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Result: National Open Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Union Springs, Alabama

Post Date: May 4, 2022

Submitted By: Elton Bray

National open sd ch2

Winner: Bo Bunda with his handler Michael Martino, owner Jack Arrington. Along with family, friends and trial officials.

The 61st renewal of the prestigious National Open Shooting Dog Championship began Monday, January 31 and concluded February 8. A string of 64, which included 57 pointers and 7 setters were drawn to compete for the best of the best. Eighteen of the most renowned, professional and amateur dog handlers vied for the title of their dog to be named Champion.

The venue for this historical event was none other than the famous Sedgefield Plantation, near Union Springs, Ala. If one has never visited there, you should add it to your list. The towering pines, native grasses and food plots make for the perfect bob white habitat. Sedgefield is owned by Raymond and Katheryn Harbert. Without their continued generosity of the used of their beautiful facilities and grounds, it would be almost impossible to hold such a prominent event. The Harbert's are to be commended for their kindness and hospitality.

A huge thank you also goes out to Jason Howard, Sedgefield manager and field trial board member. He and all the plantation staff the help make the trial run smoothly. From manning the road crossings to making sure the trash barrels are empty. It all gets done every day. Another notable board member and major part of the Sedgefield operation is Bill Lee. He is on hand daily as the stake manager and does whatever it takes make the trial run fluently. He is also one of head marshals during the stake. His love for the sport and the people is well noted throughout the field trial world. If something needs to be addressed during the running, Bill Lee is the "go to" man who always has a plan. The club President, Joe Varner was also on hand each day assisting with the chores and was on horseback for much of the running. Joe is a Union Springs native and his passion for the sport and the outdoors run deep. He and his wife, Shirley commit lots of time and resources for the National, but also support all surrounding bird dog events.

Most all successful field trial clubs have a secretary and treasurer, but none are so lucky to have Heather Klinck. Heather can do it all and does it all. She takes care of the Ad, entries, judges, dog wagon goodies, and does all the scheduling for each day and night events. She can even be spotted on horseback for several braces, just to make sure everyone is doing their part. From flower arrangements to judges books, Heather gets is all done. Her time and dedication are one of the major parts of the trials success each year.
Steve Hutto and Bo Brewer were responsible for the dog wagon duties. These two gentlemen were always in the right places and the right times. They only got the dog wagon stuck one time, and it was pulled out with ease. Minding the marshaling duties were Hunter McDuffie, Chance Kelley, Harrison Lee, and Harold Johnson. With these men in attendance no handler took wrong turns, and judges were never left behind.

Purina is the official dog food sponsor. Their representative, Greg Blair was in attendance for several days, and was accompanied by his daughter one afternoon who attends Auburn University. Purina is a very important part of this championship, not only do they provide financially, but also with rewards, gifts and dog food to the winner. Without the support of Greg Blair, and Purina our sport would be nearly dissolved. Other official sponsors for the trial were, Garmin, 5 Star Equine Products, Dan's hunting gear, and The Saddle Guy. Sponsoring the dog wagon goodies this year were Julie and Pat Roach, Eater Plantation-The Chris Campbell Family, Terry Reinke, and Lawton Huggins.

A full course breakfast was served each morning during the running. It was provided by the Tourism Council of Bullock County, and their large number of Sponsors. The delicious lunches were prepared and served each day by Ginny Allen and the Union Springs Country Club.
There was a function every evening during the running. The drawing was Saturday night in the Sedgefield Field house. Joe and Ceclia Moorer sponsored the cocktails, and the dinner was prepared by the Union Springs Country Club. More than sixty were in attendance for the anticipation of the draw.

Monday night everyone was invited to the Country Club for a steak dinner sponsored by Purina. Tuesday, we had dinner at the Field House which was catered by FPH Bakery. Cocktails were provided by Amber and Steve Money. On Wednesday night, a steak dinner for everyone in honor of 2021 Champion, Senah's Back in Business. The dinner was hosted by Mr. Benjy Griffith, owner of Senah Plantation. A beautiful portrait, commissioned by, Ross Young was presented to his handler Joel Norman. Thursday evening, we were treated again to another delicious meal catered by FPH Bakery, and the cocktails were sponsored by Tony Reynolds with Mossy Oak Properties. Friday night, trial officials and several club members gathered at the Field House for hamburgers. Saturday night, field trailers from Conecuh Station with Region 16 Championship came over for a joint social with dinner catered by Taco Mama, and cocktails sponsored by Jayme and Collin Chittam. Sunday evening, everyone gathered at the Field House again for a low country boil, catered by the Country Club with the cocktails being sponsored by Julie and Pat Roach. The final night a delicious meal prepared by Ban Stewart was hosted at the Field House, and the cocktails sponsored by Phillip's Feed and Seed. The help and support of these sponsors from all over Bullock County sure gives everyone a welcoming feeling.

