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Event: Chasehill Poison Ivy captures the Blue
Result: 86th New England Shooting Dog Futurity

Location: East Windsor, Connecticut

Post Date: Jul 21, 2022

Submitted By: Margaret C. Drew


86th New England Open Shooting Dog Futurity. From left: Nadine Thomas, John Stolgitis, John Malone, with Chasehill Poison Ivy, Kaylee Lee, with Walden's Ridge Rain Storm, Annie and June McKay with Jolene Jolene, Grace and Matthew Sanchez with Steel Valley Raven, Jeanette Tracy. From left, second row: Kevin Joyce, Jim Thomas, Payton Gumby, Tom Tracy, Doug Ray, Arleen LaVasseur, Dave McKay, Brian Sanchez, Brooke Sanchez.

When the New England Shooting Dog Futurity was first proposed as a regional futurity in the 30's, the proposal was not well received, or as historian Truman Crowles stated, "the idea did not spread like wildfire." Herbert G. Silver headed a group first proposing a regional futurity; however, although the need for more breeders was agreed upon, defining eligibility and other rules proved to be a challenge. It was necessary for the first year to side-step futurity rules, so that the first futurity was that of one in name only, with 17 entries running in April 1937. However, breeders and other dog people acknowledged that a regional futurity was necessary to promote bird dogs so a regional set of guidelines were established and 21 dogs were entered. These rules and whelping dates were adhered to until 1939 when a June whelping date helped to change the venue to run in October beginning in 1941. This whelping provision more aligned the New England Futurity to the National futurities. The futurity nominations and entries remained a regional entry base for several years, expanding in the late 70's. In the 80's a few litters were nominated from outside New England and entries increased as well. In the early 90's litters and entries declined once again, luckily followed by a surge to 50 to 60 entries from 35 litters in the late 90's and early 2000's.

Today futurities across the country are not as well supported as one would expect. It is a breeder's show case, but often breeders are not nominating their litters. It seems to me that $40.00 would be a fair investment to show off your breeding program. This 86th running of the New England Futurity had only 18 litters nominated, therefore the 27 entries was very good. The judges and several participants mentioned how high the quality of this year's entries were. There was not a one who didn't show style and appeal on point, there was a variety of range and of course only four could be placed. The judges named seven others who had been carried. B K Ironclad, PM, with Brian Sanchez, Little Miss Margaret, PF with John Stolgitis, Erin's Thunder Backus, PM, with Sean Kinkkelaar, I'm Spartacus, PM, with Doug Ray, Calico's Sky's the Limit, PF, with George Tracy, Calico's Over the Top, PF, with Alex Smith, Waybetter Rebel, PM, George Tracy.This was the second year that the futurity has been run at the end of April. Check back soon to see when the 87th will run and get you litters nominated to avoid late penalties. Text or call Margaret Drew at 910-206-0079 to complete that nomination.

The clubhouse now displays a wall of Life Patron plaques, taxidermy of upland game, various regional historic plaques and engraved retired trophies. In an adjacent room is a large pictural history showing the building of the present clubhouse. In a second framed plaque there are historic photos from early trials with identified patrons, dogs and which trial is portrayed. This is a very nice historic piece. Many of the photos are complimentary of the historic keepings of late Truman Crowles. It was the first year that centurian Dick Bemdenek was not present. Dick, you were missed.

The grounds at Flaherty were in excellent condition. The Flaherty committee has courses well marked with land marks, have improved the courses with culverts and crushed fill making the course safe allowing handlers and spectators to concentrate on the dogs. The Flaherty Ground's committee has made major improvements to the area and it is an excellent field trial area. As noted in the past the area has ample parking, running water, bathroom facilities, a full kitchen, a pavilion and a modern bird room.

