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Event: Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club
Result: U. S. Complete Shooting Robert E. Lee Shooting Dog Classic and Futurity

Location: Hoffman, North Carolina

Post Date: Mar 5, 2021

Submitted By: Verlene Stephenson and Jameson Crandall


Bob Lee Classic Winners. Left to right: Stokely B Ricky with Tony Bly; Matthew Phillips; Maximum Resistance with Christina Register, scout; Robert Ecker; Mark Hughes with Grouse Trails Tuscarora; Dave Hughes. On wagon: Verlene Stephenson, George Doyle, judge; Jim Crook, Jeff Smith, judge; and Bobby Phillips.
HOFFMAN, N. C. -- The Robert E. Lee Shooting Dog Classic began on Monday, February 1, at noon, at the Sandhills Game Land area called the "Drop Zone", near Hoffman, N.C. This area is used by the military for helicopter training exercises, thus the name "drop zone".

Sure enough, by the end of the week we were sharing the grounds with troops. One day we came across a downed tree in the path of the gallery wagon. Several of us hopped off the wagon to see if we could move it. Out of nowhere all these soldiers appeared and quickly had the tree moved aside. Thank you for your help and your service!

This year, the trial had a very different feel to it, thanks to COVID-19. Everyone had their facemask and kept their distance from each other. There was no handlers' dinner and no gatherings for lunch in the tent. That is the part I missed the most . . . the fellowship at mealtime. Also, we did not have as many visitors arrive to ride the gallery wagon. I certainly hope by next year this pandemic is a thing of the past and life is back to as normal as possible.

Our thanks go to North Carolina Wildlife officers Brady Beck and Lee Crisco. They had the grounds in great shape. They had done requested mowing and removing of downed trees on the grounds. Also, thanks to John and Gretchen Adsit who walked the course and had it clearly marked for all handlers.

Bobby Phillips and Tony Bingham arrived early so that they could move the tractor and gallery wagon from the Drews to the grounds. Thank you Margaret and Earl for the use of your tractor. I'm sorry one of the drivers accidentaly dropped a spout from the diesel container into the fuel tank. Ooops. Bobby and Tony also helped plant birds until Jameson could get here.

Jameson Crandall came on Thursday to be the official bird planter and reporter for the Futurity.

Ted Riley made sure the portable bird pen was in place so that birds could be kept all week. Our bird supplier, Williamson's Game Farm, made several deliveries during the week keeping us supplied with birds. Also, Sean Melvin and David Huffine found extra birds when it looked like we wouldn't have enough.

Margaret and Earl Drew arranged to have a water tank delivered so that all the animals would have plenty of water during the week.

We arranged to have a party tent erected on the grounds. This made it easy to get out of the weather for the few days we had rain and wind and every day it was COLD, that is for North Carolina.

Since we did not have a handlers' dinner during the Bob Lee Classic, Bill Britt, owner of last year's winner, Clayhill Bones, provided a box lunch from Firehouse Subs for participants on Thursday. They were easy to pick up and take to the tailgate. Thank you Mr. Britt! Also, on Sunday during the Futurity, Ashby Morgan, owner of last year's Futurity winner, Mohawk Mill Charmer, provided pizza for the participants. Thank you Ashby! We appreciate both of you.

Judges for the Bob Lee Classic were George Doyle III, South Hill, Va., and Jeff Smith, Chase City, Va. Both are respected field trailers and judges. Both had just judged the Quail Futurity at Hoffman and literally jumped in the truck and moved over to the Drop Zone to start our trial. They gave each dog and handler their utmost attention. Their decisions were well received. Thanks to both of them for keeping good notes and assisting me with this report. They told me that we had a good trial with a lot of good dogs and a lot of especially good people. There were no arguments and no drama, which always makes for a good experience.

I have to thank everyone for his or her participation and willingness to step in and help wherever needed. We had folks from Pennsylvania, South Carolina, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Vermont in attendance. Whenever there was a bit of a problem, there was someone with a solution. Whether it was driving the tractor, planting birds, running errands, etc., someone was always available to help.

We were especially glad to see Jim Crook from Alabama. He brought his world famous Divinity candy and shared it on the gallery wagon. I was told that there are some trials that don't allow him to come unless he brings the Divinity with him. This was a great bunch of people. The U.S. Complete Shooting Dog Association is alive and well. Thank you.

This year we had many new participants join us. I hope they had a good experience and will be back next year.

