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Result: United States Quail Shooting Dog Futurity

Location: Hoffman, North Carolina

Post Date: Jan 17, 2022

Submitted By: Margaret C. Drew


The Winners. From row, from left: Scout Tim McClurg holding the winner, Waybetter Rebel, Mike Tracy with Calico's Sky's the Limit, Mike Hester with Quickmarksman's Excalibur, Madilyn Tilley and Kaley Ann Lee, scout, with Walden's Ridge Slap Shot. Second row: Carl and Joyce Bishop, Pat Casey, Casey Hollander, George Tracy, Mary Tracy, Doug Ray. Third row: Ray Joye, NCFTA president, holding Purina banner, Jim Crayne, judge, Gary Miller, Futurity chairman and judge; Earl Drew, Greg Robinson, dog wagon driver.

HOFFMAN, N. C. -- The United States Quail Shooting Dog Futurity was moved from its traditional end of January time frame to January 2 in 2022 by the North Carolina Field Trial Association.

Although the support of three professional handlers was lost, several amateurs entered dogs.

Judging became a last-minute issue when scheduled Marty Robinson of Carrollton, Ga., became seriously ill just days prior to the trial. Scheduled judge, Jim Crayne from Centre, Ala., was present and served the position excellently. Crayne partnered with Chairman Gary Miller the night before the scheduled Futurity commencement. Gary scratched his entry and stepped up to fill the slot. Thanks, Gary and Jim. That was a long five days.

The Futurity is held at the H. Robert Gordon field trial area on the Sandhill Game Lands in Hoffman, N. C. As you may know, the grounds are expertly groomed for field trials with six hour courses. There is also an up-to-date clubhouse, a limited number of camper electrical hookups at $10 a night, a free barn with stalls for horses, as well as horse corals and dog pens.

The state provides a dog/people wagon which is towed by area field trial members. For the Futurity, Greg Robinson, also a Futurity board member, was the driver. He takes notice of when doors are left unlatched, picks up and returns dogs to their trailers. Greg always had water, coffee and snacks available.

Birds are pre-released coveys in September, with a smaller release in late December, 2021. We found some birds daily.

For those unfamiliar with the Futurity, entries come from breeders' pre-nominated litters. Individual Derby entries are entered by their owners or often the trainer handling the Derby. All entries run a thirty-minute heat in the first series. The judges decide which dogs to call back according to whom they feel have demonstrated the potential to develop into an adult shooting dog that will be able to compete in the National Shooting Dog Championship at Sedgefields Plantation, Union Springs, Ala. This second series are hour braces.

The 2022 Futurity called back sixteen Derbies from the initial field of 52. Four placements are awarded, dividing the purse between the four handlers and the four breeders.

This year the first and second place dogs came from a litter bred by Frank Henderson at Calico Kennels -- Calico's Country Strong by Dominator's Rebel Heir. Three from the litter were entered and ran, handled by Pat Casey, George Tracy and Alex Smith. All of three Derbies wee called back for the second series, with two placing in this Futurity.

Also entering litters with several Derbies drawn to compete were Larry Earls, Katie Lyons, and Calvin Curnutte.

Weather this year was challenging, to say the least. On the scheduled January 2 8:00 a.m. start a weather alert of an approaching severe storm with lightning and substantial rain came across the phones. Needless to say, the trial was postponed until noon. Monday was also delayed due to weather. The Committee tried to take into consideration all facets of the Futurity and make choices that allowed everything to flow safely and smoothly. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were cold; Thursday was the nicest day.

The clubhouse and grounds are about fifteen miles from the nearest town, whether you go south to Rockingham or north to Aberdeen.

Lunch on January 2 was provided in honor of the 56th winner, I'm A Southern Natural, setter male owned by Sam and Nida Giddens. Other noon lunches were provided by the Futurity Committee and served by Gretchen Adsit and on Thursday Mary Tracy and Joyce Bishop stepped in to assist when planned helped, Ginny Emerson was ill. (She was assessed in an area hospital and returned to the All-Age event on Friday afternoon.)

Monday evening Johnny and Joyce Taylor treated all to a cocktail party followed by a catered dinner in honor of their 57th winner in 2021. Doug Ray had handled their pointer male Absolute Dominator to the first place. The dog also placed first in the New England Futurity. He was named Purina Shooting Dog Derby of the Year in June 2021. Johnny and Joyce wore their well earned green jackets to host the evening. Chairman Gary Miller presented the Taylors with a painting of Absolute Dominator by artist Mary McPherson.