The Champion

Earning the title of National Champion is everyone in the field trial fraternity's goal and dream. Lots of time, effort, hard work, determination, and of course a little luck, is what creates champions. When Bo Bunda was turned loose at the morning breakaway, it was obvious his intentions were to win. This accomplishment for Bo and his team, was a first for many. Jack Arrington from Seale, AL is Bo's owner. The young, 91-year-old Mr. Jack has bred, raised and broke many dogs in his lifetime, but this was the first time he's owned the dog that was named national champion. This 8-year-old white and orange pointer male is out of Quaking Lady by Champion Conway Twitty. Mr. Jack knew the dog had great potential as a pup and has had a successful career. Life hasn't always been so easy for the newly named champion. A couple years ago he was diagnosed with cancer, but through surgery and treatments this tough competitor beat the life threating disease.

This achievement was also a first for Bo's handler, Michael Martino. Michael is also a native a Union Springs and grew up at the corner of Sedgefield. As a young boy he would ride horses for his father and could see the hunters with dogs and horses going across the woods at the adjoining property. One day Mr. Joe McFerrin, who was the plantation manager at time, noticed this young boy watching from afar, so he invited him to come join them for the next hunt. It was then Michael knew this is what he wanted to do. For a few years after that he would assist Mr. Joe with the dogs and the hunting parties. When he was just 14 years old, he met the late, Hall of Famer, Robin Gates. Robin took Michael under his wing, and for five years he made the trip North to the Gates summer camp to learn about training and handling dogs. It wasn't long before he got a job working on some quail plantations and was taking out hunts. Michael also contributes much of his knowledge about the business from his father-in-law and renowned trainer, Freddie Rayl. He and Freddie have spent lots of time training together and have made the trip north for several years. Michaeal has been out on his own now for a few years developing a nice string of dogs. He told me "I've been very fortunate with great owners and great dogs that allow me to do what I love which also provides a living for my family. Many of them also allow me to work dogs on their property as well."

Bo Bunda was braced in the 21st brace with Irony Bully (Mike Tracy). It was Sunday morning on February 6th, and the temperature was a freezing 28 degrees. Bully went birdless and was picked up at 40. When Bo was released, it was obvious that he had birds on his mind. Just before crossing the road at 10, scout Murphy Renfroe called point on the ride side in the pines. As Martino started in front of his dog, a considerable covey of bobwhites flushed back to the east. Bo's 2nd fashionable piece of bird work came at 19 on top of the hill before making the swing towards Kelly Thomas. Martino was riding the ride side calling on him, when he rode up to him pointed. Before crossing the levee at the Big Lake at 39, the gallery watched as Bo winded game. He hunted down the food plot about 30 yards and had them pinned crediting him with find No. 3. At 47 Bo was crossing the levee when he swapped ends on the left side. Martino had to ride off the hill a bit to get in front of his dog, but after only a few steps a nice covey was produced. His 5th classy find came at 54 making the swing on the side of the Big Lake, all was in order. By now the judges and gallery were all riding on the tips of their toes. Just 4 minutes later, at 58 he pointed again towards the back side of the lake. Again, producing game granting him with a 6th find. His 7th and final staunching piece of bird work came at 1:13 making the horseshoe on the south side of the Big Lake. The hour and a half completed in the greenfield just before the crossroad. Bo was strong, stylish and enthusiastic the entire 90 minutes. He was dashing around his game and had a good rapport with his handle. It was a remarkable performance which attained the National Champion title.
Kicking off the 61st National in the first brace was Upfront's Southern Star, handled by Shawn Kinkelaar, and Too Hard to Suit, handled by Eddie Taylor. They were turned loose at 8:01 with the sun shining and the temperature at 42 degrees. Just after crossing the road at 11, scout for Suit, Virgil Moore called point. The birds flew as Taylor approached. He wasn't satisfied with his dog's demeanor and picked up at 13. Star had been gone from the front since 15. Kinkelaar requested the tracker at 31 crossing the Big Pipe on Kelly Thomas.