Once again a single course was used, breaking away down the slight hill on the northeast side of the grounds beyond the horse corrals. We then moved forward toward the center of the property , where the first quail release area is on the left of the island trees. From there we follow the dirt road and hopefully watch the dogs hunt the woods beside the pond or take the far right wooded edge line to the back island of trees. From there it is a straight shot thru the very wide meadow below Fox Hill, cross the main culvert before continuing up to the top of Tobacco Barn Hill and the apple tree area. Another bird spot is here, although often the birds flew across the freshly plowed field and hid in the wooded edge. The course is now at 15-20 minutes as we make our way down toward the new culvert which replaced the wet and muddy crossing, as the dogs usually transverse the right wooded edge, cross at the bottom and head for the semi wooded area below the housing development and below the clubhouse. There was a very large old hard wood tree down, where birds just loved to take cover: sometimes being found and other times leading to nonproductives. The 30 minutes finish with dogs hunting the meadow, or usually the edges of it, below the club house and reaching toward the opening first island tree area. If the brace is brisk we travel under the powerlines into the area of Deerborn until time is up. Often dogs cast toward the left and center, requiring scout assistance.
Birds for the futurity were planted faithfully by Dave O'Brien. When chairman Bill Bonetti became ill and he and his wife had to return home, Dave and John Olfson stepped up to assist co chairman John Stolgitis in running the trial. Judges this year were Tom Tracy and Arleen LaVasseur, both from the New England region. Both of these two have years of bird dog experience from training, handling and breeding. They worked together well to reach the slate of winners.
The 85th winner, Hard Truth, PM, handled by Doug Ray was recognized by owner Bob Canada by funding dinner on Friday evening. John Stolgitis performed his magic chef skills once again with numerous appetizers followed by Prime rib and all the fixings. As usual, job well done John Stolgitis!! When announcements were made each placement received a zip lock bag with checks, pins and DNA papers.

Without the breeders nominating their litters, owners having their dogs prepared for the futurity and handlers traveling to run in the futurity there would be no futurities. This year the futurity was managed by Bill Bonetti and John Stolgitis, with yours truly, Margaret Drew, taking over the litter recording and other necessary paper work. Judges books were provided by Drowning Creek Bird Dogs, Calvin Curnutte in NC. A limited number of owners were present this year. Brian Sanchez and his family: Brooke, Grace and Matthew were present to watch and run dogs. Also present was Dave McKay and his daughters Annie and June to run their derby Joleen Joleen, who also place third. Trainers participating were from from AL, GA, PA, RI and some amateurs from PA and VA. One handler even flying in to run his promising derby. The trial received generous donations from Purina in the way of ad coverage, hats and product.
The Winners
Chasehill Poison Ivy, PF, bred by Erin Stoligitis's Chasehill Little Lizzy x Panola Bacon. Black and white Poison Ivy is owned by Alan Raiano who was present to watch her performance as handled by John Stolgitis. Ivy is no stranger to recognition, as she won the Grand National Grouse Futurity, as well as the New England Open Grouse Championship. I need to also point out that she was runner up in Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational. She was one of the call back dogs in the Quail Futurity in Hoffman, N. C., earlier this year. It appears that Ivy takes after her grandfather Chasehill Little Bud who captured wins in walking stakes where the hunting was thick, as well as horseback stakes where it was sometimes open and sometimes pretty challenging terrain. Ivy ran with much animation, stretched out often, although required very little scouting as she filled the judges books with five perfectly located and solidly handled finds. No one was surprised when she was named the winner.

Second place went to Walden's Ridge Rain Storm, PF, owned and bred by David Steel with his Walden 's Chatter Box x High Drive Rocky. His littermate placed in the Quail Futurity. Rainstorm is trained and handled by Doug Ray. Rainstorm ran a ranging forward race, required a little scouting, with his great nose helping by finding his four finds which kept him with handler.

Third went to PF, Jolene Jolene a liver and white well built female pointer bred by Dennis Hood in AL out of a cross with Dominator's Heir Kate x Miller's Heat Seeker. All reports were positive concerning this dog run by amateur owner and handler Dave McKay. She covered the ground with style to spare in wide searching casts, being found pointing when we thought she was lost. She scored five well handled finds. Dave's daughters Annie and June were present to proudly hold their dog for pictures.

