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Event: Erin's Thunder Backus wins the 34th Running of the
Result: Midwestern States Shooting Dog Futurity

Location: Grovesprings, Missouri

Post Date: Jun 15, 2022

Submitted By: Tony King

34 MWSD Futurity

Front row, from left: Doug Ray with Walden's Ridge Slapshot, Virgil Moore with Blackhawk Doc, Kaley Anne with Two Spot Tommy and Shawn Kinkelaar with Erin's Thunder Backus. Back row, from left: Cora King, Sherry Ebert, Judge Mark Johnson, Katie Lyons, Judge Jeff Stanton, Tony King and Lance Schulz.

After Friday mornings completion of the 42nd Missouri Open Shooting Championship, many of the handler's switched gears to run their derbies in the 34 th running of the Midwestern States Shooting Dog Futurity. In the same fashion as the Championship, warming weather conditions and ample bird work provided an entertaining and appealing event for everyone in attendance. As always, the Midwestern States Shooting Dog Futurity team of Adam Delude, Jerry Hailey, and Tony King worked hard to create a wonderful and successful stake. This year's event was not only highlighted by quality derby performances but also a relaxed attitude of quality sportsmanship for all to enjoy.

The MWSD Futurity has been successful not only due to the great team of board members that help run the trial each year but also due to the challenging format the Futurity design provides. The Futurity is an endurance stake with a 30-minute qualifying series and a 1 hour call back to win. In the one-hour call back, the judges can brace the dogs that they choose and to place them in the running order they deem necessary. The integrity of this stake and the type of dog that takes to win it, sets it apart from many of the country's other shooting dog derby stakes. The original concept for this trial was created as a derby stake that focuses on showcasing young dogs that potentially could be the future for the sport of field trialing and breed improvement. This trial gives breeders, judges, handlers, and participants the opportunity to evaluate young dogs during the peak of the derby development stage. One can evaluate such aspects as biddability, nose, trainability, style, stamina, presence around game and competitiveness at this trial. It is quite interesting to see the changes from the qualifier series to the one-hour call backs. Endurance futurities are unique in the fact that this format is conducive to giving the breeder, the owner, and the handler an opportunity to witness their respective programs in action. The MWSD Board of Directors wishes to maintain the format and holds this field trial in high regard as one of the countries premiere shooting dog derby stakes.

I would be remiss if I did not take the time to mention and thank the individual breeders and/or kennels that provide the quality derby dogs that make this event possible. Like other Futurity programs, the many breeders pay either forfeiture fees and/or litter nomination fees that are used to facilitate the various futurity programs. Over the last several years, the MWSD Futurity has been fortunate to have earned the support of the country's finest birddog breeders. Breeders such Dr. Jeff Hale, Bill and Ryan Westfall, Brad Sadler, Erin's Kennels, David Steele, Pat McInteer, Chris Koutras, Jett Ferebee, Katie Lyons, Weldon Bennett, Charlie Gulick, Mick Marietta, Virgil Moore, and the legendary Dean Lord are to name a few. These folks provide the backbone year in and year out that makes the program flow and the MWSD Futurity greatly appreciates their support.

The Midwestern States Shooting Dog Futurity would not be possible without its primary sponsor. Purina has been with the program since its rebirth and continues to be a mainstay for supporting and promoting the Futurity program. As with so many trials, Purina provides dog food for the winners. One cannot express the gratitude we have for this gracious sponsor. The Midwestern States Futurity Board would like to thank Purina for its continued support and stalwart presence in the field trial world. Another custom the Futurity Board believes in is giving back to its owners, breeders, and handlers. In addition to the monetary payout for the winning handlers, each the winning owner and handler receives custom plaques unique to the MWSD trial. Varying other prizes such as roading harnesses, pistol holsters, and MWSD hats were presented to the handlers of the callback dogs named to the final series.

After judging the Missouri Open Shooting Dog Championship, Mark Johnson and Jeff Stanton agreed to remain in the saddle to judge this year's Futurity. Even though neither gentleman, had ever ran in the MWSD Futurity or judged the stake, I believe they were equally pleased with the quality of derby performances they witnessed. Both Mark and Jeff understood that the goal of judging Futurity derbies is to judge potential. After judging the 30-minute qualifying series and sorting through 18 derbies in varying stages of development, these gentlemen did a commendable job in selecting the final 1-hour contestants. The Futurity Board can't thank them enough for their time in the saddle and attention to detail while judging Midwestern States Shooting Dog Futurity.

