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Result: United States Open Brittany Championship

Location: Ardmore, Oklahoma

Post Date: Apr 5, 2022

Submitted By: Jan Kilpatrick

US Brittany Championship

United States Open Brittany Championship. Front row: M K's My Lil Ammo, Richard Beaver, scout, S S Rg's Colorado Gun Runner, Tom Tracy, scout. Back row: Judge Ken Windom, Bob Rankin, handler Scott Johnson, Harlene Johnson, handler Tom Milam, judge Bob Barker, Ben Kuykendall.

It was the 60th renewal of this 2022 United States Open Brittany Championship at the Lake Murray Field Trial Grounds in Ardmore, Okla. Thirty-eight dogs from across this great country of ours were drawn and competed for this prestigious title. A successful field trial takes a team of dedicated volunteers and sponsors. We thank Purina for once again sponsoring this event. Their monetary support and donation of ProPlan dog food are greatly appreciated by all participants and we look forward to a continued partnership with Purina for many years to come. The silver spurs awarded to the Top Qualifier are generously donated by Scott & Harlene Johnson and we thank them for their continued support of this long-lived Championship.

We appreciate all the efforts of Jessica Carlson in her first year as the Secretary/Treasurer of the United States Open Brittany Championship Association. Jessica procured custom-made wooden trophies for the winners which were very well received. In addition to the myriad of duties of the Secretary/Treasurer, Jessica spent many hours in the saddle serving as the official photographer for this event. Dr. Bob Rankin current president for the Association stayed busy bird planting and marshalling, both jobs that require long hours. Kudos to Ben Kuykendall for stepping up to assist Bob with marshalling duties. Everyone appreciates Bob making his horse trailer available again this year for transporting judges, reporter, handlers, scouts, and their trusty mounts back to camp after long mornings and afternoons in the saddle. A huge shout-out to everyone who helped with these transport duties, as well as the bird planting, hospitality and all the other things that make these trials come together.

This year's Judges were Bob Barker of Inola, Okla., and Ken Windom of Cambridge, Ia. We thank them for their many hours in the saddle and the positive attention they afforded each dog. Both were looking for qualities such as speed, range, an intelligent application, style, good manners, endurance and a consistently forward race. Both felt these attributes were necessary in a championship performance of an all-age dog.

Repeat Champion: First Series-Brace 18b/Second Series-Brace 2b M K's My Lil Ammo "BB", handler: Scott Johnson, owner: Nick Blasi, 10-year-old female out of Sire: Sniksoh Free Boy and Dam: Chief's Nubbin's Ridge Runner. BB showed extreme range and maximum velocity as she negotiated parts of Course 1 and 2 in her first series Wednesday afternoon run. BB's first bird encounter occurred at 49 on Course 2. Her posture was intense and manners impeccable through the flush and fire. At 53 BB had a stop to flush with all in order. BB finished as strong as she started and for her efforts, she secured a place in the second series. BB had the shortest turnaround time of any dog in the Second Series, but her stamina never wavered through the entire hour. BB elevated her performance in the Second Series running as bottom dog in Brace 2. Her race was classy and forward with plenty of speed and range as she made multiple big moves covering all edges and tree strips on the course. Finding birds was dominant in her game plan as she and her bracemate shared three finds at 10, 13, and 34 with all in order for both dogs. B B also had three solo finds at 12, 45 and 58 which she handled with style, intensity, and manners. B B moved consistently forward through her entire hour with a remarkable amount of speed, range, and stamina to capture the well-merited repeat US Open Championship title.
RU Champion: First Series-Brace 8a/Second Series-Brace 2a S S Rigs Colorado Gun Runner, handler/owner: Tom Milam, 8-year-old male out of Sire: Eleets Colorado Blue and Dam: Gun Runner's Diamond Forever. In the First Series Rigs ran a far-flung eye pleasing ground race, stretching out to all forward objectives. His big casts were to all the right places, and he was rewarded with four stylish and mannerly finds at 23, 37, 43 and 50. For his outstanding performance Rigs was named Tuesday's Day Dog and earned a well-deserved spot in the Final Series. The Final Series had Rig's running as top dog in Brace 2. Rigs had three divided finds with his bracemate at 10, 13, and 34 with all in order. Rigs also posted two solo finds at 12 and 40 which were handled in a stylish mannerly fashion. Rigs handled well while putting down a strong, steady, forward race. For his exceptional efforts, Rigs was pronounced runner-up.


