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Event: Robert E. Lee Shooting Dog Classic and Les Hobbs Puppy Classic
Result: U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Futurity

Location: Hoffman, North Carolina

Post Date: Jul 6, 2022

Submitted By: Verlene Stephenson


Futurity Winners. From left: Double Deuce Jack, with Mark Hughes; Double Deuce Miles, with Krista Munden; Millers Special Upgrade, with Roger McPherson; Wild Land Sweet Caroline, with Eric Munden. Standing: Dave Hughes. Other participants on wagon.

The annual U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association Robert E. Lee Shooting Dog Classic, Futurity and Les Hobbs Puppy Classic were originally scheduled for the week of February 21, 2022. But due to illness from COVID 19, the trial had to be postponed to the week of March 21, 2022. Unfortunately, the change in date had a negative effect on participation this year. However, we still managed to have a good trial.

The U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association Robert E. Lee Shooting Dog Classic, Futurity and Les Hobbs Puppy Classic began on Tuesday March 22nd and lasted until Saturday March 26th. This year's location was the well-known grounds of the Sandhills Game Land area called the Drop Zone near Hoffman, N. C.

The Robert E. Lee Shooting Dog Classic was first run in 2003. The stake honors Robert E. Lee for being a founder of our organization. The USCSDA Futurity began in 1996. A 30 minute puppy classic has always accompanied the Futurity but beginning in 2017 it was renamed the Les Hobbs Puppy Classic. Les Hobbs was an avid supporter of and participant in the U.S. Complete Shooting Dog Association and a revolving trophy displaying his name goes home with the puppy classic winner each year.

This was the second year the trial has had to deal with COVID 19. Things were less restrictive than last year, however, we still did not go out as a group for a handlers' dinner.

Our thanks go out to NC Wildlife officers, Brady Beck and Lee Crisco. They had the grounds in good shape. Also thanks to Margaret and Earl Drew who rode the course and had it clearly marked for all handlers and the gallery wagon. Thanks also to John and Gretchen Adsit, Frank Joyal and others that assisted in moving the gallery wagon and portable bird pen to the grounds and back. Thanks to Bobby Phillips and Greg Isenberg for getting the tire back on the gallery wagon when it had to be repaired. Eric Munden from Lion Country Supply was present to run his derby in the Futurity. He kindly donated gift certificates from Lion Country Supply to all placements in the 3 stakes. Thank you, Eric!! This year our water for animals was supplied by Mountain Creek Fire Department, a local volunteer fire department in Richmond County. We cannot thank them enough for the loan of their tanker truck for the entire week.

And of course a huge thank you to our national sponsors Purina and Garmin. Purina supplied dog food, certificates for dog food, hats and cups. Garmin supplied collars for the winner and second place in the Futurity. We so appreciate your support!!
Another yearly sponsor is Stinger Supply in Boydton, Va. Darryl Garnett is the manager there and is a Garmin genius. Anything you need related to Garmin, Darryl is your man. Stinger Supply always donates leashes for the 4 placements in the Futurity. And as mentioned before, Eric Munden of Lion Country Supply donated gift certificates to all placements in the 3 stakes. Thank you, Eric.

Since we did not have a handlers' dinner during the Bob Lee Classic, Tony Bly, owner of last year's winner, Stokely B Ricky, provided a box lunch from Firehouse Subs for participants on Thursday. It was easy to pick up and take to the tailgate for eating. Thank you Tony and Marie.

Judges for the Bob Lee were Mack Hilliard of Jackson Springs , N. C., and Tim McClurg of Fowler, OH, but wintering in Hoffman, N. C.

