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Event: Backcountry Pure Gold wins First Place
Result: 59th National Shooting Dog Futurity

Location: Bloomingdale, Ohio

Post Date: Dec 7, 2022

Submitted By: Mike Husenits

Nat'l SD FuturityF22

59th National Shooting Dog Futurity Winners. From left: Backcountry Pure Gold with Chris Catanzarite, Miller's Concealed Weapon with Jack Miller, Miller's Upgraded Design with Mike Tracy, Wildland Hide The Wine w/Eric Munden. Standing from left Chris Goegan - Judge, Dr. Susan Wells, Fran Miller, George Tracy, Dave Hughes, Mark Hughes, Chris Young - Judge.

The 59th renewal of the prestigious National Shooting Dog Futurity took place on October 4th and 5th near Bloomingdale, Ohio over grounds held by the Mingo Sportsman's Club where the event has been staged since the 54th renewal in 2017. Hopefully, the event appears to have found a suitable home following the first 53 years at Baldwinsville, N. Y.

The shooting dog futurities are steadfastly recognized as the prestige derby trials of the major shooting dog circuit, having qualified for this honor for nearly 60 years and remain the derby trials everyone wants to win. Interesting to note the shooting dog futurities once had sister all-age futurities that diminished into oblivion, perhaps due to the existence of all-age derby championships that overshadowed futurities. No shooting dog derby championships exist which, perhaps, has helped preserve the futurities as premier events!

The Mingo grounds have been home for several important events in recent years, namely the AFTCA Region 2, Region 13, National Amateur Pheasant Championship and the Mingo Classics, all Purina Top Dog point's trials. In total, the venue contains nearly 5500 acres of reclaimed surface mine property. Regrowth and reclaim plantings consist of locust groves, golden rod and autumn olive. The Mingo club controls the heaviest native growth with extensive mowing and dozing operations. The club has added strips of summer grasses and feed plots that attract and retain upland game birds. A modern club house with restaurant and bar facilities are nearby and the club has recently erected a shed type building near the field trial starting point, equipped with barbeque grills and picnic tables. Mingo club members serve breakfast and lunch most days for a nominal fee. There is plenty of space for trailers with hook-ups and large area for dog and horse stakeouts. The course layout flows smoothly and is inviting to wide-ranging front running dogs that prefer hunting heavier cover. A one-hour continuous course arrangement was employed with the next up brace always available on the dog truck that was meritoriously manned by Dave Hughes who also provided and maintained water tubs in strategic locations along the course route.

Mark Hughes serves as Futurity secretary/treasurer; handling pre trial arrangements including advertising, Purina support, litter nominations, entries, drawing and draw sheets. Retiring Futurity President Bob Reed and Vice President Chris Catanzarite handled every day necessities. Chris liberated pheasants every morning aided by Jeff Haggis on the last day, plus fulfilled marshaling duties nearly the entire trial aided by Mark Hughes.

Sincere appreciation is extended to Purina for continuation of their sponsorship - what would we do without Purina! Greg Blair, North America Area Manager and Karl Gunzer support numerous top-notch events in many different ways. Purina food products are second to none and it is a fact that most field trial winners are fed Purina!

Futurities are breeder's stakes whereby both owners and breeders share in the prestige and winnings. Generous purses are divided two thirds to the owners and one third to the breeders. Additionally, appropriately engraved wall plaques are awarded plus a painting of the first place winner. The nomination process is quite simple in that a live litter can be nominated within 60 days of whelp date. Late nominations are accepted with a penalty applied. All 36 entries in this season's futurity were whelped in 2021. Litter nominations have diminished in recent years but the overall quality of the derbies entered seems to be improving every year. This reporter can attest to many years past when over 100 litters were nominated and 60 to 70 derbies competed with no more than a handful outstanding. This is not the case in recent times as 70 to 80 per cent of the dogs entered show potential.

Alabama artist Mary McPherson was commissioned to paint last year's winner, Steel Valley Raven, pointer female owned by field trial veteran Harry Blaine of Traverse City, Mich., and handled by Jeanette Tracy. Ownership of Raven has since passed to Brian Sanchez, Lisa Pollock and Ted Foust. The painting was presented to Jeanette following a chicken dinner catered by the Mingo club and sponsored by Harry Blaine on Monday evening. The Mary McPherson painting, not to mention the delicious meal, impressed all in attendance.
Several owners, breeders, handlers and visitors assembled for this renewal, apologies to those I missed. Handlers included Mark Hughes, Mike and George Tracy, Ernie Saniga, Mike and Anthony Martino, Doug Ray, Bo Brewer, Jeanette Tracy, Carl Bishop, Chris Catanzarite and Jack and Fran Miller. Owners and breeders
Noted included Brian Sanchez, Ernie and Karen Saniga, Bob and Karen Reed, Norm Meeder, Eric and Krysta Munden, Alan Linder, Dr. Susan Wells, Jeff Haggis, Tom Winters and Tommy Walker.