Qualifying Series, Day 1 - Monday, March 7, 2022
Mostly sunny, humid, Temp 27-45, Gusty North winds 7-22 mph
Brace 1 Godfather's Redfeather Gunslinger "Gunnar" (Steve Chang) and High Velocity Copper Magnum "Colt" (Scott Johnson). First brace was cold and windy. Both dogs had inconsistent applications and were moderate in range and race. Gunnar had two bird finds at 30 and 48 which he handled with style and manners. Colt backed at 30 and had also had two bird finds at 35 and 48 also handled in a mannerly fashion. By the end of the hour both dogs had slowed down considerably.

Brace 2 Roustabout's Freddie K (Tom Tracy) and Simon's Standing Stone (Ed Tillson). Freddie had a nonproductive at 3 and was not pleasing his handler who picked him up at 30. Simon went missing early on and was not returned to judgement.

Brace 3 Sigbrit's Not in Kansas Anymore "Doti" (Scott Johnson) and Prairie Wind Pistol "Pete" (Tom Tracy). Pete was lost at 15 and not returned to judgment. Doti put down a classy race always to the front with plenty of speed as she covered all likely objectives with intelligence and purpose. Doti notched two finds, one at 24 the other at 38 both handled with style and intensity. Doti finished her hour moving forward still with an amazing amount of speed and stamina. Doti was named Monday Day Dog for her efforts.

Brace 4 Whiskey's Grand Slam "Scooter" (Steve Chang) and TMR Lucky Betts (Tom Tracy). Both dogs became directional challenged shortly after breakaway, which was not pleasing either handler, so both were picked up early.

Brace 5 Tejas One and Only (Vic Carrington) and Magnum High Velocity "Gauge" (Vince Anderson). Gauge moved across the country with a steady forward moderate rate of range and speed. He had a nice piece of bird work at 10 standing tall and mannerly through the flush and shot. The second point was at 28 but no birds could be found on the relocate. He was moved on and at 42 he had another nonproductive and handler picked him up. Tejas went supersonic all over the place during his fast erratic race. He was observed on point at 28 but no birds could be found. Tejas finished the hour but did not have any birds.

Brace 6 Georgia White Lightning (Tom Tracy) and Jut Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper (Frank Campbell). Ned was out to find birds and on that count he was successful. He had points at 20, 34 and a nice covey at 45 which he handled in a mannerly fashion. Lightning was fast and forward and had a nice bird find at 28 with all in order. However, at 34 he ran by the pointing Ned and failed to honor so his time was over.
Monday Day Dog: Sigbrit's Not In Kansas Anymore, Doti, Scott Johnson
Day 2: Tuesday March 8, 2022
Mostly Sunny, Humid, Temp 24- 48, Light Variable winds

Brace 7 Wiyanna 'Annie' (Scott Johnson) and Roustabout's All In "Al" (Tom Tracy). Annie was seriously finding birds in the first part of her early morning run. However, after scoring well-mannered finds at 5, 20 and 28 she went missing and the tracker was requested at 52. Al had a stylish find at 31 but his race and application lacked its usual pizzaz.

Brace 8 S S Rig's Colorado Gun Runner (Tom Milam) and Kashmir (Tom Tracy). Rig's performance is described in The Recognized section. Kash put a bird up at 20 ending his time on the ground.

Brace 9 Cedar Valley Zeke (Tom Tracy) and Hoochie Coochie Man "Karl" (Ed Tillson). Zeke and Karl were sent on their way, but both went missing early on and not returned to judgment.
Brace 10 Cedar Valley Luke (Tom Tracy) and McChesney's All Down The Line, "Ranger" (Scott Johnson). After a nonproductive at 13 Luke went missing and Ranger was gone from the breakaway so both tracking devices were distributed at 35.

Brace 11 Georgia 2.0 (Tom Tracy) and T J's Black Diamond "Coal" (John Perry). Breakaway was the last we saw of Georgia, and he was declared gone at 30. Coal had an energetic race and remarkable success finding birds at 23, 29 and 44 but his range and race fell short of the judge's expectation for an all-age performance.

