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Result: U. S. Complete National Shooting Dog Association

Location: Hoffman, North Carolina

Post Date: Mar 1, 2019

Submitted By: Verlene Stephenson, Secy.


Shooting Dog Classic Winners. Front (l-r): Hope Beauford with Smoke Rise Cece, Dean Avillion with Boston and Bobby Phillips with Bob's Elhew Holly. Middle: Gary Miller, judge; Tony Bingham, Robert Ecker, Calvin Curnutte, judge; Verlene Stephenson and Ted Riley. On the wagon: Dennis Beauford, Earl Drew, Gerald Movelle, Matt Phillips, Tom Togno, Megan Riggs, Travis Riggs and Robert Little.
HOFFMAN, N. C. -- The Robert E. Lee Shooting Dog Classic began Tuesday morning, February 5, under sunny skies and extremely warm temperatures. The week before the trial we were in the polar vortex with freezing temperatures, but by this week it felt like we were in the tropics. Such is the weather in North Carolina.

The trial was held at the Sandhills Game Land Area called the "drop zone", near Hoffman, N. C. This area is used by the military for helicopter training exercises, thus the term "drop zone".

Chairman Ted Riley had everything in order for the trial. He and Earl Drew made sure the necessary equipment (tractor, gallery wagon, bird pen) got transported to the grounds. Ted did the bird planting from his Kubota. Birds were purchased from Williamson's Game Farm here in North Carolina and kept in a portable bird pen on the premises. The birds were plump, well-feathered and flew well. On a few occasions the Kubota came in handy to pick up dogs and/or handlers that didn't finish their brace.

A few years ago, Ted Riley had a hay wagon converted to a gallery wagon with seats. There is also room for dog boxes. The gallery wagon was full of spectators most of the trial. Several people stepped in to drive the tractor pulling the wagon. However, Earl Drew did most of the driving. Thanks to all of you who pitched in!

The judges for the Lee Classic were Gary Miller and Calvin Curnutte, both from Jackson Springs, N. C. Both are respected field trialers and judges. They gave each dog and handler their utmost attention. Their decisions were well received. Thanks to both of them for keeping good notes and assisting me with this report.

The trial was scheduled to begin at 8:00 a. m. Tuesday morning. However, a few minutes before that a phone call was received from one of the judges whose truck was disabled by a flat tire about two miles from the grounds. A driver was dispatched to fetch Gary. He borrowed a horse and the trial started without much delay. By lunchtime, a local tire service had changed the tire and he was able to retrieve his truck and horse trailer.

I have to take a moment and thank everyone for his or her participation and willingness to step in and help wherever needed. The sound of laughter was frequently heard as jokes were told and tall tales were shared. People came from far and wide to either run their dogs or watch from the gallery wagon. We had folks from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, New Jersey and Canada in attendance. Whenever there was a "hiccup", there was someone with a solution. Whether it was driving the tractor, driving the dog wagon, helping with lunch, etc., someone was always available to help. This was a great bunch of people. Thank you!

This year we had new participants join us. I am hoping they had a good experience and will be back next year.

I would also like to thank our national sponsors, Purina and Garmin. Purina supplied dog food coupons for shooting dog and puppy placements. Dog food certificates were awarded to the Futurity placements. A Garmin collar was awarded to the Futurity winner. Thank you for your continued support of our beloved sport.

A highlight of this year's Classic was the handlers' dinner on Wednesday evening. Everyone was invited to gather at the local Golden Corral for dinner. Originally, it was going to be a Dutch treat dinner. Then the Southern Pines Field Trial Club offered to sponsor the dinner for all those in attendance, pleasantly surprising us. Thank you Gerald Movelle and your club. This was the night for enjoying a meal together and experience our camaraderie. After dinner we enjoyed Ted Riley's account of how Bob Lee started the U. S. Complete organization and how it came to be what it is today.

Bobby Phillips shared his memories of the famous Les Hobbs and what he meant to field trials. A good time was had by all.

The Winners

Named the winner of the Bob Lee Classic was Smoke Rise Cece, pointer female owned by Fred Rose of Pinehurst, N. C., and handled by Tony Bingham. Cece ran in the 9th brace on Wednesday morning. She had a limb find in the field at 25, a find at 35, and a wild covey find at 45. She also had backs at 28 and 48. Cece had a big race for the majority of her hour.

