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Result: Oregon Open Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Maupin, Oregon

Post Date: May 8, 2021

Submitted By: Todd Schaaf

The Oregon Open Shooting Dog was held for the first time May 8 at the Imperial Cattle Company in Maupin Ore. With everything going on in the world we had a great turnout and had a great time.

The drawing was held at the Imperial River Company Restaurant. At the drawing Dan Hoke presented the Club with the first-ever Oregon Shooting Dog Trophy. The trophy was originally The David B. Story All-Age Trophy from the Cascade All-Age AKC Club. The Cascade Club has been inactive for the past ten years and Dan Hoke was given the OK to donate it to the Oregon Shooting Dog along with a handcrafted wooden case he had made.

With help from Stephen "Steeple" Bell, Dan was able to go back to the start of the Championship and listed all the champion dogs, owners and handlers. They were able to find all the info for the runner-up champions as well. This trophy is a true representation of the history of the Oregon Shooting Dog Championship. Thank you, Dan Hoke, Steeple Bell, and all of Dan's dogs and clients who have won the Oregon Shooting Dog for the great trophy.


Out of our nineteen dogs entered, Judges Lori Stineshouer and Mike Wilkin named Dunfur's Emma Frost, eight-year-old German shorthaired pointer female, owned by Clint Matthews of Tucson, Ariz., and handled by Dan Hoke, our champion.

The Winners

Runner-up was Tian Elhew Verbena, eight yer old pointer female owned by Angela Schillereff handled by Tim Schilleriff of Portland, Ore., and handled by Tim Schillereff.

The winner, Dunfur's Emma Frost, was the top dog of the third brace, cast off the backside of the three-hour continuous course in the third brace along with her bracemate. Both dogs worked forward down into the grassy valley and then headed up the hill where Emma had her first find with manners all in order. She then headed over the steep hill. Both Emma and her bracemate followed the natural contour and cast easterly into the bowl. They were found standing with a divided find. All manners in order for both.

They were then cast off towards the western slope and after passing through the gate Emma had another find. Her brace mate was seen chasing while Emma stood staunchly through it all. Mr. Hoke fired his gun, gathered Emma and sent her off down into the valley. After a long cast she was seen standing under the windmill where her fourth find was produced. After watering, Emma was cast back to the bowl where she continued on, producing birds for a 5th and 6th time with manners all in order. Emma's race was forward and consistent with six equally spaced finds.

Runner-up Tian Elhew Verbena was the top dog in the second brace. She started with strong with a big move was found on point at 15 by the scout, turned loose ran across the Draw had Her second find. She went on with too more nice finds and finished the hour with a forward moving race.

In the first brace, Dunfur's Dalali Bobba, German shorthair male handled by Dan Hoke, owner Jimmy Tesarik, had a strong, forward race with two finds finishing strong. Bracemate Elhew Thunder'n Lightening, pointer male handled by Mel Lueck, owner Mel Lueck and Mel Pfeifie. "Lehi" had a nice race with 4 finds but lost at 50 and found at time.

Runner-up Tian Elhew Verbena was braced with K Nine's Master of Illusion, Brittany male owned and handled by Gerry Gresham. Magic had a nice race with four finds.

The winner, Dunfur's Emma Frost, was down with Twer's Heartbreak Ridge, pointer male, owned and handled by Todd Schaaf. "Gunny" had a strong race with one find and a divided find.

Tian Gotta Lotta Hope, pointer female, handled by Tim Schillereff, owned by Angela Schillereff, had one find at 5 and was picked up at 35 by handler. League of Her Own, pointer female, owned and handled by Amanda Schaaf. Georgia went on point at 6; handler could not produce a bird and dog left on her own.

In. No. 5, Lit'l Red Pete C, Vizsla male, handled by Tim Schillereff, owned by Hans Koch. Nice race but no bird. Liberty's Lady Rising Sun, German wire-haired pointer female owned and handled by Mark McFarland. Nice race no bird

Race to The Moon, German shorthair male, handled by Dan Hoke, owned by Clint Matthews. Race had a nice forward effort but was not able to find a bird. Elhew Sea Me Charm Em, pointer male, handled by Mel Lueck, owned by Mel Lueck and Mel Pfeifie, scored one successful find at 15. Had a great run until he left a bird at 55.

B D K's Pacific Jillybean, pointer female handled by Dan Hoke, owner Jack Richbourg, showed potential very early with a great find to the front and above the fence. Unfortunately, she was lost at time. Gotta Another Project, pointer male, owned and handled by Todd Schaaf. "Joey" had a nice find but showed his age when the bird flew over his head.

Tian Six Shooter, pointer male handled by Tim Schillereff, owner Angela Schillereff. "Bullet" was picked up by handler. Miss Liberty Too, German wire-hair female, owned and handled by Mark McFarland. "Libby" had three nice finds and a strong race.

Pacific's Cracker Jax, German shorthair male, handled by Dan Hoke owner Jack Richbourg. Jax made sever nice casts and was found on point. He continued making good moves untill he did not come back from the front. Gotta Little Project, pointer male, owned and handled by Todd Schaaf. Unlike "Edger" in the past he did not show up to play and was picked up.

Tian Butterbean, pointer male handled by Tim Schillereff, owned by Cliff Mesnard II, as a bye, began strong but was picked up at 35.

I would like to thank our sponsors Purina and SportDog. We could not hold a successful championship without their support.

There are many people who make this a successful championship Amanda Schaaf for everything you do. Mel Lueck and Emily for all you help with water trough filling, bird planting and over all help. Chase Cochran for the use of the side by side and all the help bird planting. Adam Meifert for the dog wagon driving.

The Cascade Pointer Club that originally built the trophy that Dan Hoke and his winning dogs Scamp, Ben, Goerge, Reba, Kobe, Monte and Race converted with the research Steeple Bell for the Oregon Shooting Dog Championship.

Maupin, Ore., May 8

Judges: Lori Steinshouer and Mike Wilkin


11 Pointers, 1 Brittany, 4 German Shorthairs, 1 Vizsla and 2 Drahthaars

Winner--DUNFUR'S EMMA FROST, 1651022, German Shorthair female, by Dress Blues--Dunfurs Tule Moon. Clint Matthews, owner; Dan Hoke, handler.

Runner-Up--TIAN ELHEW VERBENA, 1653426, pointer female, by Elhew G Force--North Woods Vixen. Angela Schillereff, owner; Tim Schillereff, handler.

David B. Story Memorial Open All-Age Classic Trophy