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Event: Bo Of Piney Woods named Champion, Glassilaun War Paint Runner-Up
Result: U. S. Complete Mid-Atlantic Open Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Harrisville, Pennsylvania

Post Date: Jul 20, 2022

Submitted By: Mike Husenits


From left: Dave Park, Judge, Bo of Piney Woods with Joe Cammisa, Chris Catanzarite, Trial Chairman, Brian Ralph, Judge, Glassalaun War Paint with Robert Ecker.

The 2022 renewal of the U. S. Complete Mid-Atlantic Open Walking Shooting Dog Championship was contested April 25-26 near Harrisville, Pa., at the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club. Hosting the event for the fifth time was the Greensburg Pointer and Setter Club. Twenty-Four dogs were drawn and went to the line, all from the strings of four professional handlers and two amateur owner/handlers.

This event was held one day after the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity program and was followed by the Mid-States Walking Championship, making for a full week of field trialing over the Oak Ridge grounds.

Purina generously sponsors this trial plus hundreds of others. Area Manager Greg Blair provided support and a generous supply of dog food for the winners. Eric Munden of Lion Country Supply provided judges gifts.

A small but quite capable group of club members and volunteers were on hand and made sure that all-important details were addressed and that everyone in attendance enjoyed the event. Chris Catanzarite, current U. S. Complete President, not only handled the pre-trial arrangements, drawing and marshaling duties but also managed to enter and run three of his own dogs. Joe Cammisa and Norm Meeder ran the bird release operation and also provided the legwork to obtain lunches and the Monday evening baked stuffed chicken dinner. Dave Hughes contributed his UTV for use as the dog wagon and reporters ride.

A pair of young Pennsylvania enthusiasts, namely Dave Park and Brian Ralph, dispatched judging duties. Both have campaigned their own dogs and have judged many times. They gave their undivided attention to every contestant.

Weather conditions were as varied as night and day. Monday the temperature rose to 84 degrees by mid-afternoon, and then a cold front came through Monday night and cooled temperatures into the fifties on Tuesday.

For those unfamiliar with the grounds, they consist of rolling reclaimed surface mine land with an abundance of autumn olive brush, locust groves and open land that has been planted with native grasses and feed strips, all nicely groomed and maintained by the Oak Ridge Club. Several long edges border hard wood forest that surrounds the properties perimeter. The club has constructed an observation deck high on one hill where interested observers can oversee about 60 per cent of the course and exchange stories and opinions, not to mention the expert judging that occurs on that deck!!!
Bo Of Piney Woods, liver marked male pointer owned by Richard Warters of Barkhamsted, Conn. and handled by Robert Ecker is the new Champion. Bo has been on stage in the winner's circle many times. He recently won the Southern Bird Hunters Invitational Classic and placed in the Rich Tuttle Grouse Dog Classic plus several other significant wins. His four generation pedigree is chuck full of famous champions, namely Chasehill Little Bud, Beaver Meadow Benjamin, Calico's Thrillogy, Elhew Fibber McGee, Elhew Snakefoot, Honky Tonk Attitude, Millers On Line plus several others. Bo delivered his winning performance in the first brace starting at 8:10 under clear skies and mild temperatures. Bo's bracemate was Warrior Zeke, handled by Mark Hughes, both started fast disappearing to the front over the distant hill. Zeke found standing stylishly at 6 in the cover to the left side, all in order, and then quickly recorded two additional mannerly finds at 11 and 14. Bo was far ahead to the right, found standing at 12 in the bottom, stylish and mannerly for the shot. He scored again at 17 in autumn olive brush, brace mate also standing nearby independently, both intense and mannerly. Zeke crossed the ditch line at the water tub and chalked up stylish find number five at 20 in a stand of locust. Meanwhile, Bo ranged well forward up the ditch line and turned left at the woods edge. Bo ducked into the woods and was found standing solidly at 23 with a perfectly located bird that appeared to be a woodcock. Sent ahead past the old oil well rig and up the hill along the wooded edge, Bo scored nicely at 27 with Zeke coming in for a back, all in order for the flush and shot. At 36, near the hilltop water pond, Zeke scored a solid find with Bo backing, both mannerly. Released downhill at the 180-degree turn, a second divided find was recorded at 38 in a stand of locust trees. Bo then made a wide forward swing through the bottom open country and into distant wooded hillside and was found standing stylishly at 45 near the area where he previously pointed the woodcock, again intense and mannerly for the shot. Bo was sent along the top edge toward the observation deck and finished the hour going strong and well forward. Zeke added solid finds at 44 and 52 and finished well ahead hunting strong The brace was indeed exciting to witness with Bo racking up 6 finds and a back, one a wild bird and Zeke 9 finds plus a back.