Placed second was Boston, pointer male owned by Jim Kilrain of Braintree, Mass., handled by Robert Ecker. Boston ran in the 11th brace on Thursday afternoon when heat was a factor. Boston had finds at 12, 18 and 29. He also had a stop to flush at 38. He ran a big forward race to the front and was found on point. Boston was stylish on his birds and showed good manners.

Taking third was Bob's Elhew Holly, pointer female owned and handled by Bobby Phillips of Jonesborough, Tenn. Holly ran in the 5th brace on Tuesday afternoon. Holly had finds at 8, 16, 30, 34 and 45, which required a relocation. Here she showed a minor manners infraction on flush. She had a medium to long race and handled well.

The Running

Stoney Run's John (PM/Bingham) had an unproductive at 9, with the retrieval device eventually requested. Maximum Resistance (SM/Matt Phillips) had finds at 20, 28, 33, 36, and 44 requiring a relocation. He also had a back at 9. He suffered unproductives at 49 and 55. He had a stylish although short to medium race and was stylish on point.

Crazy Mountain Buck (SM/David Huffine) had a big breakaway. Buck had an unproductive at 22, then had finds at 26, 29, 39 and 44. He had a stylish but short to medium race. Cock'N'Fire Maggie (PF/Allen Johnson/Bingham) had her running shoes on today and was gone from the breakaway. Retrieval unit was out at 20.

Mooselook Mac (SM/Jack McNalty/ Robert Little) had a find at 10. Mac had a short race and was picked up at 30. Attitude's True Grit (SM/Dennis and Hope Beauford/Ecker) had six finds at 12, 19, 24, 33, with a relocation and a little movement, 51 and 57. He had a medium race, appearing from behind a few times.

Miss Penn Star (SF/Dr. George Najor/Ecker) had finds at 10 and 35. She had a big breakaway and nice race. The retrieval unit was called for at 46. Emert's Sho Me Mo (SM/Dave Emert/Sean Melvin) had an unproductive at 35 and a find at 41. The heat was a factor. This brace was the first one to run after lunch in the heat of the day.

Clayhill Bones (PM/Bill Britt/Bingham) had a find at 26. He had a medium to big race with some extended absences. The heat probably weakened his finish. Bob's Elhew Holly was reported earlier with the winners.

Cap'n Sam (SM/David Huffine) was scratched. Doc's Haven Gem (PF/Dr. Billy McCathern/Bingham) was picked up at 22 for a breach of manners on her first find.

Sunrise Star (SM/Najor/Ecker) had an unproductive at 10. He had finds at 35 and 42. He was stylish with a medium race. Stoney Run's Rebel (PM/Forrest Cook/Bingham) experienced unproductives at 10 and 30 and was picked up.

Cairds Lefty (PM/Travis Riggs/Little) had finds at 20, 22, 33 and 39. His manners were not pleasing handler and he was picked up. Attitude's Iron Will (SM/Dennis Beauford) had the retrieval unit called for after 17 minutes.

Smoke Rise Cece was reported earlier. Phillips Half Moon (SF/Matt Phillips) had finds at 22, 35, 40 and 55. She had a back at 25 and an unproductive at 42.

The retrieval unit was called for at 20 for Santee River Glacier (PM/Mike McKinney/Bingham). Home Cooking Ellie Mae (PF/Karl Forsberg) had stylish finds at 16 and 25. Ellie Mae had a big forward race until 40, and then shortened up a lot until time was called.

Bob's Elhew Jule (PF/Bobby Phillips) had a big start. Jule had a find at 20 but experienced a manners infraction and was picked up. Boston was reported with the winners.

Sweet River Dini Mite (PF/Mike McKinney/Bingham) had the retrieval unit called for at 30. Bo of Piney Woods (PM/Rich Warters/Ecker) was scratched.

Mac's Gunny Lou (PF/Tim McClurg) had finds at 10, 12, 27, 42, 51 and 60. She had good running style and a big race, although lateral sometimes. Lincoln County Pleasure (PM/Dick Cook/ Bingham) had a back at 10 and a find at 12. However, handler elected to pick up at 22.