The Futurity is sponsored by Purina, covering the ad, providing dog food to the winners and funding Tuesday's evening barbecue dinner. Thank You is an understatement. Greg Blair is always helpful in getting clubs what they need for trials. Thank you to Greg as well as a second thank you to Purina.

The Futurity Committee reluctantly accepted the resignation of Dr. Billy McCathern and Bill Britt of South Carolina. New South Carolina members will be secured. Added to the committee were David Huffine and Greg Robinson at the Sunday evening meeting. Other committee members are chairman Gary Miller, and Gretchen Adsit, 2nd vice-president John Adsit, Earl Drew, Margaret Drew, secretary, Roger McPherson, Ted Riley, J. B. Hatcher and past secretary Mike Husentis.


Named winner of this 58th United States Quail Futurity was Waybetter Rebel, pointer male handled by Pat Casey. His littermate is the second place winner from a litter bred by Frank Henderson.

Waybetter Rebel was co-owned by the Primms and the Bishop family; however, by the time the second series began the Primms had become the sole owners.

Carl Bishop was present all week and remained mounted to watch the performance. Scout for the first series was John Stolgitis, although Tim McClurg stepped up to assist Pat for the second series when Stolgitis had to leave.

Pat Casey had run Waybetter Rebel on these Hoffman grounds in the Swamp Fox Derby just four days prior with several coveys located and pointed. In this Futurity first series Rebel ran in brace No. 14, a different course with a different outcome. He stopped to indicate game at 4; however, even with a relocation he was unable to have quail flown. He moved forward at a medium pace, required some scouting and completed his thirty minutes without bird work, but showing promising drive.

Running in the seventh brace of callbacks, Waybetter Rebel scored the best find of the trial at 6 with an off course location in the open piney woods. He stood solid and proud in the woods as handler Casey came to put a covey to flight. He remained just as staunch when shot was fired and handler approached to take him on.

As he attempted to catch the front he snapped into point at 20. At 45 he had another covey located in the woods, standing quite a while for handler to respond to scout McClurg's shout of point. He continued his wide, stretching patterns, getting stronger as the time went on, always showing in the right places for the remainder or the hour.

Named second was Calico's Sky's the Limit, pointer female from Frank Henderson's litter. Sky's the Limit, handled by George Tracy, stopped behind the barn at 3 in the first series. She had stopped outside of the bushes where the course turns right. Handler called bird and shot as judge approached. When the judge notified handler that he had not seen a bird handler went into the heavy cover and a second bird was flown with shot ringing out again. Sky's The Limit is a front-running Derby with plenty of style, suffering a stylish unproductive at 16 in the first series.

The judges appointed her to run in last brace of the second series, where the white and black pointer female went right to business, stopping at 3 along the edge of tall season grass, with bracemate coming in for a back. When released to hunt, Sky's The Limit breezed side to side, hunting for another covey, before hitting the more open areas of the piney woods of the traditional course No. 6. She required a little scouting out back in this open wooded area, handler calling point at 30 where handler put 4 birds to air for an attractive indication by Sky's The Limit. She soon caught up to his bracemate and the pair continued out of the wooded area into the thick fields.

As Sky's The Limit made her way down the right edge, barely able to be seen over the cover even though we had the advantage of being on a horse. Handler George Tracy moved to the side and called point. After a lengthy flushing attempt he tapped the dog on. The dog responded with three leaps when the covey began to lift. Handler cautioned her, fired and requested the scout bring his horse up. More birds lifted from the original flushing attempt had been made as scout brought the horse forward. Then more birds lifted from the left side of the area where the gallery and your reporter had been watching. Calico's Sky's The Limit moved with eye-catching cadence for sixty minutes and pointed tall on each well indicated find.

Placing third was Quickmarksman's Excalibur, pointer male with Mike Hester coming from brace No. 18 of the first series where he hunted widely and required only a small amount of scouting. Owner and breeder is Larry Earls.

In the first series he indicated quail at 25 with a tall staunch form; however, no birds were flown. Running in callback brace No. 2, the white and liver Quickmarksman's Excalibur had his owner present to watch. Excalibur handled a well indicated covey at 10 where courses four and six cross., showing adult manners with great style. He maneuvered the course with a snappy cadence, a pleasure to watch as he literally bounced through the tall season grasses. He had further bird contact again at 30 and 40 along with a brief spell of difficult handling at 40.