The Winners
Erin's Thunder Backus for owners Jerry Moisson and Tom Jackson and handled by Shawn Kinkelaar earned the 1st place honors at this year's running of the 34th MWSD Futurity. This outstanding derby put on a refined, powerful, yet mature, two-day performance. Thunder Backus exhibited the necessary class, speed, biddability, and mature bird work throughout this endurance stake. This strapping white and black Erin's bred pointer possessed the grit and mental stability to handle the pressures of the two days running. Erin's Thunder Backus is the son of the great shooting dog champion, Chelsea's Thunderbolt and Erin's Kennel's brood matron, Erin's Bet on Me. In the 30-minute qualifying series, Thunder Backus went to work immediately having a nice find at :10 and having a smooth, forward 30-minute performance. In the 1-hour finals, Backus followed up and got stronger with 4 clean pieces of bird work and a mannerly back early in the brace. In both the series, this athletically built pointer male with a split black head showed class in motion, yielding to Shawn's handling, showed matureness in application, and exhibited crisp bird work throughout. Never did he falter in approach and always finished as strong as he started.

Two Spot Tommy, for owner and breeder Jett Ferebee, and handled by Doug Ray yielded a two-day performance that was equally exceptional in its own regards. Tommy demonstrated the necessary qualities the judges were looking for. In the 30-minute qualifier, Two Spot Tommy was consistently forward, powerful, and complete in application. He recorded two finds in 30 minutes and showed what the judges noted as an outstanding qualifier series. In the final series, this largely built white and black pointer, applied himself nicely over Course #1 on Saturday morning having 3 evenly spaced finds. Similar too Erin's Thunder Backus, his bird work was crisp and definitive. At the end of his hour, he finished big and forward, with Kaley Anne riding hard to gather him up.

Blackhawk Doc, a handsomely built, white and black pointer male, handled by Virgil Moore for owner and breeder Dean Lord earned the third-place honors in this year's Futurity. In his initial series, Doc carded one nice piece of bird work and a mannerly back over the latter portions of the 1st hour course. Doc was smooth, yet meticulous and biddable throughout. His bird work stylish and defined. In the final series, braced with Jett's Riptide, his application was workmanlike carding 6 fashionable finds. During the hour, Doc applied himself thoroughly over Course #2, handling nicely and maintaining the front throughout. He rarely needed scouting and showed a decent finish.

Walden's Ridge Slapshot was called to the line in the 5th callback brace as a bye dog due to Slapshot being in season. For owner, breeder and continued MWSD Futurity supporter David Steele, Slapshot proved willing to the challenge. In 30-minute, qualifier, Slapshot carded two nice finds at :16 and :28. This stout built, white and liver, classy moving pointer female was diligent throughout for handler Doug Ray. She was reaching but not excessive and very appropriate for the 30 minutes. For the final series, Slapshot was thorough yielding two nice pieces of bird work. She hunted hard, applied herself nicely and finished with determination thus sealing her spot in the winner's circle.

In conclusion, this year's Midwestern States Futurity was tremendous success. All the winners, the call back dogs and many of the other participants demonstrated the sound efforts of well-planned breeding's. The Midwestern States Shooting Dog Futurity would like to thank all the breeder's, owners and handlers that continually support this program. The MWSD Futurity Board of Directors would like to thank each, and everyone involved in raising litters, developing puppies and bringing capable derbies to this event. Over the last several years, this program has maintained a steady course and the future looks bright.
Grovesprings, Mo., March 4
Judges: Mark Johnson and Jeff Stanton
34TH MIDWESTERN STATES SHOOTING DOG FUTURITY [Thirty-Minute Qualifying Heats; One-Hour Callback] - 18 Pointers

1st--ERIN'S THUNDER BACKUS, 1692320, male, by Chelsea's Thunder Bolt-Erin's Bet On Me. Dr. Tom Jackson & Jerry Moisson, owners; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.
2d-TWO SPOT TOMMY, 1690417, male, by Zip Tye-Cedar Ridge Shopper. Jett Ferebee, owner; Doug Ray, handler.
3d-BLACKHAWK DOC, 1694657, male, by Blackhawk Jet-Hard Rock Jean. Dean Lord, owner; Virgil Moore, handler.
4th-WALDEN'S RIDGE SLAP SHOT, 1692371, female, by High Drive Rocky-Walden's Ridge Chatter Box. David L. Steele, owner; Doug Ray, handler.