Bob's Elhew Jill (PF/Bobby Phillips) had finds at 8, 19, 25, 26 and 47. Handler picked up at 47 because of a breach in manners. The retrieval unit was requested for Texas Free Mason (SM/Kevin Klein/Ecker) at 17. Free Mason was found on point in field at 20.

The retrieval unit was called for at 23 for Stoney Run's Dan (PM/Dennis Snyder/Bingham). Cairds Little Macy Mae (PF/Robert Little) had a find at 22 but had a breach of manners and was up.

Participants gathered to hear the announcement of the placements. The Futurity began after lunch on Thursday, February 7.

Hoffman, N. C., February 5 -- One Course

Judges: Calvin Curnutte and Gary Miller


|19 Pointers and 11 Setters

1st--SMOKE RISE CECE, 1657469, pointer female, by White's Solid Reward--Smoke Rise Caroline. Fred Rose, owner; Tony Bingham, handler.

2d--BOSTON, 1655337, pointer male, by Chasehill Little Bud--Richfield Stella. Jim Kilrain, owner; Robert Ecker, handler.

3d--BOB'S ELHEW HOLLY, 1653300, pointer female, by Elhew Moneymaker--Bob's Miller Daisy. Dr. Bobby Phillips, owner and handler.

U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Futurity

By Margaret C. Drew

The twenty-third U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Futurity ran on the "drop zone" section of Block B on the Sandhills Game Land in Scotland County.

Verlene Stephenson continues to serve as Futurity secretary and does an excellent job of keeping records and seeing to details needed to run a trial. She was assisted by Ted Riley for birds, as well as the dog wagon, quail holding pen, releasing birds, vehicle to release birds and help locate lost dogs and getting all these items to and from the state grounds. The tractor for towing the dog wagon was provided by Earl Drew, who drove for the Futurity. A water tanker is leased from Billy Fogg.

Friday's lunch was provided by Travis and Megan Riggs of Team Lefty in honor of last year's Futurity winner Cairds Lefty. Tom Togno is also a partner with Cairds Lefty and was present to pick up and help with lunch on Friday.

Verlene made sure plenty of beverages and snacks were available to help combat the heat.

Purina is the sponsor with Garmin ssisting; therefore winners received Purina Pro Plan certificates for food to be delivered to their homes, hats for the four winners, and a Garmin to the winner. As a Futurity is a breeders' stake, each winner received a check for the breeder as well as the handler. Plaques were also handed out and a reminder that DNA needed to be provided on all winners. Leashes were provided to each placement courtesy of Stinger Supply in Boydton, Va. Verlene asked that everyone with litters whelped this 2019 season contact her to nominate the litter.

In the past, the course at the drop zone has broken away down a fire road with piney woods on both sides; however, as this section is about 15 minutes of the 45-minute course, it was decided to shorten the breakaway by 10 minutes. This was accomplished by loading up the dog wagon with handlers, dogs and spectators for a short 10-minute ride. The remainder of the course was the same as that used for the Bob Lee Classic and the Invitational Championships held here.

About eight minutes from the breakaway the course bends left through the piney woods and then into the far end of the large drop zone used by the military for air drop/helicopter training. We are actually in this open grassy area for about 15 minutes before we descend down a slope into an open piney wood area. This final 30-minute section is open, contains a lot of broom straw grass, as well as low scrub oaks, rolling knolls and just a picturesque southern hunting scene. The course ends at 45, which if you have paced your walk to about 3 mph, you will be just entering the northwestern edge of the drop zone. Some hiked the route at record speed and ended up requiring a brief walk across the drop zone end toward the parking area. There is plenty of acreage, but the best hunting area is in the open piney woods. The wagon follows the course and spectators can view most of the action. The National U. S. Complete treasurer, Mert Jones, can vouch for this, as he rode all of the Futurity braces, as well as some of the Bob Lee and then again on Saturday the Les Hobbs Puppy Classic. As always, there were a few mounted gallery members who had an even better view.

Serving the all-important role in the trial were the judges. Professional trainer Tony Bingham of Shelby, N. C., returned this year as a judge instead of a participant. Ray Rinker of Fredericksburg, Va., rounded out the judging partnership.