Competing in the 2nd brace turning loosed at the Coke Barn, was Hilhaven's Wild Child (Jeanette Tracy) and Panther Creek Rosie (Tommy Rice). Crossing the ditch at 5, Rice called point for Rosie. He only made a few steps before the nice bevy flew. At 22, nearing the Whaley Place, Jeanette rode up to Child on point. She made several flushing attempts with a relocation but was unsuccessful. At 1:06 in the back of the triangle, Rosie was credited with her 2nd find. Both bracemates pointed at 1:21, as the birds flew, the handlers shot. Child and Rosie finished the 90-minute heat after crossing the bridge at the power line.

Drawn in Brace No. 3 was Cheyenne Jack (Mike Tracy) and Hale's Kickstarter (Eddie Taylor). For the 1:00 breakaway, the temperature had warmed to 56 degrees. Jack was unsuccessful twice and was harnessed at 41. Kickstarter was unable to produce game and was picked up at 45.

Unleashing at the Ladies Restroom in the 4th brace was Millers Locked and Loaded (George Tracy) and Pure Gossip (Chuck Stretz). Just before crossing the Duck Lake levee at 9, Loaded was pointed on the left side in the feed strip. Mr. George flushed and produced a very nice covey of bob whites. About 400 yards on the far side of the levee, at 16 Gossip was seen on point just left of the road. She also generated game. At 22 scout, Mike Tracy called point for both dogs. Chuck dismounted to flush, and George stood by his dog as he honored. After 2 relocation attempts, no game was produced. Chuck requested the location device at 48, and George retrieved his at 51.

Starting off Tuesday morning at a cool 38 degrees with the 5th brace was Way Better Rocky (Mike Tracy) and Hale's Highflyer (Eddie Taylor). Highflyer suffered 2 unproductives. Her first as 7 and the other at 54. She was picked up after her second. Rocky scored a stylish find at 36 before crossing the Lodge Driveway and had another at just before crossing the levee at the Big Lake. He was forward running and the entire 90 minutes and was staunching around his game.

Releasing from the Coke in the 6th brace was the 2021 Champion, Senah's Back in Business (Joel Norman, and Nella's Belgium Brew (Tommy Rice). Just after crossing the ditch at 5, Joel rode up on Business pointed, and a large covey was produced. He had an absence at 11, and Joel asked for the retrieval device. Brew was doing a nice job hunting the front when she pointed at 26. After 2 relocations she was unsuccessful. At 50 she pointed again on the left side of the back turn in the triangle and this time a large covey flew as Rice dismounted. Just 300 yards up on the opposite side, she pointed again at 55. Birds were hard to pinpoint, and she moved just a little too much after the flush and was harnessed at 59.

Tuesday afternoon brought out the sunshine and warmer temperatures in the 60's for the 7th brace which included SB Always Dreamin (Bill Owen) and Absolute Tornado (Doug Ray). At 40 making the swing behind Bill Lee's House, scout Kaley Lee called point on the left side for Tornado. He was styled up quite nicely, a large bevy flew as Ray walked in front of his dog. On the west side of Bill Lee's House at 47, Ray was watched Tornado swap ends. Another nice covey was produced. He was swift on the ground, staunching around his game, and hunted the front with a purpose. Dreamin was absent at 43, and Owen asked for the retrieval device at the hour mark.

Running in the 8th brace was Thunderbolt's Storm (Shawn Kinkelaar) and Osceola's Rebel Chief (Ted Roach). Chief pointed on the left side of the road just before crossing the levee at the Duck Lake, but unfortunately only a pile of feathers could be accounted for. Kinklelarr called point for Storm after crossing the levee at 16, but she took a couple steps and earned her the rope. Chief hunted on and produced game 44. He was picked up at 51 just before the road crossing.