Fourth place went to Walden's Ridge Slapshot, pointer female with Doug Ray, braced in the first series with Quickmarksman's Excalibur. Slap Shot was bred by owner David Steele.

Slap Shot maintained a consistent, forward race with much speed and power in his gait, although scored no bird work in the first series. In the second series, Slap Shot had point called at 4 minutes. Slap Shot was standing to the left of the thick brush area as the course turns to the right shortly after breaking way. As handler went to flush, his bracemate stopped on the other side of this thick brush area; however, bracemate was soon under flushing birds right in front of Slap Shop, which took some steps to join the chase; however, obediently stopped as demanded by handler Ray.

Ray took his dog forward where he was found standing at 21. As handler Ray began to flush, his bracemate sprinted forward far to the left of the standing dog where he was stopped by his handler and soon picked up. Ray flushed birds for Walden's Ridge Slap Shot with all in order, despite another temptation by interference. Shortly after being released to hunt, Slap Shot stopped again and could not be whistled on; however, a lengthy flushing attempt produced nothing. Slap Shot moves attractively, hunts the obvious bird areas, while adding several purposeful casts in a lateral direction before moving to the front.


Brace No. 1: Chelsea's Thunderstruck, pointer male with Shawn Kinkelaar, and Bull Biscuit, pointer male with Ernie Saniga. The opening brace was happily released at 12:56 p.m. following the morning severe storm warning and rain delay. Both dogs were together crossing Nursery Lane and again seen crossing to the front before heading toward Baggett Lake. Thunderstruck had an attractive gait in his moderate ranging race, at one time difficult to handler. Bull Biscuit hunted at close range. Both dogs made their way down the long field after Baggett Lake, although scouts were not far behind allowing for quick notice when the pair stopped on point. All was in order as a covey was flushed at 28 minutes in the opening thirty-minute brace.

Erin's Thunder Backus (PM/Kinkelaar) and High Drive Gold Daisy (PF/Mike Tracy). The eighteen-riders strong gallery remained mounted eager to see the next pair. At 10Mike Tracy called for the retrevial unit when Daisy did not check back. Kinkelaar watered Thunder Backus and whistled him on as Mike awaited the GPS to locate his charge. Thunder Backus's race was forward, showing a desire to please his handler. At 19 he cast left along a wet patch of woods, popping out in front of the dog wagon well off course. Here he had a dug-up find with several quail lifting as handler tramped the wet cover. When released, he scooted uphill and forward, passing below the clubhouse with 3 minutes to go for pickup at the road crossing.

No. 3 had Quickmarksman's Lilly (SF/Hester) and Chasehill Hidden Jewel (PF/John Stolgitis). Lilly had an immature pattern showing some spiral motion in her progress forward. She had a point with a lengthy relocation attempt on the upper right edge and in to the woods, before being healed a lengthy distance to catch the front in the field beyond the old candy cane tree area approaching the turkey pen area. Owner Larry Earls was present to watch his dog's performance. Jewel had a close race, forward, but appearing unhappy with the difficultly of running in wet sandy terrain.

Mike Tracy with pointer male High Drive Canon and Calvin Curnutte with pointer male Seven Lakes Hondo. Canon had a moderate race, made several pleasing wide casts which resulted in a find. Looking appropriate while pointing, although seemed a little casual when the covey flushed. He finished well. Hondo was well to the front and seen only on the breakaway and again at 25 before pickup. He had a lengthy 18-minute absence.

No. 5 called another of Larry Earls' dogs to the line with Mike Hester, setter female Quickmarksman's Ellie, braced with Great River Bella, pointer female with Jeanette Tracy. Ellie zipped off the breakaway, although directionally challenged, she was off in reverse direction. She was not down for the thirty minutes. Bella has an animated gait, ran at a moderate range, although often chose the easy route through the thick terrain.

Miller's Automatic Upgrade (PM/George Tracy) and Midge's Miracle (PF/Doug Ray) comprised the final brace of the day. Both dogs were quickly up the knoll, disappearing through the heavy broomstraw grasses. Upgrade was seen motoring through the terrain with a snappy gait. She was forward at a good range, although suffered two nonproductives. Miracle seen infrequently and was put in a harness at 25 after a lengthy absence.

