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Event: Lake States Field Trial Club
Result: Lake States Field Trial

Location: Meredith, Michigan

Post Date: Sep 11, 2021

Submitted By: Denise Peters

MEREDITH, MICH. -- The Lake States Field Trial Club held their 2021 summer trial at the Gladwin Field Trial Grounds on August 14 -15.

This Purina-sponsored event was the first of our three summer trials here on the Gladwin grounds. We got lucky and the weather was reasonably but dry for the recent lack of rain. A recent wind storm also created a few blowdowns, but nothing we couldn't deal with.

We began with our Open Shooting Dog Qualifier on Saturday morning on the No. 1 with Ken Delong and Jurij Fedorak sitting in judgment over a field of fourteen anxious dogs and handlers. Bird numbers were excitingly more than we expected with more grouse than woodcock contacts.

With six dogs with clean birdwork, Grouse Hill Pepper, owned by John Capocci and handled by Scott Chaffee, came in first. Pepper had a great race and ran under control. A superb grouse find with an additional woodcock find, put him ahead of the others on course No. 4. Sutter's Backwood Rumble, owned by Paula Giulitto and handled by Richard Hollister Sr., took second. Rumble handled and worked the field well having a nice woodcock point on course 1. Moss Meadow Seeker, owned and handled by Ken Moss came in third. Seeker's first find was on a woodcock, going on to have a good grouse point, holding it for a long time with pressure from his brac mate.

Shortly after the Open Shooting Dog was off, we moved over to course No. 9 to begin the Open Derby. With two stakes running at once it was with great expediency and due to the help of all the handlers, that things ran smooth as silk. Judging our group of 10 entries, was Dave Hawk and Kevin Stewart. The weather was getting warmer and with the vegetation very high this time of year, it was a tough go for this young group of dogs.

Dun Rovens Timber, owned by Jack Harang and Kevin Hollister, and handled by Richard Hollister, Sr. took first with a strong forward race and a performance that never let down on course No. 13. Second place was awarded to North Bay's Tennessee Rye, owned and handled by Brandon Short. Rye was braced the winner. His race was also strong and forward. Third place went to Fireside Sally Forth, owned by Mary B. Esser and handled by Tamara Chaffee. "Sal" worked hard and kept busy throughout the brace, ending well on course No.10.

Sunday morning were were blessed with a bit cooler temperature to start off with, but blue bird skies all around. We ran our Mike Grostic Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog with Judges Richard Hollister Sr. and Marc Forman in the saddle to oversee a good show of seventeen entrants. The judges mentioned that there was a brood of seven grouse, eight grouse pointed, nine woodcock pointed and nine dogs ended the stake with clean birdwork.

Harold Holmes, with his male setter "Buster" (Travel Alert) took top honors. Handling well, Buster was found after an extensive search to find him. He was found still standing with stunning composure, a grouse find all in good order. Very shortly Buster pointed across the path, a woodcock find, again all in good order on course No. 4. Baxter's Pale Rider with owner-handler Brent Peters came in second with a nice woodcock find. He had a great race, staying forward, on course No. 5. Third place was awarded to Thornapple Cody, owned and handled by Bob Leet. Cody also ran on course No. 4 with a nice woodcock find after an extended search.

As our usual, our excellent string of horses was wrangled by Richard and Ricky Hollister. Delicious cookies and muffins were made by Marilyn Ferguson which her husband George delivered with piping hot coffee and a welcome smile.

Bryan Wood kept the ball rolling as our stakes manager and with the help of our members and all the handlers and spectators, we got the job done in excellent time.

Thanks to all who walked braces and moved cars for us. Mike and Deb Singleton fed us at the end of each day's running with hot dogs and brats, fresh off the grill.

We had a couple of newcomers who came to check out our grounds and gave us a hand throughout. Eric Rizza from Massachusetts and Chris Damico from Ohio enjoyed seeing our venue and assured me that they had a good time.

A huge thank you to Purina for their contribution of dog food and for their continued sponsorship.

Meredith, Mich., August 14

Judges: Ken DeLong and Jurij Fedorak

OPEN SHOOTING DOG -- 5 Pointers and 8 Setters

Lake States Field Trial

1st--GROUSE HILL PEPPER, 1682567, pointer female, by Daddy's Little Boy Butch--Grouse Hill Bell. John Capocci, owner; Scott Chaffee, handler.

2d--SUTTER'S BACKWOODS RUMBLE, 1685619, setter male, by Long Gone Studly--Single Shot Barley. Paula Giulitto, owner; Richard Hollister, Sr., handler.

3d--MOSS MEADOW SEEKER, 1676726, setter male, by Moss Meadow Rambler--Moss Meadow Maggie. Ken Moss, owner and handler.

Judges: Dave Hawk and Kevin Stewart

OPEN DERBY -- 2 Pointers and 7 Setters

Lake States Field Trial 2

1st--DUN ROVENS TIMBER, 1695216, setter male, by Dun Rovens Drifter--Waymaker Hello Becky. Jack Harang & Kevin Hollister, owners; Richard Hollister, Sr., handler.

Lake States Field Trial 3

2d--NORTH BAY'S TENNESSEE RYE, 1690874, setter male, by Ponderosa Mac--Eldridge's Beauty and Beast. Brandon Short, owner and handler.

3d--FIRESIDE SALLY FORTH, 1694393, setter female, by Ponderosa Mac--Winterset Black Betty. Mary B. Esser, owner; Tamara Chaffee, handler.

Judges: Marc Forman and Richard Hollister

MIKE GROSTIC MEMORIAL AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG -- 8 Pointers, 6 Setters, 1 Brittany and 1 German Shorthair

1st--TRAVEL ALERT, 1665621, setter male, by Moss Meadow Traveler--Wild Katrun. H. J. Holmes, owner and handler.

2d--BAXTER'S PALE RIDER, 1667131, setter male, by Hunter's Pale Face--Blue Sky Lilybelle. Brent & Denise Peters, owners; Brent Peters, handler.

3d--THORNAPPLE CODY, 1656279, setter male, by Ridge Creek Cody--Fireside Drama Queen. Bob Leet, owner and handler.