Several dedicated attendees performed yeomen services; including Mary Tracy who was up before daylight and made sure hot coffee and snacks were available near the starting line and on the dog truck for morning and afternoon breaks. Dave Hughes drove the dog truck and always had the next brace ready and waiting. Dave also provided water tubs placed strategically along the course route. Tommy Walker grilled pork chops for the Tuesday evening dinner prepared at the pavilion on the grounds complimented with an array of side dishes and desert, all compliments of an anonymous donor - who also happened to drive the dog truck!
Weather conditions were quite agreeable, at least from the human standpoint, cool mornings with dew on the vegetation gave way to mild sunny skies by midday.

Judges for this renewal were two highly respected arbiters quite popular and successful on the German Shorthair circuit, namely Chris Goegan of Alliance, Ohio and Chris Young of Rochester, Pa. Chris Goegan is a successful professional trainer and Chris Young a highly successful amateur owner/handler. They held a steady pace and gave their undivided attention to every contestant. Their decision was well received and robustly applauded.
First place went to Backcountry Pure Gold, orange marked pointer female owned, bred and handled by Chris Catanzarite of Scenery Hill, Pa. Gold is a product of Chris's highly successful home breeding program, her sire Springflow's Backcountry P, the current reigning Purina Top Amateur Shooting dog, her dam multiple champion Backcountry Tornado. Her pedigree is dotted with pointer royalty, such names as Great River Ice, Belfield Silver, Rock Acre Blackhawk, Calico's Thrillogy, Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride, Calico's Rebellious Sue plus many others. Gold was whelped February 23, 2021, the only pup in her litter. Chris raised her in the house and developed a strong rapport that is evident when you see them perform. Gold's winning exhibition here consisted of a smooth forever-forward race, reaching to distant objectives in open country and tightening to handler's wishes on the turns and in tighter cover. Her bird work on pheasants came at 4, 21 and 29. On each she stood with rigid style and remained solid until birds were in the air, taking the liberty to mark flight on one but solid as a rock for the shot. She maintained a consistent pace from start to finish, going away with gusto at the end.

Miller's Concealed Weapon, tri-colored setter male whelped June 1, 2021, owned and bred by Jack and Fran Miller of Berwick, Ga. and handled by Fran Miller won second place. Jack and Fran Miller are well known for their success with pointers, now adding setters to their field trialing repertoire; a darn good one at that! Weapon's breeding traces to the Smith, Harold Ray setter line with Brannigan close up in his pedigree, who traces to Champions Sam L's Skyhigh, Commander's Jet Stream, Orchard Valley Skylight and significant others. Weapon rendered a solid performance here, ending up with three stylish finds handled with advanced manners at 13, 18 and 26. His ground effort was animated and forever forward, handling response precise.

Third was another Fran and Jack Miller bred entry, this one a solidly built liver marked pointer male named Miller's Upgraded Design, whelped January 27, 2021, and handled by Fran. This line of pointers developed by the Miller's are solidly line bred through Ch. Just Irresistible with Ch. Miller's Bring The Heat a leading dam. Searching the pedigree a little farther back such noted sires, as Miller's Silver Bullet, Funseeker's Rebel, Elhew Sinbad, Island Grove Brute plus a host of others are dominant. Design's effort here was highlighted by a very powerful ground race with several extremely wide forward swings. He recorded a stylish mannerly find at 11 near the stone pile crossing, after which his impressive exuberance carried him far ahead. He pointed briefly at 29 and showed youthful determination as the birds went skyward.

Fourth placed Wildland Hide The Wine, orange marked pointer male owned by Eric & Krysta Munden, bred by Joe Cammisa and handled by Mark Hughes was whelped January 29, 2021 sired by Ch. Double Deuce Zeke and Joe Cammisa's multi-time winner Beaver Meadow Rose. Wine, call name Chucky was the bird finding star of the show with four pheasant finds, the first not clearly defined minutes off the breakaway plus a unproductive near time. In between, Chucky impressed on pheasants at 7 near left side spinney, 17 at hilltop and 22 after road crossing. Chucky was high and tight on his birds and demonstrated exemplary manners for flush and shot on all three, his ground race directed to the fore with plenty of range making the judges decision a tough consideration.
Start at 8:06 with Isabull (Ernie Saniga) and Check It Out (Mike Martino). Bull hunted hard, had an unproductive stand at 14 plus a late contact. Check was wider in scope and more forward but failed to contact birds.

Wildland Wild Man (Mark Hughes) with Great River Stallion (Doug Ray), Stallion reached far and wide, lost to judgment at 23. After a slow start, Wild Man ranged wider as time went on, had a mannerly find at 17 near the trail and another stand in heavy goldenrod at 27.

Miller's Promotional Upgrade (Fran Miller) and Suemac's Wicked Sister (G. Tracy) shared a find at 17 near the stone pile road crossing; Upgrade added a sterile stand at 22, both shortened near the finish.

Brookdales Escapee, Mike Martino, made a clean escape near the road crossing. Wildland Hide The Wine's winning effort described above.

Ironstone's Ironstone (Mike Tracy) pointed briefly at 16 and again at 29, birds were in the air. Miller's Upgraded Design's third place performance described above.