Day two dawned not much better then day one, resulting in another delay due to weather issues and safety concerns.

No. 7, Praireland Bud (PM/Calvin Curnutte) and Quickmarksman's Man (PM/ Hester) were brought to the line shortly after noon as once again severe morning storms kept the trial at the clubhouse. Bud was forward with determination, returning to check with handler before marching toward the top of the hill. The wind was strong and gusty, hindering Bud's connection with handler. He was picked up when he cast forward via the roadway. Quickmarksman's Man passed through the cut and rounded the brush, although when he seemed confused and unwilling to hunt he was returned to the wagon.

I'm Spartacus (PM/Ray) and Quickmarksman's Henry (SM/Hester) made up No. 8. (Drawn to run in this brace was pointer male Ithaca, with Gary Miller who had scratched to fill the judging slot. Henry had been a bye dog). Spartacus and Henry when whistled away showed a positive sprint forward. From the gallery I could see them move through the field above Baggett Lake, cross the road and continue to move forward with ease down the large field above the lake. Both came back to handlers after severel good casts, showing a dependence on handler. Henry had a nice location on a sizeable covey at 28.

Brace No. 9 was a bye dog as setter male Sweet Grass Skeeter with David Huffine was scratched. Doug Ray brought pointer female Walden's Ridge Rainstorm to the line. We broke away below the clubhouse off Nursery Lane. He was willingly down the cut path toward the small brook at the bottom of this long field. He had a big forward race showing off his large black body spots with snappy footwork. As we made our way into field near the area known as the turkey pen field, point was called by Ray. However, as he approached the dog, he waved it off as time had elapsed.

Sandland Master Mack (SM/Curnutte) and Miller's Special Cinderella (PF/M. Tracy) broke away in an area known to have birds frequently pointed did not produce anything special for these two dogs. Master Mack, very white and an equally white setter, Cinderella. These slight framed Derbies had snappy gaits, the setter with a zip to her step. They often hunted in tandem and returning to handlers frequently via the road before branching off for some independent hunting, their races a bit immature.

Panola Puddin (PF/Stolgitis) and Reddrum Star Dawg (PF/Curnutte). Max Stidham owner of Panola Puddin was mounted to watch the race. Panola Puddin's dark head was easy to spot as she hunted from side to side. She made some good wooded area searches, but found no game at home. Star Dawg showed well-toned muscle strength as she covered the cover appropriately. As time was called, handler rode to the front to gather her up.

Brace No. 12 had Chasehill Poison Ivy (PF/Stolgitis) and Merritt's Princess (SF/Curnutte), the last brace of the afternoon. The judges moved the gallery forward on course to offer these an open breakaway. Poison Ivy runs with an active tail and a high head. Princess is a happily animated setter with a limited range today. As the 30 minutes came to an end both dogs once again checked in closely before making a forward cast through tall piney grasses.

Wednesday morning brought cold but more favorable conditions. Brace No. 13 found Two Spot Tommy (PM/Ray) drawn with Ravenwood All Rise (PM/Matt Basilone); however, icy driving and snow between New Jersey and North Carolina caused Matt to scratch his entry. Two Spot Tommy was fast and forward with a determined pace, stopping abruptly at 9 for a large, well located covey along the path. His race continued smoothly forward, stopping again for a covey in the woods at 21.

Brace No. 14: Waybetter Rebel with Merritt's Punisher (SM/ Curnutte). Waybetter Rebel stopped to indicate game at 4; however, even with a relocation request he was unable to have quail flown. He moved forward at a medium pace, required some scouting and completed his 30 minutes. Merritt's Punisher was off the start line with plenty of energy and desire. She had a happy moderately wide race. She had birds flushing to her side in one cast down a feed strip and at time as handler dismounted to pick her up she stood solid as a huge covey lifted and handler fired a shot.

Range Rover (PM/M. Tracy) with BK Canadian Viking (PM/Warren Parrott), two dogs with very similar markings, luckily wearing two different colored collars. Their races were at a medium range, each with ample style as they covered many of the appropriate areas. The judges noted that both dogs checked frequently with handlers.

Brace No. 16 had Earl Drew with white and black pointer male Tom Jones and Mike Tracy with white and orange pointer male High Drive Joker. Tom Jones made some good casts as we watched his active tail and high black head move along the course. Joker covered the ground in big lateral casts. These dogs required some scouting as we approached the Field Trial Lane crossing. Both dogs showed appropriate intelligence to hunt feed areas, as well as the woods.