The Bob Lee drew a field of 37 entries, 19 braces. The trial started on Tuesday morning at 8:00 am. It began with cool temperatures, in the 40's. Unfortunately, today we would not have a gallery wagon, due to a flat tire. Luckily, we were able to get it fixed and back on the gallery wagon for Wednesday's running. Because we were expecting severe weather to come in on Wednesday and maybe Thursday, we were able to complete eight braces on Tuesday.
Wednesday started out cloudy and temperatures in the 60's. The gallery wagon was ready and running. There were a few sprinkles of rain but nothing as bad as expected. We were able to complete 7 braces.

Thursday the rains finally came. Thankfully, everyone was prepared with rain gear and the showers did not last very long. Today there was a large gallery to watch the action. The remaining 4 braces were completed before stopping for a lunch break. Announcements were made after lunch.

The judges named Double Deuce Zeke, owned by Doug McMillen and handled by Mark Hughes as the winner in the 37- dog stake. The judge's book recorded 8 finds.
Second place honors went to Double Deuce Sage also owned by Doug McMillen and handled by Dave Hughes. The first and second place dogs are littermates. The judge's book recorded 7 finds.
Third place went to, no stranger to the winner's circle, Bob's Elhew Holly, owned and handled by Bobby Phillips. The judge's book recorded 6 finds.
The judges also gave honorable mention to Warrior Zeke, handled by Mark Hughes in the 9th brace, Tenacee Rowdy handled by Greg Isenberg in the 7th brace, Fox Creek Emma handled by Mike Fox in the 8th brace, and My Way Little Bud handled by Aaron McAfee in the 13th brace.
Hoffman, N. C., March 22 - One Course
Judges: Mack Hilliard and Tim McClurg
ROBERT E. LEE SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] - 25 Pointers and 12 Setters

1st--DOUBLE DEUCE ZEKE, 1673940, pointer male, by Double Deuce Peter-Funseeker's Holiday. Douglas McMillen, Jr., owner; Mark Hughes, handler.
2d-DOUBLE DEUCE SAGE, 1673986, pointer female, by Double Deuce Peter-Funseeker's Holiday. Douglas McMillen, Jr., owner; Dave Hughes, handler.
3d-BOB'S ELHEW HOLLY, 1653300, pointer female, by Elhew Moneymaker-Bob's Miller Daisy. Bobby Phillips, owner and handler.


Robert E. Lee Shooting Dog Classic. From left: Double Deuce Zeke with Mark Hughes; Double Deuce Sage with Eric Munden; Bob's Elhew Holly with Bobby Phillips. Standing: Dave Hughes, Other Participants on Wagon.

By David Huffine
The U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Futurity has been chaired by Verlene Stephenson for the last few years. Verlene tries hard all year long to encourage breeders to nominate their litters for the Futurity. The Futurity drew 27 dogs from 25 litter nominations which were received from Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Delaware, Michigan, New Hampshire, South Carolina and New Brunswick, Canada. There were 21 pointer litters, 3 setter litters and 1 Irish Setter litter. A Futurity entry takes 2 years of planning and training.
Judging the Futurity were the well-known and respected team of David Huffine from Wilmington, N. C., and John Outlaw from Goldsboro, N. C.

The Futurity began on Thursday afternoon after the placements for the Bob Lee Classic were announced. There were fourteen 45-minute braces. The course began at the hunter's camp and ran through pines and wiregrass before entering a large open hillside and descending into a beautiful, undulating bottom area before finishing on a pine and wiregrass ridge.
The four winners received plaques, a letter from Purina for Purina ProPlan Sport feed, leashes, US Complete mugs, a $25 dollar gift certificate from Lion Country Supply and checks for breeders and handlers. The winner and second place also received a Garmin collar. Sponsors for the Futurity are Purina and Garmin, without whom there would be no Futurity.
A handlers' lunch was provided on Friday during the Futurity by Doug McMillen, owner of last year's winner, Double Deuce Pearl. Participants enjoyed fried chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, a veggie tray and delicious desserts. Thank you, Doug! We hope next year you will be here in person.