Waybetter Thor (Carl Bishop) and High Drive Trouble (G. Tracy). Trouble went wide and counted out at 15. Thor proved he could find birds with stands at 7, 17 and 29 but his overall ground race a bit short in range.

Suemac's Hoodoo Dawg (Mark Hughes) hunted forward but failed to find birds. Miller's Concealed Weapon (Fran Miller) described as winning second above.

C S Rockstar (Doug Ray) and High Drive Freedom (G. Tracy), Star ran all over the available country with one find and an unproductive. Free had a find at 18, unproductive at 24 and a stand at 27 with an overall medium range ground effort.

Mulberry Meadow's Molly (M. Hughes) and Quail Roost Rewind (M. Tracy) this brace produced plenty of action with Molly contacting pheasants at 5, 8, 23 plus a divided stand at 29, exhibiting youthful exuberance on two. Her high intense pointing style on the other two was impressive. Rewind scored at 9 near feed strip, 15, 23 and a divided stand at 29, handling two nicely and exhibiting potential.

High Drive Forever (M. Tracy) and Lights Out (M. Martino). Both quickly to the front, Forever a good find at 4 followed by a stop to flush at 12, then reached out beyond the limits and counted out. Light soon had birds in the air and picked up early.

Parkway (Mark Hughes) and Panther Creek Big Bettey (M. Martino). Parkway went quickly forward, had a unclearly defined incident at 2, an unproductive at 8, a solid stand at 13 along brushy edge and added stops to flush at 17 and 26 near lake edge. Bettey rambled far and wide but a bit rough on the handle, picked up at 11.

High Drive Just Right (G. Tracy) and Anna Lake Klark (Mark Hughes). Drive went far and wide, soon out of pocket, tracker called for at 14. Klark hunted hard and showed he could find birds and had a good time putting them airborne on three occasions.

High Noon Time (M. Tracy) and Miller's Miss Congeniality (Fran Miller). First brace Wednesday away at 8:04 with Time registering an unproductive early plus two other contacts that were not clearly defined. Miss scored at 5 along autumn olive edge, backed solidly at 12 and suffered an unproductive at 24.

Saddled Up Sadie (Mark Hughes) and Miller's Little Deuce Coup (Fran Miller). These two pointer females were very classy and consistently hard driving. Sadie hunted the fore with willingness to hit the cover. She scored stylishly at 4, pointed unproductive at 14 in heavy golden rod, added a really nice find at 19 above gas well site and a stand at 28 where a running cock pheasant was espied exiting some distance away but officially recorded as a second unproductive. Coup had a solid find at 3 just off the trail and another at 19 on the hilltop turn. Unfortunately, stands at 14 and 29 did not produce birds.

Quehanna Country Roads (Mark Hughes) and C S Four Seasons Lisa (Doug Ray). Roads made contact with a pheasant at 3, then hunted hard at close range to the finish. Lisa had an unproductive at 4 and was up after an undefined contact at 8.

Seeker's Crossfire (Jeanette Tracy) and Pretty Boy Leo (Mark Hughes). These two pointer males rambled through the country with reckless abandon but were picked up after unclear incidents near the stone pile road crossing at 20.

Backcountry Pure Gold (Chris Catanzarite) and Arlington's Legacy (M. Martino). Gold's winning performance described above, Legacy was a handful and in the harness early.
World Class Patch (Doug Ray) and Winterset's Patch Of Ice (Mike Tracy) final brace off and running at 11:42, Patch strong early but shortened and harnessed at 15. Ice widened nicely after a slow start, demonstrating plenty of potential with an overall medium range classy ground race and a solid statuesque point at 29.
Bloomingdale, Ohio, October 31
Judges: Chris Goegan and Chris Young
NATIONAL SHOOTING DOG FUTURITY - 31 Pointers and 6 Setters

1st-BACKCOUNTRY PURE GOLD, 1694791, pointer female, by Springflow's Backcountry P-Backcountry Tornado. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.
2d-MILLER'S CONCEALED WEAPON, 1699549, setter male, by Mille's Black Butte-Alaqua Dee. Jack & Fran Miller, onwers; Fran Miller, handler.
3d-MILLER'S UPGRADED DESIGN, 1700308, pointer male, by Miller' s Upgraded Version-Walden's Ice Breaker. Jack & Fran Miller, owners; Fran Miller, handler.
4th-WILDLAND HIDE THE WINE, 1697105, pointer male, by Double Deuce Zeke-Beaver Meadow Rose. Eric Munden, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

The futurity board of directors met at the Mingo clubhouse on Monday following the days running with the meeting called to order by Secretary Mark Hughes at 7 PM. Last year's minutes and financial statements were approved. The target starting date for 2023 was set for Oct. 2. The board voted to reapply for Purina Derby point's status. Officers elected for the coming year are: Mike Tracy, President, Chris Catanzarite, 1st Vice President, Mike Husenits, 2nd Vice President and Mark Hughes, Secretary/Treasurer.
Meeting adjourned 8 PM.

Mark Hughes NSDF-F22-

58th Futurity Winner. Mark Hughes (center) presents Mary McPherson painting of Steel Valley Raven to handler Jeanette Tracy (left), and current owner Brian Sanchez.