Little Miss Margaret (PF/Stolgitis) and Miller's Flowers and Lace (PF/G. /Tracy) had forward good races, swinging pleasingly out front. Margaret had a back at 4 and a divided find in the back area on course 6. Flowers and Lace had an unproductive at 4 in an area often holding birds. This was a very picturesque find. Deer were spotted at the farthest corner of course 6; however, both dogs were soon back to hunting for quail with handlers. At 28 a divided find was scored. This was an awsome sight with the background of tall waving warm season grass, the two dogs standing watching a small covey of quail lift from the warm season grass before handlers released them to hunt.

Erin's Young Offender (PM/Roger Key) and Quickmarksman's Excalibur. Young Offender laid down a wide opening cast and was seen only briefly after that. His fate was sealed when George Tracy took the retrieval unit to return him in a harness. Excalibur hunted widely and required only a small amount of scouting. At 25 he indicated quail with a tall staunch form; however, no birds were flown.

In No. 19, Walden's Ridge Slap Shot maintained a consistent forward race with much speed and power in his gait. Ramey Riper Wango (PF/P. Casey) was independent, circling the side field several times before handler picked her up. No birds for either dog.

Quickmarksman's Fred (SM/Hester) and Shagtime Smoke (SM/Curnutte). Fred began limping shortly after breaking away. When this obvious impairment continued, handler dismounted to check him out. Several sandspurs were removed and Fred was sent on; however, to no avail. Smoke ran an enthusiastic race, reaching here and there as he had two bird contacts. The first point called with immediate single quail lifting and no other found by handler as the dog moved on. In a small grassy area Smoke made game and soon was under a good sized covey as handler dismounted and fired with a judge right behind. Although your reporter did not see a third covey in flight it was reported that a third bird location had occurred.

No. 21 -- Ms Antebellum (PF/M. Tracy) and Wiggins Pree Dawn Reward (PF/Ray). Ms Antebellum had an unproductive and was picked up at 20 when she continued at a very close range. Reward ran a stretching big race. One judge commented that it was one of the best they had seen this week, always forward and snappy in her hunting. She did have one unproductive.

Redrum Red Rosie (PF/Curnutte) ran an excited acceptable race, with three bird contacts handled with puppy manners. Steel Valley Raven (PF/Jeanette Tracy) had a nice classy moving race. Always in forward motion. She scored a well located covey and stood staunchly with mature manners, as well as an unproductive.

J N Bolt Action (PM/Kinkelaar) scored a find at 10 and a second point shortly after, although as handler approached he self relocated and was difficult to handle after that. A retrieval device was used at 23. Quickmarksman's Tanner (PM/ Hester) had a fast, forward race. His wide casts allowed only brief sight of him across the front.

No. 24 had Jett's Rip Tide (PM/Ray) and High Drive Icon (PM/M. Tracy.) Jett's owner, Jett Ferebee, was present to observe. Dark was approaching as this brace was turned loose. Rip Tide managed to be hunt with his handler and scout, although no birds were found. His race wide and forward. Icon sprinted down the dirt path and then jumped into the tall cover. He required a retrieval device to round him up as darkness closed in. We were all pleased to hear of his return after dark had fallen. Some questioned whether this brace should have been saved for morning.

Wednesday morning had two braces of the first series to be run before we started the hour series.

Calico's Sky's The Limit with Pagan Creek Atticus (PM/Casey). Atticus' owner Gene Hogge was present to observe. Breaking away behind the barn, at 3. Sky's the Limit stopped on the outside of the bushes where the course turns right. Handler called bird and shot as judge approached. When the judge notified handler that he had not seen a bird, handler went into the heavy cover and a second bird was flown with shot ringing out again. Sky's The Limit was a front running Derby with plenty of style, suffering a stylish unproductive at 16. Atticus runs with a good tail and hunted at a medium range with no birds indicated.

The final brace, No. 26, had Mohawk Mill Gotta Go (PM/ Curnutte) and Calico's Over the Top (PM/Alex Smith). Tiffany Smith was mounted to assist and watch this dog she and Alex own with her dad, Frank. Gotta Go ran a close hunting race, requiring direction from handler often. He carries himself with eye catching style. Over the Top is a solid muscle built Derby that suffered an unproductive with an inconsistent ranging race.