Fourth went to Steel Valley Raven, PF, with Jeanette Tracy. One of Raven's new owner's Brian Sanchez was present to scout., with his children Grace and Matthew holdling the dog for pictures. Steel Valley Raven was bred by Jeanette Tracy at Ladywood Kennels out of Steel City Karen x Waybetter Rocky. Raven is the kind of dog you would like to take home. (Until the week before the futurity she had been owned by Harry Blaine. She is now owned by Brian Sanchez, Lisa Pollock and Ted Faust.) She is a good sized orange and white female who ran with style to spare as she adapted to different areas of the course showing a desire to please handler. She scored 4 finds starting at 6, another in the woods by the pond, as well as by the culvert before finishing with a dug up find at the top of tobacco hill as time was elapsing.

The futurity is a one course trial with only minor course changes each year. This area allows dogs to stretch to sides, be rounded up by scout or have point called, all within the limits of the area. High Drive Icon, PM, owned by Allen Linder and granddaughter Madison was brought to the line by Mike Tracy. Both owners were present to watch. Bracemate was B K Ironclad, PM, owned and handled by Brian Sanchez. Icon laid out a snappy race with one nonproductive. Ironclad reached wide, required some scouting, had an 8 minute absence while still scoring 3 very stylish finds.

Brace two had George Tracy on the line with Miller's Automatic Upgrade, PM, another of the Linder family entries braced with Walden's Ridge Rainstorm, PF, with Doug Ray. This pair were excitedly away showing potential for a good half hour. Upgrade continued his 30 minutes at a medium range, although scoring 3 good finds. Many thought these two had set the bar high during this exciting race. (Rainstorm covered above with winners.)

Brace three called up Eli Richardson's PM, Trumped with Mike Tracy as bracemate for Chasehill Hidden Jewel, PF, with John Stolgitis. Eli rode to watch his derby who with bracemate had a good breakaway. Hidden Jewel did not have a chance to show her class after going with her first find, handler elected to reprimand and harness her. Trumped had a well located find at 10 which he handled with good manners; however, by 17 he ran thru a covey without hesitation despite handler close by.

Brace four had Jett Ferebee's PM, Jett's Rip Tide with Doug Ray as bracemate for Steel Valley Raven, PF, with Jeanette Tracy. (Raven covered above with winners.) Bracemate Jett's Rip Tide ran with a powerful stride, although hunting independently today caused him to have his allotted time shortened.

Brace five found PF, Jolene Jolene with Dave McKay as bracemate for Miller's Special Cinderella, PF with Mike Tracy. Cinderella's slight framed very white body moved with snappy cadence, filling the judge's book with a find, a back and a nonproductive. Jolene covered above with the winners

Brace six called upon High Drive Joker, PM, with Mike Tracy and Midge's Miracle, PF, with Doug Ray. The pair responded to handlers whistles with a jump off the line and reaching to the front with good speed. After an early find, Joker slowed his pace, digging in the hunt the back area of the course where he had two unproductives. Miracle applied herself to the course in a swinging march forward without any observed bird contact.

Brace seven was another exciting brace to keep up with. PM, Waybetter Rebel with Mike Tracy and PF, Little Miss Margaret with John Stoligitis. Both of these dogs had littermates competing in other braces. This pair scored nine bird contacts, with no backs and one nonproductive. Rebel dug into every possible bird area, finding success four times with well indicated finds and good manners at flush. His range was mostly moderate. Margaret bounced through the fields, as well as covering the thicker brushy areas with determination and ample style and speed. She had five well spaced finds, as well as a nonproductive. Both of these dogs receiving Honorable Mentions for their performance.

