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Result: Northwest Chukar and National Amateur Chukar Shooting Dog Championships

Location: Payette, Idaho

Post Date: Dec 14, 2022

Submitted By: Jeremy Skousen

Northwest Chukar Open All-Age ChampionshipF22-

Northwest Chukar Open All-Age Championship. Back row, from left: Laurie Auckenthaler, Bill Owen (Judge), Jim Ledington, Mark Kirkland, Terry Erickson, Jeremy Skousen (Judge). Front row, from left: Austin Turley (owner/handler, "Greyce"), Alex Mauck (Scout) holding Touch's Amazing Greyce, Talmage Smedley (Scout) Holding B K Damascus Sureshot, Sergio Velez, owner/handler.

"This is a wonderful place to run birddogs" this statement was made during the running of the All-Age Championship and there isn't a better way to convey the venue. Prairie Wind Ranch sits about 20 miles outside of Payette, Ida., and hosted many fall trials this year for many different organizations. The extremely dry summer was evident in the dust kicked up by dogs and horses, but the cover and bird numbers had both benefitted from a wet late spring. Boise Valley Pointing Dog Club would like to thank Keith and Bobbi Richardson for the use of the grounds and the many amenities, and also offer a thank you to all those involved for all the work before, during, and after the trial concluded. Special Thank you to Mark Kirkland and Phil Bowden for driving the dog truck and keeping water and refreshments available to all and being punctual and fluid with delivery of the dogs. Thank you to Anita Robertson for the lunches and Kris Wall for help with dinners and both for everything else they just pitch in and do. The Boise Valley Pointing Dog Club would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to Purina and Sport Dog and Garmin for the continued sponsorship of these trials.

The well-deserved 2022 Northwest Chukar Open All-Age Champion was Touch's Amazing Greyce owned and handled by Austin Turley with a forward and consistent all-age race that also included some exciting moves high up above the course searching for birds, and a big finish. The runner-up was B K Damascus Sureshot owned and handled by Sergio Velex with three finds on chukars throughout the hour and fine finish hunting well to the front. The judges for the All-Age Championship were Bill Owen and Jeremy Skousen and were in complete agreement on the winners.
Payette, Ida., October 11
Judges: Bill Owen and Jeremy Skousen
NORTHWEST CHUKAR OPEN ALL-AGE CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 11 Pointers and 9 Setters

Winner-TOUCH'S AMAZING GREYCE, 1693629, pointer female, by Touch's Grey Street-Intentional. Austin Turley, owner and handler.
Runner-Up-B K DAMASCUS SURESHOT, 1671685, pointer female, by Wiggins Elhew Damascus-Wiggins Mis Tres. Sergio Velez, owner and handler.

The 2022 Northwest Chukar Championship was Charlie's Zip Tie owned and handled by Bill Owen. Zip had three finds with a stylish forward race. Runner-up Champion was C K Post Route Scout handled by Brian Gingrich. Scout had two finds with nice shooting dog race. The judges for this stake were Talmadge Smedley and Bridget Ledington.
Judges: Bridget Ledington and Talmage Smedley

Winner-CHARLIE'S ZIP TIE, 1686445, setter male, by Northwoods Charles-Gertrude. Bill Owen, owner and handler.
Runner-Up-CK POST ROUTE SCOUT, 1663076, Vizsla female, by CK Touchdown Guy-Vanguard's Make Her Mark. Jim Gingrich, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

Northwest Chukar Open Shooting Dog ChF22

Northwest Chukar Open Shooting Dog Championship. Back row, from left: Kris Wall, Bridget Ledington (Judge), Bill Owen (owner/handler of "Zip"), Terry Erickson, Ed Meyhew, Jim Ledington, Talmage Smedley, Phil Bowden, Barratt Gorshe. Front row, from left: Alexx Mauck , Scout Holding: Charlie's Zip Tie, Brian Gingrich, handler, Matt Blockovich, Scout Holding: C K Post Route Scout, Sergio Velez.

The Larry Brech Memorial Open Derby was held in between the championships and First Place was BK Unforgiven, owned by Sam Handous and handled by Sergio Velez. Second Place was Carbonado's Wilberg, owned by Ben De Jonge and handled by Austin Turley. Third Place was Mauck's Wyeast Molly owned and handled by Alex Mauck.
Judges: Bridget Ledindgton and Jim Ledington

1st-B K UNFORGIVEN, 1699366, pointer male, by Fastforward's B K Gunner-B K Northwest Express. Sam Handous, owner; Sergio Velez, handler.
2d-CARBONADO'S WILBERG, 1698041, pointer male, by Touch's Diamante-Empire On Line. Ben DeJonge, owner; Austin Turley, handler.
3d-MAUCK'S WYEST MOLLY, 1699454, setter female, by P W Sunrise-High Prairie Gypsy. Alex Mauck, owner and handler.

Larry Brech Memorial Open DerbyF22

Larry Brech Memorial Open Derby Classic. Back row, from left: Matt Blockovich, Phil Bowden, Barratt Gorshe, Terry Erickson, Jim Ledington, Ed Meyhew, Ryan Marriot, Nick Schade. Front row, from left: Bridget Ledington (Judge), Jim Ledington (Judge) Sergio Velez Handler, Talmage Smedley Scout Holding: 1st B K Unforgiven, Austin Turley Handler Holding: 2nd Touch's Diamante, Bill Owen (Scout) Holding , 3rd Mauck's Wyeast Molly, Alex Mauck ( Owner Handler), Kris Wall.

The National Amateur Chukar Shooting Dog Chaampionship was held over the weekend in combination with the Northwest Chukar Championships. The 2022 National Amateur Chukar Champion was Painted Owyhee Breeze owned and handled by Bridget Ledington. Breeze had a couple of finds and a very smooth and consistent hour. She hunted the course as a seasoned bird dog would and pleased the judges. Runner-up Champion was SB Always Dreaming owned and handled by Bill Owen. She had one mannerly find and pushed the limits of the shooting dog course, with wide and powerful casts.
Jim and Bridget Ledington chaired the trials and they ran smoothly and efficiently. Everyone appreciates the time and effort it takes to put on a trial and should be commended. The trial was well attended, with some of the "usual suspects" and some handlers there for the first time.
During the trials birds were seen on every brace, and every dog had the opportunity to find liberated and wild birds. The rocks, big hills, and tough scenting conditions required the dogs to have grit and the unquenching desire to find birds, getting to watch them while riding a smooth walking horse is a gift that a select few get to enjoy.
Judges: Mike Matthews and Sergio Velez

Winner-PAINTED OWYHEE BREEZE, 1669636, pointer female, by Utah's Redrock Express-Little Willow Aaron. Bridget & Jim Ledington, owners; Birdge Ledington, handler.
Runner-Up-S B ALWAYS DREAMING, 1679868, pointer female, by Rivertons Funseek'n Scooter-Touch's J Class. Bill Owen, owner and handler.

National Ama Chukar Shooting Dog ChampionsipF22

National Amateur Chukar Shooting Dog Championship (back row, from left): Terry Erickson, Sharon Bowden, Mark Kirkland, Matt Blockovich, Bill Owen (owner/handler of "Tess"), Ed Mayhew, Chris Perkins. (Front row, from left): Sergio Velez (judge), Bridget Ledington (owner/handler of "Breeze"), Jim Ledington (scout) holding Ch. Painted Owyhee Breeze, Lacie Precht, Kris Wall, Alex Mauck (scout) holding Runner-Up S B Always Dreaming, Courtney B, Margaret Horstmeyer, and Mike Mathews (judge).