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Event: Greensburg Pointer and Setter Club
Result: Greenburg Pointer and Setter Club

Location: Rochester, Pennsylvania

Post Date: Sep 28, 2021

Submitted By: Mike Husenits

ROCHESTER, PA. -- The Greensburg Pointer and Setter Club, one of the oldest clubs in Pennsylvania, held their semi-annual combined horseback and walking trial September 10-12 under the auspices of the American Field, AFTCA and U. S. Complete standards. The venue was the excellent facilities owned by the Beaver Valley Club near Rochester, Pa.

Members of both clubs who did the yeoman's share of the work were Dave Park who performed as trial chairman, Chris Catanzarite for horses, Joe Cammisa kept all well fed with homemade pizza and chile. Bob and Kathleen Smith made a wonderful crock-pot of sausage and peppers in sauce. Norm Meeder pitched in where needed, as always.

Greensburg Pointer and Setter Club

Starting on Friday around noon, all day Saturday and concluding with a half day Sunday, 58 total dogs showed off their wares under cool morning temperatures but warming to near 80 by mid-afternoon all three days.

Trial Chairman Dave Park had to scramble at the last minute to obtain judges due to cancellation by our primary judge the day before the scheduled start. Thanks to all who stepped up to help make for a successful and enjoyable event.

Dave Park and Tim McClurg judged the horseback Derby and Dave Duell teamed with Dave for the Cahoon Shooting Dog Stake. Dave teamed with Brooke Lanning of Medina, Ohio for the Open Walking Puppy and Derby. Norm Meeder teamed with Brooke for the Open Walking Shooting Dog. Chris Catanzarite and Joe Cammisa handled the Amateur Shooting Dog on Sunday. All attended sagely to the job at hand. Their decisions met with applause.

Norm Meeder, Joe Cammisa, Dave Park, Justin Mason and Karah Thatcher handled the bird release program. Plenty of quail were released but were hard to find due to the heavy ground cover and very young birds emitting little scent.


First up on the agenda was the Open Derby that the club runs in honor of longtime Pennsylvania professional trainer Henry Caruso.

Waybetter Rebel, black marked pointer male owned and handled by Carl Bishop took the blue ribbon with a classy forward ground heat and more than acceptable fall Derby bird handling ability. Mark Hughes piloted Double Deuce Miles to second and Wildland Sweet Caroline to second and third respectively for owners Doug McMillen and Eric Munden. Both hunted fast and forward and were stylish on their game making the decision a tough one for the judges.

The H. H. Cahoon Open Shooting Dog Stake is named in honor of one of the founding fathers of Pennsylvania field trials, a Hall of Fame member and contributor to the American Field (Sportsman's Journal) for nearly sixty years.

Awarded first was Mac's Silver Chief, orange marked pointer male owned and handled by Tim McClurg of Fowler, Ohio. Tim has enjoyed success in the Cahoon Stake, having won previously in 2017 and 2014. This day Chief hit the course with bold determination and displayed immaculate style and polished manners on his birds to take home the blue ribbon.

Second was white and liver pointer male Double Deuce Zeke, current reigning National Grouse champion owned by Doug McMillen of DuBois, Pa., and handled by Mark Hughes to a classy forward ground race and bird work handled with manners above reproach. Third placed Tim McClurg's Mac's Real McCoy challenged the higher placed dogs but wasn't quite as consistent in overall application.

Rochester, Pa., September 10 -- One Course

Judges: Tim McClurg and Dave Pack


1st--WAYBETTER REBEL, 1689139, male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir--Calico's Country Strong. Carl Bishop, owner and handler.

2d--DOUBLE DEUCE MILES, 1691405, male, by Double Deuce Zeke--Bucket List Bella. Douglas E. McMillen, Jr., owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

3d--WILDLAND SWEET CAROLINE, 1692066, female, by Waybetter Rocky--Beaver Meadow Rose. Eric Munden, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

Judges: Dave Duell and Dave Park


11 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st--MAC'S SILVER CHIEF, 1665549, pointer male, by Mac's Silver Dollar--Southern Tea. Tim McClurg, owner and handler.

Greensburg Pointer and Setter Club 3

2d--DOUBLE DEUCE DEKE, 1673940, pointer male, by Double Deuce Peter--Funseeker's Holiday. Douglas E. McMillen, Jr., owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

Greensburg Pointer and Setter Club 4

3d--MAC'S REAL MCCOY, 1686791, pointer male, by Mac's Silver Chief--Mac's Silver Shadow. Tim McClurg, owner and handler.

