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Event: Hirollins Gone and Doneit Wins 2022 Running
Result: U. S. Complete Southeast Regional Championship

Location: Hoffman, North Carolina

Post Date: Jul 6, 2022

Submitted By: David Huffine


U. S. Complete Southeastern Championship. Front to back, from left: Warren Parrott, Fred Rose, John Outlaw, Tony Bingham, Mark Hughes, Greg Robinson, Ashby Morgan (judge), Margaret Drew, Gretchen Adsit, Lee Flanders (judge), Earl Drew.

Hirollins Gone and Doneit was named Champion at the Southeast Regional Championship for the U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association held at J. Robert Gordon Field Trial Grounds at Hoffman, N. C. The strikingly handsome and muscular white and orange pointer bested a field of 42 dogs to easily capture the Championship. "Gunner" is owned and was expertly handled by Warren Parrott of Scranton, S. C. The Champion is 4 years old and was sired by Fastforward's B K Gunner with Littlewing B K Tia as his dam.

Runner-up Champion was awarded to Smoke Rise Jake, a white and liver pointer male owned and handled by long time and extremely successful field trialer Fred Rose of Pinehurst, North Carolina. Jake was sired by Stoney Run's Buddy with Smoke Rise Mariah as his dam.
The Championship was judged by experienced US Complete amateur competitors, Ashby Morgan of Mathews, Va., and Lee Flanders of Elberon, Va. Both judges have won National Amateur Handlers of the Year for the USCSDA and were perfectly suited to judge the Championship under the organization's standards.

The grounds are approximately 9,000 acres of long leaf pine and wire grass habitat with 6 continuous courses. They are located within the 61,000-acre Sandhills Gamelands maintained by the State of North Carolina. The North Carolina Field Trial Association uses fees paid by the field trial clubs to support the bird program. Only early release birds are found on the courses and there are no supplemental birds used for the trials. The bird population at Hoffman has been good this year but birdwork was at a premium this Championship.
The Championship commenced on Thursday, March 3rd at 8:00 a.m. with pleasant temperatures in the mid-40s. Miss Shamrock Grace was scratched resulting in Brown's Miss April beginning the trial as a bye dog. April was handled by Sean Melvin who guided her to the National Championship at the Hoffman Grounds in 2021. The years have taken some of April's race and a bracemate would have been helpful. She began with a modest race but lengthened later in the brace. She finished her hour but produced no birds.
Mark Hughes released a setter male, Wayward Flying Tomato, to run against Lincoln County Stoney, a pointer male owned and handled by Gary Whitworth into the rapidly increasing heat to begin.

Brace 2. Tomato was long early but settled in nicely for a good finish in the 70-degree heat. Birds were seen at 36 but it was unclear as to whether any dog was in the vicinity. Gary's dog showed good style on his ground work. He had an unproductive at 26. Thereafter, the heat was taking its toll on the dog and Gary collared him at 30 near the Army Camp.

By the 3rd Brace, the temperature had risen to 72 degrees with high humidity. Two setter females matched up with Black River Sue (Melvin) and Sweet Southern Belle handled by Robert Little breaking away at 10:24. Sue had a back at 17. She finished with a moderate, snappy race but found no birds during her hour. Bob's dog had an unproductive at 17. She had a find at 58 but moved too much on flush and was called up by the judges.
The last brace of the morning broke away at 11:33 with no relief from the temperature or humidity. Blue Ribbon Harper, a pointer female handled by Robert Ecker, was missing early and Robert called for the tracker at 30. Her bracemate, Caird's Remi (PM-Little), was stylish on the ground but had some periodic difficulty finding the front. He finished his hour with no bird work.