Turning loose at 8:02 on Wednesday morning in brace No. 9 was Miller's High Heat Index (Mike Tracy) and Panther Creek Merlin (Frank Rutland). It was cloudy, overcast with a chance of rain and temperature at 52 degrees. At 19 after entering Kelly Thomas both dogs were hunting the right side and locked up. Both handlers flushed, crediting their dogs with a divided find. Index's second find came at 26 at the Big Pipe, and Merlin was there to honor. They had another divided find at 30 just before the Lodge Road crossing. Index pointed just a few hundred yards up at 33 at the road, but no game was produced. Index's fourth score came at 50 just after crossing the Big Lake Levee on the right side in the pines. Making the horseshoe behind the Big Lake at 1:12 Merlin winded birds. With an east wind Rutland paused to let his pointer find their exactly location. After a minute, he pinned them. Rutland flushed and all was in order. Index's final find came at 1:26 just before the road crossing headed back to the Coke Barn. Both finished the 90-minute heat.

Drawn for the 10th brace was Miller's Extreme Heat (Mike Tracy) and Tailokas Sun Dial (Jason Loper). Heat pointed at 11 just before crossing the road. The birds flushed before Mike's arrival, but they were seen by the judges. His second nice find came at 53 in the Triangle. He was boldly standing on the left side as the gallery rounded the corner. Dial was credited with an impressive find at 1:04 on the back side of the Triangle. At 1:11, Heat rendered his 3rd find on a single on the right side of the Buzzard Roost Cabin. Both were put on the wagon at 1:14 at the road crossing.

In Brace 11 was Touch's Big Whiskey (Chuck Stretz) and Doc's Second Wind (Eddie Taylor). No game was found, and they were both harnessed at 50.

Competing in the 12th brace was Boumeester's Bar None (Chuck Stretz) and Renrav's Mr. Tony's Shag (Michael Martino). At 8 just before crossing the Duck Lake levee, Shag was hunting the left side and winded birds. After only a few seconds he had them pinned. After crossing the levee at 17, Stretz called point for None, and produced a nice covey. He suffered an unproductive at 28 and was picked up at 43. Shag was standing on the opposite side, honoring. Shag's 2nd find came at 24 on top of the hill in the pines, he was very eye catching around his game. He scored again at 29 and 41. He was picked up at 57 at the road crossing.

Running in the 13th brace on Thursday morning turning loose at 8:01 was Bail Me Out (Mike Tracy) and Charitable Deed (Tommy Rice). It was overcast and 63 degrees at breakaway. Out started off on the right foot when he found a single at 7 just before crossing the road. At 12 scout Casey Foster called point. Deed was pointed and Out was standing behind honoring. As Rice stepped off his horse and nice covey flushed. Both dogs pointed again at 24 at the Big Pipe of Kelly Thomas, but neither handler could produce game. Deed was credited with a second find at 39 just before crossing the Main Lodge Driveway. Both were harnessed at 49 just before the Big Lake.

Released from the Coke Barn in brace No. 14 was CS Li'l Ann (Bo Brewer) and Mauck's Wyeast Owyhee Jack (Alex Mauck). Ann was not seen at 5, and Brewer asked for the retrieval device at 25. Jack was awarded a nice find at 7 after crossing the ditch on top of the hill in the green patch. His 2nd creditable find came at 23. He was picked up at 57.

Miller Unfinished Business (Joel Norman) and Suns Out Guns Out (Eddie Taylor) started off Thursday afternoon at 1:04 in the 15th brace. Temperatures remained in the low 60's for the remainder of the afternoon. Guns out was unsuccessful at 23 and was harnessed. At 47 Business was found on point on the east side of Bill Lee's Driveway. A large bevy was flushed. He was picked up at 1:15 just before crossing the road at the Ladies Restroom.

In the 16th brace, turning loose at the Ladies Restroom was Miller's War Bonnett (Mike Tracy) and Northwoods Charles (Bill Owen). At 47 the judges and gallery had just crossed the road by the Field House, when scout, Casey Foster called point. She was standing on the side of the rode hidden in the brush. A nice covey of bobwhites flew as Tracy stepped in the brush. She was unsuccessful at 57 and 1:24 and was harnessed. Charles was picked up at the 50-minute mark.

Thursday evening the rains began and strong storms persisted throughout the day on Friday. An executive decision by the judges was made to call the running off for Friday. Their decision was well received by all as it rained a little over 5 inches.

The rains brought in cooler temperatures in the low 30's for Saturday morning. Turning loose at the morning breakaway for Brace No. 17 was Panther Creek Gunsmoke (Michael Martino) and Bully Rock (Mike Tracy). Rock pointed just before the road crossing. Two relocations were attempted but was not successful. After another unproductive at 38 he was picked up. Gunsmoke made an absence at 25, and Martino summoned for the retrieval device at 48.

