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Result: Georgia Field Trial Association

Location: Waynesboro, Alabama

Post Date: Mar 11, 2021

Submitted By: Nell Mobley and Bill Adams


Shooting Dog Winners. From left: One Day Frost shown with Lane Hodges, J C L's Dal with Bill Adams, and Another Mai Tai Please with Nancy Browne. Behind: Adam Marsh, Judge; Jack Schwarz, Darcy Lane, Jesse Brown, Alan York, Ron Lambert, Nell Mobley, Randy Marsh, Buck Daniels, Judge; Jeff Crouch, and Chad Chadwell.
WAYNESBORO, GA. -- Inclement weather for the entire weekend was the setting of the Georgia Amateur Celebration shooting dog stake. Due to heavy rain, several dogs were scratched.

Normally, time permitting, we hold an All-Age and Derby also. Due to a record number (35 entries) of shooting dogs, we had to turn the All-Age and Derby entries away. Next season I plan for our permit to allow for an extra day.

Your writer and Chuck Miller at his computer conducted the drawing.

On Thursday before the trial was to begin the next day, President Gary Futch called to advise that he had contracted COVID-19. However, he had taken care of getting help to carry on the trial. New judges were arranged -- Adam Marsh and Buck Daniels.

Ron Lambert, Alan York, Jack Schwarz, Randy Marsh and Bill Adams stepped up to take care of the field work. It seemed to me that all owners were willing to help where needed.

Buck Daniels is a professional trainer from Yemasee, S.C., and Adam Marsh is from Statesboro, Ga. As I stated earlier, it rained non-stop but these sportsmen hung in there to get the job done. The winners were well received by everyone


One Day Frost, a five-year-old pointer male handled and owned by Lane Hodges, was named to first place. He ran a big race from the time he was put down until time was called in the hour. Finds were recorded at 15 and 22 with a shared find with bracemate at 30. A point at 50 resulted in feathers only. Frost is doing quite well on the Amateur Circuit.

Young J C L's Dal, pointer male, took second place honors for owner-handler Bill Adams. Dal ran in the second brace. He covered the course well with a find at 15 followed with a limb find with a wild covey at 45.

Illinoisan Chad Chadwell handled his eight-year-old Visla male, Another Mai Tai Please, to third place. Finds, with all in order, were recorded at 9, 12, 21 and 27. He backed brace mate at 19. The hour was finished with an all in all big race.


The first hour of the stake featured Secret Agent Shadow (Randy Marsh) and Heard Hill's Golden Girl (Buck Heard). Shadow had finds at 39 and 58, finishing the hour. Sugar Cane Express (Chad Chadwell) ran a medium race with a find at pickup. Dal's performance is reported earlier in second place.

Secret Agent Attitude (Randy Marsh) started with a nice race but breach of manners resulted in a request for tracker. Heard Hill's Best Behavior (Buck Heard) went birdless. One Day Frost is reported earlier in first place. Reb (Bill Adams) had a big race with a divided find to his credit at 30. He took a step and harnessed at 44.

Dan (Alan York) was picked up following a breach of manners. Heard Hill Jay Bird (Buck Heard) missed out on birds. One Day Lucky Strike (Lane Hodges) and Calis Wiki Mae Tai at Sunset (Chad Chadwell) both had a breach of manners and picked up.

Skyz (Bill Adams) was moved up as a bye from brace 18 and ran with Nicka Jack Path Finder (Ross Leonard). Skyz ran a medium race with finds at 20, 30 and 53. Path Finder took to the ground with hunting on his mind. Birds were seen at 15 and he honored bracemate at 30.

Bad Luck for Nailer (Jessica Rutland) and Erin's Lonesome River (Ron Lambert). Both dogs had a breach of manners at 25 for Nailer and 12 for River. One Day La Bandita (Lane Hodges) had a find at 18, very stylish, and a big race. Buzz (Jessica Rutland) harnessed at 22.

A short hour for Mia's Hour of Kalua (Chad Chadwell) and Alpine Mischief Manager (Karen Concilo). Both were harnessed at 18 and 16, respectively. Seekin A Thrill (Ross Leonard) had all in order finds at 10 and 23. Another Mai Tai Please (Chad Chadwell) is reported as third place winner.

Sally was not pleasing Alan York at 25 and picked up. Jesse's Cold Shoulder (Jesse Brown) had a nice find at 9 followed with an unproductive at 16.

In spite of the bad weather, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Everyone had good attitudes with statements like "we can't do anything about the weather" and "it could be worse." Statements were made such as "we will see you next February."

Many thanks to everyone who came to Waynesboro -- the "Bird Dog Capital of the World."

Waynesboro, Ga., February 12 -- One Course

Judges: Buck Daniels and Adam Marsh


[One-Hour Heats] -- 28 Pointers and 7 Vizslas

1st--ONE DAY FROST, 1662762, pointer male, by Great River Ice--Honky Tonk Song Addition. Lane Hodges, owner and handler.

2d--J C L'S DAL, 1686988, pointer male, by Stoney Run's Buddy--Skyz The Limit. Bill Adams, owner and handler.

3d--ANOTHER MAI TAI PLEASE, 1650217, Vizsla male, by Wegler's Crown Royal--Wegler's Penny Lane. Chad Chadwell & Nancy Browne, owners; Chad Chadwell, handler.