Judges: Brooke Lanning and Norm Meeder

OPEN SHOOTING DOG -- 10 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st--A DISTANT SPEC, 1668665, pointer female, by Erin's War Creek--Brave Heart Cassie. Mike Husenits, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

2d--KENDALL HILLS DAWSON CREEK, 1650421, pointer male, by Beaer Meadow Benjamin--Richfield Stella. Tim Tufts & Tim Perschke, owners; Mark Hughes, handler.

3d--ANNA LAKE SAMANTHA, 1684880, pointer female, by Erin's Red Rum--Braveheart Cassie. Rob Matson, owner and handler.


Saturday kicked off with the Open Puppy, the winner a classy pointer female named Sassanch, owned and handled by Russ Komlos to a fancy far-reaching ground effort. Second went to eleven-year-old handler Reese Carroll, who handled Back Country Pure Gold for Chris Catanzarite. Reese directed his young charge with confidence and the pup responded with a ground devouring effort from start to finish. Honorable third went to Egollac's Dark N Ready handled by Cheryl Collage.

Open Derby winner was Double Deuce Miles, owned and handled by Doug McMillen to a performance where Miles demonstrated plenty of range and pointed his birds with style, showing approved Derby manners. Second went to Miller's Special Upgrade, pointer female in the ownership of Carlos Escalante, handled by Mark Hughes to a medium range ground race and solid finds with plenty of style and manners. Double Deuce Jack rounded out the placements for owner-handler Doug McMillen with a far-reaching ground effort and demonstrated plenty of future potential on game.

First in the Open Shooting Dog was A Distant Spec, black-marked pointer female owned by your scribe and handled by Mark Hughes. Spec attacked the course with avidity, upholding her reputation. She had a perfect find at the hilltop treeline then finished her stint found on point just seconds before her grace period expired, adding a second mannerly find. Kendall Hills Dawson Creek, veteran liver-marked pointer owned by Tim Tufts and Dr. Tim Perschke, also handled by Mark Hughes took second on the strength of a forward ground race and a pair of stylish finds. Third was first year shooting dog Anna Lake Samantha, orange marked pointer female owned and handled by Rob Matson. "Sammi" ran a stylish well directed ground race combined with perfectly handled bird work.

The weekend finale was the Amateur Walking Shooting Dog on Sunday morning. Waybetter Dude, pointer male owned and handled by Nick Lasic won the blue ribbon on the merits of a classy forward race and three stylish finds where Dude demonstrated proper deportment at flush and shot. Wildland Warrior, liver-marked pointer female owned and handled by Eric Munden placed second with a hard driving well directed race and a pair of finds, both handled with high style and rock solid intensity. Halestorm, pointer female owned and handled by Dave Park turned in a medium hard hunting race combined with solid bird work to nail down third place.

Judges: Brooke Lanning and Dave Park

OPEN PUPPY -- 2 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st--THE SASSANCH, unreg., pointer female, breeding not given. Russell Komlos, owner and handler.

2d--BACKCOUNTRY PURE GOLD, 1694791, pointer male, by Springflow's Backcountry P--Backcountry Tornado. Chris Catanzarite, owner; Reese Carroll, handler.

Judges: Brooke Lanning and Dave Park

OPEN DERBY -- 9 Pointers

1st--DOUBLE DEUCE MILES, 1691405, male, by Double Deuce Zeke--Bucket List Bella. Douglas E. McMillen, Jr., owner and handler.

2d--MILLER'S SPECIAL UPGRADE, 1695107, female, by Miller's Upgraded Version--Miller's Special Edition. Carlos Escalante, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

3d--DOUBLE DEUCE JACK, 1691404, male, by Cal Peak Hundredth Meridian--Double Deuce Molly. Douglas E. McMillen, Jr., owner and handler.

Judges: Joe Cammisa and Chris Catanzarite

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG -- 9 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st--WAYBETTER DUDE, 1683853, pointer male, by Waybetter Rocky--Steel City Karen. Nick Lasica, owner and handler.

2d--WILDLAND WARRIOR, 1676947, pointer female, by Erin's War Creek--Suemac's Coventry. Eric Munden, owner and handler.

3d--HALESTORM, 1673278, pointer female, by Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride--Backcountry Bonnie. Dave Park, owner and handler.