Double Deuce Jack, a handsome pointer male handled by Mark Hughes, captured first place in the 26th running of the U.S. Complete Shooting Dog Association Futurity. Jack is owned by Doug McMillen who is also the breeder. The winning derby is the product of the breeding of Double Deuce Molly and Cal Peak Hundredth Meridian.
Second place was awarded to Double Deuce Miles, also handled by Mark Hughes and owned by Doug McMillen. George Hetrick was the breeder of the pointer male with Double Deuce Zeke on the top of the pedigree and Bucket List Bella on the bottom.
Miller's Special Upgrade was handled by Mark Hughes to a third-place finish. Carlos Escalante owns the fine young pointer who was bred by Fran and Jack Miller. Miller's Special Edition is the sire and Miller's Upgraded Version is the dam.

The final Futurity placement went to Wild Land Sweet Caroline, a pointer female who was expertly handled by her owner, Eric Munden. Joe Camissa is the breeder with Waybetter Rocky on the top and Beaver Meadow Rose on the bottom.
Mojo's Remington Steel, a setter female owned by Nick and Renee Molders and bred by Lloyd Murray (Long Gone Juicy X Long Gone Porky) was handled by Dave Hughes. She was braced with Santee River Pauley Girl owned and bred by Mike McKinney and handled by Aaron McAfee. Her breeding is Santee River Molly and Hirollin's Talkin' Smack. Birds were plentiful in this brace. Dave's charge scored finds at 14, 19, 27 and 40 with backs at 3 and 14. Aaron's dog topped that number with 8 finds. Both dogs showed modest races.

Longtime competitor and gallery favorite Bobby Phillips brought Bob's Elhew Smokie (PF) to the line for the Second Brace. Bobby is the owner, handler and breeder of Smokie (Bob's Elhew Julie X Elhew Moneymaker). Smokie was braced with the Fourth-Place dog, Wild Land Sweet Caroline owned and handled by Eric Munden whose breeding is detailed above. Smokie had 6 finds combined with a stop to flush, a back and an unproductive in her busy 45 minutes. She had a nice race considering the amount of bird work but shortened a bit late in the brace. Caroline had 6 finds as well with a solid race. She was stylish on her birds but showed a bit of movement before and after the flush.

The Third Brace matched My Way Buddy Boy (PM) with The Treasure Chest (PM). Buddy Boy is owned and handled by J.D. Warters and was bred by Donald Terrell (HiRollins Fancy Lady X Stoney Run's Buddy). The Treasure Chest is owned and was handled by Cliff Monroe. Gary Winall is the breeder (Mohawk Mill Dolly X Mohawk Mill Legacy Pride). J.D.'s dog was not feeling well and was up early. Cliff's dog looked great on the ground. He had early finds at 8, 11 and 18. He had a final find as he entered the large field but was cursed with a running bird which he caught on the flushing attempt.

The afternoon braces ended with Thunder Hills Storm Rider (PM-D Hughes) braced with Upper Ten Hot Rod (PM) owned and handled by John Adsit. Dave's dog is owned by Harry Tsepelias and was bred by Gus Piperis (Thunder Hills Pale Rider X High Desert Storm). Hot Rod was bred by Frank Joyal (Moonlight Yellow Jacket X Miller's Heat Seeker). Storm Rider had finds at 14 and 31 combined with a back but had some difficulty finding the front. John's dog had a bump and chase at 6.