Verlene reported 26 litters nominated this year, from 25 different breeders. Jim Emerson had two litters nominated. Four sires had two litters each: Erin's War Creek, Sugarknoll War Paint, Daddy's Little Boy Butch, and Erin's Hidden Shamrock. Breeders came from Canada, British Columbia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Georgia. Let's see if we can top this next year in both number of litters nominated and from more areas of the country. From these 26 litters, 20 dogs were drawn, with 17 actually being run.

The Winners

Mac's Graceland, pointer female bred, owned and handled by Tim McClurg, won the 23rd U. S. Complete Futurity. Tim winters in North Carolina. He and his wife Julie live in Fowler, Ohio.

The well built, white and orange and pointer from Tim's breeding of his Mac's Silver Dollar ex Miller's Amazing Grace, was enjoyable to watch as she covered the woods and popped out in front. Graceland was all business in her ground coverage, stopping at 22 and 37 locked tight awaiting handler's flush and shot. For the find at 37 bracemate came in to back. The afternoon was warm and both dogs were given plenty of water and cooled before being whistled on. The piney woods were a refreshing few minutes as the course travels up and down three hills, where at 40 Graceland crossed the path ahead and stopped with bracemate coming in to back for a second time. Graceland had an aggressive 45-minute race, always hunting despite the heat. Her stamina in the heat allowed for a good finish and earned her first place out of the first brace of the event.

Second was Jerry On Fire, from a litter with Onpoint's Ball Bust'n Bubba ex Onpoint's Dirty Bird bred by John Reid of Ontario, Canada. Jerry On Fire is owned by Nicholas Puhak of Sugarloaf, Pa., and part of the Team Midnight Kennels led by Robert Ecker of Quakake, Pa. Robert is also a winter resident of the Hoffman, N. C., area. Jerry On Fire had a stop to flush at 6 with bracemate backing. In the heat, Jerry On Fire had a mature consistent race, always to the front, snappy in motion while searching the grasses under the piney woods at a moderate range. At 18 he stood tall and proud, losing a little intensity during a very long flushing attempt, while bracemate backed. A good find when quail were finally found and flown. At 25 Jerry On Fire was found standing in the tall grasses, once again a long flushing search before Ecker produced quail. Jerry On Fire looked good hunting through the grasses, stopping at 30, this time for a dead bird. His final bird contact came at 32 when his statue poise remained frozen through wing and shot. His final few minutes took him across the mowed end of the drop zone and into the woods toward the trailer parking area.

Third place went to Hope and Dennis Beauford's pointer male Erin's Battle Cry. The Beauford Kennels in Troy, S. C., is known for their winning pointers and setters. Erin's Battle Cry is by Erin's Redrum ex Three Stripes Jewel, a litter bred by Justin Miller. Battle Cry stopped to back when bracemate had a stop to flush at 9 in the woods as we headed toward the drop zone. Battle Cry then ranged forward like a rocket, being found well to the front at 23 with bracemate coming in to back as handler approached his dog and awaited fellow handler to reach his dog. With all in order for both dogs, water was generously applied before dogs were released.

Battle Cry was snappy on the ground while making wide casts, always to the front. He had one additional find that I missed, although the judges had it recorded with all as it should have been. He finished the 45 minutes as the heat began to rein him in. In the heat, this had been a fast paced but good brace with two promising young contenders.

A Futurity awards four placements, always honoring the breeder, as well as the handler. Hirollins Gone and Doneit is from a litter by Fastforward's B K Gunner ex Littlewing B K Tia, bred by Sergio Velez from British Columbia. Warren Parrott of Scranton, S. C., is the owner and was the handler in this Futurity. Toby Tobiassen works closely with Warren for many of his dogs; this time Toby was the scout.

Gone and Doneit moved off the line with a brisk gait, crossing to the front frequently before stopping at 7 and 12 for good finds that were backed by his bracemate. Near 18 the dogs entered the piney woods, where Gone and Doneit was found standing solid well off course. As the handler approached a quail lifted with dog patiently waiting for handler. Following a trip to the water and mud puddle, handler Parrott sent the dog on. Gone and Doneit pointed again at 28 where a dead bird was lifted from the ground, tossed and shot over. Dog and handler finished their 45 minutes with a consistent, albeit moderate range, determined gait even in the heat.