Runner-Up Glassilaun War Paint, coming 6-year-old black marked pointer male owned by Jamie Nee of Plymouth, Mass and handled by Robert Ecker added to his already illustrious record which shows him as the 2021 Champion at the Great Lakes regional U. S. Complete trial plus four outstanding futurity wins and numerous others for a stellar record of over 30 wins. War Paints pedigree shows his heritage stems from the cream of the crop in pointers, his sire Hall of Famer Sugarknoll War Paint, whose sire is multiple champion Sugarknoll Buckshot and a dam by Champion Elhew Fibber McGee. War Paint made his appearance in the eleventh brace with Kendall Hills Dawson Creek handled by Mark Hughes. They were released at 12:40 after lunch and both were soon over the distant hill, both found standing tall and tight at 7 along the right side, War Paint in the backing position, this recorded as an unproductive for Dawson. Two minutes later Dawson pointed a pile of feathers. Both made extended forward swings with Paint found pointing near wooded edge at 18, Dawson backing, both mannerly at flush. Paint added another stylish find at 22 in open area, and then backed Dawson at 24 with all in order. Paint made an impressive swing along the top woods edge and added a solid stylish find at 28 plus another coming off the hillside at 33, the bird spotted by the judge walking away and behind the dog, manners exemplary. Dawson got hung up on the turn and was brought forward by scout, then well ahead scoring mannerly finds at 42 and a final find at 59 in the bottom. War Paint disappeared far to the front after several impressive swings and was found by scout at 52 standing with uncharacteristic style, handler choosing to send him on sans relocation or flush attempt. Paint then pointed solidly with good style at 55, relaxing somewhat as handler flushed and shot then finished the hour going away.
Only two of the remaining 20 contenders finished the hour for one reason or another. There were several that were definitely doing a good enough job to change the outcome and we will summarize each brace in order of appearance.

In the second brace, Wildland Warrior hunted hard and was gaining popularity with four great finds until erring on a tight sitting quail at 42. Bracemate Backcountry Girl Friend ran very wide after a solid find at 8, then suffered an unproductive at 30 and was up at 44 after an infraction.

The third brace had two hard charging pointer champions in Cal Peak Hundredth Meridian and A Distant Spec. Peak, call name Rye, held the front making wide sweeps and recording eight perfectly handled finds before coming unglued at 5o and picked up. Spec was up at 18 for erring on game after two earlier finds.

In brace four, Emmert's Grouse Ringer T was up at 12 for erring on game. Island Fantasy hunted hard and notched a mannerly find at 24 in bottom, leashed at 41 after no further contacts.

Brace 5 saw Ramapo Mountain Doc sharing a find at 4, add an independent stand at 9 and was up at 20 after a back. I'll Be Back had a divided find at 4, adding solid finds at 7 and 20, a lone unproductive and picked up at 35 for an infraction.

The sixth brace started strong with Double Deuce Zeke recording 5 mannerly finds plus a back before erring on game at 36. Attitude's True Grit rang up 4 well-handled finds, a back and an unproductive but was also picked up at 36.
Dave's Sho Me Mo ran a medium range race in brace seven with 4 mannerly finds plus a back. Wayward Flying Tomato ran a wide stylish well directed race with 6 good finds plus a back but unfortunately was up at 55 for erring on game.

First brace Tuesday, Sumac's Sashay ran a classy forward ground race in brace eight, notched 4 solid finds plus an unproductive but made a mistake at 40 and leashed. Sterlingworth Jack started strong with a find at 8, and then went very wide, tracker requested at 25.
Miss Pennstar hunted earnestly in brace nine racking up 6 finds, 3 backs and a dead bird find, finishing the hour well ahead. Backcountry Bruiser ran a powerful forward race and was a definite contender with 6 finds but his seventh find proved disastrous at 46.
In brace 10, Jar Ways Leroy notched a perfect find at 18 along ditch line but was up at 29 for an infraction. Dunroven Midnight Ike hunted with a fancy way of going but ran birdless and leashed early.

Brace eleven was described above.
In the twelfth and final brace, Backcountry Missy was up at 28 following a nice back at 20. Braggabull hunted forward with plenty of eye appeal and scored 6 stylish finds but was up at 45 after erring on number seven.
Harrisville, Pa., April 25 - One Course
Judges: Dave Park and Brian Ralph
U. S. COMPLETE MID-ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 13 Pointers and 11 Setters

Winner-BO OF PINEY WOODS, 1661644, pointer male, by Bud of Piney Woods-Medlin's Dancin Abagail. Richard Warters, owner; R. J. Ecker, Jr., handler.
Runner-Up-GLASSILAUN WAR PAINT, 1667331, pointer male, by Sugarknoll War Paint-Neely's Hot Pepper. Jamie Nee, owner; R. J. Ecker, Jr., handler.