This was the largest entry of dogs in my experience with the Bob Lee Classic and Futurity - over 100 entries! We had so many entries that unfortunately we had to cancel the Les Hobbs Puppy Classic. I even had to extend our permit to cover extra days on the grounds. There were 61 shooting dogs and 40 Derbies in the Futurity.

I'm counting on all of you to come back in 2022!

We would also like to thank our national sponsors, Purina and Garmin. Purina provided dog food and coupons, hats, hand sanitizers, lanyards and other goodies. Garmin provided collars for the winner and second place Futurity placements. Stinger Supply of Boydton, Va., provided leashes for the four Futurity placements. Thank you for your continued support of our beloved sport.

The weather for the week was consistently cold with some rain thrown in a couple of days. Most mornings began around 25 and would warm up between 38 to 42 during the day. Cold weather and rain gear were a definite must. Saturday was the nicest day of the week with temps up to 50 and sun.


Winner of the Robert E. Lee Shooting Dog Classic was Stokely B Ricky, setter male, owned by Tony and Marie Bly of New Hampshire and handled by Tony. This was Tony's first time handling a dog in the Bob Lee Classic. Stokely B Ricky ran in the 5th brace, starting the day on Tuesday morning. Evidently scenting conditions were very good since Ricky had seven finds. He also had a back and a very good forward race.

Second was Maximum Resistance, setter male, owned by Matthew Phillips and handled by veteran pro Robert Ecker. Maximum Resistance ran in the sixth brace, Tuesday morning, with his owner, Matthew Phillips, in attendance. Scenting conditions this morning were very good. Max had five finds, an unproductive, and a big race. He was very stylish on his finds.

Third place went to Grouse Trails Tuscarora, pointer male, owned by Dave D'Hulster and handled by Mark Hughes. This was Mark's first time handling dogs in the Bob Lee Classic. Tuscarora ran in the 28th brace Friday morning. He had 3 finds, a back, an unproductive and a good forward race.

Two dogs garnered honorable mention - Clayhill T Bone, pointer male, handled by Tony Bingham and Upper Ten Riley, pointer male, handled by John Adsit. T Bone ran in the 8th brace also on Tuesday when scenting conditions were good. He had seven nice finds and two backs. Riley ran in the 26th brace on Friday morning. He had three nice finds and a back.

Participants gathered to hear the announcement of the placements late Friday afternoon.

Hoffman, N. C., February 1 -- One Course

Judges: George Doyle III and Jeff Smith


[One-Hour Heats] -- 42 Pointers and 19 Setters

1st--STOKELY B RICKY, 1667276, setter male, by Quail Trap Will--Quail Trap Ginger. Tony & Marie Bly, owners; Tony Bly, handler.

2d--MAXIMUM RESISTANCE, 1661316, setter male, by Shadow Oak Bo--Hunter Run's Dawn. Matthew Phillips, owner; Robert Ecker, Jr., handler.

3d--GROUSE TRAILS TUSCARORA, 1674616, pointer male, by Grouse Trails Cracker Jack--Grouse Trails Pride. Dave D'Hulster, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.


The 25th United States Complete Shooting Dog Association Futurity began at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 6, at the North Carolina Wildlife area known as the Drop Zone, just a few miles south of the famed Robert Gordon field trial grounds in Hoffman, N. C.

There were many notable progenitors' names and kennel names involved in the nominations of this year's Futurity litters. Champions from walking, horseback shooting dog, and all-age circuits were listed on the nominations. Stoney Run's Buddy sired two litters and four entries of the 28 nominated litters. Fast Forward's B K Gunner and Erin's Redrum each also sired two litters and four entries from the nominations. Sterlingworth Jack sired four of the 40 entries.

Two of the litters were bred by Mr. Gary Winall of Mohawk Mill Kennels. Two of the litters were bred by Donald Terrell, both of which were sired by Stoney Run's Buddy. Other notable ancestors of these litters are Awsum In Motion, Waybetter Rocky, Sugarknoll Warpaint, Wiggins Miss Stella, and Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior.


Double Deuce Pearl, a female pointer was the victor of this 40-dog stake. Pearl's owner is Doug McMillen of Pennsylvania. Her handler was Dave Hughes. Dave and Pearl competed in the fourth brace on Saturday morning.

After a strong breakaway through the tall Carolina pines, Pearl went on point at the first turn where the course changes from pine forest to open fields of broom sage cover. At 30 she stood in the broom sage. She was steady and they moved on. Later she backed her brace mate who was standing on the top of a hill where a covey was flushed and both were steady. She finished with a third find.

