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Result: Hanover Field Trial Association

Location: King William, Virginia

Post Date: Jul 6, 2022

Submitted By: Kirk Regensburg


Amateur Puppy. From left: Jimmy Crandall with Suzie, Dennis Kivikko with Thor, and Matthew Philips with Toby.

The Hanover Field Trial Association's Fall U. S. Complete Trial was held on Saturday, March 5, at the Cohoke Shooting Preserve. The Association would like to thank the Gottwald family for allowing the trial to be held on their private shooting preserve. We would like to extend our sympathy to the Gottwald family for the death of Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr.
Dennis Bosewell had the facilities in good condition for the field trial. The club is fortunate to have use of these pristine grounds for field trials. It was a crisp sunny day. It was a good day to run dogs. A good time was had by all.

We would like to thank Nestle Purina for being the National Sponsor of the U. S. Complete weekend and championship trials. Purina is providing discount coupons for their dog food to all dogs who have earned placements in the various stakes.

Several club members pitched in to make this field trial a success. George Ramkey, Bert Wright and Kirk Regensburg planted birds. Retta Ramkey typed the program. Art Mourino provided the Kawasaki Mule which Trey Rector and his wife used to transport the dogs and handlers to the starting line. The gallery wagon was provided by Pat Brooks. Waverly Coleman drove his truck to pull the gallery wagon.
Charlotte Regensburg and Judy Jones provided lunch. Fried chicken, potato salad, cole slaw and butter beans were served for lunch. The Hanover club is fortunate to have many members and wives who help make this trial a success. We appreciate everyone's help in making our trial a success.

There were 11 dogs in the puppy stake. Four dogs were entered in the derby stake and 16 dogs entered in the shooting dog stake. Judging the puppy stake were Meredith and Judy Jones. Judging the derby stake were George Ramkey and Bert Wright. Johnny Lewis and Butch Haywood judged the Shooting Dog stake.
Suzie, a setter female, took first in the puppy stake. Owned by Steve Graham and handled by Jimmy Crandall, Suzie ran a big snappy, stylish race. She ran with a high tail and was responsive to her handler. She was collared at pickup. Thor, a setter male, placed second. Owned by Ronald Blackburn and handled by Dennis Kivikko, Thor had good race coupled with style. Thor handled and was picked up when time was called. Toby, a setter male, took third. Owned and handled by Matthew Phillips, he ran a big race. Thor handled well. He was picked up at time.

Our judges agreed the puppy stake was one of the best Puppy stakes they had seen. All of these dogs showed potential to become good competitive shooting dogs.
The Derby stake was dominated by handler Matthew Phillips, who took both first and second place. First place was Rue, a setter female. Second was Mary Jane, a setter female. Both dogs had a big race and multiple finds. But Rue had a stronger finish and handled better. Blaze, a Brittany male, took third. Owned and handled by Sue Gwynn, Blaze ran a nice race and handled well. Blaze had a find and a back.

In the shooting dog stake, the judges were given the daunting task of selecting the top 3 performers from the 16 contestants entered in this stake. There were numerous contenders that performed admirably and without fault.
First place was Mugsy, a pointer male, owned by Jimmy Crandall. Mugsy had 5 finds. He ran a nice forward race to the front. Mugsy hit all his objectives and finished strong. His performance was without blemish, earning him "Dog of the Day" recognition as well.
The second place dog was Louise, a pointer female. Handled by Dennis Kivikko, Louise had 3 finds. Louise ran a good forward race and finished up nicely. Heart, a pointer female, took third. Owned and handled by Verlene Stephenson, she had 6 finds. Heart had a good race and finished up well.
Mugsy, owned by Jimmy Crandall, was named Dog of the Day, winning the Waverly Coleman Shooting Dog trophy.

The Club would like to thank all the judges, participants and guests for coming and supporting our sport. The Association looks forward to their next US Complete Trial scheduled for the fall of 2022.
King William, Va., March 5 - One Course
Judges: Judy Jones and Meredith Jones
AMATEUR PUPPY - 1 Pointer, 7 Setters and 3 Brittanys

1st-BACK CREEK SUZIE, 1696529, setter female, by Maximum Resistance-Deciding Point. Steve Graham, owner; Jimmy Crandall, handler.
2d-BENTON SADDLE THOR, 1694227, setter male, by Maximum Resistance-Deciding Point. Ronald Blackburn, owner; Dennis Kivikko, handler.
3d-PHILLIPS SCOUT, unreg., setter female, breeding not given. Matthew Phillips, owner and handler.
Judges: George Ramkey and Bert Wright
AMATEUR DERBY - 3 Pointers and 1 Brittany
1st-RUE, unreg., setter female, breeding not given. Matthew Phillips, owner and handler.
2d-PHILLIPS MARY JANE, 1699222, setter female, by Maximum Resistance-Hunter Run's Knockout. Matthew Phillips, owner and handler.
3d-RED GRANITES BLAZE OF SUNSHINE, 1694753, Brittany male, by Horizon's Beyond the Sunset-Red Granite's Abbey Road. Susan & William Gwyn, owner and handler.


Amateur Derby. From left: Matthew Philips with Rue, Mr. Philips with Mary Jane, and Susan Gwyn with Blaze.

Judges: Butch Haywood and Johnny Lewis
1st-LANCASTER'S HIT MAN, 1679423, pointer male, by Waybetter Rocky-Calico's Touch of Class. Jimmy Crandall, owner and handler.
2d-PIRATE'S MEAN LOUISE, 1656151, pointer female, by Mohawk Mill Pirate-Bevy's Mean Girl. Dennis Kivikko, owner and handler.
3d-RINGO'S SWEET HEART, 1668688, pointer female, by South Bound Ben-Shadow's Carolina Molly. Verlene Stephenson, owner and handler.


Waverly Coleman Amateur Shooting Dog Stake. From left: Jimmy Crandall with Mugsy, Dennis Kivikko with Louise, and Verlene Stephenson with Heart.