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Result: Mid-America Brittany Championship

Location: Raymond, Nebraska

Post Date: May 31, 2019

Submitted By: Wesley Felt


Championship Winners. From left: Rodney Albin, judge; Hyatt Burchett, Tommy Thomas with Whiskey's Little Tip, Tom Tracy, Jr. with Roustabout All In, Bob Burchett, Don Kimble, judge, and Wesley Felt.
RAYMOND, NEB. -- The Mid-America Brittany Championship was held April 22-25 at the Branched Oak Field Trial Area near Raymond, Neb., hosted by the Missouri Valley Brittany Club and followed the regional club event held April 19-21.

There are some fine folks we need to mention for their contribution to the success of this championship event. First and foremost, Bill and Julie Cockrum who are club members of the Missouri Valley Brittany Club. The Cockrums, along with club members Bruce Heiter, Rob Rohner and Kristin Tracy. Bill, Bruce and Rob planted birds while Kristin and Valery Burchett picked up food. John Savicky provided his truck for the dog wagon and four wheeler and trailer.

On Saturday while preparing to come to the trial John Savicky fell and broke his hip. We wish John a speedy recovery.

This year is the first year since the first running of the Mid-America Brittany Championship we did not have Jack Higgins to help. Jack passed away last December. Jack was one of the founding members of the Mid-America Brittany Championship and reported many of them. Jack's help and leadership were missed.

The Branched Oak Field Trial Area has a large lodge enjoyed by trial folks to gather for socializing and meals. Missouri Valley Brittany Club provided food for the lunches. Several folks pitched in with cooking and cleaning duties including Roger Stowell, Mary Felt and Rob Rohner. We also would like thank Ken Windom and Roger for providing the grills as well as cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs.

The sponsor for the Mid-America Brittany Championship is Nestl Purina, which gives both money toward the running of this event and Pro Plan products for the winners. Purina is fed to several dogs running in this event as testimony to the quality of feed used in the Pro Plan dog products. We thank our sponsor for their continued support.

The judges for this year's event were Rodney Albin from Missouri and Don Kimble from Kansas. These two judges were up to the task of three days of riding through some cold weather to select the true all-age competitors for this Championship. The judges had a number of good dogs to choose from with the all-age range, intensity on birds pointed, and the handling necessary to be named as the champion and runner-up.

Branched Oak Field Trial Area provides ample space to show a true all-age bird dog. We had 43 dogs run in this Championship.

Earning the championship title was Whiskey's Little Tip, owned by Gaylord Jowett and Weston Jowett of Frankfort, Mich., and handled by Bob Burchett. Tip's sire is Hi Proof Whizki; his dam is Sam's Sandbank Rose. Named runner-up was Roustabout All In, owned by Paul Rosevear of Petersburg, Ky., and handled by Tom Tracy, Jr. All In's sire is Maxwell's Outer Limits, his dam Cedar Valley Lilly.

The Championship had one-hour heats run as a continuous course. The first day had eight braces completed while the second and third day had seven braces. The weather for the three days was good for the dogs. The calendar says spring but the temperature for all three days began cool, low 40s with a north wind and might have reached a high of 60s. This is the first championship in many years we did not have to deal with spring rains.


S S Rig's Colorado Gun Runner (Tillson) was under a bird at 7 and went to the dog wagon. Upland Trailblazer Scout (Tracy) commendably maintained his point through his bracemate's breach of manners. He later began to lose the front and his handler picked him up before the hour.

Black Creek Summit had a far-reaching forward race for some time until he lost contact with Holman and the retrieval unit was pulled. Crescent City Girl (Tillson) was lost early and the retrieval unit was turned on.

Farm Girl Pearl (Heiter) was under a bird at 3. M K's My Lil Ammo (Burchett) maintained her point through bracemate's breach of manners. She had a back cast which cost her some front time, but when she found the front she had some breathtaking casts to a find at 37 and finished with one more at 55. She was sent on to finish the hour. Her bird work was high and tight with intensity.

Rev'n Gunrunner's Tilly (Tracy) was picked up early. Osage Fork Slick was lost before the hour and Burchett requested the retrieval device.