The Futurity began on Thursday, February 7, at 12:30 p. m. following lunch and announcements of the placements in the Lee Shooting Dog Classic.

In brace No. 1, Jimmy Crandall brought Lancaster's Hit Man to the line as bracemate for Mac's Graceland. Graceland's white and orange body made a nice contrast with the white and black of Lancaster's masculine frame. Mac's Graceland was covered with the winners. The pair was rapidly into the woods and gone, Hit Man being found standing near a downed tree at 7. No birds were located and the dog was allowed to continue hunting forward where at 23 he pointed solid and sure with birds being flown this time. At 37 he backed his bracemate.

Bob's Elhew Sushi (Bobby Phillips) and Mac's Silver Shadow. Mac's Silver Shadow had been drawn for brace No. 8; however, a scratch moved her up. Sushi had finds at 10, 13 and 18. Her point at 33 told us "no bird was there"; however, handler did find feathers to toss in the air. Sushi stood again at 41 just before we exited the woods into the drop zone, this time a solid and positive body position, albeit once again no quail was flushed. Sushi was hidden in the deep grasses as were the quail. This brace had found each judge and his handler at a different pace until 25 when both dogs were watered and the group reunited. Silver Shadow had quail contacts at 10 and 13 before requiring a retrieval unit at 39.

Cantor's Remi (Bob Little) and Erin's Battle Cry (Dennis Beauford). Hope Beauford was in attendance to scout for Dennis and a few others. Battle Cry's effort was previously covered. [I would like to commend the sportsmanship of helping each other when a scout or other assist was needed; several folks called this to my attention. Good sportsmanship is what makes this sport thrive and this spirit was repeated by several participants over and over.] Remi presented a hasty race at a medium range. He stopped to back when bracemate had a stop to flush at 9 in the woods headed toward the drop zone. At 29 Remi came to a halt while canvassing the hillside. Buried deep in the thick grass, he inched up a little before his handler reached him, although remained for flush and shot with all in order. He and handler made a slight detour to a large mud puddle before continuing on. Despite the heat, Remi's gait was happy and fast throughout the 45 minutes.

Jerry On Fire was detailed earlier. Hirollins Talking Smack (Tobiassen) rendered an appealing race with nice style for his backs at 18 and 25. Both dogs were watered at 30 and Talkin Smack picked up as he exited the piney woods into the far end of the open drop zone.

With temperatures near 43 at 8:15 a. m. (a 35 drop from the first four braces), the fifth brace was on the line Friday morning. Cairds War Train and Knob Mountain Monarch. The pair was forward and into the woods with style and spirited cadence, each at appropriate range. As handler called upon the dog, his scout indicated that War Train was hunting to the far left of course at the edge of the field termed the drop zone. As handler and official party rounded the turn toward the drop zone, War Train was seen under birds, hesitated briefly for a second quail to lift before riding it several yards over the hill. His handler elected to pick up early. Knob Mountain Monarch ran a classy race at moderate range, scoring a find at 9 as he entered the field. He continued forward until 32 when he became hot and was given a ride back.

Huckleberry's Lucky Penny (Dean Avillion) and Bob's Elhew Sage (B. Phillips) had a good breakaway with early finds for both. Lucky Penny had a mature find at 5, followed by a second woods find at 9. Marching forward she backed her bracemate at 12. She continued to swing through the woods and grasses, entering the middle piney woods area at 21, although handler elected to pick her up at 25. Sage breezed through the woods on both sides of the path, stopping for a good find at 7. As both dogs emerged from the piney woods into the drop zone, the pair stopped facing each other and pointing. The dogs were separated by downed branches and quail. Phillips shot as quail lifted and Avillion took the find as a back. Both dogs showed good manners. At 14 Sage stood hesitantly for running quail, although when released to hunt bounced through the tall grasses in search of more. When Sage saw a quail lift she started after it, but stopped when "whoaed" by handler. At 24 her cast down hill was interrupted when she ran over a quail in the heat and continued with it toward the dog wagon. Phillips elected to pick her up. Both of these dogs had good happy races, which showed potential for future success.