The judges called back sixteen dogs for the second series in which they would be required to run an hour. All Derbies need to have bird work in either the first or second series to place in this Futurity.

Erin's Thunder Backus and High Drive Canon broke away on course No. 5 following the final two braces of the first series. This course is parallel to Derby Road and often referred to as the "Jacobs bowling alley" so seeing both dogs at the far end was a promising beginning for both. Backus rounded the corner and headed through the beartrap, choosing the easy way forward briefly. Canon tucked into the cover approaching beartrap and was not seen again until his return was coaxed by the scout at 38. He was seen briefly before leaving again, which lead to his pickup at 41. Buckus was deep in the woods to the left of course with scout having been dispatched when handler saw him on the left knoll behind deer. With handler in pursuit the scout caught up and assisted in getting Thunder Backus turned and refocused to the front. At 59 he located and handled a nice covey as he finished the hour.

High Drive Joker and Quickmarksman's Excalibur followed. (Quickmarksman's Excalibur covered with the winners.) At 12 Tracy called for his retrieval unit. Joker had sprinted to the side with independence from handler

Following lunch, braces 3 through 5 were loaded onto the wagon to complete Wednesday's running.

Steel Valley Raven and Bull Biscuit. On the east side of the clubhouse this course one slops down a hill toward a slight wet crossing. No sooner had whistles been blown than the shout of birds was heard as Jeanette jumped from her horse and shot, Raven standing obediently. Raven had another stand at the bottom of the hill; however, no birds were flown. While Bull Biscuit made his way leisurely hunting forward, Raven was vigorously coaxed forward so that both were crossing the road approaching Baggett Lake. Raven covered the territory near the lake and was headed to the upper long field when she stopped. As handled Jeanette dismounted to flush Bull Biscuit came in for a back. Several minutes later Bull Biscuit was taken across the sand road to the long field to continue hunting. Raven was taken to the wagon due falling her second ubproductive. Bull Biscuit completed the sixty minutes with a consistent easy hunting pace, although with no other bird contact.

Chasehill Poison Ivy had a flowing pattern through wooded areas at a moderate distance, but always moving forward. She had an off course find at 10 as we watched the flight of several wet quail. Bracemate Two Spot Tommy had a wide race, although handled with some difficulty. He stood a 25, but nothing was flown even after a relocation request. Rounding the soldier's camp corner both dogs were difficult to handle, although continued on.

Chelsea's Thunder Struck sprinted forward and disappeared quickly. At 17 Kinkelaar took his retrieval unit. Wiggins Pree Dawn Reward hunted independently, being found at 23 standing partially hidden by tall and thick grass. All in order for wing and shot. After hunting forward we found him standing again at 36, this time no birds were flown. Reward hunted and handled with ease. Handler had to ride to the front for pickup when time was called.

The remaining three callbacks braces were run Thursday morning.

Merritt's Punisher was braced with Walden's Ridge Slap Shot (Walden's Ridge Slap Shot covered with the winners.) At 4 Ray called point for Slap Shot which was standing to the left of the thick brush area as the course turns to the right. With bracemate standing at 4, Merritt's Punisher breezed in on the other side of the bushes and stopped; however, as handler Curnutte dismounted for flush, Punisher's birds lifted and he chased. When Punisher was gathered up, he sprinted forward far to the left of the course where Walden's Ridge Slap Shot was standing. Handler Curnutte stopped his dog and picked him up after handler Ray flushed Slap Shot's birds.

Quickmarksman's Tanner and the winner, Waybetter Rebel. (Waybetter Rebel covered above with winners.) Tanner ran a very distant race, when we thought he might be lost, he would pop out to the front. He had an unproductive at 58

The Futurity drew to a close after two exciting races from littermates, Calico's Sky's The Limit and Calico's Over The Top. (Calico's Sky's The Limit covered above with winners. Bracemate and littermate, Calico's Over The Top, scored a bird contact at 3 with Sky's The Limit. He had nice movement, making good casts before returning for handler for direction. It was reported that he had additional bird contact ahead of his bracemate.

Hoffman, N. C., January 2

Judges: Jim Crayne and Gary Miller


[Thirty-Minute Qualifying Series; Sixty-Minute Finals] --

43 Pointers and 9 Setters

Chelsea's Thunderstruck, pointer male, by Chelsea's Thunder Bolt-Double Wild. Brad Sadler, breeder and owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler. With

Bull Biscuit, pointer male, by Dominator's Heir Kat-Miller's Heat Seeker. Ernie Saniga, breeder; Dennis Hood & Ernie Saniga, owners; Ernie Saniga, handler.

