point called for him at 12 but no birds could be produced. He was picked up at 30, not pleasing his handler. Love Train (PF/Griffin) was running strong when she disappeared at 30 and not seen again til 49. That time missing took the wind out of her sails and she finished ahead but at restricted range.

Indian Head Express (PF/J. Tappero) was up at 10, not performing to her handler's expectations. Janee's Seekin A Penny (PF/Staley) showed a good effort for the first 15 but was picked up at 30.

I H Pearl's Blindsider (PF/Tappero) had a nice race but couldn't come up with a bird. Charlie's Zip Tie (ESM/Bill Owen) made some really nice moves during his hour but like his bracemate, went birdless.

In No. 5, Seahawk's Bam Bam Kam (PM/T. Smedley) and Kelly's IB Rocky (PM/S. Kelly) had the most exciting ground efforts of the championship. Both dogs had the gallery sitting up in the saddle and watching for where they might appear next. I've always thought good all-age dogs make you see the course and terrain differently because of how they run it; these two definitely did that! Unfortunately, an hour full of power, range and stamina never resulted in birds for either dog. Had their efforts been rewarded, chances are the top spots would've been challenged.

Indian Head Storm (PF/Tappero) and Touch's Reign of Fire (PF/T. Griffin) never got their motors running and were picked up at 20.

Highground Toby, the winner, was covered previously. Steen's Mountain Outlaw (ESM/Tappero) had some nice casts and showed well several times during his hour. Point was called at 12 but no birds could be produced. He finished forward.

Highground Myla (ESF/Steinshouer) ran a moderate race and didn't have any birds. World Class Bootlegger was covered previously.

Reno, Nev., April 19

Judges: Jim Ledington and Jarry Walton


11 Pointers and 5 Setters

Winner--HIGHGROUND TOBY, 1688620, setter male, by Highground Tonka--Lying Eyes. Lori Steinshouer & Jeff Gilbertson, owners; Lori Steinshouer, handler.

Runner-Up--WORLD CLASS BOOTLEGGER, 1692522, pointer male, by Miller's Speed Dial--World Class Makin Bank. Michael Marietta, owner; Randy Anderson, handler.