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Result: Mid-America Brittany Championship

Location: Raymond, Nebraska

Post Date: Apr 22, 2021

Submitted By: Wesley Felt

The 2021 running of the Mid-America Brittany Championship was held April 22-24 at the Branched Oak Field Trial Area near Raymond, Neb. The Mid-America Brittany Championship was hosted by the Missouri Valley Brittany Club and followed the Club's event held April 19-21.

There are some fine folks we need to mention for their contribution to the success of this Championship. First and foremost, Bill and Julie Cockrum along with Bruce Heiter, who are members of the Missouri Valley Brittany Club. Wesley Felt was here to report and marshal the running. Bruce and Bill planted birds and did the dog wagon. Steve Ralph helped out with dog wagon duties.

Longtime Missouri Valley Brittany Club member John Savicky is remembered for all he did for the club and especially for this Championship. Rest in peace, John.You are missed.

The Branched OakArea has a large lodge but with the COVID virus still present the caterer did not staff the diner. Bill and Julie provided lunch for the participants and we sat outside.

Sponsor for the Mid-America Brittany Championship is Nestl Purina. Nestl Purina provides both money toward the running of this event and ProPlan products for the winners. Purina is fed to several dogs running in this event as testimony to the quality of feed used in the ProPlan dog products. We thank our sponsor for their continued support.

Judges for this year's event were Howard Burbach from Missouri and Justin Hess from Iowa. These two judges were up to the task of three days of riding to select the true all-age competitors. The judges had a number of good dogs to choose from with training to run an hour with all-age range, and intensity on birds pointed to be named as the champion and runner-up.


Branched Oak Area provides ample space to show a true all-age bird dog. We had 39 dogs go to the line. The Championship is a one-hour continuous course with seven braces the first two days.

The 2021 champion was Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper, seasoned Brittany male, owned and handled by Frank Campbell of Oklahoma City. His sire is Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper and dam, Caney River T N T's Special Budget.

Mid-America Brittany Championship Winner. From left: Howard Burbach (judge), Champion Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper with Frank Campbell, Justin Hess (judge), Wesley Felt and Jerry McGee

The runner-up was Georgia White Lightening, owned by Travis and Clayton Tangen of Castle Rock, Colo., and handled by Tom Tracy, Jr. His sire is Uncle Kracker and dam, Georgia Texas Two Step.

Georgia White Lightening, Runner-Up in the Mid-America Brittany Championship


Weather on Monday was 57 for first brace, with a breeze. By noon it was 80 and ended the day at 92 . This truly was unseasonal; the week before it was in the high 30s to 40s.

Brace No. 1: Kashmir (Tracy) and Willie Makit (Johnson). Kashmir was lost at mid-hour. Willie was hunting well to the front and went on point, but had a breach of manners and was put in the dog wagon.

Hoochie Coochie Man (Tillson) and Dogwood's Fireball Whiski (Burchett). Hoochie Coochie Man was hunting hard to the front he had a good find at 2, 12, and 16. He was shortening some and was picked up before the hour. Fireball Whiski's first find at 4 was not acceptable and was sent to the dog wagon.

In. No. 3, Sniksoh Worthy Expense (Hoskin) had a good turkey find at 9. He was forward at 35 and bumped a quail to end his day. Kid's Royal Casey (Heiter) had a bird at 7 with good manners. His second find at 30 was not as successful and was picked up.

Sniksoh Hank's Hatch (Burchett) pointed a bird at 12, 24, 32, with manners, and at 45 decided he was going to catch one. Georgia's Tiger II (Tracy) was lost before the hour.

No. 5 had the runner-up, Georgia White Lightening (Tracy), which pointed with a bird at 10, 41, and had an unproductive at 31. He backed his bracemate at 56. He finished the hour. His performance was enjoyed by the judges and he was awarded the runner-up champion of the Mid-America Championship. Bracemate A N J's Ohio Hellion (Burchett) had a back at 10 and bird finds at 51 and 56 and finished the hour going strong to the front.

J W B's Arctic Cat (Tracy) and Warbonnet and Campbell's Sky's The Limit (Ben Campbell). Arctic Cat was lost before the hour. Campbell's Sky's The Limit pointed at 27 and left with the flush.

Brace No. 7: Scout Upland Trailblazer (Tillson) was picked up at 45 for breach of manners. Supernova (Johnson) was picked up early by his handler.

Weather for Tuesday began at 59 and breezy; by noon was up to 72 . A cold front arrived before breaking away for the afternoon braces and temperature dropped to 62 .

No. 8 had Bamajama Willy's Sassie Sadie (Burchett) and J J's Levi the Lionheart (Williams). Sassie Sadie was scratched. Levi the Lionheart had a good find and manners at 12. He was chased the bird at 15.

T M R's Lucky Betts (Tracy) had a find at 8 and 33. He was picked up before the hour. Rev'n Gunrunner's Tilly (Tillson) was hunting forward and at 37 pointed and released herself to bump a bird.

Arrow's Tequila Rustler (Beaver) a had a find at 23 and finished the hour. C V K's Ironman (Tracy) was picked up before the end of the hour.

In No. 11 were Cedar Valley Luke (Tracy) and the winner, Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper (Frank Campbell). Cedar Valley Luke had a find at 35 and another find 2 minutes later with breach of manners. Lucky Ned Pepper had bird finds at 8, 21, and 33. He was going as hard as he could to a final find at 59 and finished the hour. His performance was enjoyed by the judges and he was awarded the highest honor -- champion of the Mid-America Brittany Championship.

McChesney's All Down The Line (Johnson) was lost before the hour. C V K's Jungleland (Tracy) was picked up early.