The afternoon brought no relief from the heat with temperatures reaching the mid-80s. Brace 5 began on Course 4 at 2:00 with Low Country Katie (PF-Whitworth) being braced with the Champion, Hirollins Gone and Doneit. Gary's dog looked great when seen but was a bit erratic with no bird work. He called for the tracker at 58. Gunner reveled in the 83-degree temperature showing an exceptional forward race. He refused water and took the heat so easily. At 28, Warren found him pointed in the road with a large covey in the oak leaves. The second find was on a single bird at 54, all in order. Warren collared him away from the find and Gunner went to the front with an amazing finish to his Championship performance. He appeared ready for another hour.
The 6th Brace kicked off at 3:13 with Frank Joyal running his handsome pointer Armstrong Mountain Dusty and Warren Parrott releasing his second dog, Hirollins Hot Diggety Dog (PM). Dusty looked great on the ground with a most appropriate Hoffman walking dog range. However, he was under birds shortly after the road crossing and was up at 41. Warren's dog was long early and then shortened significantly in the heat. Warren leashed him at 30.

The last brace of the opening day featured Braggabull, a pointer female handled by Mark Hughes, and Dunroven's Midnight Ike (PM-Ecker). Both dogs showed good range early but shortened in the afternoon heat. No birds were found.
Friday morning brought a northeast wind and the expected cooler temperatures for the 8th Brace breakaway on Course 1. Lucky Recharge, an exceptionally good-looking pointer male handled by gallery favorite Earl Drew, surged to the front with style and flair. He had an unproductive at 48 but had no bird contact for his hour. His bracemate, Miller's Special Upgrade (PF-Hughes) also looked great on the ground with a more modest but forward race. He also failed to have bird contact.

Suemac's Sashay (PF-Hughes) and Maximum Resistance (ESM-Ecker) shared the running in the 9th Brace. Mark's dog was quick and snappy with a modest race that lengthened over her hour. She had an unproductive at 48 but no bird contact. Max broke away fast and was rarely seen after breakaway. Robert called for the tracker at 28.

The weather remained good for the 10th Brace with a breakaway temperature of 52. Smoke Rise Hannah (PF-Rose) had difficulty with the front early but recovered to finish her birdless hour to the front. Her bracemate, Miss Lady W (PF-Drew) had a nice forward race but also failed to locate birds.

The final brace of the morning pitted A Distant Spec (PF-Hughes) against Cook's Back N Black, a pointer male owned and handled by Harry Cook. Spec had a conservative forward race, always handling for Mark but located no birds. Harry's dog blistered the course, showing great style, but found no birds. He made a huge cast to the left late in the brace and Harry had to call for the tracker at time.
Smoke Rise Bull (PM-Rose) and Miss Pennstar (ESF-Ecker) headlined the first afternoon brace. Temperatures held in the high 50s, a vast weather improvement over the prior day. Bull had a modest but irregular race and finished with no bird work. Miss Pennstar showed great range and style, especially as Robert showed her on the hill after the creek crossing on Course 4. However, she also had a birdless day.

Ecker loosed Grousehill Bullet Proof (ESM) to begin Brace 13. The nice setter had a good, medium race and had a rare Friday find at 23. Robert's dog finished his hour. His bracemate was Island Blue Gene (ESM-Drew) who had a nice forward race but suffered another Hoffman "Nice Race - No Birds" performance.

The last brace of Friday's running paired Miller's Hopped Up Version (PF-Hughes) with Mohawk Mill War Eagle (PM-Cook). Mark's dog had a modest race, handling well, with an unproductive at 30. War Eagle had a huge race with All Age characteristics but produced no birds. He had an unproductive at 38.

Saturday morning brought warmer temperatures (52) at breakaway for Brace 15. Doc Haven's Jake Law (PM-Hughes) broke away on Course 1. He had trouble finding his race and Mark leashed him at 38. His bracemate, Clayhill T-Bone (PM-Cook) was standing at 12. Harry whistled to tighten him up. He moved into birds and was up.

Brace 16 matched Black River Ruby (ESF-Melvin) and Smoke Rise CeCe (PF-Rose). Ruby was behind early but found the front and showed well for Sean. She had an unproductive at 43 and was unable to produce birds. CeCe had a short to medium race and finished her hour.
Melvin was back on the line with Brown's Ace (PM) paired with runner- Champion, Smoke Rise Jake (PM-Rose). The dogs had a divided find at 24, all in order. Ace had a second find at 55. Ace showed a moderate, forward race. Jake was medium to long and looked really good on the ground and on his find.