Erin's Thunder Backus, pointer male, by Chelsea's Thunder Bolt-Erin's Bet On Me. Sean Derrig, breeder; Dr. Tom Jackson & Jerry Moisson, owners; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler. With

High Drive Gold Daisy, pointer female, by Miller's Heat Seeker-High Drive Patches. Allen Linder, breeder and owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

Quickmarksman's Lilly, setter female, by Blue Blue Money-Quickmarksman's Sis. Larry Earls, breeder and owner; Mike Hester. With

Chasehill Hidden Jewel, pointer female, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill Little Izzy. Erin Stolgitis, breeder; Taadaki Terada, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.

High Drive Canon, pointer male, by Miller's Heat Seeker-High Drive Patches. Allen Linder, breeder and owner; Mike Tracy, handler. With

Seven Lakes Hondo, pointer male, by Stoney Run's Buddy-Satterfield's Ruby. Chip Lee, breeder; Christina Ragistel, owner; Calvin Curnutte, handler.

Quickmarksman's Ellie, setter female, by Blue Blue Money-Quickmarksman's Sis. Larry Earls, breeder and owner; Mike Hester, handler. With

Great River Bella, pointer female, by Miller's Unbridled Forever-Great River Grace. Brian Sanchez, breeder and owner; Jeanette Tracy, handler.

Miller's Automatic Upgrade, pointer male, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Allen Linder, breeder and owner; George Tracy, handler. With

Midge's Miracle, pointer female, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Lam's Pride'n Joy. Jamie Daniels, breeder; Chris Koutras, owner; Doug Ray, handler.

Praireland Bud, pointer male, by Stoney Run's Buddy-Satterfield Ruby. Chip Lee, breeder and owner; Calvin Curnutte, handler. With

Quickmarksman's Man, pointer male, by Quickmarksman's Tony-Quickmarksman's Tall River. Larry Earls, breeder and owner; Mike Hester, handler.

I'm Spartacus, pointer male, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Fran & Jack Miller; breeders; Harold Ray & Jett Ferebee, owners; Doug Ray, handler. With

Quicksmarksman's Henry, setter male, by Blue Blue Money-Quicksmarksman's Sis. Larry Earls, breeder and owner; Mike Hester, handler.

Walden's Ridge Rainstorm, pointer female, by High Drive Rocky-Walden's Ridge Chatterbox. David Steele, breeder and owner; Doug Ray, handler. As a bye.

Sandland Master Mack, setter male, by Sandland Shooter-Sandland Amazing Grace. Mills Hodge, breeder and owner; Calvin Curnutte, handler. With

Miller's Special Cinderella, pointer female, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Fran & Jack Miller, breeders; William & Muriel Primm, owners; George Tracy, handler.

Panola Puddin, pointer female, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill Little Izzy. Erin Stolgitis, breeder; Max Stidham, owner; John Stolgitis, handler. With

Redrum Star Dawg, pointer female, by Erin's Redrum-War Creek Daizie. John Chambers, breeder and owner; Calvin Curnutte, handler.

Chasehill Poison Ivy, pointer female, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill Little Izzy. Erin Stolgitis, breeder; Alan Raiano, owner; John Stolgitis, handler. With

Merritt's Princess, setter female, by Sandland Shooter-Merritt's Hope. Roger McGuire, breeder; Terry Merritt Kennels, owner; Calvin Curnutte, handler.

Two Spot Tommy, pointer male, by Zip Tye-Cedar Ridge Shopper. Katie Lyons, breeder; Jett Ferebee, owner; Doug Ray, handler. As a bye.

Waybetter Rebel. With

Merritt's Punisher, setter male, by Merritt's Bear-A Tarheel Miss Bo. Calvin Curnutte, breeder; Terry Merritt Kennels, owner; Calvin Curnutte, handler.

Range Rover, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Image-Bevy's Cadillac. Gary Winall, breeder; Eli Richardson, owner; Mike Tracy, handler. With

B K Canadian Viking, pointer male, by B K Pablo Escobar-B K Hirollins Wild. Sergio Velez, breeder; Warren Parrott, owner and handler.