Movelle's Chewy Gunner (Gerald Movelle) and Bittersweet War Cry (Toby Tobiassen) made sweeping strides forward. At the woods corner before entering the drop zone, War Cry hunted without success, while Gunner was already racing through the grassy cover at the end of the drop zone. Gunner reached down over the hillside toward the wet area, a scout indicating his whereabouts to the handler on this lower edge near the dog wagon. Gunner moved forward, entering the piney woods at 22. While hunting through the grasses, he paused and a quail lifted with dog joining him for a few steps. Handler stopped the dog and attached a leash. War Cry ran with great eye appeal, showed good stamina in the heat, however, had a long absence. He scored a find well buried in the grasses at 32, although his style lessened in the heat.

Brace No. 8 was eliminated due to scratches. In No. 9 were Hirollins Gone and Doneit, covered earlier, and Clark's Katzenjammer Kid (Ecker). Both of dogs were speedy on the breakaway, reaching toward the appropriate spots through the cover. They were rewarded with finds at 7 and 12 for Gone and Doneit, backed by Kid at 7 and 12. Good manners and style for both. At 24 Ecker leashed his very warm setter.

A lunch was provided in honor of last year's Futurity winner, Cairds Lefty, handled by Bob Little. Owners Travis and Megan Riggs had been present for some of the week's events but had left Thursday and missed their lunch. Thanks for a great lunch!

After lunch the final brace was called to the line at 1:15. Wild Apple Siri (Robert Little) ran as a bye dog, as Huckleberry's Pretty Lady (Avillion) was scratched. Siri ran with a bouncing merry gait. Her happiness to be running showed in her swinging casts through the grasses while leaping skyward after tweety birds. At 14 she came down off the hillside in the field, heading toward the lower edge where the wagon passes. After stopping briefly, she self-relocated and then gave chase when several quail lifted. Handler thanked the judges and gathered her up to board the dog wagon.

Judges: Tony Bingham and Ray Rinker

U. S. COMPLETE FUTURITY -- 17 Pointers and 3 Setters

Lancaster's Hit Man, pointer male, by Waybetter Rocky--Calico's Touch of Class. Frank Henderson, breeder; Jimmy Crandall, owner and handler. With

Mac's Graceland.

Bob's Elhew Sushi, pointer female, by Elhew Moneymaker--Bob's Elhew Julie. Bobby Phillips, breeder, owner and handler. With

Mac's Silver Shadow, pointer female, by Mac's Silver Dollar--Miller's Amazing Grace. Tim McClurg, breeder, owner and handler.

Cantor's Remi, pointer female, by Daddy's Little Boy Butch--Hog Hill Katie. Tim Cavanaugh, breeder; Tom Wilkins, owner; Robert Little, handler. With

Erin's Battle Cry.

Hirollins Talkin Smack, pointer male, by Fastforward's B K Gunner--Wiggins Miss Stella. Sergio Velez, breeder; Warren Parrott, owner; Toby Tobiassen, handler. With

Jerry on Fire.

Cairds war train, pointer male, by Sugarknoll War Paint--Sizzlin Julie. Jim Emerson, breeder; Robert Little, owner and handler. With

knob Mountain Monarch, setter male, Erin's Hidden Shamrock--Bo's After Party. Scott Turner, breeder; Mike Spotts, owner; Robert Ecker, handler.

HucklEberry's Lucky Penny, pointer female, by Daddy's Little Boy Butch--Richfield Rose. Richard Giuliano, breeder; Dean Avillion, owner and handler With

Bob's Elhew Sage, pointer female, by Elhew Moneymaker--Bob's Elhew Julie. Bobby Phillips, breeder, owner and handler.

Movelle's Chewy Gunner, pointer male, by Erin's War Creek--Woodcock Haven Stella. Russell Ogilvie, breeder; Gerald Movelle, owner and handler. With

Bittersweet War Cry, pointer male, by Sugarknoll War Paint--Mohawk. Adam Hart, breeder; Ralph Gillota, owner; Toby Tobiassen, handler.

Hirollins Gone And Doneit. With

Clark's Katzenjammer Kid, setter male, by Islander--Victor's Golden Girl. Victor Forsyth, breeder; Phil Clark, owner; Robert Ecker, handler.

Wild Apple Siri, pointer female, by Elhew Black Dose--Wild Apple Calvados. Tim Kisieleski, breeder; Eric Rizza, owner; Robert Little, handler. A bye.