Warren Parrot was scheduled to be in the 5th brace with HiRollins BK Bushwacker (PM) bred by Sergio Velez (BK Hirollins Wild X B K Pablo Escobar) but Warren scratched his dog. The Bye dog, Once in a Blue Moon (PF - Moonlight Yellow Jacket X Miller's Heat Seeker) owned, handled and bred by Frank Joyal moved up to the Fifth Brace and was matched with Miller's Special Upgrade, the Third-Place dog referenced above. Frank's dog looked good on the ground but early bird work was too much for the young dog. He had a find at 3 which was followed quickly with another and was up. Mark's dog looked exceptionally good on the ground with a medium to long race. She had finds at 9, 15, 33 and an exceptional limb find near the lake at 44.
Edward Cherry is the owner of NIB Charlie (PM - Hirollins Happy Go Lucky X Hirollins Gone and Doneit) with Warren Parrott the breeder. The handler was JD Waters. The Sixth Brace paired Charlie with Ithaca (PM - Smoke Rise Mariah X LC Smith) owned, handled and bred by Gary Miller. Charlie had a stop to flush at 5 and then was under a bird at 10. Gary's dog had a nice find at 4. He moved a bit on the flush at a second find at 12. A chase on his final find at 25 was too much for Ithaca and his handler and he was picked up.

Thunder Hills Black and Black (PM) was at the breakaway for the Seventh Brace. He is owned by Harry Tsepelias and was bred by Fran and Jack Miller (Miller's Special Addition X Miller's Upgraded Version). Mark Hughes was his handler. His bracemate was Shoal Creek Belle (PF), owned by Tom McCluskey and handled by Cliff Monroe. She was bred by Donald Terrell (Witt's Black Rose X Stoney Run's Buddy). Both dogs went long early. Cliff called for the tracker at 22 and Mark followed shortly thereafter.

Brace Eight featured Beaver Meadow Bit (PF - Beaver Meadow Rose X Waybetter Rocky) owned and bred by Joe Camissa and Rebel's Orange Crush (PF - Rebel's Touch of Class X Miller's Speed Dial) owned bred and handled by Jeff Allen. Dave Hughes loosed Bit but she was under a bird at 12 and was up. Jeff's dog had a nice, medium race but ran afoul of a bird at 20 and was up.

Mark Hughes took Miller's Hopped Up Version (PF - Miller's Special Edition X Miller's Upgraded Version) to the line for Brace Nine. The dog is owned by Carlos Escalante and bred by Jack and Fran Miller. His bracemate was JW's Jasmine (PF - Hirollins Happy Go Lucky X Hirollins Talkin Smack). Jasmine is owned by Richard Cook and Charlie Timmerman. Warren Parrott was her breeder. She was handled by Cliff Monroe. Mark's dog was beautiful on the ground. She had finds at 7, 17 and 18 coupled with an unproductive but then went MIA. Mark called for the tracker at 35. Jasmine had 4 early finds at 5,13,16 and 19 but her medium race faltered in the heat and she was worn out by 30.

The winner of the Futurity was in the Tenth Brace. Double Deuce Jack was braced with Tom Jones (PM-Cock N Fire Candy X Goldberg) owned and handled by Earl Drew and bred by Allen Johnson. Jack had 5 finds (15, 19, 24 34 and 38) and a single unproductive. His bird work combined with his style and race impressed the judges sufficiently for a first-place finish. Tom Jones looked beautiful on the ground but Jack beat him to the birds. After the 4th back, with each improving, Earl graciously leashed his dog to avoid interference with his bracemate.
Brace Eleven pitted Caliber Peak Double Oaks (PF-Double Deuce Molly X Caliber Peaks Hundredth Meridian) owned by Sarah Gomes and bred by Doug McMillen against Santee River Snow Storm (PF- Lester's Snow White X Lester's Storm) owned and bred by Mike McKinney, handled by Aaron McAfee. Dave Hughes handled Double Oaks. He had a modest race with a single back. Aaron's dog also had a moderate race with a find at 20 and an unproductive.
The Twelfth Brace showcased Double Deuce Miles who took second place and is discussed above. He had stylish finds at 8, 28, 38 and 42 and a pleasing walking dog race. Frank Joyal handled his bracemate, Carolina's Great Peedee (PF- Moonlight Yellow Jacket X Miller's Heat Seeker) and was also the owner and breeder. Frank's dog looked great on the ground but only had backs at 1 and 2 to show for his efforts.