Running in the 18th brace leaving out from the Coke Barn was Highway to Rebel Hell (Virgil Moore) and Dominator's Ghost Rider (Doug Ray). Rebel Hell was last seen at 28. Moore got the tracker at 54. Rider went birdless and was picked up at 1:17.

Drawn in Brace No. 19 was Silver W Jill Z (Shawn Kinkelaar) and Bittersweet War Cry (Mike Tracy). The dogs were released from the Field House at 1:02 with sun shining and the temperature at 44 degrees. At 36 after making the turn at the back of Bill Lee's House, Mike called point for Cry. He was standing next to the field road on the ride side. The birds flushed and all was in order. Jill had an absence 41 but made a comeback to the front on her own at 55. At 1:10 she was credited with a stylish find at and finished the heat. Cry scored boldly again at 1:25 on top of Turkey Ridge and at 1:28. He completed his brace after the flush in his final.

Breaking away from the Lady's restroom for the final heat on Saturday afternoon in No. 20 was Miller's Record Heat (Mike Tracy). And Zumbro Stinky Pete (Tommy Rice). Heat didn't make it but about 400 yards down the left side in the pines when he locked up. Tracy made 1 circle in front of his dog and very nice covey flew back to the left. He was unsuccessful at 16 after crossing the Duck Lake. Heat rendered a 2nd find at 37 on top of the hill before making the swing towards the deer stand. He as picked up at 1:16 just past the road crossing. Pete was gone from the front at 19, and Rice asked for the retrieval device at 33.

The 21st brace produced the champion and has been previously reviewed.

Running in the 22nd brace was Chelsea's Mae West (Shawn Kinkelaar) and Miller's Heat Seeker (George Tracy). Seeker had a very nice piece of bird work at 24 on top of the hill just past the Whaley Road. West was standing on the right-side honoring. A little further up the hill at 30, West pointed on the ride side under a cedar tree. Kinkelaar relocated his dog twice but was unable to find birds. Seeker's 2nd find was at 33 on a single. At 57 on the left swing in the Triangle Mr. George called point for both dogs. Mr. George flushed for Seeker but was unsuccessful. Kinkelaar stood beside West as she backed. Seeker was carried on, and West was harnessed. Seeker scored for a final time at 1:16 and completed the heat.

Sunday afternoon brought more sunshine and the temperature at 62 degrees. Released at 1:01 in the 23rd brace was Oak Ridge Thor (Shawn Kinkelaar) and Lone Tree Splish Splash (Bill Owen). Splash was making her way down the left edge of the Dove Field when she pointed at 10. The gallery watched as she winded the birds and points. A considerable number of bob whites flushed just in front of her. Her second find came at 27 after crossing the ditch behind Bill Lee's House. Judge, Squire Lee spotted her standing on top of the of the hill out of the corner of his eye. I nice bevy flew after Owens only made a few steps from his steed. She pointed once more at 33 but was unsuccessful. Thor came in from the left side to honor the point. At 44 nearing the dog kennel, Kinkelaar called point for Thor, and Splash was there backing. Thor took at step as the birds flew which earned him the rope. Owens also decided it was time to pick up.

Drawn for the 24th brace was Mauck's Wyeast Owyhee Dallee (Alex Mauck) and Reedy Creek Dial Tone (Mike Tracy). One of the most dependable coveys of the duration was just before crossing the levee at the Duck Lake. Not many passed through without finding them. Dallee certainly didn't miss her chance at them either and was credited with a delightful find at 9. Tone came in behind to with a stylish regard for her brace mate. She had a mishap at 31 and was harnessed. Tone was put on the wagon at 46.

Competing together on Monday morning in No. 25 was Miller's Unbridled Forever (Mike Tracy) and Tug 0' War (Shawn Kinkelaar). Before crossing the road at 8 both dogs were spotted on point behind the church. Both handlers flushed and all was in order. At 33 after crossing the Big Pipe on Kelly Thomas, War rendered a second elegant piece of birdwork. Forever scored his second just after crossing the over headed to the Big Lake. At 42 just before getting to the levee, War was credited with his 3rd find. Forever was crossing the Big Lake levee at 44 when he swapped ends to the left. As Mike stepped off the side of the bank, a big covey flushed into the woods. Forever's scored his fourth after crossing the levee on the left side at 50 where a sizeable bevy was produced. At the hour mark, War was awarded his 4th. He competed to the front and completed the 90 minutes. Forever originated game again at 1:11 and 1:23. He also competed and a nice pace and finished the brace.

