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Result: National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Pamlico, South Carolina

Post Date: Dec 11, 2020

Submitted By: Bruce Mercer

The Southern Bird Hunters Association (SBHA) is delighted to have beed selected and entrusted to host the AFTCA National Walking Shooting Dog Championship that was held on December 11, 2020.

Our intent was to host the trial in the "hot-bed" of walking field trials, the Southeastern states. We chose Palmetto Quail Club, the privately owned quail paradise by fellow field trailer Rodney Poston of Pamplico, S. C.

These grounds are a mixture of field edges, planted feed strips, picturesque planted pines challenging each competitor to a versatile hour Championship. SBHA and the AFTCA extends a special thanks to Rodney Poston for allowing use of his paradise.

No trial can be successful without sponsors willing to provide products and reduce the burden to the clubs. Purina, Garmin and Mike Fox Trophies each provided their products to reward the winners for their achievements. Thank you for your support.

We want to thank the two judges who dedicated their time and attention to each contestant. Justin Crook from Jasper, Mo., and Bruce Mercer from Fayetteville, Ga., governed the action-packed two-day Championship. In addition, Trial Chairman Warren Parrott covered every other detail from arranging true Southern cooking provided by Teddy Poston to providing ATVs and UTVs for visitors and spectators so they have the opportunity to view each brace.

The weather man was our friend. Both days offered cool mornings with temperatures in the 40s, peaking around the upper 60s with slightly cloudy to sunny afternoons.

Handlers showed up with 33 dogs, making this Amateur Walking Championship one of the largest in the past several years. When top quality grounds are available, select scheduling and experienced judges are secured, this is the making of a great event.


The judges were impressed with the quality of dogs and braces they observed over the two days. Four dogs stood out -- Bob's Elhew Sushi, handled by Bobby Phillips; Hirollins Talkin Smack, handled by Warren Parrott; Bob's Elhew Holly, Bobby Phillips, and Hirollins Gone and Doneit again Warren Parrott. Each performed at a championship level and could have been rewarded for their efforts on any given day; unfortunately, we were only able to recognize the top two, naming the winners.

Hirollins Talkin Smack, Winner of the National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

The champion came from the eighth brace when Warren Parrott released Hirollins Talkin Smack, callname Ace, at 4:05 p.m., with bracemate Georgia Born Windstorm (Margie Ridings). Ace's initial cast was long and strong. His extremely smooth gait coupled with a high tail and head will make anyone set high in the saddle and take notice. Ace soon exited the first field, entering the second and quickly forward down course. Because of his forward cast, he was not seen over the next several minutes but Warren never wavered in his trust of Ace.

At the 14-minute mark Warren raised his cap and called point; Ace was far ahead pointing in a feed strip. Ace was breathtaking; poker-straight tail with chin well above level. Three birds were flushed as Warren shot and Ace stood motionless. Released, Ace soared through the wooded wet area headed into the big fields, then onto a feed strip edge ahead. Warren pointed him out as he faded out of sight. As we continued on course, Ace was found standing picturesquely facing a feed strip. Birds were flushed and shot fired with all in order. Taken slightly forward, Ace was released toward the piney woods where his style of hunting must change to match the terrain. Warren pointed him out several hundred yards ahead on the backside of a feed patch moving gracefully down course and out of sight.

The course led us across a few small branch crossings then into the final section of woods. Warren's scout called point as he spotted Ace standing far ahead. An extensive flush did not produce a bird immediately as Warren covered both sides of the ditch. Looking back at Ace where he indicated he pinned the bird, Warren again flushed to find a buried single quail that quickly exited. This is a case where reading your dog comes in handy. Ace was released and pointed out as he faded out of sight. Shortly after, Warren approached the area where Ace disappeared and again raised his cap where he found Ace on the far right side of the woods. Warren flushed a wild covey that seemed to get up forever. Ace was again flawless during flush and fire.

With ten minutes left, it was time to see how much endurance was left. Ace crossed the road and headed into the fields, choosing the left edge moving forward. As we entered the fields, Ace was found standing at the field edge. This was an unusual location for birds so Warren elected to collar Ace and move him on. Released a final time, Ace raced out of sight heading for field No. 2. His style, strength and stamina was the same at minute sixty as it was at breakaway.