K J's Irish Whizky (Windom) was lost before the hour. Crossed The Line (Tillson) had a find at 4 and an unproductive at 12. He had finds at 35 and 49 and finished the hour.

Tequila Scorcher (Tillson) had a finds at 7 and 12 and finished the hour. Ace's One Eyed Jack (Holman) had a back at 7 and at 12 was under a bird to end his day.

Hehi's Slim Chipley (Burchett) had two nice finds at 7 and 15 and at 19 was seen under a bird. Spark's Prairie Wind Gypsy was picked up early by Johnson.

Arrow's Tequila Rustler was picked up early by Beaver. Gun Creek Gangster (Holman) had a bird at 27 and at 55 was seen under a bird to end his day.

Roustabout All In (Tracy) had a find at 9, then slammed into a back at 23. He had some running time before the next bird at 59 as he made us sit up in the saddle and watch his next all-age move. His finish to the last find was at time and we had to ride quite a ways to watch his strong pointing ability and flawless flight and fire. He had a peccadillo with handler while returning to release that detracted some from a wonderful performance that was enjoyed by the judges and earned runner-up. Blazin E Z Mac (Burchett) was found standing with All In backing at 23 with all good manners. He was sent forward with purpose and showed some all-age, logging a second find at 48. He finished the hour to the front.

Alar's Dirty Dancer was picked up by Tillson before the hour. Driving Miss Daisy (Tracy) had a breach of manners early in the brace.

Black Uhaul was picked up by Holman before the hour. Hoochie Coochie Man (Tillson) had a short outing with a breach of manners on his find at 4.

Glade Run Irish (Tracy) was not performing to his standard and was picked up before the hour. Willie Make It (Johnson) was doing a nice job until mid-hour when he had a breach of manners.

Almaden's Under Lock and Key (Tillson) had a nice find at 10 and a back at 13. He continued, had an unproductive at 50 and a nice find at 52. He was released and finished the hour. Maxwell's Prickly Pete (Tracy) had a nice find while Lock and Key backed. He was sent on and not seen again. Tracy requested the retrieval unit.

A N J's Ohio Hellion (Burchett) had an unproductive at 9, was released and was not seen again. Handler requested the retrieval unit. Roustabout's Blew By was picked up by Tracy before the hour.

Jac's Ray of Sunshine (Holman) was doing a good job until point was called at 32 and he had a breach of manners. M K's Magnificent Bandito was picked up by Johnson before the hour.

Carpe Diem (Lincoln) was away early with a mission and point was called at 8. Handler elected to relocate. Carpe Diem took a few steps and locked on with intensity and all was ok. He pointed at 11, failed to show the same manners and went to the dog wagon. Jac's Original Spice (Holman) was at mid point of the hour when handler called point. All good at flush and shot. He had another find at 49, and went on to finish the hour.

Whiskey's Little Tip (Burchett) had four finds within a ten-minute span. His first was at 20 with a long absence while standing the bird. The second came at 25, No. 3 at 27 and the last at 30. He then took us on an all-age adventure to the end of the hour. He had the extreme distance with lines finished before moving onto the next objective, a superb effort. This performance was enjoyed by the judges as he was named the champion. Shady Way's Joker's Hill Country Express (Tracy) was under a bird and was sent to the dog wagon.

Sniksoh Hank's Hatch (Burchett) had finds at 11, 26, but was under a bird at 30. Kasmir (Tracy) had a find. While flushing, the handler's horse left and so did Kasmir.

Castaway Wilson (Tracy) and R and H Dark Night (Burchett) were both seen under a bird and sent to the dog wagon.

Ru Jem's Last Penny (Tracy) as a bye. Ru Jem's Last Penny had finds at 7 and 13. She was sent on and point was called at 30 but a bird was not produced. She was sent on and completed the hour.

Piney Run Jake (Rohner) and C V K Spartan King (Tracy). Kent Patterson was injured in a horse accident and Piney Run Jake had a new handler. His performance lacked his standard and Rohner elected to pick him up before the hour. Spartan King was lost early, handler requesting the retrieval unit.