Trio's I'm Finn Tastic At Campbell's (Burchett) had a breach of manners at 19. Tequila Scorcher (Tillson) had a find at 26. He was picked up before the hour.

Brace No. 14: Prairie Wind Pistol Pete (Tracy) and Sundance Kid's Rule Breaker (Frank Campbell). Pistol Pete had a breach of manners at 33. Rule Breaker had bird finds at 27 and 30. He finished the hour.

Weather for Wednesday began at 50s and ended in the 50s. It had rained overnight . During the last brace of the day rain began for 30 minutes. The rain lasted long enough to soak all riders before returning to camp.

In No. 15, Almaden's Under Lock and Key (Tillson) had a strong beginning and at 7 had a back. He had bird finds at 14, 33 and 40 all before the wood bridge. He had two more finds before finishing the hour. C V K Spartan King (Tracy) was forward early and at 7 had a find. He was lost before the hour.

Both Sigbrit's Not In Kansas Anymore (Johnson) and Osage Fork Slick (Burchett) had a breach of manners on their first points.

Shiloh's Sailing The West Wind (Burchett)t had a breach of manners on his first bird. Ru Jem's Last Penny (Tracy) had a big breakaway that ended with a find at 11. She had one more find at 36 and finished the hour.

R and H Dark Night (Burchett) failed to back at 24. She's Outa Control (Johnson) had a find at 19 and at 24 pointed and helped chase the bird.

In No. 19, Both Roustabout's All In (Tracy) and J and M Rodeo Romeo (Tillson) were lost before the hour.

Blazin E Z Mac (Tracy) was picked up before the hour. Pursuit's Broadway Guitz (Burchett) was lost before the hour.

No, 21: Sniksoh Little Diamond (Johnson), as a bye, was scratched.

This concluded the running of the 2021 Mid-America Brittany Championship.

Raymond, Neb., April 23

Judges: Howard Burbach and Justin Hess


[One-Hour Heats] -- 39 Brittanys

Winner--JUST CALL ME LUCKY NED PEPPER, 1653826, male, by Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper--Caney River T N T's Special Budget. Franklin E. Campbell, owner and handler.

Runner-Up--GEORGIA WHITE LIGHTENING, 1663403, male, by uncle Kracker--Georgias Texas Two Step. Travis & Clayton Tangen, owners; Tom Tracy, Jr., handler.


Judges: Bruce Bryant and Wes Felt

OPEN ALL-AGE -- 42 Brittanys

1st--SNIKSOH WORTHY EXPENSE, 1688062, male, by Sniksoh Spank's Hank--M K's My Lil Ammo. Jeff Hoskins, owner and handler.

2d--EL GRANDE, unreg., male, by Cowboy Way--M K My Lil Ammo. Robert Myers & Rob Rohner, owners; Rob Myers, handler.

3d--A N J'S OHIO HELLION, 1666102, male, by Grand Junction Jake--High Hopes Little Ann. Mike Poehler, owner; Bob Burchett, handler.

Judges: Travis Tangen and Jeff Wallace

OPEN PUPPY -- 10 Brittanys

1st--PRESLEY'S JAZZ EM UP SHIVER ME TIMBER, unreg., male, by A Trace of Bourbon with Diamonds--Turning Point Shenanigans. Rick & Becky Hastings, owners; Scott Johnson, handler.

2d--LIBBY ANN, unreg., female, by Sniksoh Free Boy--Sniksoh Patty Ann. Bruce Heiter, owner and handler.

3d--SNIKSOH DOUBLE DOWN, unreg., female, by Sniksoh Free Boy--Sniksoh Patty Ann. Nick Blasi, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

Judges: Jeff Hoskins and Travis Tangen

OPEN DERBY -- 18 Brittanys

1st--SANDHILL LILLY, unreg., female, by Willie Make It--M K's My Lil Classic. Robert Myers, owner and handler.

2d--SOVEREIGN'S LEGENDARY TALE, unreg., male, by Sovereign's Chasing Legends--Sovereign's Orange Crush. Dawn & Joe Droel, owners; Bob Burchett, handler.

3d--A N J'S N WILLY'S MISSOURI HELLION, unreg., female, by A N J's Ohio Hellion--Sniksoh Willy's Warrior Princess. Mike & Stacy Poehler, owners; Mike Poehler, handler.

Judges: Wes Felt and Justin Hess

AMATEUR ALL-AGE -- 23 Brittanys

1st--SPANISH DANCER, 1687792, female, by Spanish Corral's Sonny Patch--Janee's Dirty Dancer. Robert Myers, owner and handler.

2d--FARM GIRL PEARL, unreg., female, by Touch of Bourbon Little Chug--Sniksoh Little Diamond. Bruce Heiter, owner and handler.

3d--RU JEM'S GRAND TOUCH BOURBON, unreg., male, by Touch of Bourbon Little Chug--Bark River Queen of Diamond. Jerry McGee, owner; Steve Ralph, handler.

Judges: Richard Beaver and Steve Ralph


[Placements Withheld.]

Judges: Matt Harris and Jeff Wallace

OPEN SHOOTING DOG -- 41 Brittanys

1st--CROSSCREEK SANBAR WINDRIDER, unreg., male, by Hope's Chief of Crosscreek--Sanbar Crosscreek Tell Me A Story. Barbara & Wayne Pepin, owners; Bob Burchett, handler.

2d--KID'S ROYAL CASEY, 1679011, male, by Renegade's Kansas Kid--Kid's Little Ann. Bruce Heiter, owner and handler.

3d--PURSUIT'S LIL PHOENIX, 1679228, female, by Brendi Brooks Smokin Joe--Brendi Brooks Shady Lady. Jay Halloran, owner; Bob Burchett, handler.