1st--MAC'S GRACELAND, 1678170, pointer female, by Mac's Silver Dollar--Miller's Amazing Grace. Tim McClurg, owner and handler.

2d--JERRY ON FIRE, 1678928, pointer male, by Onpoint's Ball Bust'n Bubba--Onpoint's Dirty Bird. Nicholas Puhak, owner and handler.

3d--ERIN'S BATTLE CRY, 1675085, pointer male, by Erin's Redrum--Three Stripe's Jewel. Dennis & Hope Beauford, owners; Dennis Beauford, handler.

4th--HIROLLINS GONE AND DONEIT, 1679825, pointer male, by Fastforward's B K Gunner--Littlewing B K Tia. Warren Parrott, owner and handler.


Futurity Winners. Front (l-r): Tim McClurg with Mac's Graceland, Dean Avillion with Jerry On Fire and Warren Parrott with Hirollins Gone and Doneit. Middle: Ted Riley, Robert Ecker with plaque and Ray Rinker. On the wagon: Earl Drew, Gerald Movelle, Mert Jones, Gretchen Adsit, Jimmy Crandall, Jim Emerson and John Adsit.

Les Hobbs Puppy Classic

By Verlene Stephenson

The Les Hobbs Puppy Classic began early on Saturday morning, February 9. The temperatures were more like field trial weather, in the 40s all morning.

The gallery today was much smaller since most people had already departed for home. The course was going to be a bit different from the Bob Lee and the Futurity. The change in course required the gallery wagon to go out with two braces on board. We ran one brace of puppies out through the back portion of piney woods to the point it opens into the drop zone. Then we ran the second brace back to the starting point. Forrest Gray generously allowed us to put his 2-hole dog box on the gallery wagon, which helped tremendously. Tractor driver today was a professional equipment operator, Ray Rinker, Futurity judge. Ray did a fine job.

Judges for the Les Hobbs Puppy Classic were Lee Holbrook and Ted Riley. Ted graciously stepped in to help when advertised judge Jeff Wade had work obligations and could not attend. Both Ted and Lee have judged the Puppy Stake before. Both judges commented on the young talent observed in the Puppy Stake. Several of the puppies had bird contacts during their brace and displayed their potential for developing into exciting Derbies next year. Handlers, please make sure these youngsters get nominated for next year's Futurity.

Awarded first place was Hoffman Special, pointer female owned by Margaret and Earl Drew of Hoffman, N. C., and handled by Earl. The judges commented that "Cindy" had plenty of run and style. She made some big casts and had plenty of finish at the end.

Second was awarded to Sorrows of Satan, pointer female owned by Jameson Crandall and handled by dad Jimmy Crandall, both of Kilmarnock, Va. The judges liked Mavis' style, run and hunting ability. She also handled very well.

Third was Cairds You're So Vain, pointer female for owner-handler Robert Little from British Columbia, Canada. The judges commented that "Carly" handled well and had a good race.

Not only did Hoffman Special win the blue ribbon, she also won the Les Hobbs revolving trophy. Les Hobbs' family donated this trophy in 2017 to be given to the winner of the Puppy Classic. The winner's name will be engraved on the trophy and it will be returned next year for the next winner to admire.

I would like to say again to everyone, thank you for your participation and your help this week. I hope to see you again next year.

Judges: Lee Holbrook and Ted Riley

LES HOBBS PUPPY CLASSIC -- 11 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st--HOFFMAN SPECIAL, 1681754, pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky--Sandland Dolly P. Earl & Margaret Drew, owners; Earl Drew, handler.

2d--SORROWS OF SATAN, 1681535, pointer female, by Mohawk Mill Pirate--Mohawk Mill Honey. Jameson Crandall, owner; Jimmy Crandall, handler.

3d--CAIRDS YOU'RE SO VAIN, 1678944, pointer female, by It Ain't My Fault--Chasehil Baby Bella. Robert Little, owner and handler.


Puppy Classic Winners. Front (l-r): Earl Drew, Margaret Drew with Hoffman Special, Jimmy Crandall with Sorrows of Satan and Robert Little with Cairds You're So Vain. Behind: Ted Riley, judge; Mert Jones, Forrest Gray, Jeff Ware, Lee Holbrook, judge.