Leaving from the Coke Barn in brace No. 26 was Sandhill Stud (Michael Martino) and Chelsea's Thunderbolt (Shawn Kinkelaar). Stud was released on only went a few yards when he styled up. As Martino flushed, and bountiful covey flew back over the gallery. At 28 scout, Tommy Rice called point for Bolt, but unfortunately no game was found. He was picked up at 53. Stud was also unfortunate at 33 and was harnessed at 58.

In the 27th brace was Miller's Stray Bullet (Joel Norman) and CS Code Blue (Bo Brewer). Making the swing towards the Dove Field at 11, Bullet was spotted on top of the hill by the power line at a stylish stand still. Norman made one pass and the birds lifted. Bullet's 2nd came at 17 when scout Jamie Daniels was riding the left side and noticed him pointed next to the food plot. At 53 after crossing Bill Lee's driveway, Bullet had been missing for approximately 8 minutes, when the judges heard Daniels call point in the distance. Norman arrived, dismounted and flushed. His 4th piece of bird work came at 1:07 making the turn at the Avant line. Bullet completed the hour and a half on Turkey Ridge. Blue went absent at 5 and Brewer called for the retrieval device at 17.

Turning loose at the Ladies Restroom in brace No. 28 was Miller's Braveheart (Mike Tracy) and Joho's Grand River Bess (Chuck Stretz). At 17 after crossing the Duck Lake, Bess was pointed on the left side and Braveheart was there backing. The birds lifted at the judges were riding up. At 22 both dogs were found pointed on the right side of the rode. Neither handler was able to produce game. They were each harnessed at 51.

The last morning, Tuesday February 8th was 34 degrees and partly cloudy. Kicking off the day in No. 29 was Wind Ridge Sugar Plum (Eddie Taylor) and Grand Prairie Thrill (Tommy Rice). Sugar pointed at 9 just before crossing the road. She was relocated twice but was unsuccessful. She was gone from the front at 20, and Taylor asked for the retrieval device at 33. Thrill swapped ends coming up the hill parallel to Co Rd. 23 at 43 but failed to render birds. He picked up at 58 at the end of the Big Lake Levee.

Drawn in the 30th brace was Oahe Buck (Tommy Rice) and CS Trump (Bo Brewer). Buck was pointed on top of the hill after crossing the ditch at 6. He was relocated, and as he moved up the birds flushed. He was then harnessed. Trump tallied 7 finds during his 90-minute endurance. His first came at 26 after crossing the Whaley Road, and just up the hill on the left, he where he found his 2nd bevy. Just before crossing the road headed to the Triangle at 40 Brewer called point for a 3rd time. As soon as he dismounted the large covey flushed back to the left. He was fortunate 3 times in the Triangle; 1:07, 1:10, and 1:17. His last came at 1:29 on top of the hill after crossing the Wooden Bridge. As the judges arrived the birds were flushing. He was sharp on his birds and sleek on the ground the entire 90 minutes.
True Choice (Shawn Kinkelaar) ran alone in the 31st. Her brace mate, Mayhaw's Perfect Storm (Trey Mills) was scratched. Choice was picked up at 13.

Competing in the last brace, No. 32 was Hillhaven's Major Tom (Michael Martino) and Touch's Shameless (Chuk Stretz). Tom pointed on the left side in the pines just after the release but did not suite his handler's liking and was put on the wagon. Shameless pointed at 17 after crossing the Duck Lake. He took as few steps as the judges arrived which earned him the rope.

national open sd ch5

Judges, Jonathan Burch, Jim Davis and Squire Lee.

Union Springs, Ala., January 31
Judges: Johnathan Burch and Jim Davis
NATIONAL OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [Ninety-Minute Heats] - 58 Pointers and 6 Setters

Winner-BO BUNDA, 1655003, pointer male, by Conway Twitty-Quaking Lady. John B. Arlington, owner; Michael Martino, handler.

national open sd ch3

From left: Tina Norman, Joe Varner, Heather Klinck and Joel Norman with presentation of portrait of last year's Ch. Senah's Back in Business.

national open sd ch4

From left: Julie Roach, Joe Varner, Shirley Varner, and Pat Roach enjoying dinner at the Country club.