The last brace on Saturday morning consisted of Sterlingworth Jack (ESM-Ecker) and Lincoln County Buddy Boy (PM-Whotworth). Both dogs showed well to the front with Gary's dog having the slightly bigger race. Jack had an unproductive at 46 with Buddy Boy backing. No birds were seen during the brace.

Ramapo Mountain Doc (PM-Ecker) and Sweet Grass Slim (ESM-Huffine) broke away on Course 4 to begin the afternoon braces. Doc was short and Robert picked him up at 18. Much to this reporter's dismay, Slim was the opposite end of the spectrum. He was last seen heading over the first rise at about 3. Huffine called for the tracker at 18.

The 20th Brace began in the early part of Course 4. Atttakullkull, a setter male owned and handled by Darryl Grantham, and Double Deuce Zeke (PM-Hughes) broke away. Unfortunately, the reporter was still chasing Slim from the prior brace and did not observe the performances by either dog. Reports indicated that both dogs had modest races with no bird work.

The final brace of the Championship matched Bo of Pineywood (PM-Ecker) owned by that wily veteran trialer Rich Warters with Good Reason Farkleberry, a setter male owned and handled by our favorite newcomer to Hoffman walking trials, Kerri Elfvin. Robert picked up Bo at 15 as he struggled with the afternoon heat. Kerri's dog finished the hour with a modest but pretty race and one unproductive.
Hoffman, N. C., March 3
Judges: Lee Flanders and Ashby Morgan
U. S. COMPLETE SOUTHEASTERN CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 30 Pointers and 12 Setters

Winner-HIROLLINS GONE AND DONEIT, 1679825, pointer male, by Fastforward's B K Gunner-Littlewing B K Tia. Warren Parrott, owner and handler.
Runner-Up-SMOKERISE JAKE, 1684876, pointer male, by Stoney Run's Buddy-Smoke Rise Mariah. P. F. Rose, owner and handler.
The Championship was followed by the Paul Walker Derby Classic which drew twenty-four promising derbies. Mark Hughes handled Miller's Special Upgrade, a white and lemon pointer female owned by Carlos Escalante, to a first-place finish with an impressive forward race. Second place went to Mirimichi River's Real Coy, a pointer male owned by Kyle Price and expertly handled by Robert Little. Third place went to Chippoke's Fancy Lady, a white and liver pointer female owned and handled by Lee Flanders. Ashby Morgan and John Outlaw judged the derby stake.
Judges: Ashby Morgan and John Outlaw
PAUL WALKER OPEN DERBY CLASSIC - 23 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st-MILLER'S SPECIAL UPGRADE, 1695107, pointer female, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Carlos Escalante, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.
2d-MIRIAMICHI RIVER'S REAL COY, 1693181, pointer male, by D C's Mr. Cooper-Chasehill Bewitched. Kyle Price, owner; Robert Little, handler.
3d-CHIPPOKE'S FANCY LADY, 1689564, pointer female, by Stoney Run's Buddy-Hirollins Fancy Lady. Lee Flanders, owner and handler.

The North Carolina Field Trial Association partners with the North Carolina Wildlife Commission to provide the premier field trial grounds in North Carolina. We sincerely thank both entities for their commitment to the land, facilities and our sport.
The handler's dinner was graciously provided by Verlene Stephenson, owner of last year's champion Ringo's Sweet Heart.

Greg Robinson pulled the dog/gallery wagon for our trial. He provides great coffee and drinks at breaks as well as cookies for the sweet tooths among the handlers and gallery members. He always has the dogs loaded in a timely and accurate fashion. Greg's enthusiasm is wonderful and he normally has the winners accurately picked before the announcements are made.

Gretchen and John Adsit saved each day for the trial chairman by helping with daily lunches. They were an important part of the trial team.
Tony Bingham graciously provided needed judge's horses for the afternoon braces. We greatly appreciate his contributions and service.

The Cape Fear Field Trial Club would also like to commend all of the owners and handlers for their exemplary behavior during the trial. Everyone was congenial and courteous which is certainly refreshing and appreciated.


Paul Walker Open Derby Classic. Mark Hughes, Robert Little, Avery West, Miles Whaley, John Outlaw (judge).