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Result: Central Prairie Field Trial Club

Location: Orchardville, Illinois

Post Date: Apr 25, 2022

Submitted By: Dan Crunk

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The old phrase, "What a difference a day makes" was never truer. On Saturday, the high temperature was maybe 22 and gusty winds all day long. On Sunday when the trial was over, the temperature was in the 60s. Actually the dogs did not mind the 20s as much as the handlers and judges. Day light savings time kicked in, yet everyone still got to the trial on time and we started at the scheduled time.

Thanks to the Ellis's for use of their farm to hold our trials. This farm allows us to run two courses at the same time, which is so helpful with trials with a big entry. Judges for the day were Rick Stanford, Dan Hampton, Brad Hargis, and Dan Crunk. Rick and Dan Hampson judged the shooting, derby and gun dog while Brad and Dan Crunk judged the puppies. Jae Crunk put together sandwiches for lunch. Good judges, good grounds and a good lunch are all ingredients for a successful trial.

Entries were down again and I guess this just is a sign of the times. Two young handlers ran dogs. Declan Wheat ran his grandfathers Gun Dog and John Ellis ran a nice puppy. Declan's grandfather, Frank Christie, indicated that Declan was hooked.

A special thanks to Purina and Gun Dog Supply for their continued support of field trials. Their support definitely adds to the quality of field trials.

In the Amateur Shooting Dog Craig Hiatt piloted Roxie, pointer female to a first place finish. Roxie must like Orchardville, because I believe this is her 3rd straight win on these grounds. Roxie had 6 finds in her half hour and really had a great race, always to the front and going to the spots that are holding quail. And for the third straight trial Danny Draffen's pointer male Red finished second. Red had four finds and a huge race. Although Roxie has finished first each time in front of Red, it has always been close. Ken Black came down and brought his Deuce pointer female to the trial and left with a third place finish. Deuce had 4 finds for her 30 minutes and a solid race.

The Largest entry for the day was the Amateur Derby. Jack Glover again won the Derby with his setter female. Pepper had two broke finds and a great race. She ran big but still handled for her handler. Steve Fuess piloted his setter male Rip to a second place finish. Rip had 4 broke finds and filled up the country. J. D. Waters, pointer male Buck took home the third plaque with a pleasing race and 2 finds. The Derby stake was filled with entries that showed a lot of promises.

The Puppy stake only had 6 entires, but the quality of these 6 was wonderful. Jack Glover again repeated from Saturday with pointer female Liza. This entry filled the country and was so attractive on the ground. Running as big as she did in the 20 minutes, she still was in sync with her handler. Finish a very close second was Bert setter male for Steve Fuess. This setter also ran the course big, yet listening and handling for his handler. Third place went to Ty for Charles Bowlin. Ty shows a lot of promise and certainly filled up the course.
This scrip has never seen what happened in the Gun Dog stake. Craig Hiatt entered a young pointer female Sadie in this stake and what makes this amazing, is Sadie has only 3 legs. She had lost her leg in an accident earlier in the year. Sadie had 3 finds that med shooting/gun dog standards. Second place went to Jack Irish setter male for David McCuan. Jack a 3 finds in his brace and always hunted to the front. Third place went to Declan Wheat, a youth handler with Patch, pointer male. Patch had 3 finds and a strong race. Declan's grandfather Frank Christie was so pleased that his grandson enjoyed handling patch the last two days in field trials.

Thanks to all handlers and volunteers for coming to our spring trial. Hope to see you the second weekend in November.
Orchardville, Ill., March 13 - One Course
Judges: Dan Hampton and Rick Stanford
NBHA AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG - 4 Pointers, 1 Setter and 1 Irish Setter

1st-CRAIG'S RUNIN ROXIE, 1665573, pointer female, by Mac's Silver Dollar-Milo Southern Tea. Craig Hiatt, owner and handler.
2d-DOUBLE D'S RED LANCELOT, 1675702, pointer male, by Double D's Sir Galahad-Parsley's Wild Injstice. Danny Draffen, owner and handler.
3d-CROW CREEK DEUCE, 1664316, pointer female, by Brown's Brute Justice-Crow Creek Sugarbaby. Ken Black, owner and handler.
NBHA AMATEUR DERBY - 6 Pointers, 3 Setters and 1 Irish Setter
1st-GLOVER'S PEPPER SHAKER, 1695618, setter female, by Erin's Wild Atlantic Way-C C Erin O'Shamrock. Jack Glover owner and handler.
2d-ELM HILLS LONGBLACK TRAIN, 1692548, setter male, by Swift Rock Jetson-Black Jet. Steve E. & Jeri Fuess, owners; Steve Fuess, handler.
3d-MY WAY BIG TRAIL, 1696063, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior-Sparked Agin. J. D. Waters, owner and handler.
NBHA AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG - 4 Pointers and 2 Setters
1st--CRAIG'S SASSIE SADIE, 1690033, pointer female, by Greypointe-Izquierda-You Never Can Tell. Craig Hiatt, owner and handler.
2d-MYTHODICAL KILLAGAIN FLUSH, 1691900, Irish setter male, by Mythodical Astronomical IQ-Lowe's Celtic Jewel. Dave McCuan, owner and handler.
3d-CHRISTIE'S ILLINI PATCH, 1672088, pointer male, by Christie's Illini Juice-Macoupin Deb. Frank Christie, owner; Declan Wheat, handler.
NBHA AMATEUR PUPPY - 4 Pointers and 2 Setters
1st-GLOVER'S LIZA MENELLI, 1695569, pointer female, by Hirollins Gone and Doneit-Crimson River Emerald. Jack Glover, owner and handler.
2d-ELM HILLS BOJANGLE BRET, 1697138, setter male, by Woodsway's Bojangles-High Price Kallie. Steve & Jeri Fuess, owners; Steve Fuess, handler.
3d-BOWLIN'S HONKY TONK TYLER, 1698025, pointer male, by Bowlin's Honky Tonk Willie-Road Rash Roxy. Charles R. Bowlin, owner and handler.