Brace eight was another powerful brace to ride and watch. Erin's Thunder Backus, PM, with Sean Kinkelaar braced with PM, I'm Spartacus with Doug Ray. Kinkkelaar had flown in to run Thunder Backus, borrowed a horse and made a good bid for a ribbon. Thunder Backus has a strong forward stride, covers the ground at a good distance from handler and stood two times for well indicated and mature handling of quail. Spartacus reached left and right in a forward march, showing in all the right places. He honored his bracemate's two finds, as well as scoring three tall finds of his own. He stood rock solid and eye appealing every time he stopped. Both of these two received an Honorable Mention as well.

Brace nine called Mike Tracy to the line with High Drive Canon, PM belonging to Allen Linder who was mounted to watch along with his granddaughter. Bracemate this time was the winner, Chasehill Poison Ivy, PF with John Stolgitis. Ivy's owner Alan Raiano, from Newton, Conn., was present to watch her winning thirty minutes. (Ivy covered with the winners above.) Canon burst forward with determination to get to the front; however, he did not complete his thirty minutes.

Brace ten found Calico's Sky's the Limit, PF, with George Tracy as bracemate for Two Spot Tommy, PM with Doug Ray. Calico's Sky's the Limit received an Honorable Mention for her snappy ground coverage in a wide reaching forward race. She had three finds and a nonproductive. Two Spot Tommy marched off the breakaway with cotton in his ears. When handler took the retrieval unit it was determined that Tommy had covered the property in record time and was in the Deer Born area well off course.

Brace eleven called Brian Sanchez to the line with, PM, Panther Creek Hank. He had been drawn to be the bracemate was Wiggins Pree Dawn Reward, PF, with Doug Ray; however, when Dawn was scratched the bye dog was moved to fill the slot. Another of Allen Linder's entries, PF, High Drive Gold Daisy answered the calling under Mike Tracy's whistle. Both of these dogs had been caged and awaiting all day for their turn, so perhaps were showing their anxiousness with rapid departures, an independence in handling, with first one and then the other being picked up early.

At the end of this first day, co-chairman Stolgitis served up a very enjoyable dinner in honor of last year's winner. The final two braces would be run on Saturday morning, placements announced, photos taken so that the Region 1 Amateur All-Age could begin with John Stoligitis and Doug Ray judging. Busy week for those two.

On Saturday morning, brace twelve had a lot of action with Miller's Flowers and Lace, PF, with George Tracy and Alex Smith with PF, Calico's Over the Top. The Linder group were saddled to watch Flowers and Lace, as was the family of the Over the Top, as the dog was bred by Frank Henderson. Over the Top was handled by son in law Alex along with Frank's daughter Tiffani Smith mounted to watch. Flowers and Lace had an acceptable race at a moderate range, stylish in movement with one find and one back in his thirty minutes. Over the Top had a reaching forward attack of the course showing her desire to hunt, although requiring a little scouting. She had three very nice finds. She was among the Honorable Mention dogs.

Brace thirteen would be the final brace with Walden's Ridge Slap Shot, PM, with Doug Ray bracemate for Jeanette Tracy with, PF, Great River Bella. Brian Sanchez was present to assist Jeanette with scouting, while Kaylee Lee scouted for Doug. This last brace was filled with two good races, classy ground coverage and stylish bird work. Slap Shot had four finds: One at the island, second by the culvert crossing, another in the field at the top of tobacco barn hill with a final covey found by scout in the woods near the pond to the left of the course. Bella ran at a consistently moderate range while showing a good response with handler as she nicely handled three finds.
East Windsor, Conn., April 29 - One Course
Judges: Arleen LeVasseur and Tom Tracy