Tom Jones, pointer male, by Goldberg-Cock'N Fire Candy. Allen Johnson, breeder; Earl Drew, owner and handler. With

High Drive Joker, pointer male, by Miller's Heat Seeker-High Drive Patches. Allen Linder, breeder and owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

Little Miss Margaret, pointer female, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill Little Izzy. Erin Stolgitis, breeder; Tim Cavanaugh, owner; John Stolgitis, handler. With

Miller's Flowers and Lace, pointer female, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Jack & Fran Miller, breeders; Allen Linder, owner; George Tracy, handler.

Erin's Young Offender, pointer male, by Erin's Redrum-Erin's Irresistible Bess. Sean Derrig, breeder; Allen Atkins, owner; Roger Key, handler. With

Quickmarksman's Excalibur.

Walden's Ridge Slap Shot. With

Ramey Riper Wango, pointer female, by Storm Rider-Little Wing Wango Tango. Roger Dvorak & George Mamounis, breeders; Gordon & Karen Ramey, owners; Pat Casey, handler.

Quickmarksman's Fred, setter male, by Quickmarksman's Sis-Blue Blue Money. Larry Earls, breeder and owner; Mike Hester, handler. With

Shagtime Smoke, setter male, by Shagtime Hope-Smoke Rise Buck. Chris Cagle, breeder and owner; Calvin Curnutte, handler.

Ms Antebellum, pointer female, by Steel Valley Wardance-Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior. Jim Emerson, breeder; Eli Richardson, ownre; Mike Tracy, handler. With

Wiggins Pree Dawn Reward, pointer female, by Wiggins Elhew C-Wiggins War Trace. Don Wiggins breeder; Katie Lyons, owner; Doug Ray, handler.

Redrum Red Rosie, pointer female, by Erin's Redrum-War Creek Daizie. John Chambers, breeder and owner; Calvin Curnutte, handler. With

Steel Valley Raven, pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky-Steel City Karen. Jeanette Tracy, breeder; Harry Blaine, owner; Jeanette Tracy, handler.

J N Bolt Action, pointer male, by Chelsea's Thunder Bolt-Double Wild, Joe Stokley, breeder and owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler. With

Quickmarksman's Tanner, pointer male, by Quickmarksman's Ace-Quickmarksman's Brave Heart. Larry Earls, breeder and owner; Mike Hester, handler.

Jett's Rip Tide, pointer male, by Zip Tye-Cedar Ridge Shopper. Katie Lyons, breeder; Jett Ferebee, owner; Doug Ray, handler. With

High Drive Icon, pointer male, by Miller's Heat Seeker-High Drive Patches. Allen Linder, breeder and owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

Calico's Sky's The Limit. With

Pagan Creek Atticus, pointer male, by Goldberg-Mohawk. Adam Hart, breeder; Gene Hogge, owner; Pat Casey, handler.

Mohawk Mill Gotta Go, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Sailor-Mohawk Mill Molly, Gary Winall, breeder; Pat Brooks, owner; Calvin Curnutte, handler. With

Calico's Over the Top, pointer male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Calico's Country Strong. Calico Kennels, breeder; Frank Henderson & Calico Kennels, owners; Alex Smith, handler.


Erin's Thunder Backus with High Drive Canon

High Drive Joker with Quickmarksman's Excalibur

Steel Valley Raven with, Bull Biscuit

Chasehill Poison Ivy with Two Spot Tommy

Chelsea's Thunder Struck with Wiggins Pree Dawn Reward

Merritt's Punisher with Walden's Ridge Slap Shot

Quickmarksman's Tanner with Waybetter Rebel

Calico's Sky's the Limit with Calico's Over The Top

1st--WAYBETTER REBEL, 1689139, pointer male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir--Calico's Country Strong. Carl Bishop, William & Muriel Primm, owners; Pat Casey, handler.

2d--CALICO'S SKY'S THE LIMIT, 1692352, pointer female, by Dominator's Rebel Heir--Calico's Country Strong. Allen Linder, William & Muriel Primm, owners; George Tracy, handler.

3d--QUICKMARKSMAN'S EXCALIBUR, 1695554, pointer male, by Bonner's Excalibur--Tallgrass Piper. Larry Earls, owner; Mike Hester, handler.

4th--WALDEN'S RIDGE SLAP SHOT, 1692371, pointer female, by High Drive Rocky--Walden's Ridge Chatterbox. David Steele, owner; Doug Ray, handler.