Jagoub's Spell Caster (Tracy) was under a bird at 7. Turning Points Shenanigans (Burchett) was standing at 5 with a bird to flight. Handler shot. Sent on to the front, he was under a bird at 11 and went to the dog wagon.

Raymond, Neb., April 22

Judges: Rodney Albin and Don Kimble


43 Brittanys

Winner--WHISKEY'S LITTLE TIP, 1666251, male, by Hi Proof Whizki--Sam's Sandbank Rose. Gaylord & Weston Jowett, owners; Bob Burchett, handler.

Runner-Up--ROUSTABOUT ALL IN, 1684343, male, by Maxwell's Outer Limits--Cedar Valley Lilly. Paul Rosevear, owner; Tom Tracy, Jr., handler.


Judges: Wes Felt and Jeff Wallace

OPEN ALL-AGE -- 41 Brittanys

1st--JUST CALL ME LUCKY NED PEPPER, 1653826, male, by Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper--Caney River Tnt's Special Budget. Franklin E. Campbell, owner and handler.

2d--K J'S IRISH WHIZKY, 1648946, male, by Rocklan's Whizzle Stop--Cast A Brit Micro Sammie. Ken & Jane Windom, owners; Ken Windom, handler.

3d--GUN CREEK GANGSTER, 1661629, male, by Odyssey's Ace of Hearts--Dixie Bradon's Joy. Ed & Donna Janulis, owners; Chad Holman, handler.

Judges: Dave Carlson and Trasa Shinpoch

OPEN PUPPY -- 8 Brittanys

1st--GANGSTER'S SECRET WEAPON, unreg., male, by Gun Creek Gangster--Gun Creek Whizki. Ed & Donna Janulis, owners; Chad Holman, handler.

2d--T N T'S NYMPH IN HARLEM PANTS, unreg., female, by Hope's Chief of Crosscreek--Little Miss Beretta. Tommy Thomas, owner and handler.

3d--BULLET NUMBER THREE, unreg., male, by Bullet's Return Whizen Bud--Bullet's Little Gal. Bill Norvell, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

Judges: Jeff Wallace and Stan Williamson

OPEN DERBY -- 23 Brittanys

1st--COUNTYLINE'S THAT GUY, unreg., male, by Kid's Red Devil--Farm Girl Pearl. Stan Truksa, owner and handler.

2d--TRASA'S DAKOTA COPPER SKIES, 1680827, female, by Dakota Copper Nickel--Trasa's Little Sky Dancer. Trasa Shinpoch, owner and handler.

3d--MIGHTY SHOCK, unreg., male, by M K's Magnificent Bandito--Redrock's Siesmic Sniksoh. Bill Oliver, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

Judges: Wes Felt and Trasa Shinpoch

AMATEUR ALL-AGE -- 13 Brittanys

1st--FARM GIRL PEARL, unreg., female, by Touch of Bourbon Little Chug--Sniksoh Little Diamond. Bruce Heiter, owner and handler.

2d--M K'S MAGNIFICENT BANDITO, 1669716, male, by Tee Bone--Chief's Nubbins My Lil Lady. Bill Oliver, owner; Dave Lincoln, handler.

Judges: Steve Ralph and Trasa Shinpoch


1st--MR. DILLON, 1645517, male, by Ricochet Hemi Barracuda--Sunshine On My Shoulder. Mickey Condron, owner; Tommy Thomas, handler.

2d--P J'S JOSIE MO JO, unreg., female, by P J Ozzy--P J's Shadow Chaser. Richard Beaver & Ed Tillson, owners; Richard Beaver, handler.

Judges: Dave Carlson and Jon St. Clair

OPEN SHOOTING DOG -- 33 Brittanys

1st--ARROW'S AUTUMN SAGE, 1683338, female, by Beaver's Straight Arrow--Autumn's Silver Sage. Joe Ann Kish, owner; Ed Tillson, handler.

2d--GRADE EIGHT BOLT, 1651491, male, by Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper--Tsunami. William Oliver, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

3d--WOODSONG'S HONKY TONKIN HANK, 1652405, male, by Joker's Jackpot--Swan's Smooth Action Be Nelli. J. C. Woodall, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.