The final brace of the stake paired Lady Ex (PF-Bonner's Excaliber X Santee River Iced Crush) owned, handled and bred by Cliff Monroe and Conneaut Creek Scenic River (ISM - Cedar Creek's Skyline X Cedar Creek Talon) bred by Ed Liermann and owned by Ed Liermann and Al Fazenbaker. Dave Hughes handled the handsome red dog. Lady X was not on her game. After an early find, she was under a bird and up. Dave's dog had a nice find at 6. While his handler was trying to reach the front, the dog was under a bird and chased.
Judges: David Huffine and John Outlaw
26TH U. S. COMPLETE FUTURITY - 25 Pointers, 1 Setter and 1 Irish Setter

1st--DOUBLE DEUCE JACK, 1691404, pointer male, by Cal Peak Hundredth Meridian-Double Deuce Molly. Doug McMillen, Jr., owner; Mark Hughes, handler.
2d-DOUBLE DEUCE MILES, 1691405, pointer male, by Double Deuce Zeke-Bucket List Bella. Doug McMillen, Jr., owner; Mark Hughes, handler.
3d-MILLER'S SPECIAL UPGRADE, 1695107, pointer female, by Miller's Upgraded Vesion-Miller's Special Edition. Carlos Escalante, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.
4th-WILDLAND SWEET CAROLINE, 1692066, pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky-Beaver Meadow Rose. Eric Munden, owner and handler.
Les Hobbs Puppy Classic
The Les Hobbs Puppy Classic follows the U. S. Complete Futurity each year in hopes of promoting future Futurity entries. Chairman Verlene Stephenson obtained two experienced field trialers to serve as judges. John Outlaw and Mark Hughes graciously stepped in to replace advertised judges Gary Whitworth and Tony Bingham. Pleasant temperatures made the Saturday morning and early afternoon puppy event enjoyable. The original draw of 14, had been reduced due to scratches; therefore, the remaining 12 made an even number of 6 braces. Crates were put in the Kubota to take dogs and participants to the second half of the hour course, where a 30 minute open piney woods provided a good course. The tractor and gallery wagon followed the braces.

The Les Hobbs Puppy Classic was established in 2017 in memory of Les Hobbs, an avid breeder and field trial participant with the U. S. Complete Shooting Dog organization. The Hobbs family had given a donation in his memory at the time of his death, these monies were used to purchase a rotating trophy.

In the inaugural event Bobby Phillips took home the trophy with PF, Bob's Elhew Gail. This year, honors were awarded to Redbud's Southern Boy, pointer male owned and handled by Aaron McAfee from Clinton, Ill.
Second place went to Sweet Grass Charlie, setter male, owned and handled by David Huffine.
Third place went to Phillips New Prospect, setter female, owned and handled by Matthew Phillips.

Several people traveled quite a distance from Illinois, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania to spend the week at our trial. Others were present every day to ride in the gallery and lend a hand where needed. Your continued support each year is greatly appreciated. There can be no trial without the support of handlers and others. Thanks again.
Judges: Mark Hughes and John Outlaw
LES HOBBS PUPPY CLASSIC - 8 Pointers and 6 Setters

1st--REDBUD'S SOUTHERN BOY, 1697099, pointer male, by Walker's Legacy-Redbud's country Girl. Aaron McAfee, owner and handler.
2d-SWEET GRASS CHARLIE, 1698208, setter male, by Sweet Grass Slim-Tower Hill Zoey Zee. David Huffine, owner and handler.
3d-PHILLIPS NEW PROSPECT, unreg., setter female, breeding not given. Matthew Phillips, owner and handler.


Les Hobbs Puppy Classic. From left: Redbud's Southern Boy with Aaron McAfee; Sweet Grass Charlie with David Huffine; Phillips New Prospect, Matthew Phillips. Standing: Dave Hughes. Other participants on wagon.