Brace 12 CVK's Jungle Land "Clarence" (Tom Tracy) and Sniksoh Diamond Jack (Scott Johnson). Clarence had a nice stop to flush at 20 but upon his release suffered a delayed chase and was ordered up. Jack showed far to the front from breakaway but was declared officially missing at 40.

Brace 13 Alamaden's Under Lock And Key "Oudi" (Ed Tillson) and Godfather's F N Rockstar "Rocky" (Steve Chan). Oudi and Rocky broke away in a hurry from the double motts. Rocky looked like a million bucks on point unfortunately both his points proved to be nonproductives and he was picked up after the bear trap. Oudi made some nice all age moves and had two well-spaced bird finds which he handled with style and manners. Oudi finished with energy to spare moving fast and forward. Oudi's praiseworthy performance secured him a place in the second series.
Tuesday Day Dog: SS Rig's Colorado Gun Runner, Tom Milam
Day 3, Wednesday, March 9, 2022
Mostly Sunny, Temp 19 - 57, Humid, Light variable winds

Brace 14 J W B Arctic Cat "Kimber" (Tom Tracy) and Arrow's Tequila Rustler "Rusty" (Richard Beaver). Kimber's race was classy and forward with plenty of speed as she covered the edges and bounded through the tall cover. Kimber scored one find at 33 which she handled with style and intensity. Kimber finished her hour moving forward with an amazing amount of speed and stamina. Rusty also put down a big forward race that was pleasing to watch. He had a nice covey find at 23 standing rock solid through the flush and fire. Rusty finished to the front as strong and energetic as he started. For their excellent ground efforts and decorous bird work both Kimber and Rusty were chosen to participate in the Second Series.

Brace 15 B and T Sonndance Kid "Rock" (Scott Johnson) and C V K's Spartan King "Leo" (Tom Tracy). Rocky had some bad luck finding birds suffering three unproductives at 4, 14 so he was picked up on his third at 20. Leo ran a far-flung eye pleasing ground race, stretching out to all forward objectives. His big casts were to all the right places, and he was rewarded with four intensely stylish and mannerly bird finds at 11, 28, 43 and 50. Leo's stamina never wavered throughout the entire hour and his finish was fast and forward. For his superior overall performance Leo was named Wednesday's Day Dog as well as Top Qualifier of the First Series.

Brace 16 Big Mac (Tom Tracy, Jr.) and Sundance Kid's Rule Breaker "Bud" (Frank Campbell). Bud put down a solid ground race moving mostly forward over the course at a moderate range and speed. He was a bird finder logging four finds at 12, 23, 28 and 41 where he exhibited appropriate manners. He finished forward though his range and pace had diminished. Overall, Bud's performance was enough to earn him a spot in the Second Series. Mac was erratic in his application and had long absences but found a bird at 42 where he stood tall and tight through the flush and shot. Mac finished forward still hunting hard.

Brace 17 Dakota Sun's Semper Fi (Vic Carrington) and J B W's levi The Lionheart (Joe Williams). Levi and Semper Fi were fast and eager on the breakaway, but Fi went missing soon thereafter and was not returned to judgement. Levi had finds at 8 and 16 that were handled with style and manners. Levi's third find at 23 occurred in the large circular stand of trees that had quail-colored camouflaged leaves underneath their limbs through the center of the mott. Things went awry when handler was unable to locate the birds walking around the perimeter, so he gave Levi the tap to relocate and Levi found those birds buried up in the leaves, slammed on the brakes when they came up, so the Judge called out "Stop to Bump" pick him up. Levi was rounded up and we all headed for the dog wagon.

Brace 18 Roan Survivor "Ray" (John Perry) and M K's My Lil Ammo "BB" (Scott Johnson). BB's performance is described in the Recognized section. Ray was an energetic dynamo flying over the tall cover as best she could. Ray honored her bracemate at 53 but her application was erratic and her range short, but she went the hour searching hard but found no birds.

