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Result: Middle Atlantic Open Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Lacey Township, New Jersey

Post Date: Jun 11, 2019

Submitted By: Joe Lordi


Middle Atlantic Championship Winners. Front (l-r): Eric Russell with Miller's Unbridled Forever and Jeanette Tracy with Steel City Karen. Standing: Judge Ray Gubernat, Mary Tracy, George Tracy, Bob Reed and Judge Tom McKellar.
LACEY TOWNSHIP, N. J. -- The Middle Atlantic Championship commenced March 19. This year Mother Nature cooperated. The weather was as nice as can be expected for March in New Jersey.

The grounds are as nice as can be found in the Northeast, but the state did burn the north side of the course. We attempted to limit the time each dog had to run on the previous burned area, but it could not be completely avoided. The course included the southern outer and inner loop and the northern inner loop. It was the best we could do, and it was the same for all dogs.

The club would like to thank Purina for their support of this Championship and the sport in general. The Middle Atlantic Championship is run by few and that requires us to perform many duties.

First, Muriel Primm does the majority of the work; the club would be in big trouble without her dedication and work before, during, and after the trial. Her attention to detail helps this trial run smoothly.

This year Karen and Ernie Saniga stepped up and helped with numerous activities during the trial.

We would also like to thank our Judges Tom McKellar of Pottstown, Pa., and Ray Gubernat of Hartly, Del. They gave each dog an opportunity and rode through rain and wind. I would also like to thank Ray for providing detailed notes for all the braces.

I was required to drive the dog truck instead of riding to report. The report is at least 95% from Ray.

The Winners

This year's champion was Miller's Unbridled Forever, white and orange pointer male handled by George Tracy and owned by Great River Kennel of Central Islip, N. Y., and Neil Walker of Leslie, Ga.

Unbridled Forever came from the 11th brace, which was the final brace on Wednesday. He had three well-spaced finds, each with high style and rock solid. When the birds flushed, he watched attentively, with only his head and eyes tracking the flight. From the start to the end, he ran with power, grace, and animation. At pickup both judges commented that he looked like he was ready to go another hour. He handled kindly despite reaching out and hunting his way over huge chunks of real estate.

Steel City Karen took runner-up honors for handler Jeanette Tracy and owners Bob Reed and Betsy Archer of Gettysburg, Pa.

Karen ran a strong, forward, searching race while checking in for her handler frequently. She took an unproductive early but surged on with two beautiful finds by the halfway point and added a divided find at 42. Karen's finds were high and tight and showed intensity on each opportunity. The handler and dog were in sync the entire hour.

The Running

Bail Me Out (M. Tracy) had his running shoes on and was gone early. Good Reason Farkleberry (J. Tracy) had a find at 22 in the southern outer loop. Jeanette elected to pick up at 55.

Miller's Lock and Loaded (G. Tracy) started quickly with a stylish find at 3. Jessie's Bojangles (J. Tracy) answered with a find at 9 that required a nice relocation. Loaded had to be cautioned but backed. They had a divided find at 40 and finished the hour strong.

North Country Girl (M. Tracy) and Urban Fantasy (M. Basilone), two strong running dogs, gave strong efforts but were not able to produce a bird.

Cory's Easy Holy Water (G. Tracy) and Bulltaeo (M. Tracy) were away in a flash. Bulltaeo scored finds at 11 and 21. He had a nice even race and hunted the country in a forward fashion. Holy Water is an easy moving pointer that is light on her feet but only had a back.

Deerfield Game (M. Basilone) and Miller's Just Plain Rowdy (G. Tracy) were up at 44. Game had two unproductives, and Rowdy only had a back despite a nice forward race.

Miller's Vanilla Snow (G. Tracy) scored three stylish finds and an unproductive with a powerful race on the edge of what the country allowed. Jayhawk Thunder (M. Basilone) had a good race with one find and a back.

Miller's Heat Seeker (G. Tracy) showed great speed at the breakaway but was not seen again. Pine Straw Sweet Tea (J. Tracy) ran a nice even forward race and was responsive to the handler's requests. She was rewarded with three stylish finds with impeccable manners. At 58 she showed beautiful style but was charged with an unproductive.

Navajo Cody (M. Tracy) and Miller's Miss Calamity Jane (G. Tracy) had moderate races, but with each having only an unproductive, the handlers elected to pick up early.

Steel City Storm was not pleasing Jeanette Tracy and was up early. Bully Rock (M. Tracy) had three well-spaced finds and a powerful race.

Waybetter Rocky (M. Tracy) and Ladywood's Miss Daisy (J. Tracy) locked up for a divided find at 4. Both continued to hunt the country moving with style and ease. Rocky was found at 46 locked up high on both ends. Daisy answered with a find at 54 with perfect manners and style with Rocky backing. Both dogs finished the hour strong.

Miller's Unbridled Forever's (G. Tracy) effort was detailed earlier. Reedy Creek Dial Tone (M. Tracy) ran well with good application but was up early after a second unproductive at 20.

Steel City Alabama (M. Basilone) was getting it done on the ground with two solid finds before running over a bird. Cheyenne Jack (M. Tracy) ran an even ground race with four stylish finds.