The runner-up came from brace No. 9, the first brace on Saturday morning that was released at 7:50 a.m. Bobby Phillips handled Bob's Elhew Holly, braced with Chelsea Conroy handling Steel Valley Freedom. Both dogs raced along the feed strip of the first field, forward, then out of sight. Freedom took a left headed towards the planted pines and pointed immediately. Holly continued forward far ahead and slammed onto point on the far side of a feed strip on the third field with only 4 minutes on the clock. Her style was very lofty with tail erect and head well above level. Bobby flushed three birds that quickly rushed away and Holly never flinched.

Bob's Elhew Holly, Runner-Up in the National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

Holly then hunted eagerly along the feed strips ahead and was quickly rewarded with another find at 8 minutes. Her style again was polished to perfection. A covey of five exploded as Bobby thrashed, disturbing their cover. Holly again expertly maintained her composure. Now Holly had bird hunting on her mind and shortened her range as to not pass up an opportunity to pin another covey. As we reached the larger fields, Holly's range extended as she chose the right edge. As handler and judges rounded the corner, she was found far ahead on the right edge of the feed patch with incredible style. This find came at 18. Bobby spooked three birds from their cover, Holly's manners perfect and polished for flight and fire.

We were now approaching the midsection of the course where a dog needs to display a reaching, forward range in the big open fields. Holly did not disappoint. She was pointed out far ahead on the left in an ideal location, moving quickly along the feed strip edges. Suddenly she slammed onto point at 27 where a single bird was produced with all in order. Watered and cast forward, Holly faded out of sight as she headed into the piney woods section of the course, soon to be found on a far edge moving down course as scripted. Holly disappeared for a short stint as the course limited its view. Several minutes later Bobby's scout called point for Holly far ahead standing in the love grass with amazing style. Bobby produced three birds exactly where Holly indicated.

Ten minutes left on the clock now as we approached the final several hundred yards of the piney woods and into the fields for the finale. Holly crossed the road and Bobby encouraged her forward with blast of his whistle. She responded by racing forward and far out of sight from field No. 1 to field No. 2. Time was called as Holly was summoned back by her handler; she responded mannerly and eagerly. True excitement for all those who witnessed.

As mentioned earlier, there were several top-notch performances witnessed during this Championship. The entire field was packed with quality dogs. We hope all participants continue to support the AFTCA and enter many other AFTCA events.

The SBHA staff extends a special thanks to AFTCA for entrusting us to be a part of such a prestigious event.

Pamplico, S. C., December 11 -- One Course

Judges: Justin Crook and Bruce Mercer


CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] -- 28 Pointers and 5 Setters

Winner--HIROLLINS TALKIN SMACK, 1678552, pointer male, by Fastforward's B K Gunner--Wiggins Miss Stella. Warren Parrott, owner and handler.

Runner-Up--BOB'S ELHEW HOLLY, 1653300, pointer female, by Elhew Moneymaker--Bob's Miller Daisy. Dr. Bobby M. Phillips, owner and handler.


AMATEUR DERBY -- 11 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st--HIROLLINS B K DONTJUNO, 1687518, pointer female, by Fastforward's B K Gunner--Wiggins Miss Stella. Warren Parrott, owner and handler.

2d--OUTLAW RUM TWIST, 1688808, pointer male, by Erin's Redrum--Peach Twist. Jim Crook, owner and handler.

3d--HIROLLINS B K PLAYBOY, 1687486, pointer male, by Fastforward's B K Gunner--Wiggins Miss Stella. Warren Parrott, owner and handler.

AMATEUR PUPPY -- 3 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st--BOB'S ELHEW SMOKIE, 1689145, pointer female, by Elhew Moneymaker--Bob's Elhew Julie. Dr. Bobby M. Phillips, owner and handler.

2d--HIROLLINS SPECIAL EDITION, 1691657, male, by Hirollins Talkin Smack--Santee River Molly. Warren Parrott, owner and handler.

[The foregoing report was promptly submitted to the AFTCA and reportedly to The American Field, but was not received by the latter. AFTCA Secretary Piper Huffman, doing a season-ending follow-up, provided the report so the winners would receive recognition and credit for their achievements.]