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Event: The Virginia Classics
Result: Greenfields Field Trial Club

Location: Scottsville, Virginia

Post Date: Jul 15, 2022

Submitted By: Julienne Richards

greenfields Shooting Dog - 60 min22

Amateur Shooting Dog. Back row, from left: Darrell Miller, Mike Winchester, Tommy Stargell, Grayson Francis. Front Row - Tiffany Smith with Calico's Guns N Roses, Braydon Smith, Alex Smith with Calico's Over The Top, Frank Henderson.

Among the blooming dogwoods in Central Virginia, once again we came to Greenfields Farm to run the Virginia Classics and accompanying stakes. Greenfields is owned by John and Vivian Milton. Their hospitality holds no bounds, and we owe them gratitude we can never repay. We can and do say a "heartfelt" thank you.

In addition, we offer sincere thanks to Purina and Greg Blair for their stalwart support of this trial and all the others.

The club has an outstanding group of workers for this and all our endeavors. As always, our food was plentiful and terrific thanks to Julie Richards and Janet Stargell. The dog wagon was in the capable hands of Kirk Reggensburg and club friend and longtime trialer Mike Winchester. Iron man Darrell Miller lent his bird planting skills to good use the entire weekend. He was up every morning long before daybreak, in the cold, putting out the excellent flying and healthy birds bought from Williamson's Game Bird Farm. Our most valuable player this trial was club member Steve Mills, who went to get the birds, brought them a day early, put them in the housing pen, judged a stake and ran his quality dogs. Members Bruce Conover and Grayson Francis judged stakes, and both know what they are doing in the judging department. Pete DelCollo has always been a loyal supporter of our trials and more importantly he is a quality guy and always a pleasure to be around. More importantly, he always brings his lovely wife Chris, who always does all the work and is even more of a pleasure to be around. We used Pete's talents to judge for us. We thank him and we thank Chris for the wonderful Whisky Cake she brought.

Food is a big part of our trials. A person who leaves with his or her belt in the same hole as they came is a rarity. Our Friday night supper was in honor of last year's Shooting Dog Classic winner, One Day Frost. Saturday night's supper honored Mohawk Mill Knight-Hawk, winner of the All-Age stake. Festive and delicious daily lunches were prepared along with Friday and Saturday's suppers by Julie Richards and Janet Stargell.

The stakes began at 8am Friday morning. The Amateur Derby was won by Touch's Midnight Rider for John Milton. He ran a bye in brace three. He had an independent, strong forward race and one very good find. Pagan Creek Atticus was placed second. He ran in brace two. He had a strong, forward race. He had a very good find at 28 with interference by bracemate. Gene Hogge ran Atticus. Bevy's White Soldier (Stargell) was placed third.

There was a brief break and then the start of the 30-minute Shooting Dog stake. Our winner in this event came in the third brace. Larry King's Alibi Girl put forth a sparkling race. Her birdwork came at 14 and 23. In second was Larry's other entry, L F Dialing Samantha. Samantha ran well and found birds at 3 and 26. In third was Bruce Conover's Bad News Bob. Bob charted an unproductive at 9 and then birds at 22 and 28.

The hour All-Age gave us a winner in Southern Shadow's T Rex, owned by Lance Servais. T-Rex covered the course in large chunks. On this blustery afternoon he had five finds and two backs.
We began the hour Shooting Dog stake at 8am Saturday morning. Our winner emerged in brace 6. Gun's and Roses put on a Shooting Dog show. Her first find was at 17, and she looked beautiful. She was gone for 9 minutes and found dead to the front, on point with bracemate backing. From there she found birds at 31, 42 and 58. Her race was all class. This was a mature and lovely performance. In second place was another Smith-Calico Kennel's dog, Over The Top. Top found birds at 3, 8, 23, 35, 39 (an unproductive at 43), 46 and 55. Along with all the birds, she ran well when she could. Our third-place dog was another birdfinder and is owned by Pete and Chris DelCollo. Sugarknoll Bull Whip ran in the first brace of the morning. He found birds at 5, (an unproductive at 8), 17, 21, his best piece of work, 35, 41, 43, a stop to flush at 50, and 59. It was a very busy hour!

We were left with one Shooting Dog Classic brace for Sunday morning. That over, we announced the winners and made our thanks. Once again, we now thank Purina, John and Vivian Milton, all of our dedicated work team, and special thanks to the participants who made it possible.

greenfields derby Winner22

Amateur Derby. Back row, from left: Pete DelCollo, Frank Henderson, Bruce Conover. Front Row: Vivian Milton, Grant McCall, John Milton with Touch's Midnight Rider, Alex McCall, Cameron McCall.

Scottsville, Va., March 31
Judges: Bruce Conover and Pete DelCollo
AMATEUR DERBY - 8 Pointers

1st-TOUCH'S MIDNIGHT RIDEN, 1697542, male, by Touch's Smooth Rider-Touch's Gold Dance. John Milton, owner and handler.
2d-PAGAN CREEK ATTICUS, 1692037, male, by Goldberg-Mohawk. Gene Hogge, owner and handler.
3d-BEVY'S WHITE SOLDIER, 1689807, female, by Mohawk Mill Image-Bevy's Cadillac Jukebox. Thomas Stargell, owner and handler.
AMATEUR ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] - 4 Pointers
1st-SOUTHERN SHADOWS T REX, 1682853, male, by Skyfall-Miller's White Wall. Lance Servais, owner and handler.

greenfields All Age Winner22

Amateur All-Age. Back row, from left: Pete DelCollo, Frank Henderson, Bruce Conover. Front Row - Lance Servais, Brian Peterson with Southern Shadows T Rex.

Judges: Grayson Francis and Tommy Stargell
AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] - 16 Pointers

1st-CALICO'S GUNS AND ROSES, 1682136, female, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Calico's Touch of Class. Calico Kennels & Alex & Tiffany Smith, owners; Alex Smith, handler.
2d-CALICO'S OVER THE TOP, 1692315, male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Calico's Country Strong. Calico Kennels & Alex & Tiffany Smith, owners; Alex Smith, handler.
3d-SUGARKNOLL BULL WHIP, 1686086, male, by Sugarknoll Snow Warning-Randa Rousey. Peter & Christine DelCollo, owners; Peter DelCollo, handler.
Judges: Grayson Francis and Steve Mills

1st-ALIBI GIRL, 1667107, female, by Southbound Ben-Shadows Carolina Molly. L. J. & Casey King, owners; L. J. King, handler.
2d-L F DIALING SAMANTHA, 1669132, female, by Walnut Tree Fred-Dialing Kate. L. J. & Casey King, owners; L. J. King, handler.
3d-BAD NEWS BOB, 1678771, male, by Mohawk Mill Pirate-mohawk Mill Southern Belle. Bruce Conover, owner and handler.