Sassy Creek (J. Tracy) pointed at 3. She had to be relocated and had a stop to flush and was sent on. Sand Mountain Icy (M. Tracy) answered with finds at 8 and 12 with Sassy Creek backing on both. Icy had an unproductive at 30. Both handlers elected to pick up early.

Backcountry Tornado (M. Tracy) and Land Cruiser Benny (J. Tracy) were away with Tornado getting an early find at 5 and an unproductive at 20. Benny backed on both occasions. Both handlers picked up before the end of the hour.

Miller's Handsome Ransom (G. Tracy) was picked up early, leaving the course to Riviera (J. Tracy) which used that to have seven finds with good style. He hunted hard with a wide race showing good animation on the ground.

Sugarknoll War Paint was not seen after the breakaway and George Tracy had to call for the retrieval unit. Sandland Miracle Hodge (M. Tracy) handled a tricky find at 1 perfectly and three more elegant finds but suffered two unproductives along the way, ending his bid at 35.

Great River Mackenzie (J. Tracy) was locked up at 3 for a nice find and was running a wide race just parallel to the handler. Handler called for the retrieval unit at 20 and "Mack" showed up to the front just after. Erin's War Creek (G. Tracy) was a last-minute scratch.

Grand Woodlands Dallas had an unproductive at 22, and Jeanette Tracy elected to pick up prior to the hour. The Slight Edge (M. Tracy) scored finds early and often, standing like a bull at 2, 4, 6, 22, and 31. He had an unproductive at 45 and one last find at 57.

Friday morning started off with Touch's Mae Mobley (G. Tracy) and Osceola's Seminole Wind (M. Tracy). Mae scored a nice find at 9 that required a nice relocation to pin the bird. She continued to run bigger, and George called for the retrieval unit at 35. Seminole Wind had three stylish finds and a nice race, but handler elected to pick up at 35.

The 20th brace featured runner-up Steel City Karen and Kingsman (M. Tracy). Kingsman tallied three finds and one divided find with a moderate forward ground race.

Chippewa Warrior (J. Tracy) and Moonlite Yellow Jacket (M. Tracy) were off with Warrior on point for a find at 3 with Yellow Jacket refusing to back. Warrior was animated on the ground and locked for a nice find at 8, and at 15 that required a relocation, but as the bird was flushed he took a slight liberty and the handler elected to pick up.

Pack'in A Punch (M. Tracy) tallied a find at 2 and had a forward race, but the handler elected to pick up at 35. Ravenwood Charley (M. Basilone) had an unproductive at 15, finishing the hour hunting to the front.

Bully Bragg (M. Tracy) ran his swan song in the final brace of the trial. This champion tallied one stylish find, but Mike elected to pick up feeling something wasn't right. Hoos English Ivy was running a good race, but Matt Basilone elected to pick up early.

Lacey Township, N. J., March 19 -- One Course

Judges: Ray Gubernat and Tom McKellar


[One-Hour Heats] -- 36 Pointers and 10 Setters

Winner--MILLER'S UNBRIDLED FOREVER, 1661404, pointer male, by Just Irresistible--Miller's Bring The Heat. Great River Kennel & Neil Walker, owners; George Tracy, handler.

Runner-Up--STEEL CITY KAREN, 1649013, pointer female, by Burning Edge Sinbad--Tin Soldier's Bev. Bob Reed & Betsy Archer, owners; Jeanette Tracy, handler.

Bill Beyer Open Derby Classic

The Bill Beyer Open Derby Classic had to run at the conclusion of the English Setter Club of America trial.

We thank Ray Gubernat for coming back and Dr. Hunter Wilcox of Lumberton, N. J., for their time in the judges' saddles.

They named Miller's Blazing Hot Chick, white and liver pointer female owned by New Jersey patrons Bill and Muriel Primm and handled by George Tracy, first with two finds and a strong race.

Grand River Dan, white and liver pointer male owned by Robert Bergen of Vineland, N. J., and handled by Matt Basilone, took second with one find, an unproductive and a forward hard-charging race. Mike Tracy guided Rag Popper to a third with three finds and a good race. The white and orange pointer female is owned by Kelsey Hajek of Goodrich, Mich.

Judges: Ray Gubernat and Dr. A. Hunter Wilcox

OPEN DERBY -- 14 Pointers

1st--MILLER'S BLAZING HOT CHICK, 1681098, female, by Kiki's Black Diamond--County Lines Elhew Dot. William & Muriel Primm, owners; George Tracy, handler.

2d--GRAND RIVER DAN, 1680538, pointer male, by Sinbad's Bear--Hodges Dialing Dolly. Robert Bergen, owner; Matt Basilone, handler.

3d--RAG POPPER, 1678464, pointer female, by Bail Me Out--Walden's Ridge Liz. Kelsey Hajek, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.


Open Derby Winners. Front (l-r): Mike Tracy with Rag Popper, Matt Basilone with Grand River Dan and Eric Russell with Miller's Blazing Hot Chick. Standing: Judge Dr. Hunter Wilcox, Judge Ray Gubernat, George Tracy and Muriel Primm.