Judge Calvin Curnutte commented that she maintained a steady medium race and was very stylish running. Pearl's dam is Waybetter Rummy; her sire is Waybetter Rocky, a multiple horseback shooting dog champion. Her breeder was Carl Bishop of Pennsylvania.

The second place Derby was female pointer Smoke Rise Hanna, owned by Fred Rose and handled by Tony Bingham. Hannah proved to be a bird finding dog, scoring five finds on singles and two of coveys. She began with an exciting break away. She ran strong through the woods and when she reached the field she shorted and hunted intensely. Hanna is by Stony Run's Buddy and out of Smoke Rise Mariah. Her breeder is Donald Terrell of Ararat, N. C.

Sweet Grass Slim, male setter owned and handled by David Huffine, finished in the 16th brace with six clean finds and one back. He was attentive to his owner, handling with ease. Maintaining a medium range with a classy run, he was pinned third. Slim's sire is the successful walking shooting dog and proven producer Sterlingworth Jack. His dam is Sandland Miracle Maggie. Breeder was Mr. Mills Hodge.

Rock'n'rolls Back In Black, black and white male pointer owned by Harry Cook of South Carolina, and handled by Tony Bingham was fourth place. "Django" ran a big reaching but controlled race. He looked good running and scored one find at 12 in the pines where he was steady to wing and shot. Django was bred by Ron Deighton in BC, Canada. He is out of B K Miss Millie and by B K Escobar, both parents carrying the B K prefix of the acclaimed Boss Kennels.


Hirollins B K Frankenstein (Wiggins Miss Stella by Fast Forwards BK Gunner/W. Parrott) and Westwind Big Jake (Brave Heart Cassie by Erin's Redrum./Hughes) broke away with major speed and the scouts were out soon after. They weren't seen again until 19 when they showed briefly way out front. At 21 Parrott ask for his retrieval device and moments later Hughes did too.

Outlaw Rum Twist (Peach Twist by Erin's Redrum/Crook) and My Way Little Bud (Miller's Fancy Lady by Stoney Run's Buddy/T.Bingham). Twist stood twice in the pines and twice more in the grass fields showing manners each time. He had a consistent medium race throughout and an unproductive just before finishing his 45 minutes. Bud began with two finds before being picked up by his handler for failing to back.

Bob's Whippoorwill Dee (Greg's Wild Ivy by Whippoorwill Justified/Bobby Phillips) and Teen Spirit (Phillips Morning Star by Northwoods Nirvana/R. Ecker). Phillips opted for his retrieval unit at 20 since Dee had not been seen since her enthusiastic breakaway. Teen Spirit was found pointing at 11, which resulted in an unproductive. Her handler picked her up soon after.

The winner, Double Deuce Pearl, was braced with Upper Ten Rudy (Sizzlin Julie by Sugarknoll Warpaint/J. Adsit). Rudy ran a wide race and scored three finds. Two of the three finds were located in previously unsearched objectives deep in the outer edges of the course.

Low Country Grace (Low Country Snow by Erin's Wild Justice/G. Whitworth) and Georgia Born Braveheart (Caladen's River Hawk by Allegretto's Ralphie/Ridings). Grace was reaching wide from the beginning, handling but being seen mostly far at the front. Unfortunately she went birdless. Georgia Born Braveheart went unseen from the start and her handler conceded at 20.

B K Deighton's Jewel (B K Miss Millie by B K Escobar/Parrott) and Twiggy (Sinbad's Little Lady by Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior/Bingham). Jewel finished with one find and a fair ground race. Twiggy pointed a dead bird but after that she became lost and Bingham asked the judge for his device.

Lincoln County Buddy Boy (Miller's Fancy Lady by Stoney Run's Buddy/Whitworth) and Stoney Run's Classy Lady (Smoke Rise Mariah by Stoney Run's Buddy/Terrell). Buddy Boy scored three well spaced finds but also suffered two unproductives. Lady shared a divided find with her bracemate in the pines at 9. At 11 she scored again, but a few minutes later she stole point from her bracemate instead of backing, as Derbies some times do.

Neo (Sandland Miracle Maggie by Sterlingworth Jack/R. Ecker) and Tenacee Rowdy (Greg's Wild Ive by Whippoorwill Justified/G. Isenberg). Neo was picked up by his handler just after the breakaway. Rowdy hit the ground running hard and was not seen again. At 15 Isenberg chose to find him electronically.