1-HIGH DRIVE ICON, male, by Miller's Heat Seeker-High Drive Patches. Allen Linder, breeder and owner; Mike Tracy, handler. With
B K IRONCLAD, male, by Fastforward's B K Gunner-Wiggins Miss Stella. Sergio Velez , breeder; Brian Sanchez, owner and handler.
2-MILLER'S AUTOMATIC UPGRADE, male, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Fran & Jack Miller, breeders; Allen Linder, owner; George Tracy, handler. With
3-TRUMPED, male, by Mohawk Mill Image-Bevy's Cadillac Jukebox. Eli Richardson, breeder and owner; Mike Tracy, handler. With
CHASEHILL HIDDEN JEWEL, female, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill Little Lizzy. Erin Stolgitis, breeder; Taadaki Terada, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.
4-JETT'S RIP TIDE, male, by Zip Tye-Cedar Ridge Shopper. Katie Lyons, breeder; Jett Ferebee, owner; Doug Ray. With
MILLER'S SPECIAL CINDERELLA, female, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Fran & Jack Miller, breeder; Allen Linder & Muriel & Bill Primm, owners; George Tracy, handler.
6-HIGH DRIVE JOKER, male, by Miller's Heat Seeker-High Drive Patches. Allen Linder, breeder and owner; Mike Tracy, handler. With
MIDGE'S MIRACLE, female, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Lam's Pride'N Joy. Kris Koutras, breeder and owner; Doug Ray, handler.
7-WAYBETTER REBEL, male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Calico's Country Strong. Frankie Henderson, breeder; Carl Bishop & Bill & Muriel Primm, owners; George Tracy, handler. With
LITTLE MISS MARGARET, female, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill Little Lizzy. Erin Stolgitis, breeder; Tim Cavanaugh, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.
8-ERIN'S THUNDER BACKUS, male, by Chelsea's Thunder Bolt-Erin's Bet on Me. Shawn Derrig, breeder; Dr Tom Jackson & Jerry Moisson, owners; Sean Kinkelaar, handler. With
I'M SPARTACUS, male, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Jack & Fran Miller, breeders; Harold Ray & Jett Ferebee, owners; Doug Ray, handler.
9-HIGH DRIVE CANON, male, by Miller's Heat Seeker-High Drive Patches. Allen Linder, breeder and owner; Mike Tracy, handler. With
10-CALICO'S SKY'S THE LIMIT, female, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Calico's Country Strong. Frankie Henderson, breeder; Allen Linder, William & Muriel Primm, owners; George Tracy, handler. With
TWO SPOT TOMMY, male, by Zip Tye-Cedar Ridge Shopper. Katie Lyons, breeder; Jett Ferebee, owner; Doug Ray, handler.
11-PANTHER CREEK HANK, male, by Panther Creek Merlin. Darrel Hendley, breeder; Brian Sanchez, owner and handler. With
WIGGINS PREE DAWN REWARD, female, by Wiggins Elhew C-Wiggins War Trace. C. D Wiggins, breeder; Katie Lyons, owner; Doug Ray, handler. Scratched.
HIGH DRIVE GOLD DAISY, female, by Miller's Heat Seeker-High Drive Patches. Allen Linder, breeder and owner; George Tracy, handler.
12-MILLER'S FLOWERS AND LACE, female, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Fran & Jack Miller, breeders; Allen Linder, owner; George Tracy, handler.. With
CALICO'S OVER THE TOP, male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Calico's Country Strong. Frankie Henderson, breeder; Calico Kennels, owners; Alex Smith, handler.
13-WALDEN'S RIDGE SLAP SHOT, female, by High Drive Rocky-Walden's Chatter Box. David Steele, breeder and owner; Doug Ray, handler. With
GREAT RIVER BELLA, female, by Miller's Unbridled Forever-Great River Grace. Brian Sanchez, breeder, owner and handler.
1st-CHASEHILL POISON IVY, 1694453, pointer female, by Panola Bacon-Chasehill Little Lizzy. R John Stolgitis, handler.
2d-WALDEN'S RIDGE RAIN STORM, 1692370, pointer female, by High Drive Rocky-Walden's Ridge Chatter Box. David Steele, owner; Doug Ray, handler.
3d-JOLENE JOLENE, 1692447, pointer female, by Miller's Heat Seeker-Dominator's Heir Kate. Dave Kay, owner and handler.
4th-STEEL VALLEY RAVEN, 1696173, pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky-Steel City Karen. Lisa Pollock, Brian Sanchez, Ted Foust, owners; Jeanette Tracy, handler.