Brace 19 She's Outa Control "Jessie" (Scott Johnson) and Tequila Chica Bonita (Richard Beaver). Final brace of the first series began at 3:22 at the top of Gun Dog Hill. Jessie and Chica were two girls on a bird finding mission taking the front quickly. Chica slammed hard on point at 15 through the middle of the big meadow shortly after Manck's Crossing. She was crouched low and sat down during the flush and fire thus ending her run at 15. Jessie had a small covey find at 23 just after Pond Dam 2 in that same circular tree mott with the camouflaged leaves and this time handler was able to get what might have been those same three birds up from the morning brace with Jessie standing tall and tight through the action. Jessie continued her quest by herself going missing shortly thereafter and handler requested the tracking device.
Wednesday Day Dog and Top Qualifier: C V K's Spartan King, Tom Tracy
Wednesday Night Pizza Party hosted by Scott & Harlene Johnson for Nick Blasi in celebration of BB's 2021 US Open Brittany Championship victory. The names of the dogs to run in the Final Series were announced and then all in attendance had a wonderful time eating pizza and enjoying the company and comradery of their fellow field trialers. Kudos to BB & Nick, Scott and Harlene Johnson for the fabulous pizza and beer.

Second Series-Thursday, March 10, 2022.
Mostly Sunny, Temp 29-58, Variable winds 6-10 mph

Brace 1 C V K's Spartan King, "Leo" (Tom Tracy) and Sigbrits Not In Kansas Anymore "Doti" (Scott Johnson). It was an energetic breakaway for Leo and Doti this cold breezy morning with both dogs heading for places where their bird finding mission could be accomplished. Loud yodels and whistles were the order, and someone made the statement that "Running all age dogs can be likened to a religious experience with a whole lot of shouting and praying going on." For ten minutes only the occasional flash was seen in the far distant until Doti was found on point at 12 in one of the thin tree strips in the center of the big meadow after Manck's Crossing. Handler dismounted and the wing beats were heard first as a small covey took flight with Doti standing tall and mannerly through the flush and shot. She was released running with purpose to all objectives this area had to offer. Leo still had not shown up and at 34 his handler regretfully requested the tracking device. Doti continued to cruise the countryside and was rewarded with another intense and mannerly bird find at 38. Doti's finish was forward and as strong as when she started.

Brace two S S Rig's Colorado Gun Runner (Tom Milam) and M K's My Lil Ammo (Scott Johnson). B B & Rig's Championship runs are captured in the Recognized section.

Brace 3 J W B Arctic Cat "Kimber" (Tom Tracy) and Arrow's Tequila Rustler "Rusty" (Richard Beaver). This was a fast forward breakaway from Gun Dog Hill for Kimber and Rusty. They made short work of the front area of the course both applying intelligent applications of all objectives. Rusty was first to point at 17 right at the entrance to Pond Dam 1 with Kimber honoring. Birds were put to flight with no problems, and both continued over the dam. Kimber was found on point at 19 in the first tree mott at the start of the open meadow. Several birds were observed running around and a single was put to flight with Kimber mannerly through the flush and fire. Rusty had a point at 28 through the double motts area with all in order. Kimber scored at 32 in this same area with a covey being moved. Kimber moved forward and at 34 was found pointing intensely into a tangly mott just around the corner from her previous find. Handler flushed the bird with all in order and sent Kimber on her way. Kimber continued her fast forward race but at 45 judges handed out the trackers stating both dogs' performances were not surpassing their current leaders.

Brace 4 Sundance Kid's Rule Breaker "Bud" (Frank Campbell) and Almaden's Under Lock And Key "Oudi" (Ed Tillson). It was Bud's and Oudi's time to shine during this last second series brace of the event. While both dogs were forward and hunting hard, after a nonproductive by Bud at 30 both judges agreed these dogs were not "making the money" and requested the handlers to pick them up.
Ardmore, Okla., March 7
Judges: Bob Barker and Ken Windom
UNITED STATES OPEN BRITTANY CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Qualifying Heats; One-Hour Finals] - 38 Brittanys

Winner-M K'S MY LIL AMMO, 1648457, female, by Sniksoh Free Boy-Chief's Nubbin's My Lil Lady. Nick Blasi, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.
Runner-Up-S S RIG'S COLORADO GUN RUNNER, 1663597, male, by Eleets Colorado Blue-Gunrunner's Diamond Forever. Tom & Linda Milam, owners; Tom Milam, handler.