Georgia Born Windstorm (Bone Collector by Knight's White Light/Ridings) and Doc Haven's Jack Law (Chelsea's Miss Maggie by Erin's Lone Star Law/Bingham). Windstorm was found pointing at 11, where he was steady. After moving on from that find he was not seen again and the handler asked for his retrieval device at 30. Jack was on the ground for the entire 45 minutes and looked good; however, had no bird work.

Emert's Show Me Motu (Emert's Drivin' Miss Daisy by Emert's Show Me Mo/Emert) and Santee River Lucky Penny (Miller's Fancy Lady by Stoney Run's Buddy/Bingham). Motu came back to his handler shortly after breakaway showing hind end lameness and they headed back to headquarters. Penny finished the course with a great ground race and classy running style but with no birds.

Rock N Roll Elvis (Hirollins IB Fiddlin by Fastforward's B K Gunner/Bingham) and Coal Creek Nova (Sandland Miracle Maggie by Sterlingworth Jack/Ecker). Elvis scored five mannerly finds, hunted at a foot hunting range and finished. Nova was leashed early when her handler determined that she was not competing for a placement.

Tenacee Franklin (Class Act Pretty Penny by Elhew Money Maker/Isenberg) and Ignite The Night (Phillip's Morning Star by Northwood's Nirvana/Hughes). Franklin began with a find and a back but was finished at 18 due to a steadiness mistake. Ignite The Night finished with an impressive seven broke finds. One note from the judges reported that his pattern could have been more forward.

Mohawk Mill Silver Chief (Mohawk Mill Zeva by Mohawk Mill Pirate's Legacy/Bingham) and Cru Midnight Jones (Sandland Miracle Maggie by Sterlingworth Jack/Ecker). Chief showed promise with two broke finds and a forward hunting range. On his third point he decided to pursue catching his bird. Cru Midnight Jones hit the ground with enthusiasm and Ecker unfortunately had to request his retrieval unit near the half.

Smoke Rise Bull (Smoke Rise Mariah by Stoney Run's Buddy/Bingham) and Hirollins B K Don't Juno (Wiggins Miss Stella by Fast Forward's BK Gunner/Parrott) hunted well together from the start. At 20 they pointed together and then chased their quarry.

Rock'n'rolls Back In Black and Sweet Grass Slim ran together in the 15th brace. They both earned placements in winning performances describe earlier.

Second placed Smoke Rise Hannah was braced with Rum on the Rocks (Waybetter Rummy by Waybetter Rocky/Hughes) which had a mishap on his game at 11 and was finished.

Doc Haven's Joy Law (Chelsea's Miss Maggie by Erin's Lone Star Law/Cook) ran as a bye dog due to scratches in the stake but did not finish her attempt at the win.

Red Rum Rosie (Brave Heart Cassie by Erin's Redrum/Hughes) and Smoke Rise Jake (Smoke Rise Mariah by Stoney Run's Buddy/Bingham). Rosie had one find and hunted close with good style. Jake gave his best effort but was picked up near the end of the 45 minutes.

This concluded a full week of watching some good dogs, being with some good people and experiencing some not so good weather. All in all, it was a great trial.

We thank everyone that participated and everyone that helped in any way make it a success. We hope to see you again next year.


Futurity Winners. Left to right front row: Dave Hughes, Mark Hughes with Double Deuce Pearl; Tony Bingham with Smoke Rise Hanna; David Huffine with Sweet Grass Slim; Harry Cook III with Rock'n'rolls Back In Black; Harry Cook, Jr. On the wagon: Judges Mike Fox and Calvin Curnutte, and Bobby Phillips.
Judges: Calvin Curnutte and Mike Fox

U. S. COMPLETE FUTURITY -- 32 Pointers, 7 Setters

and 1 Irish Setter

1st--DOUBLE DEUCE PEARL, 1686813, pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky--Waybetter Rummy. Doug McMillen, Jr., owner; Dave Hughes, handler.

2d--SMOKE RISE HANNA, 1684906, pointer female, by Stoney Run's Buddy--Smoke Rise Mariah. Fred Rose, owner; Tony Bingham, handler.

3d--SWEET GRASS SLIM, 1685232, setter male, by Sterlingworth Jack--Sandland Miracle Maggie. David Huffine, owner and handler.

4th--ROCK'N'ROLLS BACK IN BLACK, 1687712, pointer male, by B K Pablo Escobar--B K Miss Millie. Harry Cook III, owner; Tony Bingham, handler.